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  1. Maybe it fell down? Welcome to the forum.
  2. That scene drove me crazy. I noticed Adam's "I wondered what you were going to say about it", dripping with irritation. I loved Adam and Evan's plan to take the bear back to Birch camp because of Andrew and Jennifer controlling the food. Arrgh, there is no way I could live in a community like this under their rule, no way. And I hate to say this, but they both have the resting bitch face. I also loved from the previews that Oliver is going to be sticking around in the area, lol. Adam appears to be having issues with the golden couple as well. At this rate we might see a mutiny at some point. From watching Alone, I don't see how Oliver would possibly be able to last the winter on his own out there since he's not properly prepared. But he can hang around until filming's over and get under Andrew and Jennifer's skin. To be honest, I can understand some of the case against Oliver.I can see the point of view that he was taking resources (food) without contributing to the community (much). I wouldn't have kicked him out, I empathize more with Adam, I would have handled it a different way, if possible. Andrew and Jennifer fell short on the salmon count, so they weren't going to make their food quota. By kicking Oliver out, they're back on track if they can get the bear. I wonder if that was a factor in the decision at all?
  3. rmontro

    Whiplash (2014)

    I watched this again last night, right now it's free for everyone on Tubi. So if anyone wants to see it, now's your chance, you don't even have to register. I'm not sure how many times I've seen this exactly, but I do believe it's one of my favorite movies. I guess the main thing that struck me this time through is that Fletcher's method apparently did work on Andrew. He likely wouldn't have reached the same level without Fletcher pushing him. In fact, he might not have achieved the same level if even his girlfriend would have taken him back at the end. I had forgotten Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) was in this. It kind of annoys me that you can't see what Fletcher says to him at the end. It almost has to be "Good job", but I don't see the point in leaving it ambiguous. I also thought it might have been interesting to see his dad tell him "Good job" at the end, which would prompt him to go back onstage, but whatever. I guess they were saving that for Fletcher, but it would have been an interesting dichotomy of meanings. Anyway, great movie. I have an interest in music, although I'm not a big jazz fan. I don't think you have to be interested in music to appreciate this movie though.
  4. It's the small window that's the real problem IMO, and it's just not necessary. It's an animated sitcom, it's not the nightly news. I don't really care about a grande finale, but have they said they're wanting to end the series? I haven't heard anything, but I don't keep up with entertainment news. As I said, I'm still enjoying South Park, so I'd prefer they keep it going.
  5. South Park has always thrived off of current events. This has been a big year for current events, so I don't know why they should sit out now. I got stale on The Simpsons at a certain point and quit watching, but I still enjoy South Park.
  6. I'd much rather have a season than a special, let alone one of Randy's specials. Looks funny though.
  7. Great chapter this week, too many good lines to mention.
  8. That whole bit was absolutely bizarre. Are we supposed to believe she's been carting this secret cache of Star Wars collectibles around the bush all these years? And that no one in her family knew she had it, even though they were supposedly living practically right on top of each other, on the same boat, or whatever? To say it stretches credibility is an understatement. Maybe she recently bought the stuff after getting paid her reality TV money. That or she bartered some salmon for it back in Alaska. They were living in California a few years back, that would probably be a good place to acquire that kind of stuff. They did say they had permission. The neighbor was going to tear down the cabin anyway. Didn't look like they got very much lumber from it though.
  9. I find talk shows to be a bit boring, so I'd rather they change the format once/if things open up. But I would happily watch an hour of Josh interacting with locals in exotic places, shopping for hats and whatnot, and drinking and camping at night. I guess they could drag a celebrity along if they have to, but I find that aspect less interesting.
  10. Maybe that's why they're so close. I hadn't really noticed it before with Bird, but it's on display now.
  11. It's part of the plan then. So even if they get a bear they're short of food. I can't help but wonder if they've brought along some bags of rice or something. And don't these people ever eat fruits or vegetables? Living on fish and meat all winter doesn't sound real healthy.
  12. Yeah, I mean they had one job, get the fish. Now they've fallen short on that. There's been talk about getting a bear. Was that in the original plan, or is it to make up for having less fish? No way do I see this whole bunch sticking out the winter there. Most of them probably leave when the cameras do. Passive aggressive is a good way to put it. They seem like a snobby hippie couple. Funny how they've taken over the central villain role from Oliver. The episode description for next week seems to indicate more friction between Andrew and Jennifer, and Oliver. Wonder who comes out on top? I wasn't expecting this much drama in this show, but maybe I should have. Adam's shipwreck looked pretty serious, but we saw most of that in the first episode clip show. A shame he lost those two fish and bag of roe.
  13. A good old fashioned catfight. Rain vs. Bird. Might be the best episode yet, although that's a pretty low bar. But lost her mind? She was hanging dead animal skeletons from her trees, what would you think? I'm kind of glad she cooked that mess up for her cats. Last week on the previews when they showed her dipping the whole mouse in the batter, I was expecting the worse. On the TV show Alone, they've eaten a lot of mice, but at least they skinned, gutted, and cleaned them first.
  14. And human nature being what it is, everyone wants to bash him and make him an outcast rather than help him to understand. Although if they tried to help him, they'd probably get a lot of pushback. That's probably an unavoidable part of the process, unfortunately.
  15. Bird's story seems to have taken a dark turn somewhere. Bear appeared to take a backseat in this last episode. I do feel bad for him, he can't help it that he has a rather unique personality. I hope he finds someone. Expecting a bride to stay on his rat infested mattress is too much to hope for. But you can't convince me he actually spends the winter in that shipping container.
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