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  1. Ha! I have no doubt that Sandra would have been gracious if any of the women had won but you know she’s so happy that she’s still the Queen. I am too. Queen stays Queen!
  2. That was literally my exact thought process as well lol. Then I thought maybe they were planning to do some weird online version of Survivor but I don’t see how that would even be possible. Remember, CBS: the Family Edition is what almost killed TAR.
  3. Man, the finale is so much better without Probst interrupting with his annoying live segments. Pretty good season, despite the existence of EoE, all the Old Schoolers being voted out first and those damn fire tokens which I fear are never going away. But no, Probst, it was most definitely not the best season ever. Once Ben was gone, I could finally enjoy this episode (season). I don’t think what he did was noble or whatever he was going for. He’s irritating and I was just glad to see him go. I wish him well in the real world but, seriously, good riddance. Since EoE has to exist, I’m glad
  4. All that scene did was remind me how much Ben sucks at the social game. He wouldn’t even let Jeremy speak, which is beyond irritating. How would it have hurt him to hear Jeremy’s ideas? But nope, he just immediately started to be an ass. Typical Ben.
  5. That’s why I said almost all the big personalities were on EOE. I’m counting Tony as pretty much the only big personality left. Ben isn’t a big personality, he’s boring. And Sarah is pretty low key, I’ve never thought of her as cray. I hope there’s a lot of good strategy to come because, if not, it’s going to be a boring ass 2nd half of the show.
  6. I have no doubt that Sarah was joking around when she she said she wasn’t just smart and pretty. She’s never shown herself to be vain or conceited in the past. Personally, I think she is all of those things but I still think she was just kidding around.
  7. Yeah, kind of like how they showed Adam randomly looking around the voting booth a few weeks ago. They were laying a foundation for the big “Adam looks for idols in the dumbest places like Probst’s podium” scene. They must have thrown in that comment from Tyson for a reason. It doesn’t help that almost every single big personality, like them or hate them, is now sitting on EoE. Even good players like Kim and Denise are as interesting as watching paint dry.
  8. I’m glad Tony is still around. I just find him so entertaining! I love that Ben is Jeremy’s Bitch Eating Crackers. Same, Jeremy, same.
  9. Oh Adam lol. I’m so highly entertained by him! You know Probst is kicking himself that he didn’t think of actually putting an idol there. Now I have nobody I’m really pulling for. I guess I’m in the Anybody But Ben club now. He irritates me so much. I can’t believe they actually wrote a song about winners at war. 😂 Are we going to have to listen to that crap at every challenge?
  10. Same. I'm hoping they'll be doing some interviews now that the episode has aired.
  11. That was sad. I really did feel so bad for them all. But I'm sure as soon as they got out into the real world and saw how bad things are, all that "This was my dream, I'll never get over this" stuff disappeared real fast. Still can't believe it's over :(
  12. Yul got voted out just ONE Tribal Council before the challenge where he could have explained to us why elephants can’t climb trees. I’m so sad!! I was hoping for Yul or Natalie but I don’t mind Tyson coming back. At least we’ll get more of his deadpan confessionals. I love those! Tony continues to amuse. “Now we know why Sandra went home. She wasn’t doing this.” 😂 I’m glad Adam was saved. I just like the kid. I still have literally no recollection of Sophie on her first season but she seems very perceptive and I’m starting to really appreciate her low key game. (As opposed to Kim wh
  13. YES! I noticed that same thing and was like WTF?!? It was like some sort of sexy R&B jam, totally different than the usual faux tribal music they usually play.
  14. Yes, I even remember during one of the family visits, they made the family member eat the gross stuff! The old school challenges were so much more interesting and creative.
  15. NICK AND MICHELE YOU ARE DEAD TO ME! *cries* So bummed to see Yul go. (Also, screw you Wendell for making your team lose by 1 second because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut!) Awwww Sandra, I still love you! I don’t read spoilers so boy, was I wrong about her not leaving EOE! She noped on out of there as soon as humanly possible lol. It was sad seeing all the old schoolers there. Those are the people I really wanted to see play. I’m also sad we didn’t get to see the players still in the game react to Parvati and Sandra getting voted out. I know I’m in the minority but I love Adam.
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