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  1. This was one of the extremely rare occasions when I had no clue what the sketch was referencing. Despite being Canadian I almost always do, so this was a weird experience. (I was probably watching the impeachment hearings.) I was thinking, "Hmmm. Something about chicken sandwiches? I guess Popeyes restaurant sells chicken sandwiches? So what? Oh, black people really like them? Why is that funny?" Comedy sketches lose a lot when you have to Google the topics.
  2. For once I really have to disagree with you. I'm not in Harry's demographic, and have barely seen him do anything outside from appear in gossip sites, but I found him very charismatic and talented last night. He acted, sang, and danced his way through the whole show, he showed some excellent comic timing while barely looking at the cue cards, and he did a variety of great accents. I was impressed. The writing wasn't spectacular, but I laughed several times. For my final unpopular opinion, I'm going to openly admit that I love it when they include live animals in the sketches. Sure, it's not the height of wit or cutting edge or PC, but it makes me laugh. Thats all I ask early Sunday morning, watching SNL over my bacon and eggs.
  3. These 3 people are lovely, so kind and positive. Jamal and Jack doing a capella was the icing on the cake. Can I watch the rest of the season set at Ponderosa, please? It's so calming, the perfect antidote to watching the impeachment hearings and the frantically stressed, backstabbing Survivors.
  4. Perfect example! I had the exact same feeling of "Wait. What is happening?"
  5. I agree 100%. If production had erased or ignored the whole story they would have been attacked as well. Whatever they did, they were going to have lots of viewers saying they didn't handle things correctly. I think they did an excellent job of showing how incredibly messy, confusing and opposite-of-black-and-white these situations can be, both on Survivor and in the real world. That's why I found this episode so fascinating... you didn't have clearcut villains and heroes.(ETA I can hear people screaming that Dan was a clearcut villain, but I can guarantee not everyone thinks that. Hence the messiness and division. Like IRL.) Well, except for Janet. It was hard not to root for her all the way after what she did. She was like the leading runner who stops a few feet from the end of the race to help an injured runner, only to have the injured runner leap up laughing and beat her across the finish line. (Although to be fair, Missy wasn't laughing.)
  6. Best episode of Survivor in many, many seasons and one people will be discussing for a very long time. I was riveted. I even ended up crying during TC which NEVER HAPPENS. It was such a roller coaster but in the end very satisfying, although I was sad to see Jamal go.
  7. I remember commenting in the first or second episode how charming I found Jack's optimism, and it really shone in his Ponderosa. I love people like that. For the arriving evictees, he'll be a fun, welcoming presence, the exact opposite of Reem last season with her voice-of-doom, angry hellos.
  8. I've seen several episodes and I'm finding it riveting, although darker than I expected. I guess I thought each one would end with a mystery illness being cleared up before the patient died, but sadly no. I like that the show is very informative without being melodramatic. In particular, the show about rabies was an eye opener for me, and so sad. I actually told my children about it, in the unlikely event they were bitten or scratched by a bat or raccoon. After seeing the show, I'd encourage anyone to get the treatment if there was any doubt about the animal.
  9. Melina22

    Back To Life

    I'm part way through episode 5 and I have mixed feelings about the show. It's a weird mix of realistic and absurd. And while some characters seem likeable, like her employer, father and the next door neighbour, others are heinous, particularly her mother. I'm just not buying her mother and her ex whatsoever. It's not even remotely believable to me. And I hate how people gratuitously say graphic or vulgar things presumably to give scenes a jolt or be extra shocking. I'd have thought by 2019 we'd be past the need for this. I'm curious to find out the mystery behind her crime so I'll probably watch to the end, but I'm not loving it like all the critics apparently do.
  10. Wow, what a great episode! The writers are killing it, the actors are killing it, the energy is high. I laughed a lot. At times it reminded me of the best original Roseanne episodes. I have no complaints. 😁
  11. They didn't say, but I got the sense maybe Jessie was having mental or emotional problems, and having problems coping, although she framed it as moving in to help her mother with medical problems. I'm just speculating though. It definitely sounded like she was getting some kind of counselling. She was involved with children's theatre, but that might not be a paid thing.
  12. Good point. I wondered that. The show gave the impression she was just very spoiled and indulged, but surely there's more to it than that. As someone commented, just going by her expression in the final video, she didn't "get away" with anything. She looked miserable. Not remorseful, necessarily, but certainly empty and miserable.
  13. Same! And I agree that Joey has aged surprisingly well. Visually. Which seems sort of unfair. No pesky guilt-induced wrinkles I guess. (Reminds me of my ex.) As for Mary Jo and her children, whatever they need to do to "move on" (my most hated phrase) is okay by me. They didn't ask to be shot in the face or paraded around like circus animals for the public amusement for years, and they don't appear to have deliberately hurt anyone (unlike their father and Amy) so all the best to them. Clearly Jessie likes to perform, but that doesn't make her evil, and as true crime shows go, I found this one pretty interesting, so it would be hypocritical for me to criticize her. (More and more, watching true crime shows is my most guilty pleasure, in the sense I sometimes feel quite guilty how much I enjoy watching them. I don't know why other people's misery is so fascinating to me. It seems wrong. ) I know! They also seemed remarkably guilt-free. The rifle guy appears to have been consequence-free as well. Hmmm.
  14. I was so disturbed at how mildly surprised he was to find out Mary Jo had considered killing herself and her children. "She did? Oh, that's a shame". Like he had nothing to do with it, or like such a thing had never occurred to him. It must be nice to be so conscience-free.
  15. I almost didn't watch last night's show about the Buttafuocos but I'm glad I did. The whole thing was way messier than I ever remembered, and I found it riveting and sad, especially seeing the toll it's taken on Mary Jo and her children. As the daughter said, there were several villains and they definitely include the talk show hosts who admit they hoped for the "reunion" shows to be as trainwrecky as possible. I'm pretty sure Mary Jo is correct in her assertion that Joey is a sociopath, but I'm pretty sure Amy is too. Neither of them appear to understand the meaning of remorse, although they can obviously fake it when necessary.
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