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  1. Nooooooooooo! Not Aneesa! Curse you, Jenny and Josh! Yeah. If that was why Cory was upset, I didn't pick that up either. I wasn't sure what he expected Fessy to do: shake Jenny til she agreed to Cory instead of Josh? It clearly wasn't happening. Do people get bonus pay if they make the tribunal or something? Also, I actually found myself liking Nelson this episode. The last few episodes have shown him in a much better light than his previous ranting idiot edit.
  2. I can see why you say that. My thought is that she did say several times that she had to do what was best for her game. That said, actually SAYING "I want the weakest competition in the finals" would be dumb, too. That would hand everyone else the ammunition to toss your ass in. (I mean, I kind of want someone to say that in front of Fessy, Rogan, Jenny, and Invisible Dee just to watch the shit hit the fan, but we already saw Rogan's reaction a bit.) Better to be thought a fool for Nany than hand the herd ammunition. I'm certainly not claiming Kaycee's a saint. I mean, she's a hamster on a reality show. I was actually starting to worry since we weren't seeing questionable-to-vile behavior from her. This edit reassured me that she's a normal hamster, not secretly a serial murderer with excellent control. Vaguely related, I used to not like Nany. Then I found out where she's from. She's originally from very near where I grew up. It explained a lot, and frankly since large sections of the population in that faded Rust Belt area now seem to either OD, commit suicide, and wander in and out of jail for drug offenses, all while spawning multiple children to continue the cycle of poverty... Well, she turned out pretty well. In addition, the area is racist as hell. (My earlier comments refer to all races, btw.)
  3. I honestly don't get why people are so down on Kaycee for this. No matter the status of the Bayleigh-Kaycee relationship during BB, they are clearly not a couple and Kaycee is supposed to make decisions that benefit her own game. Bayleigh certainly has been all about her own game and Swaggy's. Kaycee would have been an idiot to put in probably the strongest competitor of the three women against Nany, who was sure to go in. While I'm sure feelings were involved, Nany won't be a threat during the finals and is Kaycee's biggest supporter. It's simply bad strategy to chance losing your strongest support but give stronger competition a way to the finals. Bayleigh probably was genuinely hurt to some degree, but I also have absolutely no doubt that her meltdown and attack was part strategy. After she and Christopher did their twosome thing and had understandings going with Wes and Jordan and half the bunker, it came down to Kaycee's vote. And Bayleigh hadn't put the work in there because she was overconfident, and she realized she was screwed. On a separate topic: Honest to God, I wondered if both teams were trying to throw the challenge (Rogan and Fessy?), but I didn't see the point. I mean, once you end up on the team with the two women without skulls, you're the loser. It doesn't really matter which team ends up as tribunal (unless someone goes completely rogue and challenges the single woman for the right to be thrown in. Which would probably be dumb...)
  4. Eh. As much Dee as we'd been getting, spreading the love out was nice. Josh has always gotten coverage even when Dee hogged time, but now we actually got to see Fessy and even a non-yelling version of Nelson. In other words, people when they weren't being screaming divas. I generally prefer that. It always feels to me that people pile on Josh, but he doesn't do anything the others don't, and sometimes his reads are right on. When Melissa yelled at Josh that her problem with him was that she hated snakes, he pointed out she was connected to the biggest snake. We could quibble about biggest, but his point stands. In a previous episode he commented to Wes that disparaging people was one of the things Wes always did as a form of attack. Josh's biggest problem is his emotional play. People know how to take advantage of him since he reacts emotionally. Given time, he actually can calm down and think things through and has decent instincts as to what the best move is. It's just that he needs time to get to that point. (Also: editing. Who knows what we aren't seeing? I imagine the interview scene that was recut to be somewhat tense with Fessy was originally a nasty set-to with Dee.) Melissa. *sigh* Melissa isn't going to yell at Bananas because she knows he'll eat her alive, so she's focusing on Josh. Meanwhile, she's too scared to go in despite having multiple chances to do so, but people not bending over backwards for her makes them bad people *eyeroll*. Going back to the Dee scrubbing... I have mixed emotions on this. Generally I don't like this being done to players, but honestly purple edits happen all the time. We just don't know about it. I don't feel bad for Dee because she did something very publically and a company she was associated with decided it made for bad PR. They have the right to cut ties and re-edit their product to remove her. I don't like it, but if I'm going to be angered by such a move, it's going to be over something like Purple Kelly from Survivor.
