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  1. Wards were used as technical hostages, but they weren't generally treated badly. They were usually given places of honor (cupbearer or whatnot). Of course if the lord you are serving is a jackass, then that's what you're going to get. It's interesting that despite everything that Theon went through, in the end he was loyal to the Starks. I thought he had one of the best deaths in the series, very honorable, and Bran even gave him some kind words to absolve him before the end.
  2. rmontro


    I've had that tendency to think of the bots as smaller also. Another time to get perspective is when they wheel them into the arena on the carts. You're right, that piece of Duck the announcers had looked massive. And mass is also a big factor in determining the winner, or at least I've always been convinced of that. A bigger, heavier bot can push a smaller, lighter one around. So yeah, when we say flimsy, we're speaking relatively. Tombstone looks much more substantial than Sidewinder.
  3. rmontro

    S06.E05: The Kill

    That has definitely crossed my mind. But if everything works out, having that moose will be a huge luxury. And if he ends up with the $500,000, I'm sure he'd say it was worth it.
  4. Dany may not have been raised in Westeros, but she was most certainly a refugee. As for killing women and children, there is always collateral damage in wars. But I don't buy that she would kill those smallfolk under those conditions, when the city had (allegedly) already surrendered (I say allegedly because it isn't clear who gave the order to ring the bells, it didn't appear to be Cersei). I don't buy it because she had always been depicted as a protector of the weak.
  5. It's true the Targaryens took over Westeros by force, but there are many in the US today whose ancestors killed Native Americans and took their land. But they are still citizens, and the US is their home. Many other countries have such a history, and certainly GRRM's world is ruled by force. Robert Baratheon's main beef with the Targaryens appears to be that Rhaegar stole his girlfriend. HOWEVER, none of that matters to me. Let's just call her a foreign invader for the sake of argument. That still doesn't mean she is going to kill women and children, which is my main objection: Her sudden turn to villain, after being portrayed as a hero throughout the series, even if she did have her flaws (who doesn't?).
  6. You're right she had less reason, which is why I'm not buying her doing it in the first place.
  7. rmontro


    Yeah, they were comparing that bot to Tombstone, but it looked really flimsy to me also. Not to mention that side blade didn't have the mass or size Tombstone's does. I wasn't surprised it got dismantled.
  8. Melisandre burned people, including Stannis' daughter, but she came back to complete her mission and fight for the living against the dead, and went out on her own terms. Jaime pushed Bran out the window. He ended up going back to Cersei, but he still went to fight for the living first. More than anyone else from Cersei's court did. Theon betrayed the Starks and killed children, but he came back to protect Bran and Winterfell, and died a hero's death. The Hound also was presented as a villain at first, but he also saw the light (literally) and fought for the living. He also went out on his own terms, fighting his brother. I might add Daenerys also fought for the living, and lost more than most doing so. You're right, none of those things add up to mass genocide, but I reject the idea that she would commit that act in the first place. That's what we're discussing here, and that's what angers me (still). As for her being a foreign invader, her family had been established as living and ruling in Westeros for 300 years, before she was forced into exile as a refugee. That's longer than most families in the US can claim citizenship. True, she utilized foreign armies, but that was out of necessity. You enjoyed the story, great. The last three episodes left a very bad taste in my mouth.
  9. rmontro

    A Star is Born (2018)

    For whatever reason (probably curiosity), I've seen all four versions of this movie. I think the best is the Judy Garland/James Mason version - it has a lot to offer on a lot of different levels. I think this is my second favorite though. I like how they put the suicidal death back in, so he wouldn't get in the way of her success (the '76 version appeared to make it an accident, or at best was very ambivalent about it). Speaking of Streisand, it makes me wonder if they picked Gaga partly because she had a large nose. I got a little tired of everyone telling her she was pretty while she insisted she wasn't though. Gaga's face is very interesting. Another interesting bit was how her character's star only had one name, "Ally". In the other versions, the female lead actually changes her last name to her husband's upon his death. Here she doesn't have to change it, she just has to add it. It seemed to me like Bradley Cooper was making his voice intentionally deep at times to match Sam Elliott's. Which would make sense, since they were brothers.
  10. rmontro


    Too bad Bronco lost that key piece of its flipper. That bout between Bronco and Bite Force ended up being a disappointment, I was expecting a better fight. I was thinking I would have hated to be a judge for that one. That was probably the closest fight I've ever seen on Battlebots. But I have to admit I would have given the nod to Yeti.
  11. rmontro

    S06.E05: The Kill

    They used to. This is definitely different than the early seasons, when they were blowing those air horns every five minutes it seemed. Funny how they've had so much success in hunting and trapping animals this season, when a lot of us figured they'd be starving out in record time in the Arctic.
  12. rmontro

    S03.E03: Chapter 22

    For some reason, I found this episode mind numbingly boring. A little surprising since we got to see Professor X, but you're right, it didn't really advance the story so maybe that's why I found it dull. Ultimately, nothing happened. We did find out that Switch can travel back further than originally suggested, but it appears that may not happen again.
  13. rmontro


    I was thinking something similar, although I'm sure it's not the case. And they beat a vertical drum spinner also, which is usually a successful design choice. They said Shatter fired his hammer 54 times in that fight. I don't know how many actually connected, but it was a lot. And yet the other bot was still running at the end and it had to go to the judges. I think the other bot was Wan Hoo? Faruq had one of his lamest introductions for that bot, it was so bad I had to laugh. It was something like "if you have three Hoos and take away two, what are you left with? Wan Hoo!".
  14. After seeing season two's finale, I had to make some comments. The team finding gold painted bricks at the bottom of Lake Michigan is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen on "reality" television. It actually makes me suspicious that the producers planted the bricks so that they would be able to tease the pictures of them in the previews all season. If someone were messing with them, how would they know the exact spots that they were going to dive? It was funny hearing Marty Lagina rip them all about not having their sites properly marked. I don't think I've ever heard him that upset before. Maybe he was taking some of his Oak Island frustrations out on them. It was probably like being on the wrong end of him in his drilling business. I actually thought that when he heard about the gold bricks, he was going to have everybody line up so he could give them each a kick in the behind. But he was fairly good natured about it.
  15. rmontro

    S06.E04: The Moose

    If the squirrel is wounded and squealing, my top priority is going to be putting it out of its misery. As opposed to leaving it lay there and suffer.