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  1. Maybe not. There's also the possibility ownership of the land has changed hands since he buried the treasure. They said there would be an announcement on August 4th. I'm going to put my guess here that Fenn has buried another box and will release another book. I think searchers for The Secret boxes had to get permission to dig for them in some cases because a lot of them were buried on public land. I'm surprised no one has contested ownership of the gems, but I'm not sure what the real value is in those cases.
  2. Thanks to Amy, I can't look at that picture without laughing.
  3. "Electrifying" homemaking show, that's pretty funny considering what happened to him. Delayed reaction: I didn't know that the episode a few weeks back was based on the old movie Lady in a Cage, right down to the design of the elevator. I just happened upon a picture of it, I've never seen the movie. Didn't know that episode was a parody.
  4. If that is true, what would Dr. Ito think about it? The dude's got cameras all over the place. Is he going to be okay with Bobbi engaging in such loose behavior while she's supposed to be acting as a surrogate mother for Cindy?
  5. I love this show, but this was the first episode where I thought it started to creep a little into the cheesy category. Cindy's line "I really like your staff, Stargirl" was both chilling and cringey at the same time. The moment where Stargirl came flying through the window was pretty cool. You'd think Dr. Ito, being a super genius and all, would be able to keep the garbage disposal running. But I can understand why Cindy's mom would be reluctant to mention it to him.
  6. Melanie said she drove the train off while Mr. Wilford was waiting at the boarding platform. I keep thinking that one of the highlights of every revolution should be when they pass that platform, with a frozen in place Mr. Wilford waving as they go by. More seriously, he probably sought some sort of shelter until death inevitably came. Since Melanie left with the train ahead of schedule, does that mean she intentionally killed her daughter? Meaning that she sacrificed her daughter in the plot to leave Wilford behind? Did she know her daughter had not yet boarded, or did she find out later?
  7. It's true the Tailies are basically freeloaders, while everyone else on the train actually made a contribution to its existence. Buying a ticket helps pay for it. Still, to say the Tailies were treated shabbily would be an understatement, so I can see why they're angry and want to improve their conditions. But they don't deserve to be running the show by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. I don't think he trusted her so much as used her as a tool to disrupt first class and Melanie's control over the train. Yeah, if anything she should be more indispensible in their eyes now than she ever was as head of hospitality. And she is indispensible, so executing her or denying her a position of power is extremely short sighted. Already saw them, that's why I added the "for now". And as someone else noted, the previews for next week gave it away also.
  9. Wow, next week is the two hour finale of Snowpiercer, 1001 cars long (for now). Is there supposed to be a second season for this, or was it designed as a one off? Because it looks like things are really coming to a head. They did a really good job of showing the brutality of the revolution. Complete with planned executions apparently. Seems like a dumb idea to execute Melanie since she's the one who knows the train best. I guess we now know what really happened to Mr. Wilford, unless this is some sort of red herring. Funny how so many people think so highly of him when it sounds like he was a pretty superficial person.
  10. I remember her. Yeah, she was a little more dour.
  11. If the ISA and the JSA were both based in Blue Valley, why were they fighting in LA? Seems like an amazing coincidence that they were both based in Blue Valley, but maybe they all wanted to be near each other.
  12. Speaking very generally, I think women are much more likely to be people pleasers, they're much more apt to smile and appear upbeat, and to be more social. It's just basic gender differences. It would be interesting to see a woman on here with an attitude like Roland's lol.
  13. I'm sure I said earlier in the thread The Dick Van Dyke Show is my favorite comedy, in fact my pick for best TV show ever. It's so well done. I thought maybe Game of Thrones might beat it out, but the ending ruined it. I've always thought that, even as a kid, when I used to take such matters very seriously 🙂 I Googled "blue stoves 60s" and some came up (and refrigerators), they looked the same shade as the Petrie's. There were also some dark blue ones. We had the avocado green stove and fridge back in the 70s.
  14. I keep wondering if that fly is still in there.
  15. Wormhole technology? Well, it is based on a comic book. If the original Dr. Mid-Nite was that brilliant, he was probably wasting his life fighting super villains in Blue Valley.
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