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  1. I love how Adam gets so fucking aggravated and pissy when he is on the bottom (hehe), but he always manages to eek through. If I were them, I'd get rid of Sophie first chance I got at the merge. Bitch is just too scary-good on those puzzles. Also, I finally learned her name. Also, the fire token bullshit is just that. Just play the fucking game.
  2. Oh, absolutely. I'm not such a heartless bastard that I would not be able to count the days that my Survivor husband Adam was in danger. (But seriously, what day is it?) But Rob does discuss how astute Adam is. I would love it if Adam scored a win every week. The only downside for Adam lovers is, the more he scrapes by on physical/puzzle challenges, the more likely he's able to win physical challenges, that way he will be laying.
  3. Wow, I am shocked, you guys! Shocked, I tell you! I was certain my prediction from last episode's thread regarding Rob would come true, and am quite surprised that it didn't go that way. (Yet.) I'm also surprised they didn't play the love theme from The Young and the Restless during Rob and Ambuh's undoubtedly sloppy tear-filled heartfelt reunion. I know there's a scene of their reunion, but I'm not watching it. I've had more than enough of Rob, and a bowl of soggy oatmeal is more exciting than Amber. ITA. I liked Wendell during his first season and rooted for him to win, but his dismissive arrogance this time around really turned me off of him. And a lot of people have been saying that they noticed some of this assholish behaviour peeking through last time, which makes me wonder if I should re-watch that season. Also agree. I know Sandra is popular and I'm not diminishing someone winning twice (!), but all of that self-impressed "the Queen stays Queen" bullshit is such a turn-off. It doesn't matter who the person is, I find anyone so impressed with themselves that they proclaim themselves legends or saints or saviours or some other bullshit to be unbelievably obnoxious. And just like Rob, I've had more than enough. And my boyfriend agrees, even though he hasn't seen Sandra's seasons: when Jeff read Sandra's name, he jumped from laying on the sofa to standing and screamed "YES!!!" In our 12 years together, I'd never seen him move so fast! So, Amber, Tyson, Rob, Sandra AND Parvati (AND Parvati's 92 teeth) are all chilling on Edge of Extinction?
  4. So am finally watching Thursday's ep: The look on Chris's face when he realized his brilliant back-door was not going to drive Maddy straight into his arms for protection: priceless, especially since it became obvious he was not going to be the Hunk of the Season. Like, how dare these silly girls fawn and drool over some other dude? I know! I do love it, but at the same time I find it unbelievably irritating. I think it depends on my overall annoyance level with that houseguest. And I know emotions run high after one of these ceremonies, so I kind of give Maddy some slack, but goddamn, some of them take the whole lie, deceive, deflect thing WAY too personally. I'm looking at you, Vanessa (BBUS17)! "What? We're having chicken tonight?!! You told me we were having meatloaf!! You lied!!! You lied!!! YOU LIED STRAIGHT TO MY FACE!!!!!!" (God, I could not stand her, and that was exactly why. Such an unpleasant person to watch.) "Brooke, I'm telling you, you should have thought the game, instead of just thinking selfishly for yourself." Oh my god, what an asshole! Brooke, you do not owe Micheal anything, let alone an explanation, and certainly not an apology. God that alliance is so obnoxious! I wish Rianne wasn't a part of that, but the rest can leave.
