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  1. But with regards, I can finally install Eve as future points / let alone drug money: vibeology I'm supposed to believe that any news channel would air an exclusive interview with a famous serial killer on Christmas Eve? It's not exactly a big ratings night. I'm guessing the story wasn't actually very good. Holy crap that was a good episode. Creepy af. Hi Alfred 🙋. Bye Alfred 🙍
  2. Exactly! And was their ever any indication over the past few years that Shaun needed that type of closure regarding his father, or his mother, for that matter? And then Glassman mentions to Lea in her motel room about ripping the wound open, so he was definitely aware of it.
  3. I just caught this one episode, after hearing about the first season last year, airing on Hulu, a service I was not subscribed to. (And holy shit, these 693 different streaming services and platforms makes keeping up with TV shows extremely difficult, especially if you're cash-strapped.) Anyway, wow. Huge props to Ruby Cruz, she was fantastic as Teen Ruby, as was Robin Weigert (who has always been in the things I've seen her in). Ruby was able to convey so much with just her eyes. My heart went out to Annie, and stayed with her. And she really didn't have much of a chance, did she? I have yet to see much of Lizzy Caplan's scenes, other than what was shown here. And I immediately had to seek out Carly Simon's version of You Are My Sunshine, a song that has very personal meaning to me (as it does to a lot of people I'm sure). That song was sung at my little brother's funeral, which, coincidentally will be 20 years this week. I, too, wish there was more activity here. I just finished the episode and came straight here, thinking a genre show like Castle Rock was bound to have a somewhat-lively discussion. I'll try to catch more episodes, and hope to be back here to at least contribute to the numbers.
  4. I was surprised by the number of posts condemning Shaun. Yes, he was in the wrong, and should not have treated that nurse that way. But he is autistic, she is not. She knew damn well what she was doing throwing that comment about "not being a boyfriend," she should have known Shaun needed to focus and concentrate during a practice for his first operation. I know it was Morgan who commented first, but nurse definitely provoked Shaun, I felt, for whatever reason. And yet a number of posters are saying he should never be a surgeon? Due to one incident? That seems excessive. So Aaron married Debbie after a week (okay, longer), then they marry and move in together, and now they're going to be working full-time together? Yeah this is a terrific idea.
  5. I know Karishma is useless, and I always roll my eyes when she starts whining about the situation she signed up for (in a sense I mean, I know she didn't likely expect to be ostracized by her tribe like that). But my heart went out to her when she revealed her marriage situation. I suspected something like that, since I have met women who are in similar situations. I cannot imagine meeting someone days before you are forced to marry them after years of your own family saying to your face what a shameful burden you are, and then spending the rest of your marriage (and life) as a roommate to your "spouse." Also, holy shit Jeff, SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Of course we all know that if it was a man who was slow and holding the tribe back, Jeff wouldn't be as vocal. But since Karishma is a female, and not a beach bunny at that, she must be called out and humiliated at every opportunity. As a shallow man, I must say I find Dean cute, especially in that underwear, but holy shit, SHUT THE FUCK UP (as well)!! I had no idea he was a basketball player, but he was useless as usual in the challenge (okay, he did come close, I'll give him that), and then had the audacity to call himself a challenge threat to Tom later?! I take back what I said about Tom in the premiere episode: he and his alpha-ness can leave anytime. Wasn't it him who was all, "I'm glad she's not some dress-wearing girly-girl" (or whatever) about Elaine? Yeah, because I'm sure he thinks women sign up for this show so they can parade around in dresses, full hair/make-up and heels. On a fucking beach. Which is what women do all the time, right? :eyeroll: And then Tom leaves!! I, for one, am really enjoying the blindsides this season. The only thing better than watching someone's smug face fall when they realize it is in fact them leaving? When they leave with idols in their pockets! (Or left back at camp because they felt so safe!) HA!! Oh, my sides!! Every time I see Tommy shirtless, all I think is how nice it would be to lay my head on his pecs for a nice nap. Yay for tall furry gingers! I have to watch a second time, so I'm sure I'll be back with more inane drivel.
