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  1. Did anyone here watch Fresh off the Boat? They had an ongoing gag whenever something cool happened, they would play this audio snippet of a guy with a deep voice singing "Yeah!". The mask bit reminded me of that. Josh said mammoth genetics started to deteriorate because of inbreeding, and the camera cut to the mask saying "Oh no!" in that same deep voice. If nothing else, the Stay at Home shows are short, so you don't lose interest.
  2. It is realistic to take after your parents though.
  3. They need to change the ending to Journey to the Center of the Earth. Instead of riding up through a volcanic tube, they should hitch a ride on the brotherhood's bucket and come up and meet the gang. Gary Drayton will say "We've found some real Bobby Dazzlers here. Are you Templars? Did you see a body down there?"
  4. I wondered that myself, it looked similar. I'm guessing probably not, because if it was, they would have trumpeted it on Talking Dead as some sort of genius callback to previous episodes. Or maybe they even did, but I wasn't paying attention. I like Princess, but they need to write her a little less stupid.
  5. Is it possible the whole coronavirus thing is all just a part of the Oak Island curse? It only exists to stop the digging? Maybe they're getting too close to the Ark of the Covenant. On the episode last night, they supposedly hit a tunnel, then under that a ways they kept coming up with just buckets full of water. They were hoping to find treasure that was displaced from the money pit. Let's just say for a moment that there really is/was a treasure. If it got pushed down into a large underground body of water, they will never find it, it's gone forever.
  6. Kind of a dull episode, just a setup for the finale basically. I did like Princess, comic book character that she is. The interesting thing I learned on Talking Dead this week is that Beta's mask is stitched together with guitar string. Don't think I ever would have noticed that on my own. That bugged me too. It was a cat. No one has seen a cat in the apocalypse before?
  7. You know what they say, never share the stage with children or animals. Speaking of Dr. Sturgis, we haven't seen him for awhile now. Maybe we've seen the last of him, maybe that was their way of writing him off the show. Or maybe he'll just be downgraded to the occasional special appearance.
  8. I hate to admit it, but they got me good with Josie dying. I have just lost a few beloved cats recently, so the whole thing hit me really hard. Pets really are a part of your family. One strange part: Bryan was talking about how Josie would sit on his chest and lick him. Then Brie said "And as your wife, I want to be able to do those things for you". Bryan stopped sobbing, and just looked up at her, like wtf? Nikki irked me with her inviting Artem to live with her, then gave him the old "we need to slow down" speech. If she wanted to slow down, she shouldn't have asked him to move in with her. Unbelievable.
  9. So kill somebody else off then. How about Lea? 🙂 I agree with DearEvette, they have life and death stories every week. His comments make no sense.
  10. I'm not taking it off my DVR, but I agree it seems a little long at an hour. Like I said before, it would be better in two half hour segments, like they did on A Chef's Life. I don't know about all that, but it sure looked tasty.
  11. Watched the porridge episode, not much to say about it. Not sure why Vivian seemed so shocked that the one lady said she cooked for the servants. Next week is dumplings. Seems a lot like the hand pies, doesn't it? Stuff wrapped up in dough?
  12. Made a point to watch this since we're getting free Showtime this week. I have to say this is the best movie I've seen in awhile. The ending was so satisfying, especially that flamethrower scene. That's the word that fits best for me - satisfying. I was kind of hoping something like that was going to happen, and I was glad it did, because I really had no interest in watching the alternative.
  13. That's what I was thinking because wasn't the 1st crush on the same baseball team she's on? If so, she apparently likes blonde guys.
  14. I actually like Morgan, oddly enough. She's not the kind of person that would be pleasant to be around in real life. But as a character onscreen, I find her antics entertaining enough. Half of that was a waste of time too, because Shaun didn't have any problems being in physical proximity with Lea like he did with Carly. But one thing he did learn with Carly was how to "focus" so she could see fireworks.
  15. They were at their best with the Missy stuff this week. And the Sheldon storyline was pretty good too. Is this Marcus a new boy, or is he the same one Missy had a crush on before? All these blonde kids look alike to me.
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