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  1. No, I meant I would like more of an explanation about how this "millionaire" guy was able to buy up all these potentially priceless artifacts, and at least an approximation of what he paid for them. If they're genuine, they're supposedly priceless, so if he got them at a lower price why were people convinced or suspicious of them being forgeries or unrelated to the Templars? We're getting an argument that they are genuine, but I feel like we're missing the other side of the story.
  2. I didn't expect the reason to really make any sense, but I thought whatever they'd come up with would make more sense than this. They want to save humanity so they kill 9000 people so they can get a teenaged girl to agree to work with them? Did they ever think to just ask her? She'd probably jump at the chance, just to be able to see her father again. The main thing I want to see is how they end up shoehorning Rick into this, and if they will actually spend enough money to get Andrew Lincoln to appear onscreen for two seconds. I'm guessing not.
  3. And if this is the case, there's no reason for the "shoot them in the head" move anymore. All you have to do is knock them down. So first it looked like Iris was the smart one, then they said Hope was the smart one. Whoops, nope, turns out they're both the smart one. This plotline is the most absurd thing I have ever seen, it makes zero sense. BasilSeal's first post in this thread explains it better than I could, so I'll refer you to that. There's been a lot of talk about how they've got a small effects budget, but I don't think they've spent a lot on the writing either. Only 10 more episodes to go, thankfully. Agree with others that Huck is incredibly annoying.
  4. I'm not sure what to think about Lost Relics of the Knights Templar. Josh is narrating the episodes, so there's that connection. They seem to be trying to convince everyone that the relics are real, but I don't know. If the relics are so incredibly priceless, how is it that this one guy was able to go around and buy them all up? It just seems like there's some missing info. I've been watching Josh Gates Tonight, but it's kind of boring to me, unless I find the guest interesting. I do like the skits they put on every week, I would watch entire shows of that. Josh as Charlie Brown was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen lol. Expedition X, I've been watching on and off, depending on the topic, but I can't stand ghost shows. Multiple seasons of Ghost Hunters ruined that for me.
  5. My problem with the masks is that they are such a distraction. Apparently they have to wear masks at work but they lower them around the neck when they go into the break room. What's the point? Doesn't the virus travel in the break room? I know they have to take them off to eat, but it reminds me of my visit to a restaurant last week. Everybody wears a mask for the two minutes it takes to get escorted to their table, then everybody takes them off. I couldn't help but think how absurd the whole thing was. Anyway, I would have preferred they just pretend they weren't in a pandemic, like they're doing on The Good Doctor. Because these half measures don't seem to be serving anyone well. It's like they wear masks to virtue signal how careful they are, but then they don't use them well, so it just comes off badly. I guess they want to include the pandemic so they can add an extra layer of misery that they seem to feed off of.
  6. Good point. A lot of the jokes now seem to be about what awful people they are, which is a trend in comedy these days. On the older show, there was bad behavior, but there seemed to be more heart at the center of it.
  7. That's what I was thinking. How many people have even followed their family trees back that far? And even if they have, how many have ancestors that were in the US at that time? I know mine didn't get over here until around 1900. Darlene was clever to ask the supervisor to mentor her, that can put her on the fast track to management. I'd hate for her to not get the position after having to mess up her relationship with Becky, although I agree Becky was clearly in the wrong. But it would look really strange to see Darlene succeeding at her job.
  8. Or accidentally falls in while they're doing their business. It's kind of amusing to think they are mucking around in someone's toilet. Hey Rick, did you find the "treasure" yet?
  9. This is almost certainly what's going on. Now if they could just convince him to shave that mustache off.
  10. I struggled with his explanation, honestly. It's great that he liked helping people, but I'm not sure why that would make you immune to bad news. I would think the potential end of his life would mean the end of his helping people, and that would cause him some distress. I guess knowing he was serving some purpose gave him some sort of serenity, but it still seems a little shaky to me.
  11. If I was a patient on a show created by David Shore, I would be doubly concerned.
  12. There were some episodes where they had some records stating that the French military had some operations on the island, so there is that. Lately they seem to be saying that Britain had military activity there as well, so I would expect there to be some records of that, somewhere. As you say, maybe they're just not looking too hard. The well idea makes sense. I don't understand the point of having wooden platforms every 10 feet or whatever it was, if that was true. The stone story is suspicious and unverified. But I've never bought into the booby trap idea, it just makes more sense that if you dig deep enough you're going to hit some water.
  13. I thought the Butch Cassidy episode was more interesting than the parent show "Curse of Oak Island" this week. After seeing the previews several times of Gary high fiving that Cassidy relative, I expected them to at least find a coin. I'm not sure finding a bullet was all that exciting. They knew the gang was in the area, and who knows who else?
  14. Make sense. How does that explain the Money Pit though, if that story is true? I also wonder why there isn't more of a record of a military presence on the island? They continue to be shifting their emphasis from finding treasure to finding the history of the island. They seem to be lowering the expectations. Thought this week was fairly dull. The Beyond Oak Island spinoff episode that followed was more interesting to me.
  15. I thought this was a pretty good episode, I can't really make any complaints other than Shaun and Lea being annoying. Thought it was nifty the way the two newbies needed the exact opposite things from Shaun. Apparently several people here saw Park and Reznick getting together, but it caught me completely by surprise. I'm one of the few posters here who actually likes Morgan, but living with her or being in a relationship with her? No frigging way.
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