  5. That argument always makes me snort. No one should NEED a million dollars. If they do, they've really screwed up and are probably not the kind of person that giving more money to is going to end well.
  6. So, a Wes tweet: https://twitter.com/WestonBergmann/status/1264989510435299333 Sorry, but I can't figure out how to get tweets to show without screenshotting it.
  7. Whew. Thank you both (and @fishcakes for the unofficial nod). I wanted to be honest that I did that even if I thought it might not matter rather than have it come up later. Now I'm picturing the Fishcakes avatar cat nodding.
  8. What? That wasn't Babe Ruth?* *Explanation: https://sports.yahoo.com/jeopardy-contestant-thinks-babe-ruth-broke-baseballs-color-barrier-005708988.html
  9. Howdy, possible neighbor! We've hit "hideously bored" levels here. The neighbor kittykat across the street from us has a sign up that says, "You honk, I drink." Some of these idgits are honking like the Bills won the Super Bowl. We figure he and his gal pal will either pass out soon or the neighbor two down from us will snap and call the cops on him. (It's a nice neighborhood. He's the worst of the lot, and really, he's just occasionally annoying.) We've also started exchanging jigsaw puzzles with people (after sanitizing them the best we can if they've been touched recently). One person leaves a selection on their porch. Another drives up, picks them up, leaves some in return. By the end of April, my neighbor is going to have gone through 20 houses worth of puzzles. We're a bit slower since we stream more stuff and are hand sewing masks for people to fill the time. And napping. We've got the napping down.
  10. So I have a confession. Usually in the course of reading the Survivor boards, I just use the Next Unread Topic button to navigate, and I glance at either the url or board title to see what it is before reading. If it's the spoiler board, I try to scroll down without reading and move on. You can see where this is going, right? I messed up. 🤭 I wandered into the spoilers thread and somehow thought I was in the discuss the edit thread as I read several posts... right up til someone mentioned a rumored spoiler.🤦‍♀️ I don't know that it will necessarily affect anything. It was a rumor about who the next few people to go are. I can either just not take part in any suddenly-added bits going forward, or if you want to dq me, I understand. I am not a morning person. Blargh.
  11. So the Simply family just finished watching Guatemala, and while bored and looking at information on Guatemala castaways, I came across this little gem. Noura Salman (S39, Island of the Idols) is apparently an ex-girlfriend of Guatemala's Jamie Newton (S11). Judd mentions it here at the end of this interview. (It was a Winners at War Retrotspective on Danni Boatwright conducted with S11 member Judd with wife Kristin saying stuff from off-screen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JHQv_zajAU&t=40m19s
  12. @peachmangosteen I'm still enjoying it too. Thanks again for doing this. 😊
  13. The merged, still-in-the-game tribe got a new menu right after the merge and return from EoE, and all the prices had gone up. It shows the new red tribe walking back, then looking at the menu while Tony narrates that they got a new menu and he can't afford anything now. So while I can't say for certain that the EoE folks also had a menu change with raised prices at the same time, that would seem to be logical imo. ETA There's no peanut butter on the red tribe's menu. The two food options are small bag of beans for 4 tokens and regular bag of rice for 5 tokens.
