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  1. Yeah, I was actually really surprised that Production let him do it. Maybe they made some poor PA test it out first. Or maybe it was like Tyson said about waivers. (Also hilarious!)
  2. Maybe. But Adam was the one person who questioned Rob at TC and he also balked at giving the idol to Parvati so, if anything, I'm predicting Adam will be the one who makes the first move to get Rob out. Whether or not he's successful is another thing. I think so many people are afraid to make a move on Rob because, if he manages to figure out what's going on, you become his #1 target and he usually somehow makes it blow up in your face. (Also, just because a place is always darkly-lit doesn't mean that people can suddenly see perfectly. If it's dark, it's dark. *shrug*) In any case, I'm glad it happened because Adam's "I don't know...it looked like a hole." was so funny!
  3. Yep, in a darkly-lit place, Adam saw a stain or a shadow or something and thought it was a hole to put his torch in. Which isn't quite exactly the same as being a shitty Survivor player who gives away information freely to people who are working against him.
  4. Yep, I remember him saying that he basically had to be in game mode 24/7 in order to make everyone feel like they had a special bond with him. I think maybe the problem with Rob is that he's so good at it, he makes it look easy so a lot of people think he's got the deck stacked in his favour.
  5. Agree. I've never thought Jeremy came across as cocky in any of his seasons. He's always struck me as pragmatic but not obnoxious about anything. I didn't get the impression he was boasting or being judgy about the others not knowing the value of the fire tokens, I thought he was simply pointing out the fact that he has a small advantage for now in that he's privvy to information that most people don't know about yet. Agree again! Plus, I don't think the deck was stacked for him in the season he won either. For years people have claimed that he had an advantage because his winning season was filled with idiots and starstruck fans but here we are in a season filled with intelligent winners (and Ben) and the exact same thing is happening. He's excellent at observing/reading people and it's not his fault that he has this je-ne-sais-quoi that makes people fall under his spell.
  6. That reminds me of one of the more unintentionally hilarious moments of the episode. After Denise tells Adam that Ben also knows about the idol, his immediate and unfiltered reaction is: "Oh *bleep*". 🤣 Even he knows that Ben is a dumbass who is easily manipulated.
  7. It was accidental. She said so when she discovered it. OMG I just snort laughed at this.
  8. True, that's why I said he almost singlehandedly lost them the challenge. But, really, it was pretty much him who tanked it. They weren't that far behind in the puzzle and Rob is great at puzzles so I thought for sure they were setting it up for a Rob comeback. I was so baffled when he started organizing pieces instead of just doing the puzzle. Yes, organizing the pieces is smart when you have all the time in the world but not when you're competing for immunity on Survivor. That was such a huge miscalculation on his part. Very unRob-like. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that his brain was temporarily fried because he was upset about Ambuh. No way! She may be working with him but you know she'd sell him out in a heartbeat when the time is right. In fact, that's kind of what I'm hoping to see...her and Rob working together most of the game then she chews him up and spits him out. Nothing against Rob, I like him, but Parvati is also a master. In all fairness, I said that these fools deserve to lose to him (which I seem to say every season he plays lol) but I don't think he actually will win. I mean, at some point, someone is going to wise up and say: "Uh, shouldn't we ditch this guy before it's too late?" The only question is will they actually do it before it's too late? The good thing about being a big target is that everybody is always like "Oh, he's an easy target, we can just vote him out later." They would be wise to do it sooner rather than later. Exactly. Adam was in a no-win situation there. If he doesn't empty his bag, Rob makes a big deal about how Adam must have the idol. And if he votes for Rob, he's the only one and immediately puts a target on his back. I know Adam isn't the most popular winner but I've never had a problem with him. He seems like a nice guy, he clearly knows the game and it's not like his win was handed to him or anything. Yes, he had a sad story but I still feel like he would have won, even without mentioning his mom. I'm glad he's getting another chance to play because this time he just seems like he's already enjoying the experience more, like he doesn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders this time.
  9. I like you two so I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t read those monkey posts. I forgot about that lol! It almost (ALMOST!) makes me wish he was on this season just so Sandra and Parvati could torment him again.
  10. HOW IS BOSTON ROB STILL THERE??? I am so highly amused by his magical Jedi powers! He tells everybody to empty their bags and they just do it?? Jeremy says he’s controlling the game, Adam says he’s the Godfather, he almost singlehandedly lost them the challenge, they have the numbers and the opportunity and they vote out...Danni?? I feel like I say this every time Rob plays but these fools deserve to lose to him. I get why they have EoE this season but I still hate it. Even with the fire token crap, it’s still boring. I wish Natalie was still in the game. I’m one of the few people who really likes her. Loved her and her Twinnie on TAR too. I must watch too many spy movies or something because I saw “water well” the instant they showed that sign. I’m a massive dork. Tony’s ladder...😂
  11. It's unfortunate that this clip makes you think less of Rob. To me anyway, it seems very apparent that the entire interaction between Rob and Ethan was just two guys joking around. Rob teases Ethan about his jacket and then Ethan teases Rob by pretending to block him from the camera while doing his interview. I didn't see anything negative at all in that clip.
  12. Damn you! That’s a good counterpoint to my previously mentioned fanwank plan if Sandra loses. *sticks fingers in ears* I can’t hear you lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!
  13. If you feel that way about snark, you must haaaaate most of us here. Me for sure! 😂 His sense of humor has always amused me. Even just the memory of “Hey, pretty boy...” cracked me up!
  14. I’ve always been convinced that Sandra sealed her victory at the TC where Russell said, almost in disbelief, that Sandra had openly said that she was against him. The jury ate that shit up! Love her or hate her, she’s a master at jury management, which is why these people will never let her get even close to the end this time. I’ve grown to really love Sarah over the years. She’s got that kind of monotone voice that makes her come across as kind of....bland? (for lack of a better word) But she has always struck me as a genuinely kind person. Heh. I forgot about that. I loved that challenge. After seeing them use one of the old school challenges in the first episode, I’m really hoping they bring back a lot of the oldies but goodies for this season. I’m so sick of obstacle course followed by puzzle! I want “Listen to a story then cross a weird ass bridge to 5 different stations while you crawl over each other to get there”. I want “Collect symbols while blindfolded in a giant maze” I want “Answer questions then cut ropes to eliminate people one by one” I really hope we get nothing but old school challenges!
  15. Cirie is a master! It's a tragedy (in terms of reality tv - not actual real life tragedies, of course) that she never actually won. You would think her getting idol'ed out of the game would have been a wake up call to TPTB that this idol shit was getting out of hand but noooooooooo, of course Probst thought the drama was great. Ugh! Still so bitter about that. I think I almost like that better. I hate how the swelling "hero music" always gives away when someone is about to win.
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