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  1. For the second person there, the first person already created the lie to follow. Person 2 can call out Person 1, but that chances putting a big target on them, too. Besides, giving an entire tribe advance knowledge by telling the truth seems inadvisable if you can avoid it. Not to mention people start getting weird and paranoid and jealous if you make something sound cool, which other players may consider meeting BR and Sandra. Also, I'm not finding it unbelievable that Elizabeth and Kellee came up with basically the same lie. Both based their lies off Ghost Island. When watching Elizabeth learning to start fire, part of my brain considered what she could tell her tribe, and that was one of the first things I thought of. There could have been some production nudging, sure, but I don't necessarily jump to that conclusion. Clearly, Molly was royalty.
  2. I’m going to be honest. I’m less impressed with Chris’s “masterful” moves. The only one I think took much brains or doing on his part MIGHT be the first, but I question how willing Rick was to screw him over a second time after Rick screwed him over once and then immediately followed him to EoE (and talked big about learning from it). Despite Chris’s claim of using a sales technique on Lauren to get her to play her idol for him, I think it’s more likely that she, like everyone else except Victoria, was overly focused on Devens. So when Devens played his idol, she thought “I need Chris to beat Devens so he doesn’t get immunity” and played her idol to ensure that Chris stayed. As to sacrificing his own immunity to take on Rick, this is something I’ve considered before. Since the implementation of firemaking to settle the third spot, if you won the last immunity contest, that honestly would be the only way you could eliminate someone you needed to get rid of. All or nothing. Also keep in mind that Chris was the third vote out and then acted as provider on EoE. I’m pretty sure he got a lot of fire-making practice leading up to his return to the active game. None of this means that Chris didn’t play well once he got back. Hell, given the general level of people shooting themselves or others in the foot this season, sure. Those last few days counted as positively brilliant in comparison, sadly. But it’s not really like they *should* have, which is what irks the bejesus out of me. So congrats to Chris on winning this flaming trash heap of a season. Not his fault production screwed the pooch, but so unsatisfying for me. And, of course, @Nashville had the post above that 100% summarized why the concept was so flawed.
  3. Actually, I think the plan was to vote out Kelley until Julie threw a wrench in that by getting hysterical about not trusting people who had left her out the week before but who claimed they were working with her this week. Which caused Kelley to ask Julia if they were still good... so Julia had to confirm that yeah, of course they were. And that got noticed, of course, and it just went on from there. But essentially I’m fairly certain that going in to the tribal, Julia, Gavin, Victoria, Ron, and Julie were supposed to vote Kelley. Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog were going with the “vote David” plan they had agreed on earlier with Gavin/Julia/Victoria (before that trio switched to voting Kelley). David was also the last plan Aurora had been told. I have no idea who David and Rick were planning to vote for. So that all went to hell when Julie jumped ship and Rick pushed the idea of the 5 Lesu and Ron and Julie voting together. And in the ensuing chaos, Kelley told David he’d been the target. So without Julie, they lacked the votes to send Kelley home and she was suspicious. And voting out David just became a LOT harder because a) they would have had to communicate to each other to switch back to David, b) they would have needed Wardog, Kelley, and Lauren, and Julia had been insulting to Wardog and pretty much caught playing both sides, and c) David was already alerted. Trying to choose someone else to be the consensus pick would be tricky... unless that consensus pick was Julia, whose name was brought up earlier in the episode by Julie and who had just spent TC pissing people off.
  4. I don’t think you need to have everything established and explained on the show (yikes, the length!). Pretty much the important thing here is that Julie fell apart (and threw a massive tantrum, imo) after being left out of one vote. Aurora got left out of several votes and kept it together. Julie acted disgusted with Aurora for continuing to compete and negotiate during the challenge when Lauren fainted. Aurora looked stone-faced or slightly annoyed as Julie sobbed at this TC about how hard it was to be left out. Imo, the show was serving them up as foils. They might at some later point on the show get around to WHY Julie and Aurora are such different people, but they don’t have to. It’s certainly *interesting* to know those bits about their backgrounds as it makes their behaviors make a lot of sense. But we don’t actually need to know it.
  5. I think Gavin and Ron actually drove the decision to vote for Julia. It’s clearly just a guess, but Gavin seemed ticked to have his big resume item of being personally responsible for removing David from the game taken away. Yeah, I’m eyerolling here. And Ron was still bitter about being betrayed last tribal, but he seemed more willing to talk to Gavin and forgive him and work with him than with Julia. So while I definitely think Julia’s snippiness got her in trouble at TC, I think Gavin did the math, realized that 7 was greater than 5, and decided to join the 7 and throw Julia under the bus as an act of solidarity and also because she switched the plan. And Victoria went with the numbers, too, of course. Which... honestly, was probably a smart move by Gavin. Also, Julia might have been fine if either Julie or Aurora had not gone batshiz. One falling apart or being arrogant and talking too much might have been ok. Both of them, though? She panicked and started trying to take control and shut people up, and that made things much worse. I took Julia’s giggling differently than others did, I guess. I see some saw it as arrogance. Since I was sitting at home kind of half-laughing in disbelief that Julie was threatening the plan by having a meltdown, I thought that Julia was giggling in that nervous “Omg, is this really happening?” kind of way. (When Aurora started talking, I went to full laughter.) I also noticed that Julia does that hands-massaging-face thing I sometimes do when something has blown up and I’m sort of in a laughing-but-not-really-amused state of *bleep* My Life realization.
  6. I'm going to get backlash for this, but I found Christian and Emily's segment slightly creepy to watch. I realize that Emily probably is very shy and knowing that there were cameras on her probably didn't help, but the resulting way that Christian then handled it by introducing her to his "new friend Jeff" like she was a preschooler was hard to watch.
