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  1. Yes! Love Kym, and am totally rooting for them. My dislike of tattoos aside, I love that Kym has They / Them tattooed on their fingers. Normally I can't stand it (for me it just ruins the effect of watching pretty plates of food being prepared), but Kym's whole life story should be celebrated.
  2. I know! I will miss her, despite my dislike of tattoos everywhere, she was an absolute knockout. Enough for this gay to consider maybe... (Not that I think any chefs, male or female, should get by just on looks, but Siobhan was gorgeous, full traffic-stop with the long hair. Wow, this parenthesis (?) is running forever, isn't it? Check back in June, my parenthesis will still be running.) One of the (many) things I love about this site is that I can post rambling shit and people will still respond, but kindly, like Canadians are just wont to do.
  3. Oh man, some of these people should be arrested for assaulting my eyes with their hideous tattoos. I can't stand seeing a chef's horribly-tattooed hands entering the frame. Tattooed hands always look nasty; I have basically stopped watching The Food Network now, since everyone who appears there now is covered in horrid and hideous hand tattoos, and they always look so dirty I would never want to eat any of the food they prepared. I hope we don't have to be reminded every goddamn time that Josh and Erica are married. I know it's not their fault, but I wish the producers would quit bringing
  4. Man, the subject matter of this episode was really heavy and hit pretty hard for me. I am not the youngest in my family, I had a little brother who died in 1999 at age 11. He was able to donate his organs and blood, something that, by law, I am unable to do. You keep hearing about those with underlying health conditions, well, I am also one of them. People contract things all the time, but to know that what you have contracted has no cure? That is tough. That is not something that you ever hope to hear. I got my diagnosis over the phone, after going to the hospital for swollen lymph nodes
  5. Absolutely. Especially when you consider that-- The Sunsetters died in Week 3, when a defection and an eviction made them a trio +1, and it was a major unforced error on their part that resulted in it: the week 2 vote-flip stupidity, where it takes six votes to flip the vote. How many Sunsetters were there? Six. But they tried to get cute with the vote and it got out because, with six members in the alliance and six votes in the secret vote to flip... they suddenly needed eight people, so two could vote with the other side... in a secret vote. Also, my previous comments about a Jed/T
  6. Brit-tanny deserved to go, just for those horrid tattoos and the extra 'n' in her name. I know it shouldn't, but I get really annoyed with people who throw random letters into very common names. Who knew there were nineteen different ways to spell names like Brittany or Michael or Braden or Karen? (An exaggeration, but still.) THIS. It drives me nuts! Last episode, when Shota and Avishar presented their dish in the Quickfire, the glamour shot of their finished dish was onscreen for all of two seconds. And during the EC this episode, there was a black gentleman who was commenting on a d
  7. Surprisingly enough, I don't mind them either, and I think the reason for me is: they're not filled in. I wouldn't feel the same if they were filled with gaudy colours, I'm sure. Plus, no colours to fade and bleed into each other as one ages. Victoria and Beth are both playing the Christmas game: neither really seems to care who does it or how it's done, but they both are determined to get rid of all of those pesky females so they can be Last Bitch Standing.
  8. I was going to mention this too, but I forgot. I have come around on Austin after finding her a big BLAH during the first few episodes and I hope she goes far, but she and Breydon been referred to as a Package Deal, and, while it is great to have your ride-or-die, being referred to as a Package Deal from the outset is not good. I am curious though to see how Breydon plays without Austin though (if Austin is the one to be targeted first from that duo, that is). Jed calls Austin "sketch"; I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Jed laid his flirt game on thick with Austin on
  9. Beth has annoyed me from the start, but I liked her response as well. And has there ever been so many obvious pairs in the house before? Right from the start, people have not mentioned Jed without mentioning Ty, or Austin without Breydon (and Tina/Tera and Kyle/Rohan once they became part of the narrative). And a big YES to no massive alliance running the house. The House has become such a dominant alliance in seasons past, here and BBUS, that it is so welcome to have the power shift week-to-week. In the threads for Big Brother 22, someone pointed out that the last time we saw a weekly po
  10. Just leaving this here. Go Adam! HAHA
  11. I will add one more thing we know about Breydon: he is never far from Austin's side for very long. Various houseguests have mentioned that it's near-impossible, and getting pretty annoying, to get Austin alone for longer than 30 seconds before Breydon shows up. And getting Breydon himself alone is impossible since he insists on Austin being there every time.
  12. Definitely. And kudos to Latoya for stepping up like that. Not everyone does well with confrontation, and certainly not everyone would be willing to intervene. As much as I'd like to say I would step up, I think I'd be more like Tera, and just silently leave. But yeah, no matter who's involved and whatever the reason, this following-people-after-they-leave-the-conversation thing has to stop. (Rohan can fuck right off with that.) I am Team Victoria after this week, and I really didn't think I'd say that upon the first episode, but here we are. 🙂 She handled that exactly how I wish I han
  13. As am I, especially after what happened last season. I really thought Screamy McScreamerson would annoy the shit out of me, but I am very glad she did not back down, as I was certain she would. And it was pretty refreshing that the guys caved. But we shall see what happens with Jedson, Tychon and Victoria now that Kiefer is HOH. I didn't like Latoya either, her friendship with Kiefer notwithstanding. That scene where she stood up to Kyle and Rohan when they ambushed Kiefer, followed by her shutting down Rohan demanding answers while he yelled that he was Very Fucking Calm Thank You Very
  14. Goddamnit I need to stop posting nonsensical crap when I get tipsy.
  15. NOPE. LOL. I will only accept Jed and Ty and the word "showmance" together if they are in it with each other. No flirtmances, it would be staring at each other, eyeing each other with nothing but pure lust in their eyes until it becomes too much to bear, and there's no turning back. Okay that is very much a G-rated version of how the scenes between Jed and Ty should play. But damn, my mind goes to some amazingly dirty places every time those two are onscreen. They may be even better than last season's Chris and His Amazing Thighs (I just watched the episode where Season 8 has to
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