  5. Adam's dad got remarried! Whatever people think of Adam, I am glad he and his family are picking up the pieces and carrying on with life. I wish them the best of luck. ETA: Whoops, forgot to include the link: Okay, never mind, I cannot post to the pic where he talks about the wedding, but it is here: https://www.instagram.com/survivoradam/
  6. I wonder what Michele-with-one-L thinks of all of this being aired? She was throwing around words like "boyfriend" and "relationship," and when Michele-with-one-L shared with Parvati, that's why we broke up ("he's thinks he's such hot shit"), it seemed about right. Somewhat disappointing, because part of his attractiveness comes from being the nice guy, but he came across like such a tool, dismissively reducing Michele-with-one-L to someone he "kicked it" with. Then again, I really don't care who's dating who on this show, unless someone's trying to sink their meathooks into Adam.. (I jest.) I'm so glad the Boston Rob show is over! But with our misfortune, he'll likely arrive at Edge of Extinction, find some advantage that will not only allow him back into the game, but allow him to bring One Other Person with him, and choose whichever tribe he and Other Person wants to join, where there will not only be an idol waiting for Rob, but it'd be an extra-special idol that would also allow him to save One Other Person when played. I wonder who One Other Person would be... I was coming around on both Rob and Sandra last season, but from the first episode this season, I knew S39 was tolerable because they were barely there and didn't really affect the outcome. But right away, it was Boston Rob and Sandra's The Boston Rob and Sandra Show, starring Boston Rob and Sandra, written, produced and directed by Boston Rob and Sandra, soon to be a major motion picture starring Boston Rob and Sandra. Yes, I realize how unfair that is, due to editing and production, but as someone who finds both irritating enough already, the seemingly constant focus (moreso Rob than Sandra) on them has been maddening. And it doesn't help when fools like Adam and Ben immediately cave and let Rob in on their plans.
  7. I'm here! Or I am now, and most likely will be from now on. I'm playing catch-up, so sorry if my thoughts are jumbled. I'm guessing the producers thought Michael and Maddy would be this season's Cute Couple, but if their intention was to find two compelling people we'd want to see wind up together, well, it was an abysmal failure. They're so bland and forgettable: Micheal is cute, but he looks like he came from a mannequin factory, and a bowl of dry oatmeal is more exciting than Maddy. I was meh on them before, but my ambivalence to them turned into dislike as soon as they started that stupid idiot alliance pose. I want them all gone just for that. (Well, Rianne can stay, she seems nice from what we've seen.) I don't understand why grown-ass "adults" think that these displays are cute or funny; they are not, they are painful and obnoxious. And John Luke with that display after Micheal was nominated? What a petulant baby. Not sure who I want gone first after Micheal, him or Maddy. (I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but I'm sure I'm not missing much.) Wasn't sure I'd like Vanessa, but she's one of my early favourites. Hira could go far and is fairly likable, as is Sheldon. Was sure I'd want Susanne gone ASAP but she is growing on me. No Jamar, I don't feel you, so fuck off. I like Brooke, but wish she'd ditch the nose rings. Minh-Ly and Kyle can follow Maddy and John Luke out the door. Apparently Angie is the laziest person who's been on the show. Carol is there. I actually like the rainbow theme (love the oversized coloured pencils in the outdoor area), but wow, those bedrooms are hard to look at. The one behind the blue door is especially awful; all of those huge brightly-coloured murals on the walls and beds with matching bedcovers/sheets? Who the hell thought that would look good on TV?
  8. I am just so happy to see Adam on my TV again! And he brought along his little red-and-black underwear, which I also missed and was happy to see again. Sigh. Be still my heart.
  9. I know! And I normally hate love triangles/quadruples/whatever, but, it's: Donald Faison (Murray!), and Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse), and Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist). With those three as options, how is someone to choose?! And yes, although this show is goofy, but I'm glad I stuck with it. It didn't immediately run off the rails (ahem, Manifest) while trying to cram three seasons of a different show into the debut season of another.
  10. Okay, so am just catching up, and ... no way in hell would Helen be simply walking around with another patient's urine sample in their bare hands while also touching an exposed infant and walking down the hallway. That patient's sample would be placed in a secured plastic bag with a red biohazard symbol against a yellow background, and handled by someone already wearing gloves. Take this from someone who has had to give blood and urine every few months. I'm not medically trained, so I just go with what others on this board tell me, who I actually rely on, more than my friends on FB, who always seem to have found some magical cure. The only reason I still watch this show is that I like a lot of the actors and performers on this show, with my favourite being Freema Agyeman and her character. And, I don't think it can be stated enough (and is mainly my main reason for watching), Ryan Eggold is gorgeous. I could stare at his bearded face and get lost in those puppy dog eye for days. I'm serious, if Max needed something serious stat, just have Ryan flash those eyes at me, and ... whoo, boy! If anyone is unsure of what the biohazard symbol is, it's this:
  11. But with regards, I can finally install Eve as future points / let alone drug money: vibeology I'm supposed to believe that any news channel would air an exclusive interview with a famous serial killer on Christmas Eve? It's not exactly a big ratings night. I'm guessing the story wasn't actually very good. Holy crap that was a good episode. Creepy af. Hi Alfred 🙋. Bye Alfred 🙍
  12. Exactly! And was their ever any indication over the past few years that Shaun needed that type of closure regarding his father, or his mother, for that matter? And then Glassman mentions to Lea in her motel room about ripping the wound open, so he was definitely aware of it.
