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  1. I loved that line "Thanks, my mom made it for me" when the kid liked his costume. Only a mother could come up with such a corny idea like having her special son wear a special costume for doing special things, and make it for him.
  2. Wasn't there a recent season (might have been last year) where two of the final three were women? I'd say they have a chance.
  3. It feels like he's self promoting. But I don't have a problem with him. They're all self promoting to some extent or other, many try to convert their Alone exposure into survival careers, streaming or otherwise. He just does it a more quirky way, and I do think anyone who swam that lake in that situation is genuinely quirky.
  4. I can't hate the guy just because he's an oddball. Not saying I want him to win. Although he reminds me a little of Sam, who won season five. Sam was a lot more grounded, but something about Biko's statement about being too stubborn to quit reminded me of him. Well, we'll see, talk is cheap. I think the competition this year looks pretty strong.
  5. That's exactly what I thought, Biko cut his sleeves off so he could show off his tattoos. I've been trying to think what his voice reminds me off. Kind of a cross between Axl Rose and Ronnie James Dio, but I'm sure his influences are younger than that. I just can't shake the feeling that the History Channel is trying to get someone killed by a predator.
  6. The dancing on the side of the building got my attention too. All the more so since I had recently watched Fred Astaire's dancing on the ceiling scene in Royal Wedding. It definitely reminded me of that. The effects have improved a little since then. And it also reminded me of West Side Story. I was a little confused about the lottery ticket. If Usnavi had sold the ticket, surely he was not eligible to turn it in. His abuela must have known that. I even wonder if she as a member of his family was eligible, but I have no idea. I know he gave it to the lawyer though, so it wasn't an
  7. Ditto, boring is the word that comes to mind for me also. Confession of someone's secret pain, another pep talk from Barry, yawn. This show really feels like it's on the downslide. My theory is that they're keeping it alive because of the upcoming Flash movie, they're probably thinking they can get a ratings bump from that. Especially since Grant Gustin reportedly has a cameo in it.
  8. Lin-Manuel Miranda is getting really good at apologizing to the woke creeps on Twitter. He's just making himself an easy mark and they'll tear into him twice as hard next time.
  9. I was trying to figure out if there was a scene I didn't remember where there was a blizzard at the hospital near the ski lodge, and the phones were down, so they had to resort to using a telegraph 😀
  10. That's interesting, I didn't see the play. Are you saying they changed the reason for her leaving Stanford? I kind of thought that the reason given in the movie felt a little tacked on to refer to current events, it kind of took me out of the movie. Anyway, I enjoyed it. By the way, if you watch the movie there's an entertaining scene at the end of the credits, worth sitting through them for IMO.
  11. It's hard to believe, but food is actually fairly low on the survival hierarchy of priorities. Short term, at least.
  12. He said he was going to add outriggers. It would be really interesting to see someone who actually makes the boat approach work, and get extensive use out of it. He said his strategy was to put his energy into the boat, but that he had never built a boat before. You'd think that if was betting so much on his boat, he would have practiced making one ahead of time. Maybe they only get short notice when they're accepted onto the show though. I know they have a training boot camp. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to give away his strategy there.
  13. I kept thinking we might finally have our first female winner this year. Theresa's pit house was really sharp, it makes sense that it would retain the heat better. I think she's the one who is worried about poisoning herself though? It would be a shame to lose her like that before seeing what she could do. Michelle is also well skilled and she's so small, her caloric needs shouldn't be too great. That could be a huge advantage for her. Colter was talking about how if his boat failed it might cost him the $500k. I was thinking it might cost him his life. If it capsizes out in the mi
  14. New episodes of Expedition Unknown last night, they were in kind of an odd format for this show. Looks like there are four parts to this, with two parts airing last night and two next week. Basically they are locating all the DeLorean cars used in the Back to the Future movies, with some fluff in between. They appear to be following some sort of script, with Christopher Lloyd and Josh searching for a car to auction off for Michael J. Fox's foundation. I enjoyed the Back to the Future movies, they have a sort of universal appeal, but I'm not obsessive about them like some. I guess I'
  15. You wouldn't have gotten me off the helicopter. If you could get me on it in the first place. Of course I didn't sign up for the show.
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