  6. Oh, absolutely. And the silver fox is definitely working for him!
  7. Yeah, I'm failing to see what type of charisma Dr. Will holds over Big Brother viewers, other than the "Well, you had to be there"-type sentiments people seem to have. Which is perfectly fine. I suspect I may hold a "Adam Klein is my favourite Survivor winner ever!" sentiment for a little while, and very few will agree with me. And again, that is fine. But every time I've happened to see Dr. Will in the recent seasons, I'm always impressed with how much younger he looks every season, compared to the previous season. I mean, the dude is 46, and also a dermatologist, but is that the reason he looked 25 last year, and 21 this year? Oh man, that is one excuse that drives me so goddamn crazy. Honestly, if I was in the BB Canada house, and someone said that to me, I'd be all, "Well, why the fuck did you not stay home and work 9-5 Monday-to-Friday, and guarantee that your daughter always has a meal in front of her, rather than abandoning her for a 1-in-16 chance that you may win the grand prize?!!" Yay, good for parents for procreating. I'm aware that being a parent is difficult work, but I get annoyed when people purposefully choose a difficult path, and spend their remaining time whining and whinging to everyone in earshot about how the path they chose (ie. raising a child) is such hard work and no one else understands. Um, excuse me, you chose this fucking path!! Take your lazy outrage elsewhere. This shoulder is not for crying on!
  8. Honestly, maybe I'm just too sensitive, but I abhor cheaters. Absolutely despise and detest them. Cheaters deserve no sympathy, and if someone I knew cheated on their S.O., well, they better fucking find some other shoulder to cry on. Mine won't be available. I just do not understand why people do that: to strip off naked, climb into bed with someone who is not the one you pledged allegiance to, and, what? It was an accident? You both happened to drop your clothes and fall into bed at the same time? And then to go home and lie right to the face of the person you "supposedly" "love"? If you don't love them and are not willing to be faithful and keep your genitals covered until someone better comes along, then don't fucking marry them!!! People who cheat on people they "love," do not deserve happiness.
  9. It's Dan who is the Gropey McGroperson. Tom is the Canadian (the very first!) retired NHL defenceman, who made the horrific blunder of going off for ten minutes with two others to gather palm fronds. I do like all three of them actually, especially Elaine. And yes, CBS, bring Vince some pants! I still roll my eyes at any contestant who, after noticing someone or some group is gone for more than a few minutes, is suddenly all, "THEY MUST GO!!" I find both Boston Rob and Sandra rather irritating, but, if each episode features just the right amount of them, like this one did, then they could be somewhat tolerable. Actually being in a dumpster that is then set on fire would be much more fun than the dumpster-fire that was Edge of Extinction, and so far, Island of the Idols could be interesting. Or it could get tiresome very quickly. Still too early to tell.
  10. That is truly disgusting, truly vomit-inducing. I can feel the bile rising in my throat just reading this. I never witnessed any of it, thank God, but just reading it is more than enough. It reminds me of Frankie saying Zach's game was "dirtier than a dildo from his asshole." Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? I would never say or do anything like this, even in the privacy of my own home, let alone on a TV show where I know everything is being recorded. She should, but, spoiler: she won't. She'll do absolutely anything he orders her to do. I firmly believe that her throwing that HOH comp had nothing to do with honouring her deal with Cliff and Nicole and everything to do with making her man happy. She simply dropped because Jackson ordered her to. One of the reasons I was so livid at Cliff during the whole Tommy-or-Holly debacle was because Jackson was so blatant and transparent with his lies. Nicole figured out what was going on, but instead of listening to her inner voice and following her instincts, she allowed Cliff to talk her into voting out Tommy, which is why I was so annoyed and disappointed with her.
