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  1. Sign me up too. From the looks of this thread it appears to be unanimous. I hope that bit about Courtney ruining her mom's life by being born doesn't turn out to be a real thing, I don't think we need to go down that road. Amy Smart makes a great mom, how many mothers are going to let their kids risk getting killed by running around playing superhero? I had to laugh at that opening reveal of the Shadowlands, with Courtney's hair so perfectly laid out on the ground (see post 1). I wonder how many hair stylists that took? Probably ate up whatever's left of the budget. I do miss
  2. I was wondering that myself. Maybe Judy's outgrowing her.
  3. I wonder if this might be a way to get rid of the new owner lady? Maybe he has a lawsuit that he agrees to withhold in exchange for her leaving, or selling, the hospital. I have mixed feelings about getting rid of her though. Obviously the hospital would be better off, but she's kind of funny, and she adds more challenges for the doctors to overcome. Plus there's always the question of the devil that you know vs. the devil that you don't. The new owner could be even worse.
  4. Thanks. What a coincidence, eh? Must be a bad time for characters named Will.
  5. What does sloth taste like, anybody know? I'd be thinking that would provide a lot of meat. Taking it down might not be pretty though.
  6. Since y'all were talking about World Beyond, I saw on Talking Dead the preview for next week, and some of the characters were talking about losing Will. I quit watching FTWD awhile back. I know Will was killed by being thrown off the roof. Is this the same Will that they were talking about on World Beyond, and if so what is the connection? I can barely bring myself to care about any of the main characters, let alone any of the tagalongs.
  7. I'm guessing maybe years ago she got to see a dentist, who gave her a grim prognosis and didn't offer her much in the way of technological dental advancements, when faced with someone wanting to pay their bill with salmon. Or perhaps she saw a "bush dentist" and that put her off of them for good. By the way our culture is going, I don't imagine there will be much difference between the two characters (Rue Paul and James Bond). Looks like Gabe might also have a perm going. Maybe he's joined an Alice Cooper tribute band.
  8. Is that what the issue is? I'm no oral surgeon, but I wonder if it might be easier to just remove it and replace it with an implant. If she's just avoiding a procedure or two she's plain not thinking straight, but if she's stuck with some heavy duty braces for several years I could at least understand some of her hesitancy. What is going on with Gabe's new look? He's wearing mascara now. Seriously, wtf is he trying to go for? Maybe when this Bush People stuff is over, he's planning on being the new James Bond. RIP Mr. Cupcake!
  9. Meeting people with autism, and helping them are two different things though.
  10. I thought this was especially healthy with Shaun and Leah. They're going to be married, and they were able to work out their problems on their own. It would be an interesting twist if everyone was enraged for him, but he didn't care at all. "It will encourage other people with autism".
  11. I don't know why, but the more I think about this, the funnier it gets.
  12. As you note, there are a thousand different ways to look at it, and you can find people who believe many of them. My interpretation of what the Bible says is that man wanted to make his own decisions and do things his way, as opposed to having God guide him every step of the way. God does not keep prisoners, so man was allowed to have his way. This meant that Cain could kill Abel, and the Pharoah could kill all those babies. God did not abandon those who believed in him completely however, and had a Salvation plan for those wanting to make their way back. Part of that plan involved
  13. That's what I said. "Missy's objection was that God did not stop it." I don't see that as a valid theological point (either we have free will or we don't, either our actions have consequences or they don't), but that was her point.
  14. I had been wondering if this episode at the bar is what is going to be built up and characterized as George's great "cheating event". If Mary knew the truth, I'm sure she would be appalled. Emotional cheating can be as bad, or worse, than physical cheating. But you're probably right, something more substantial is likely on the way, because they're sneaking around together hiding in chicken coops. I feel like I should point out here that Pharoah killed the baby boys, God didn't. Missy's objection was that God did not stop it. And on that subject, I did like the youth pas
  15. I guess by this time hating Shatner is part of his brand. If only they would have given him some sort of show about being captain of the Excalibur, maybe he wouldn't be so bitter.
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