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  1. Wow, could Emery be the next Kelly Bundy? 😮
  2. Well, there's assholes and then there's assholes. Usually they're lovable assholes, but not in this case. His name wasn't Dan Conner, was it? I know Dan likes to drink beer, but I never considered him a "drunk hooligan". I think the point that they were trying to make was that the Conners were poor, working class stiffs who have nothing so they put all their hopes and dreams into football on Sunday. They just overshot their mark. There's a way to do that without looking like a jackass. It's an interesting parallel they drew between church and football on Sunday, although I don't know if that was their intention. Also, since the writers are presumably not working class, it makes you wonder: Is this what they think of the viewers that watch this show? It's not a very complimentary portrait.
  3. Really? I thought the Crusades joke was a little "dated". 🙂
  4. I don't live in either city but I used to live in Wisconsin. I am a Packer fan and my best friend is a Bear fan. We don't even needle each other (that's probably unusual). I know a Packer fan who married a Bear fan. I've been tailgating in Green Bay on game day and there are people wearing all kinds of different team jerseys milling around. The rivalry is intense but it's just a football game, it's no excuse for treating people like garbage. But that's fine, if you approve of the way the Conners behaved, we can just agree to disagree.
  5. My experience says differently. There are Bears and Packer fans all over the midwest, many of them know each other and are even best friends. Bear fans may hate the Packers and Packer fans may hate the Bears, but if you can't overlook which football team someone likes and see them as a human being and treat them accordingly, there is something seriously wrong with you. Lambeau Field in Green Bay is especially well known for treating fans of opposing teams with courtesy. I saw a player from the Vikings (who I would wager are more hated than the Bears in Green Bay right now) talk on TV about how he would go play a road game in Green Bay and the fans would wish him good luck, he thought that was amazing. That's not the Conners house though, obviously. As for the boyfriend being at fault, he was invited to come watch a football game. Why wouldn't he wear his football clothes? Besides, he said he had positive experiences previously with Bear fans.
  6. To be fair, I could see that, and it certainly doesn't sound like Louis as depicted. Would make for a very different type of show. I guess they could have had "a very special Fresh off the Boat". Is the book good?
  7. Yeah, he went in there with a good natured attitude, but was met by a wall of surly hate. I just don't understand who on the writing staff thought that any of this was funny. It was just very off putting. I was setting my DVR for the next week, and I saw The Conners on there, and seriously I had no enthusiasm toward watching it, and it's all because of they treated this guest in their house so terrible. And the oddest thing was Dan was the meanest of the bunch. As for your other comments, I hadn't considered that there was a deeper agenda there, but I do believe you're right, I can't believe I missed it. I just thought well maybe he's just a little too tame for Becky to make a good match for her, considering her history. I don't want to get into it any deeper because I don't want to see posts removed.
  8. I never read the book, but that's good to know. I did hear the real Eddie became disenchanted with the show and disassociated himself with it. Anyway, the problem with his SAT score is that there's nothing with the way this character has been presented that makes us believe this was possible.
  9. Well, they'd better bring that storyline in for a conclusion quick if they're going to. Not many episodes left.
  10. I could watch a Kyle Ren Undercover Boss sketch every week. I liked the little catsup packet in the crib. I liked Halsey's second song. The first one kind of confused me, it just got me wondering why she was dressed like a stripper and why an artist wants to portray herself like that. Sex sells, and if you've got it, flaunt it, I guess.
  11. rmontro

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    Well, I've heard of the Indigo Girls. I wouldn't necessarily say I know who they are. And all I know about them now is that they performed at the Lilith Fair, and have a song called "Closer to Fine". Which I have now heard sung by some teachers from William Penn Academy.
  12. I do enjoy football, and I thought it was the worst one yet.
  13. Maybe Hiram was bluffing 🙂 Bearing in mind that I know nothing about the subject: I don't see why you couldn't make alcohol from maple syrup. I'm not sure that it would still be rum though. Anyway, it kind of sounded like Veronica was just going to pour the two ingredients together. Might be popular among all the underage drinkers in Riverdale, but to me it sounds ick.
  14. I heard this rumor also, although I'm not sure where it originates. I think I heard it being discussed on one of Kevin Smith's podcasts, probably Fat Man Beyond - don't ask me which episode. I agree Boseman should continue as Black Panther. But Shuri does take over the mantle of Black Panther in the comics, while T'Challa is injured. So I don't think the rumor is based in hate. They call these legacy heroes, where a new character takes over the hero's role. We've seen Miles Morales as Spider-Man. I believe we're seeing Bucky or Sam taking over as Captain America on a Disney Plus TV show. We may see a female version of Thor at some point. And yes, possibly a female Black Panther. Hopefully even if we do see Shuri as Black Panther, T'Challa will still be around but maybe just incapacitated for a spell. Maybe he could even return and take over in the same movie.
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