  13. I just caught this one episode, after hearing about the first season last year, airing on Hulu, a service I was not subscribed to. (And holy shit, these 693 different streaming services and platforms makes keeping up with TV shows extremely difficult, especially if you're cash-strapped.) Anyway, wow. Huge props to Ruby Cruz, she was fantastic as Teen Ruby, as was Robin Weigert (who has always been in the things I've seen her in). Ruby was able to convey so much with just her eyes. My heart went out to Annie, and stayed with her. And she really didn't have much of a chance, did she? I have yet to see much of Lizzy Caplan's scenes, other than what was shown here. And I immediately had to seek out Carly Simon's version of You Are My Sunshine, a song that has very personal meaning to me (as it does to a lot of people I'm sure). That song was sung at my little brother's funeral, which, coincidentally will be 20 years this week. I, too, wish there was more activity here. I just finished the episode and came straight here, thinking a genre show like Castle Rock was bound to have a somewhat-lively discussion. I'll try to catch more episodes, and hope to be back here to at least contribute to the numbers.
  14. I was surprised by the number of posts condemning Shaun. Yes, he was in the wrong, and should not have treated that nurse that way. But he is autistic, she is not. She knew damn well what she was doing throwing that comment about "not being a boyfriend," she should have known Shaun needed to focus and concentrate during a practice for his first operation. I know it was Morgan who commented first, but nurse definitely provoked Shaun, I felt, for whatever reason. And yet a number of posters are saying he should never be a surgeon? Due to one incident? That seems excessive. So Aaron married Debbie after a week (okay, longer), then they marry and move in together, and now they're going to be working full-time together? Yeah this is a terrific idea.
  15. I know Karishma is useless, and I always roll my eyes when she starts whining about the situation she signed up for (in a sense I mean, I know she didn't likely expect to be ostracized by her tribe like that). But my heart went out to her when she revealed her marriage situation. I suspected something like that, since I have met women who are in similar situations. I cannot imagine meeting someone days before you are forced to marry them after years of your own family saying to your face what a shameful burden you are, and then spending the rest of your marriage (and life) as a roommate to your "spouse." Also, holy shit Jeff, SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Of course we all know that if it was a man who was slow and holding the tribe back, Jeff wouldn't be as vocal. But since Karishma is a female, and not a beach bunny at that, she must be called out and humiliated at every opportunity. As a shallow man, I must say I find Dean cute, especially in that underwear, but holy shit, SHUT THE FUCK UP (as well)!! I had no idea he was a basketball player, but he was useless as usual in the challenge (okay, he did come close, I'll give him that), and then had the audacity to call himself a challenge threat to Tom later?! I take back what I said about Tom in the premiere episode: he and his alpha-ness can leave anytime. Wasn't it him who was all, "I'm glad she's not some dress-wearing girly-girl" (or whatever) about Elaine? Yeah, because I'm sure he thinks women sign up for this show so they can parade around in dresses, full hair/make-up and heels. On a fucking beach. Which is what women do all the time, right? :eyeroll: And then Tom leaves!! I, for one, am really enjoying the blindsides this season. The only thing better than watching someone's smug face fall when they realize it is in fact them leaving? When they leave with idols in their pockets! (Or left back at camp because they felt so safe!) HA!! Oh, my sides!! Every time I see Tommy shirtless, all I think is how nice it would be to lay my head on his pecs for a nice nap. Yay for tall furry gingers! I have to watch a second time, so I'm sure I'll be back with more inane drivel.
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