  11. It's like Anal needs an hourly reminder that her brain can be used for more than keeping her skull from caving in.
  12. I've never actually watched any other versions of Big Brother other than the Canadian and American ones, but, reading what others have said about the UK and other versions over the years, it really reminds of the stark contrast between MasterChef Australia versus MasterChef US. Same title, completely different shows. I think I will make time and check out some of Big Brother UK. (Oh, who am I kidding, I seem to have nothing but time these days.) I've told my BF that if I was ever on Big Brother Canada, and had to gush over the newest piece of furniture from The Brick, I'd be all, "I love this new lamp set. Many thanks to The Brick." But I'd totally do it in a robot voice, ala Arnold as The Terminator. "I'll be back."
  13. Halloween? I think that is being far too generous. I would have given them until October 2 at most. I briefly considered going to the bathroom and clipping my toenails, but was too lazy to get up. So I ended up switching over to Atonement on Slice and occasionally flipping back to see if anything interesting had happened. Nope. Also, how many times did they feel the need to show Tommy's tear-streaked face while Julie announced he was evicted in one episode? I counted three, during the "Previously On," and Jackson and Nicole's Remember Me segments. What was up with JC's hair? And I see Tyler is committed to keeping that awful hairstyle from last season. I'd much rather see him in a (shudder) man-bun than that poodle-looking hairstyle. What I did manage to catch of these segments during commercial breaks for Atonement, I admit it was more "real" than sitting around all, "Remember that time when so-and-so was an asshole and betrayed that other asshole? Fun times! Roll clip!" Why the hell did they feel the need to show that? That was nasty. I'm so grateful we got to see more of Christie and Jackson's fake crying! NOT.
  14. Christ, just send Cliff home already. He'd be getting exactly what he deserves for being so unbelievably naively stupid. I can't believe he actually falls for Jackson's blatant lies! And to think, I actually rooted for Cliff as a player earlier this season! I was really hoping Nicole would have pulled off that win, but wasn't all that surprised when Jackson did. But then at the end Nicole was lamenting the fact that she could be in the Final 3 with a showmance. Well, whose fucking fault is that, Nicole? She allowed Cliff to condescendingly mansplain why she should keep Holly over Tommy, and went against her own instincts, knowing full well that keeping Holly only benefited Cliff. And I would have tired of Cliff's arrogant "Father Knows Best" attitude so long ago, I would have told him to stuff it. (Of course I would have used much more colourful language.) I haven't forgotten Jackson siding with Jack to send all them "coloured folks" home earlier this season, nor have I forgotten that Holly was another one I initially rooted for. Boy, I was not expecting her to turn into such a pathetic player. Someone in the last thread mentioned Season 15, when the final 3 consisted of The Rat (Andy), The Racist (GinaMarie) and The Pervert (Spencer), and how there was no one to root for. I felt the same way and I feel the same way here. I guess I have a vague sense of wanting Nicole to win, but I really don't care. I also felt the same way during Season 19, when the final 3 was Christmas, Paul and Josh. Hated all three, didn't care who won. Here I just feel sorry for Nicole for being so weak. Sigh.
  15. Oh man, that episode brought the funny! I loved that, no matter what or who was speaking, Jackson was sure to shoot down whoever and continually stated that, yes, America does hate them. I go back and forth and Jackson, but I was laughing alongside him at the fact that Christie would be going on the block. I also love it every time someone promises to throw the competition to someone else, but said person is so shockingly unbelievably inept that the someone has no choice but to power on through. Always too funny! I noticed that too. I honestly can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to fall for Christie's act: her fake cry-face somehow never produces any actual "tears." That would drive me crazy, just like her throwing around the word "deserve" this early in the game. IMO, in a game like this (or Survivor), when you get to F3, THEN you can start talking about deserve! GAHH drives me crazy!! Be assured, Canada hates her too, at least this household does. When Christie first appeared this episode, my mother had a few choice words regarding her. Well, more than a few: filth streamed out of her mouth. If that weasel Nick gets picked for Veto, wins and puts the kibosh on this Let's Evict Christie plan, I would support this petition wholeheartedly. Because I'm petty like that. Damn, I wish I hadn't deleted this episode!
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