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  1. It is mainly defensive. It's got that heavy metal bar on the front of it, and the idea is that the other bot will break its weapon on Duck's "beak". Which actually works more often than you might think. Plus it's incredibly durable. It can also use that bar as a flipper, but I've seldom seen that be effective. Sometimes it seems to use it to flip itself around, and I'm not sure what the point of that is. I figure when it's doing that it's malfunctioning, but I really have no idea.
  2. Poor Duck's out of the top 16 again. Originally I laughed at it, then it impressed me. Now I'm thinking it might be too much of a one trick pony. It's either going to have to get lucky one of these years, or they're going to have to add a new wrinkle.
  3. I was a little surprised one of them didn't want to move into it.
  4. Thanks for the tip. The problem with digital comics is you either have to click for every new panel, or you have to scan around the page (the print is too small to read otherwise).
  5. I wouldn't mind checking out Comixology at some point, along with Preacher, of course. But I had a Marvel Unlimited subscription for awhile, and I really don't enjoy reading comic books in digital format that much. I find it somewhat annoying.
  6. Considering the way "God" is portrayed on this show (and I assume, the comics), I wonder about the philosophies, psychology, and background of the people who originally came up with all this stuff. Seems like somebody had some issues.
  7. Judging from the amount of traffic here, this show is limping to its end. I find myself most watching now just to see what weird stuff they're going to do next. Funny some of the things they're doing with Humperdoo, like the way the deer trusted him. And he even softened Tulip's heart, no easy task. I'm glad Starr got his beauty back, things were getting to be a bit much, even for him. Looking forward to the apocalypse!
  8. Against my better judgement, I watched last nights "new" post-season garbage unaired footage episode. A few things jumped out at me: They said that the mountain they're on used to be a gold mine, and they showed an old miner's cabin. They said something about how the Browns might be able to do some mining there. Now it makes sense. This must be the reason Billy bought this land, he probably figured he would be able to strike it rich. He has a history of gold fever, and this is likely one of his hair brained schemes. Gabe seemed especially cheerful in this "episode", speaking in a British accent and cracking jokes. It made a big contrast to when he was so sullen and wouldn't say anything the season that Ami had lung cancer. I guess no one bothered to tell him it was all just in the script lol. To go off topic a bit, Raising Wild is getting hard to watch. The one kid who cooks and has a lisp is hard to listen to. Then there's the youngest boy with the long blonde hair that they seem to be raising as a girl.
  9. Maybe Billy needs the money and has to flip the land. Besides, no one expected them to actually spend a winter in the bush, did they? Canadian Bush People. No doubt the official reason will be that Billy couldn't tolerate the altitude with his repiratory issues. I wonder what will happen to their animals, storyline-wise?
  10. Thanks, I will check it out. It's on the SCI channel Sunday night, 9-22-19. They're running it several times that night so it shouldn't be hard to catch.
  11. Seriously? They probably looked at those "houses" they built and realized they couldn't live in them. Better move to Canada. My more suspicious side makes me think they're trying to avoid some sort of problem with the US government, or maybe they found out Washington state wants them to pay property taxes. Probably not cheap with all the acreage they have. Funny article. Maybe they should have called No-uh's kid North Star Second.
  12. I assume you're talking about Minotaur vs Colbalt? That was a good fight. I agree Minotaur won, but it could have gone either way. I thought some of the matchups were odd. I would have put all 2-2 bots into the three way.
  13. Might not be too bad if she needs something done, they often trade labor. Child payment due, so the whole family turns out to crookedly put up some drywall in her house. Just don't let Bear do the painting. Unless, of course, Bear gets custody lol.
  14. Ha, I could see that. And I'm sure he'd be miserable doing it.
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