  7. The original agreement between Alison, Alec, and Kara (referred to as AKA from now on) and the Davids was to split the vote. Dan was the target, but they were afraid (Well, AKA knew) he had an idol, so in case he played it they needed a secondary target. Of the 6 Goliaths, the secondary target couldn't be AKA or Dan, which left only Angelina or Mike. Five Davids plus AKA = 8 votes. Only Dan, Mike and Angelina are left out of that plan to cast 3 votes against a David. So I assume the original plan was to have 4 people vote Angelina and 4 vote Dan. And this is why I'm convinced that Alec and Kara did not just stick with the split plan after Alison told them she was going to stay Goliath Strong (aside from the fact that neither seems dumb, and sticking with a plan that someone else who is voting opposite you knows? Is dumb.). Once you remove Alison from the split plan, there are now four votes against a David. Not a sure win, and there's an idol, and Alison knew the plan... So pretty much I think Alec and Kara felt they had to flip back to Goliath when Alison did. Then when Nick stole Alison's vote, it was pretty much a reprimand and threat for agreeing and backing out--twice. (Why Alison? She'd let the Davids down twice and she didn't have immunity so they could make her good and nervous that they were voting her.) And that's when AKA decided to pretend they'd planned to stick to the split vote agreement by having Alec and Kara vote the way they presumably would have: for Angelina. Anyways. That's how my brain chose to make sense of what the editing monkeys showed us. :) Although... is Alison one L or two?
  8. Kara trying to get rid herself of the giant cement block of doom named Dan that was shackled to her leg is not the same thing as being up Alex's ass. She may align with him temporarily, but getting rid of Dan gives her a LOT more flexibility in the game. You may as well accuse her of dumping Dan for Allison because she talked to Allison more based on what we saw. Basically, jumping ship with two other Goliaths to take out Dan with the Davids was an appealing prospect that opened up a lot more options in her game. ETA: Ooo. @lids did a great job a few posts up of explaining what I've felt about Dan but struggled to put into words.
  9. People seem confused. I read Tribal the same way @cleo and @Mambo Queen did. Alec, Alison, and Kara all intended to vote Christian with the other Goliaths. Then Nick stood up and stole Allison's vote, scaring the bejesus out of her, so she made a speech about how she was sad about not having a vote because it meant she couldn't prove her loyalty. (She's realized the numbers are no longer in her favor with the Goliaths and is now trying to get the Davids to believe she was going to vote the way they had planned and split the vote between Dan and Angelina.) Hence the looks etc between her, Alec, and Kara so that Alec and Kara change their votes to also try to convince the Davids of this. Voting. Dan plays his idol for himself, but Carl had played the idol nullifier on Dan because a) the Davids wanted him gone, and b) they thought he had an idol based on AlAlKara telling them they thought he did in the "Let's split votes" conversation. Dan goes home with 6 votes against him (the 6 David votes--2 are Nicks), though Jeff only shows 5 of them. Christian has 3 votes. Angelina has 2 from Alec and Kara.
  10. Because Dan was completely inflexible, a huge target, and a liability? Add to that that he was a threat to keep winning immunity, and if people want to target him and can't, the person they'll go for is his supposed closest ally... Kara.
  11. The Davids thought Dan had an idol because Kara told Alison and Alec he did. Then when Alison, Alec, and Kara were talking with Gabby and Nick, one of them told Gabby and Nick "We think Dan has another idol." So, yes, it was shown.
  12. Technically, Angelina was a week (well, 3 days) ahead of the curve. She also had absolutely no way of knowing that Mike, Alison, and Alec were in a secret alliance with Christian and would want to keep him. Mike was one of the three people who COULD have killed off that alliance and chosen to go for Christian. Anyone else might have hit the same roadblocks (minus Dan). So to Angelina, who lacked the knowledge viewers had and who has probably faced the same things most women do in having certain guys ignore her input due to different chromosomes, it wasn't exactly illogical to reach that conclusion. It wasn't necessarily accurate, but it wasn't illogical. ETA: Er, I see @KimberStormer addressed this while I was typing and more thoroughly. Oops.
  13. Other than Mark the chicken, Tata the Bushman from Caramoan is my most memorable non-contestant. That guy had charisma. Phillip. Phillip is seared into my brain.
  14. And if Survivor voting really were based on Big Moves, this might be an issue. But it's usually based more on who the juror would least mind losing Survivor to, which is usually based on social relations and only comes down to better strategy when the finalists are equally liked. Which is why you don't want to take Christian or Nick, but should be thinking Angelina and Gabby sound great in a final three with you. (Not that people dislike Gabby, but the crying...)
  15. Maybe it was option C? Alec didn't like the idea of removing Christian yet but didn't see a way out of it. By telling Nick, he preserves his alliance with Nick. Alec mentions that with that knowledge the Davids can screw things up, but he ALSO knows that Dan has an HII. I'd guess he thinks if an idol is played, Dan will simply play his idol. And if anything does go wrong, I think Alec is assuming the Goliath that leaves will be Angelina, which wouldn't exactly break his heart. Even the way it ended up isn't necessarily bad for Alec. He's maintained some capital with Nick and will probably be viewed as a possible swing vote by the Davids, giving him more options and moving him down their target list. The Goliaths still think he's loyal and have a numbers advantage, so their focus will probably be on the Davids, completely removing him from their target list. And Dan, another bug, strong target, just burned an idol. On another topic... Whoever it was who said that no one mentioned Hannah's armpit hair, maybe that was true. I don't recall. But if so, it could have been because people were too busy complaining that she didn't "sit like a lady." (Strangely, none of the guys sat like a lady either and no one complained about that...) So I don't think we progressed and then suddenly regressed or anything just because there are comments on armpit hair or clothing this season.
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