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  1. Totally remember the candy bar but I completely forgot about the dog food! Ah....the good old days.
  2. Rachel RSL

    S39 Dan Spilo

    I mean, I don't like Dan but there's nothing wrong with that sentence. It's not the most idiomatic but it does make sense.
  3. I know. I think I would die of shock if I went back and watched the early seasons again. The contestants are majorly spoiled now compared to back then. Wait until Season 3 when someone becomes Public Enemy #1 because he eats 2 cherries instead of 1. (Sorry: SPOILER lol) Personally, I do think watching people starve was interesting. But I'm one of the few people who actually misses the whole survival aspect of Survivor, where rationing your food was part of the game.
  4. I'm going to have to disagree that people here only support Janet & Elaine because they're getting a good edit. That implies that the others are getting a bad edit, as opposed to their actual behaviour being shown. People here are very savvy when it comes to reality tv and fully understand the editing tricks.
  5. Same, I don't remember any of the numbers past season 3. Google is my best friend.
  6. For the record, nobody is lecturing you. You claimed that Janet didn't have to overcome obstacles to break into a male-dominated profession and that's what people are responding to.
  7. Please don't put words in my mouth. I said her behaviour was despicable, not that she was a despicable human being. I also didn't say that Elizabeth was promoting the season, I said she was promoting that one specific episode, the one episode that she absolutely should not have been proud of.
  8. Ugh. Yes. I hate to have to put you through the torment of watching that asshole but, if you're going to watch him in 20, you should probably watch 19 just so you can fully appreciate what a horrid person he is. (Although I disagree that he changed how the game is played. Other than conveniently finding idols, did he really do anything else? He wasn't the only person to ever find an idol without getting a clue although, admittedly, he was annoyingly good at it.)
  9. His move was terrible for his game. He went from guaranteeing himself a spot in the final 4 to attaching himself to the very bottom of an already established alliance while showing every single person out there that he can't be trusted. Also, I feel the need to point this out, Sandra wasn't a goat in either of her winning seasons. She played hard, did a lot of strategizing, was in on most of the votes and was able to communicate all her game moves during the final TCs in a way that didn't piss off the people she had a hand in voting out.
  10. I'm thinking she's only sick about getting called out on her despicable behaviour. Remember, before this episode aired, Elizabeth was happily promoting it on her social media and telling people to watch. She's had months and months to reflect on what she did but clearly didn't think she did anything wrong until the episode aired and people let her know exactly how vile her actions were. Then, and only then, was she suddenly sorry.
  11. I'm pretty sure it does mean she overcame the obstacle of being a woman but he meant it in an admirable way, not a demeaning way. The entire world is still an Old Boys Club and the fact that Janet was the first just proves that there were barriers in place and she broke through those barriers. Still to this day, women are held back from advancing as a lot more than firemen, police officers, and combat soldiers. Even if laws have been changed, mindsets have not. The Old Boys Club is very very much alive and well. That interview was hilarious! So his big trauma that caused him to come home crying to his mommy every day was that he had to practice with the rest of his team instead of partying? Man, this guy just becomes more of a prize every day. Get in line, ladies. He's mine!
  12. Oh FFS. I got trapped in the stupid quote box again and now I'm just too annoyed to re-type so forget it. Move along, nothing to see here...
  13. Yes, because Karishma isn't a great athlete and was struggling. But she definitely tried, she just couldn't get moving in the sand.
  14. I never got the impression that Karishma didn't put any effort into the challenges, I just think she's not the greatest athlete and sucked at them, but not for lack of trying. I'd be the same way, which is one of the 967 zillion reasons why I could never be on this show.
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