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  1. MissEwa

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I saw a tweet about this today and I'm so disappointed and so tired of this show. I was so excited about an all-winners season and this has sucked all the joy out of it. I'm not a hard-core 'we must go back to classic survivor without idols and advantages and twists' person. I think all those things work, in moderation. But EoE? Hard nope. Also*: At least five. He will find three at camp (one at his original camp, one when he is conveniently switched onto the other tribe, hidden in the exact same spot, and one post-merge) and be gifted two by EoE. He will still be voted out and the final EoE challenge will be some poker-related thing and he will win his way back in. Bleh (and I LIKE Rob). *not an actual spoiler, obvs.
  2. MissEwa

    Fix The Show

    This. I think it's a problem they didn't think of when they introduced firemaking (or... they did think of it, given the function of the whole fire-making thing, but they hope we didn't). Traditionally, idols were valid to F4 for a F2 season and F5 for a F3 season, because that means everyone still has to survive one vote without idols/advantages to get to the finale. When they introduced fire at F4, they got rid of that one 'level playing field' tribal. Given they're determined to keep fire-making, idols should stop at F6. Everyone has to survive the F5 vote by the power of their own game. Between the idols, fire-making, and this season EoE, the whole premise of the game (having to avoid being voted out) is getting so diluted it barely matters. Also this came up briefly in the S38 finale thread, but I can't help but feel like it's weird that the first six people voted out of EoE got two chances to get back in, the next eight got one chance, but then Victoria and Lauren got no second shot. It seems vaguely unfair that there's no advantage to making it further in the game, and in fact after a certain point you're actually disadvantaged by the existence of EoE, despite playing a better Survivor game. A fix for the first part of that would be weighting the returnee challenges - say there's an 'untie all these knots' component, and for every vote you survived in the game you have one less knot. Not insurmountable, but maybe enough to discourage a player like Joe looking at being voted out onto EoE early as a valid strategy. There's no fix for the second beyond taking EoE right up to F3, which would be awful, but I'd personally vote for nixing it at the merge. If they need to run it to F6, then definitely no idols handed out just for returning (you're already getting a second shot, you shouldn't get an advantage as well), and the post-EoE vote-outs get an extra jury vote, or to boot one EoE member from the jury - something to influence the game and make them a bit more dangerous. Ideally though we just never see EoE again, but if they have to...
  3. MissEwa

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    I'd be happy with a Victoria win, and I would get why she won. They have shown juuuuust enough of her so it wouldn't come from nowhere. It makes more sense to me than Michele and about the same amount as Wendell (who I saw winning from about halfway through his season). Still not buying it until I actually see it though.
  4. MissEwa

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    I would love this to be the case but I don't think we've had the story of how Rick loses. Russell was completely unlikeable. Coach was delusional and a bully. Rick is neither of those things. He's an underdog who made it back from EoE and is still there despite being targeted multiple times. And while I think Rick is annoying and not nearly in control as he thinks he is, he is definitely getting a positive edit. The only hope I have is a comparison to Malcolm, where he got a hugely positive edit only for his day one partner to win instead. Maybe not playing the idol for Julie after all will lead to his downfall and she'll win instead but I don't see it.
  5. MissEwa

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    I don't see Victoria winning either but I don't think she's unlikeable, or even getting an "unlikeable" edit, a la Angelina last season. Early on she was getting a bit of a "bad at Survivor" edit, with the not knowing how to find idols and talking about voting Joe out while he was right there stuff, but since then I've found her edit neutral-positive-ish. There just isn't enough of it, which is a shame because she's the only person whose win would somewhat redeem the season for me. I could see Aubrey returning, but probably not winning. Same for Chris, maybe David at a stretch. I feel like it's almost certainly not Joe or Kelly because they would be getting much bigger edits if they were coming back.
  6. MissEwa

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    I don't know if it's EoE or Survivor fatigue - or both - but I'm very much on team 'this season is terrible'. I was actually shocked at the end of this episode to realise we were at the finale and there were only five players left (in the core game, anyway). It feels like it's been going forever but at the same time it feels like nothing has happened because they're all still there. I don't hate Rick. I'm dubious about this edit of 'nobody but Rick is looking for idols' too - it's the same old narrative we always get but I thought it was pretty much confirmed by former players that everyone looks for idols all the time but they only show it if a) something interesting happens or b) they find an idol. Honestly it's not his fault he's getting all the screentime. He's doing all that ACTING at TC which drives me mad but I get he thinks is necessary for jury management, but the rest of it probably comes down to the fact that he knows how to give nice newsreadery soundbites, he's good at finding idols, and the editors think he's got a good story. Whoever wins, IMO the suckiness of this season is on the editors - if it's Rick, it's been excruciatingly obvious for weeks and there's no suspense, and if it's anyone else, they've completely failed to give that person a coherent edit. I think the only two winners I could really stand would be Victoria or Lauren, and Lauren is borderline. If Rick hadn't been voted out already I'd probably be fine with him winning, but he has, so.
  7. MissEwa

