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  1. I don't get this. Yes, he had no shot against Sarah or Tony, but that's not a reason to offer yourself up as a sacrifice, it's a reason to flip. No matter what Natalie said on her return from EoE, I can't believe someone with an ego the size of Ben's wouldn't think he had a chance against Natalie or Michele, especially if he had voting out Sarah and breaking up the power couple on his resume. And had he done that and then beaten Tony at fire at F3, I think he potentially could have won. Which I would have HATED, but what he did instead was baffling to me.
  2. A tepid end to a tepid season. I wasn't a big Michele fan after her first season but of the final three she was the only one I could stomach winning - I can't stand Tony and as much as I like Natalie I don't think an EoE returnee should win. I can't remember the exact wording, but early on in his introduction, Jeff said something about how they wanted to take twenty of the best players ever and just let them play Survivor and I rolled my eyes so hard I think I broke my skull. I would have LOVED to see them 'just play' but instead we got this mess with EoE and fire tokens and so many adva
  3. Two people who wanted her gone, one who mostly didn't want to be the target, and a merge (and thus a bunch of other people who didn't vote for her) just around the corner.
  4. I think playing the second idol was a smart play. As I think Denise said, Sandra's offer felt too easy - if I were her I would 100% be thinking that it was a ploy to get her to play an idol while they targeted her closest ally (whether by splitting votes or outright). Was it also for show? Definitely. Sandra approached her thinking she was desperate and probably resigned to going out, and playing the second idol was a beautiful way of demonstrating that she could take care of herself. The fact that Jeremy voted for her makes the second idol play look a little bit more foolish, but I
  5. Kim also found a split idol, and gave half to Sophie, yes? Which all just goes to show, there are too many things. And Sandra's idol was only good for three tribal councils, but was it three in total, or three she went to? If it was three in total it's dead now. So many things, overcomplicating what could be an interesting season.
  6. This is why I'm wondering if we'll get a reunion at all, and if we do, in what form. I feel like the traditional live reunion in front of a huge audience is out - too many variables, too much opportunity for a cast or audience member to say the wrong thing and turn it into a shitshow. I feel like it'll almost certainly not be live, and I wonder if they'll have an audience. I could see it going the way of those old school Top Chef reunions (maybe they still do them, I stopped watching years ago) where it's just Jeff and the cast having a little therapy session and talking it out. And
  7. I'm torn on this. I would be furious if I found out this happened and it was edited out, but I am also just... deflated by how it's been handled. I don't know if it's hit too close to the bone but it's just made me sad and tired. I haven't watched this episode. I've had plenty of time and opportunity to, and obviously I still care enough to be reading these threads, but every time I think about putting it on I just feel this wave of exhaustion. I love Survivor. I have for years and years. This really bites.
  8. Same. I was - somewhat willfully - giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it feels like they handled it that super-HR non-accusatory way where nobody really gets what's going on. I'll bet Dan's "warning" was a very passive 'there have been reports that this has happened and we don't think it should happen again, don't you agree?' style warning that let him walk away and keep pretending that he personally hadn't done anything wrong.
  9. Yeah he was definitely more 'sorry you're all mad at me' or 'sorry that happened' than he was sorry for anything he actually did. But at least at some point he did seem to understand that he should be apologising, even if it was self-serving. And when that didn't get everyone off his back, he flipped to defensive finger-pointing, and has been there ever since.
  10. The thing that got me was that he blames editing only when it comes to Feely Dan himself. Elizabeth and Missy he completely hangs out to dry, with no thought that maybe editing is a factor with their portrayals. In the episode thread someone said that Varner at least knew what he'd done was wrong and seemed sincerely sorry for it. At the time, maybe, but he's definitely walking it back now. Ugh.
  11. I think most of what I keep going over in my head about this episode has been said, but I'm going to add myself to the chorus of 'it doesn't matter if it's a crime, if someone asks you to stop touching them you stop touching them'. It doesn't even matter WHY they ask. Maybe Kellee was actually a germaphobe like she claimed in the first episode. Maybe she has super-sensitive skin. Maybe she's had some trauma in her past that makes her dislike being touched the way Dan was going it. Maybe she's just oversensitive. It doesn't matter WHY. She is not obligated to let him touch her. She doesn't need
  12. I think this says what I was trying to say better than I could. I am angry and upset with them, but yeah, I can't say I wouldn't have done the same if it were me. Full credit to Janet for having the strength to fight that instinct.
  13. Same. My husband was watching when Janet found her idol and he thought it seemed too easy and while I usually find it so annoying when that happens in this case it did not bother me one bit. Maybe they gave Kellee a second one to ensure she'd use one at that tribal, so they could be rid of Dan without having to boot him themselves? Also fine. If that solves a problem without them having to get their hands too dirty, then that's fine. It's just too bad she didn't do it. I usually watch Survivor with my eight-year-old and I got the heads up from Twitter this week that maybe I shouldn't, wh
  14. MissEwa

    S39.E04: Plan Z

    I got an inkling Chelsea was going the second she started talking about how comfortable she was, although I have to admit I would have preferred Dean. I feel like whenever there's a showmance that needs breaking up it's automatically the woman that gets targeted and so I was quite happy early on when they were looking to buck that trend. Alas. TC was interesting though. Given they were trying for a blindside, there was too much talk about how the plan changed and that really should have made her nervous - and her reactions made it seem like it did, but I know they splice them in randomly
  15. This. Maybe she's being annoying and playing it up for sympathy but this is a game about relationships so... give her sympathy? Even if you're inwardly rolling your eyes while you do it, you do it and then when it comes time to organise the vote she's in your pocket, because clearly she just wanted someone to care and you did. As annoying as she is (maybe) she's being pretty clear in what she wants from her alliance mates, so it's weird that nobody's even bothering to give it to her. And same. Yep. But it could have been one of those pivotal conversations that would have made th
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