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  1. Maybe somebody should make a bot out of a bunch of plumbing pipes.
  2. Maybe it's unfair, but I can't help but see Mammoth as a bully, just because of its size. Especially after it beat up on Huge last time. I know Mammoth isn't favored to be a top bot, and was actually the underdog against Hypershock, but I still have a hard time getting behind it. And it does look like a wardrobe rack.
  3. Maybe that's why Dan's so grumpy. He's been working double time putting in a new basement. If only he had thought to put in a closet.
  4. My favorite match was the way Hypershock dismantled Mammoth. Especially after the Mammoth team was trash talking about punting Hypershock across the arena.
  5. That's not good news. I was just wondering about this show, I will miss it. Is this another thing to blame on Covid?
  6. Why was Archie being such a dick about losing, anyway?
  7. It wasn't just in this episode though, it seems to be a continuing character trait. He also comes off as bitter, mostly about his financial situation.
  8. Maybe I'm alone in this, but Dan comes off like a bully too much. They were trying to do him a favor building the closet on their own, Ben tried to make it up to him, and gets called a hyena for his effort. Hopefully he didn't really have to go up on the roof in the middle of the night. Threatening the granddaughter's boyfriend is more understandable, but still fits in with the bully role. Is there a way to get Becky and Ben together? They have much better chemistry than Ben and Darlene, and it would be cheap and easy drama.
  9. Last week's episode was the last of the Dinner Party shows, and was one of the best IMO. The challenge where they each painted a self portrait was hilarious. I could not stop laughing at Murr's. Mariano Rivera was a good guest also.
  10. I was getting very skeevy vibes from that Enquirer guy. As for the Rocco footage, that was him watching Tiger force the playoff. I had no problem with how it was presented, because the purpose of the documentary wasn't to tell the details of his golf wins. The point I took away from it was how difficult it must be to handle all that fame, wealth, and success without yet having developed the maturity to do so. Of course that's a risk most would take, but it some ways he was lucky to come out of it alive. Maybe the happier attitudes he's shown on the course with his fellow golfers will someday lead him to reconnect with some of the people he cut out of his life.
  11. He was definitely over the top about it, but I do think Tiger was a uniting force in some ways. The fact that he was muti-racial meant that several different groups could identify with him as one of their own. And he was so good he united people in ways that only sports could do, especially before it became so political.
  12. Twin magic! I don't know how many birthing scenes I've had to sit through over the years, but I really felt the pain with these. I suppose the wrestling background helped them out, Nikki seemed like a trooper. And call me ignorant, but I never realized women were awake during c-sections. Anyway, congrats to the parents. And I still feel bad for Kathy.
  13. I have to admit that thought never once crossed my mind, but I don't think it's a possibility either. That would mean Darlene has been sleeping with her half brother. I could see Dan having the mystery jacket though. Did Dan have any scenes with Candace Bergen? Eh, nah.
  14. They gave her a distasteful character to play, and this show loves those, so there's probably a good chance she'll be back.
  15. No lie there. They cut her out brutally. I'm enjoying the documentary. I used to like to watch Tiger golf. He seemed so dominant at one time, I don't know if he fell off because he got older, lost focus, lost confidence, or if everybody else caught up with him. It was kind of funny the way they would play the ominous music every time his dad was onscreen. He obviously had his issues, but he also had a lot to do with making Tiger rich, famous, and successful. And there was also a lot of affection between them as well. People aren't perfect, no newsflash there.
  16. I thought it stretched credibility that Murray would work up enough energy and creativity to save the mystery dinner like he did. That kind of speed doesn't seem to be in character for him. When Barry talked about Erica working in pharmacy sales, I thought maybe she could have been a pharmacist. Do you have to dissect a foot to be a pharmacist? I think they said on Schooled whatever became of her, did they say what kind of work she ended up doing, or was she a stay at home housewife?
  17. These masks are really distracting me. They put on masks when they go outside, and take them off when they come inside. I could buy Candace Bergen maybe had it on in the taxi and didn't bother to take it off until she got in the house. But Jackie was traveling alone and she had it on when she came in too. And she put it on in the restaurant before she got on the bike. I find myself thinking about the logic behind this, and before I know it I've missed entire scenes and I have to rewind the DVR if I want to see what happened. It really takes me out of the story.
  18. Shawn was such an afterthought in this episode that they didn't even bother to resolve his storyline. I suppose it's possible the gift he gave her was the party, but it's much more likely the employees got together to acknowledge her birthday. I'm going to say he gave her both Llamas. At the end, I was expecting Lim to get back on the motorcycle and start riding 100 mph again. I actually kind of liked Park and Reznick goofing around, with the crocs and grills. Makes me start to buy into their relationship, which I haven't done so far.
  19. Oh, that explains the slime explosion in the end zone when a touchdown was scored. "A touchdown? Could there be buried treasure beneath the field? Perhaps planted by the Knights Templar?" At halftime, Rick and Marty show up with a drilling rig and start to dig on the 50 yard line, while Gary Drayon walks the sidelines with a metal detector.
  20. With Doctor's fortunes have really fallen. Last year they were runner up, and this year they've started 0-2. They got on quite a roll last season.
  21. I had a feeling they were going to give Malin the trophy, just because of how artistic it was. I'm not convinced they were actually fooled. Even if they didn't see the move, they could have made a guess on the move liked they've done many times in the past. I think they just enjoyed the act and wanted to reward her. The thing I liked about it was that it was very different.
  22. I like Huge, but I think it's due for a redesign. It seems to have reached its ceiling as a competitive bot. Hydra had a clever idea for containing it, but it made for a pretty boring match.
  23. Got to say, I felt bad for Kathy going through what she did with the brain tumor or whatever it was. At least she got through the surgery okay, I hope she makes a full recovery.
  24. It was a sleeper, all right. He does have some experience metal detecting, he hasn't been that far off with most of his date guesses. Whether they give him his own show or not, there's no drawback to making him into a mini-celebrity. That way he can guest on other shows and be a draw, which has been how the History Channel has been using him. He's a real bobby-dazzler! None of that invalidates your points, of course.
  25. Okay, I just now watched this. Maybe I'm missing something, but what was the point of torching the stadium and all those walkers? The fire didn't "kill" them, because as we see now in the "present day" scenes they're all just walking around scorched. The only possible reason I could see is that Madison burned the place so her kids would know she was dead and not come in looking for her. So I guess she's walking around as one of the burned zombies in there? Unless she shot herself in the head. I've had this season on my DVR for about two years now. I gave up on watching it but then I heard that they had killed off Nick and Madison. Which is what I had said before, they need to kill off the original characters except Strand and Alicia because they just weren't likable. I like Morgan, but it wasn't enough to keep me around. So I went back to see how Nick and Madison were killed. She got the heroic death, so good for her, but as I said I'm not sure how much sense it made the way it went down. Now I can get it off my DVR.
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