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  1. 1. Fessy and Kyle were right next to the fire. What, were they banned from lighting themselves ablaze and we're considering that a bad thing? Also as @peachmangosteen pointed out, we clearly saw them leaning on things. Look, if you've never seen a final before, people get randomly screwed by things and just have to dig themselves out or lose. Fessy and Kyle didn't win the leg and didn't go into elimination. Therefore, they got the "screwed by being frozen all night" job. This has nothing to do with throwing it for Bananas and everything to do with the asinine way they add random twists to the
  2. Unlikely given that they all clearly knew they were only competing against their own gender from the start of the final. That's why Jenny and Cory split the tribunal decisions the way they did.
  3. I would be shocked if they didn't do a pregnancy test before filming began but Melissa was too early for it to register. I don't really cast any blame that way. I mean, I would find it rather offensive if the female cast had to take weekly pregnancy tests just in case, which would appear to be the other option. Yes, Bayleigh. You totally tore your MCL. That's why you could still navigate a damn mountain. And ropes. You maybe tweaked something, but given all you were able to do, nothing was torn. As @Eolivet mentioned, the music stood out to me. Whoever was picking songs this season
  4. Nooooooooooo! Not Aneesa! Curse you, Jenny and Josh! Yeah. If that was why Cory was upset, I didn't pick that up either. I wasn't sure what he expected Fessy to do: shake Jenny til she agreed to Cory instead of Josh? It clearly wasn't happening. Do people get bonus pay if they make the tribunal or something? Also, I actually found myself liking Nelson this episode. The last few episodes have shown him in a much better light than his previous ranting idiot edit.
  5. I can see why you say that. My thought is that she did say several times that she had to do what was best for her game. That said, actually SAYING "I want the weakest competition in the finals" would be dumb, too. That would hand everyone else the ammunition to toss your ass in. (I mean, I kind of want someone to say that in front of Fessy, Rogan, Jenny, and Invisible Dee just to watch the shit hit the fan, but we already saw Rogan's reaction a bit.) Better to be thought a fool for Nany than hand the herd ammunition. I'm certainly not claiming Kaycee's a saint. I mean, she's a hamst
  6. I honestly don't get why people are so down on Kaycee for this. No matter the status of the Bayleigh-Kaycee relationship during BB, they are clearly not a couple and Kaycee is supposed to make decisions that benefit her own game. Bayleigh certainly has been all about her own game and Swaggy's. Kaycee would have been an idiot to put in probably the strongest competitor of the three women against Nany, who was sure to go in. While I'm sure feelings were involved, Nany won't be a threat during the finals and is Kaycee's biggest supporter. It's simply bad strategy to chance losing your strong
  7. Eh. As much Dee as we'd been getting, spreading the love out was nice. Josh has always gotten coverage even when Dee hogged time, but now we actually got to see Fessy and even a non-yelling version of Nelson. In other words, people when they weren't being screaming divas. I generally prefer that. It always feels to me that people pile on Josh, but he doesn't do anything the others don't, and sometimes his reads are right on. When Melissa yelled at Josh that her problem with him was that she hated snakes, he pointed out she was connected to the biggest snake. We could quibble about biggest
  8. That argument always makes me snort. No one should NEED a million dollars. If they do, they've really screwed up and are probably not the kind of person that giving more money to is going to end well.
  9. So, a Wes tweet: https://twitter.com/WestonBergmann/status/1264989510435299333 Sorry, but I can't figure out how to get tweets to show without screenshotting it.
  10. Whew. Thank you both (and @fishcakes for the unofficial nod). I wanted to be honest that I did that even if I thought it might not matter rather than have it come up later. Now I'm picturing the Fishcakes avatar cat nodding.
  11. What? That wasn't Babe Ruth?* *Explanation: https://sports.yahoo.com/jeopardy-contestant-thinks-babe-ruth-broke-baseballs-color-barrier-005708988.html
  12. Howdy, possible neighbor! We've hit "hideously bored" levels here. The neighbor kittykat across the street from us has a sign up that says, "You honk, I drink." Some of these idgits are honking like the Bills won the Super Bowl. We figure he and his gal pal will either pass out soon or the neighbor two down from us will snap and call the cops on him. (It's a nice neighborhood. He's the worst of the lot, and really, he's just occasionally annoying.) We've also started exchanging jigsaw puzzles with people (after sanitizing them the best we can if they've been touched recently). On
  13. So I have a confession. Usually in the course of reading the Survivor boards, I just use the Next Unread Topic button to navigate, and I glance at either the url or board title to see what it is before reading. If it's the spoiler board, I try to scroll down without reading and move on. You can see where this is going, right? I messed up. 🤭 I wandered into the spoilers thread and somehow thought I was in the discuss the edit thread as I read several posts... right up til someone mentioned a rumored spoiler.🤦‍♀️ I don't know that it will necessarily affect anything. It was a rumor abo
  14. So the Simply family just finished watching Guatemala, and while bored and looking at information on Guatemala castaways, I came across this little gem. Noura Salman (S39, Island of the Idols) is apparently an ex-girlfriend of Guatemala's Jamie Newton (S11). Judd mentions it here at the end of this interview. (It was a Winners at War Retrotspective on Danni Boatwright conducted with S11 member Judd with wife Kristin saying stuff from off-screen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JHQv_zajAU&t=40m19s
  15. @peachmangosteen I'm still enjoying it too. Thanks again for doing this. 😊
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