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  1. That makes sense to me. You can't charge someone with the desertion of someone who's been murdered, and all signs point to the overwhelming likelihood of her being involved. I was wondering earlier, listening to a video about this, if Chad learned from killing his wife (allegedly) how to easily drug someone so they died without a struggle, and could then use the same method on the children. I might be delusional to think this, but I don't think Lori or Chad are the types to do something outwardly violent. I feel like they would rather their victims go to sleep and not wake up. But not out of empathy or compassion, which they appear to lack totally. It would just be less trouble. (Not sure why I'm making any attempt to get inside their heads. Watching this show tells me I'm doomed to failure.)
  2. I hope it's okay to mention this, because it's probable that anyone on this thread is interested in true crime, and right now, in the Lori Vallow case in particular. Anyway, I stumbled across the weirdest and most entertaining YouTube channel. Bailey Sarian discusses true crime cases while applying fabulous makeup. So bizarre, right? I just finished watching her video about the Vallow case which was absolutely fascinating. In fact, the case is so complex she had to use a whiteboard and never did finish her makeup! Now I'm going to see if she has videos about other Dateline cases I found particularly interesting. I recommend her.
  3. Couldn't agree more. She was not his victim.
  4. Well, with Lori he certainly got more than he bargained for, but at the same time, someone way more like him than he realized. The two of them together made a terrifying and lethal combo.
  5. The part about Oprah was the only thing in the show that made me laugh. That's shocking about Joseph Ryan. She didn't even have the excuse that he was a zombie! I'm running out of ways to say "You can't make this stuff up". Her oldest son never appeared last night. I wonder what's happening with him? Finally, it makes literally no sense to me that 7 months after Tammy's disinterment, the toxicology report isn't ready. What's that about?
  6. Well, that was extremely interesting and horrible. It all just seemed so farfetched it couldn't possibly have happened, and yet it did. And as the friend said, it was interesting how anyone who got in their way conveniently became a zombie. And how little the death of these "zombies" appeared to affect these allegedly normal people, even when it was one of their children. Utterly baffling. Is it just me or did their ex-friend Melanie, while truthful, seem weirdly detached about everything? That seemed like a theme among the people they hung out with. Only JJs grandfather seemed visibly upset. I would have expected Melanie to be consumed with guilt over her failure to warn or save Charles, Tammy and the children, but if she was, it didn't show. More oddness in a stupendously odd story.
  7. Part of me is really anxious to see tonight's show, and part of me knows it's going to make me feel awful. Talk about mixed feelings!
  8. It's strange that after all this time there's no reports from Tammy's disinterment. I wonder if they do have the reports but are keeping them a secret for now.
  9. I'm extremely late to the party but someone told me about this show 2 weeks ago and I binged both seasons. I LOVED it. It immediately entered my list of 5 all time favourite shows. I was never a fan of Wyatt Russell before but I am now. And I still can barely believe Liz is actually British. Her American accent is perfect, and she completely nailed the part. I'm so, so sad it was cancelled because I'm desperate to find out what happened next. That said, the fact that until this month I had literally never heard of the show explains a lot about why it got cancelled. It's like it just fell between the cracks. Was it not marketed at all? I'm hoping for at least a movie if it somehow becomes a cult show, much like Veronica Mars. That would make me happy.
  10. I wonder if we'll ever understand a fraction of how 2 people who did an excellent job of appearing reasonably normal and functional for most of their lives could be capable of committing such evil and then walking around smiling and free of remorse. My hope is that they gave the children something that made them go to sleep, so they never knew what happened.
  11. So I can see the motive for murdering Tammy (so they could be together) but their bizarre beliefs aside, why did they murder her children? Everything they did appeared to be for their own personal benefit, so did she just want to eliminate the responsibility? She certainly looked lighthearted enough in the interviews before her arrest, at least the ones I saw on Dateline. I can tell from all the responses on this thread that I'm not the only one haunted by this story.
  12. I knew it would be them, because remember the video from the storage unit? They were moving large boxes in and out in a very suspicious manner, right after the children disappeared. Yup. Monsters.
  13. I'm normally a huge softie, but what sticks in my mind is the image of the two of them going to the beach, all happy and honeymoony, her with cute clothes and expensive hair, knowing that a few weeks earlier they (allegedly) murdered his wife and her two children. They seem like monsters. For once, I don't think their punishment is going to make me feel sorry for them. But I guarantee they'll be angry and defiant, and feel really, really sorry for themselves.
  14. I just can't look at the photo they keep showing of those poor children. It's so terrible they were killed by people they trusted. 😢
  15. This is one of the only cases where even though I think he may have done it, I don't think he should have been convicted because the evidence just wasn't there. Also the lawyers made compelling points about the dog, and the victim apparently eating breakfast, not supper, just before his death.
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