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Same. I've been bored before but I've never felt this level of apathy. This season blows.
  8. MissEwa

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Agreed. It's really great to see the evolution of the idol, and watching poor stupid Judd screw it up was awesome. Except I would actually recommend all of Guatemala - it's a good solid season with a pleasantly surprising winner and it doesn't get nearly enough love IMO.
  9. MissEwa

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    I think this is the clincher for me. I hated RI but at least most weeks someone was actually properly permanently cut from the game. With EoE there are no stakes. We're nine episodes in and two people have left the game, both - and I think this is another huge factor - by choice. Being voted out doesn't mean nearly as much, which means everything leading up to the votes doesn't mean nearly as much. It's boring.
  10. MissEwa

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Do you mean May 15th? April 15th would mean there are two episodes left and we still have... a lot? of players.
  11. MissEwa

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    They also did it with Amanda in Fans vs Favourites at - I think - F6? She was the target and had an idol clue, but we didn't actually see her find the idol, just get told she had to by Parv. She looked so defeated all tribal and then pulled it out triumphantly and Alexis went home. YMMV, but it worked from a viewer perspective, I think, because she was somewhat likeable. Ben wasn't, so his was just annoying. But I agree with @Nashville - in both cases, they were the clear targets and didn't have immunity, so it was the only way to get any suspense into the episodes.
  12. MissEwa

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    It's more for his thread, wherever it is, but I think so. He was so close to winning Phillipines - in the modern, fire-at-4 era, he would have won handily - and JT torpedoed his game in Game Changers. In any case, I give him points for actually caring about all sides of the game and TRYING to play, as opposed to Joe's just-win-immunity "strategy". Plus he's just so much more interesting (which has nothing to do with Survivor gameplay but as a viewer is important to me). I feel like I read somewhere before this mess started that everyone who is in the game - properly or on EoE - at the merge is on the Jury. But technically Wendy and Keith were on EoE at the moment the merge happened, and they're not, so who knows? Yep. And if Jeff is clarifying in interviews he's not doing a very good job. I swear we've been told that idols are still in play if you get voted out with them and then come back, AND that Aubrey's isn't. Honestly, for me it makes it hard to care, because it feels like it's all being decided on the fly.
  13. MissEwa

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    Only aesthetically. Malcolm actually has a personality and the ability to play Survivor.
  14. MissEwa

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    Oh, I don't mean that they wouldn't know the expression, but they new exactly how to use it in perfect sentences, right away. A couple of them seemed very rehearsed to me.
  15. MissEwa

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    Bleh. This season is bad. Count me in as another one who completely missed Keith and Wendy leaving. Jeff brought the jury in and I was so confused that they were gone. I think I left the room for 30 seconds at one point? So weird. A question re EoE/Ponderosa etc - do players who get quit EoE from hereon in (or get voted out of the game and choose not to go there) join the jury? If so, there has to be an actual Ponderosa, but it might end up with only one or two people on it. I hate EoE. I don't necessarily hate watching it, all the time - I like Aubrey. Chris seems fine - but the concept is terrible. And more than hating the idea that the first person voted out of the game is on the jury, I hate the idea that someone in the final 3 could have spend most of the game not playing. I just keep coming back to the fact that what I love most about this game is that to win you have to not only get to the end but you have to do so in a way where the people you helped voted out still like you enough to give you a million dollars. I want to believe that nobody would vote for Reem if she made it back in but I understand human emotions enough to know that for some people if it was a choice between her and two people who wrote your name down, she wins. I HATE that. Everyone in the finals needs some blood on their hands, or it changes the whole dynamic. I did find it hilarious in this episode that the remaining players were referring to the 'edge of extinction' so perfectly in their confessionals. They literally found out about it that day and nobody was accidentally calling it 'extinction island' or referring to outcasts or redemption. It was all very on-brand. They must have done so many takes. And IDK, in a garbage season, I'm looking for positives, so I actually enjoyed the chaos of the planning and the vote. I was surprised it was Joe, just because Kelly got a lot of screentime and he didn't. Ron doesn't bother me too much - I'm sure he will, but he seems just excited to finally be playing. And I like Victoria. Aside from the whole thing with Joe overhearing her a few episodes ago, I think she's playing well. And she's actually PLAYING.