  14. From a comment on http://throwgrammarfromthetrain.blogspot.com/2010/02/word-fleur-de-lis.html "As a French speaker, I can say with authority that it is not really a pronunciation problem at all, but rather a spelling one. "Fleur de lis" literally means "lily flower" but there are two ways of spelling it: "lis" and "lys". This is because it's an old word and during periods of foreign influence in France, many words that were spelled with i began being spelled with y (just like king, which is spelled as both "roi" and "roy"). But y is not really a French letter, and most French people make a point of this by changing the pronunciation by stressing it. Therefore, if it's spelled as "lis" it should be pronounced LEE, because a lone s after an i is normally silent in French. If it is spelled "lys" however, it should be pronounced LISS, like in "kiss", although the s sound isn't that hard. ( But NOT LEES, no one says Fleur de LEES!!!) Long story short, it is either "fleur de lis" = Fluhr de LEE, or it is "fleur de lys" = Fluhr de LIS. Neither "lis" nor "lys" should ever be pronounced LEES." ETA: And I'm beat to the punch by an actual French person. Doh.
  15. Adding this in at the top of my answer so you can easily find it: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html?fbclid=IwAR3Vdl7KUTxiAHnZXadGFJBNid74JvecR8X6IMkwzg6o9_TrLcp0KbsZhxk In many cases it has to do with how tightly something is woven. But there are other considerations, too. The mask needs to fit without gaps and it needs to be breathable. So you're probably better off with a mask that technically blocks less but isn't going to make you woozy or doesn't bulge and gap when you exhale because air doesn't move easily through the mask. You also need to be able to put on and remove the mask safely/correctly to minimize the chance of simply spreading whatever the mask trapped to your face and hands and elsewhere and immediately wash it. That may be difficult with buffs. Based on what I've read, as to particle size, last I saw the virus was .01 microns, but the good news is that particles that size actually tend to move around more and be easier to trap than particles of .03 microns. That's why .03 microns is used for testing filters. It's max penetration level. All that said, wearing a mask primarily helps to stop ill (but possibly asymptomatic) people from spewing their highly infectious particles into the air by sneezing, coughing, breathing excitedly, whatever. If we all did it, it would greatly cut down on air-borne particles. It does less for the wearer him/herself, but every bit helps. So while bandannas score low at stopping incoming particles, they are more highly breathable than some other materials and they do stop outgoing droplets. The link at the top has some guides to making and wearing a mask, including a no-sew one from a bandanna and coffee filter. The coffee filter will increase the filtering ability. 🙂 If it helps, we went through this here. I live in Western NY state, and the county officials made the mistake of announcing very general information about the first 3 confirmed cases, including vague locations. It was a mistake. Some people not in those areas didn't take proper precautions under the rationale of "Well, it's not here. It's over there." So the county stopped giving much location info. Now the most you get is which of the 4 county fire battalions the case is in, which is a huge swath. There are always going to be idiots who can't figure out what "Stay home unless it's essential, and if you have to go out, stay at least 6 feet from others" means, but it turns out that the less help you give the general populace in rationalizing why they're safe, the better. Being a mostly rural county has helped, and most people are trying to social distance on top of that. That said, it's going to hit harder here than it has. We're watching it in NYC and Buffalo (which is in an adjacent county) and people here have to travel to Buffalo for a lot of medical reasons, some which can't be put off. What the County Health Commissioner ended up telling people was essentially, "It is here. People in your community either have it or have been places where it is or have been in contact with people who have been exposed. You need to take precautions and assume that it is everywhere." For the most part, the Simply family is okay. We all like each other. We may have to duct tape Simply Dad to his chair because he's used to getting up at god awful o'clock in the a.m., meeting his buddies for coffee, and trotting around town as he likes as he putters on projects. This has been hard on him, but as an old guy with heart and lung problems, this virus would be a death sentence. Simply Mom and I are bigger homebodies so this is much less of a strain. Mostly we just keep on going, though I admit this website and Survivor are some of my distractions. So if you think I'm overthinking something, I probably am, and I'm so glad I can. 😂
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