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  1. I hope Mare wasn't unwittingly icing her ankle with Helen's ice cream veggies.
  2. Netflix After Party with the Circle cast is now available, as mentioned here in an earlier post. It was funny and entertaining. Nice to see that most of them are still friends. It's weird how much more I like Lisa now, after seeing her with Jack.
  3. To be fair to Debris, I'm constantly watching movies that cost millions to make, with A list stars wearing the fakest, deadest-looking, most amateurish wigs you could imagine. It absolutely baffles me, and has ruined so many shows and movies for me. They can de-age actors but they can't CGI their hair so it looks remotely real? Or, you know, found them good wigs? So I give Debris a pass. Or, no, not a pass because it wrecks the show and our suspension of disbelief, but at least Debris is in illustrious company.
  4. True. Still, in my experience, while I've seen kind, loving parents raise kids who messed up, got addicted, etc., I've never known such parents to raise children with no empathy at all. And I'm old, so I've seen a lot. My experience has been that in these cases there's almost always stuff going on behind the scenes that most people aren't seeing. That said, I have an open mind. Anything is possible and there's no accounting for the effects of genetics, drugs, etc. And possibly, in this case, bad writing. "I'm sorry, Your Honor. My son isn't evil. He's just badly written." 😁
  5. I'm jealous of your 75 degree water in NJ! We're too far north for that. I'm amazed that the ocean could be so cold in CA! Watching people surf in the Pacific in CA over the years (on TV) I guess I just assumed the water was really warm. The things I learn watching Debris!
  6. This is confusing. How could 2 supposedly loving and empathetic parents raise such a heartless son, who would watch his baby's mother getting beaten up without batting an eye? Are we supposed to be touched by him comforting his not-son? Is this going to be resolved, or is it just bad writing? Dylan is not a sympathetic character to me, even if he comforts a daycare full of crying babies.
  7. I commented on the SNL thread that I was laughing so hard I could hardly hear the lines. The whole thing was so well done that for a second I thought they were using a clip from the actual show, and that it was Kate W., not Kate M. that they were showing. Highly recommend. Here's one where you can tell the writers have watched the show they're spoofing.
  8. I have been watching the show and this sketch was so spot on I was laughing so hard I could barely hear the lines. Brilliant. I also laughed a lot at the Ooli sketch. Honestly, I thought it was one of the funnier SNLs in a while. Like many here, I'm not 100% sure why Elon is so hated. Probably just as well. But I realized a long time ago, that if I knew all the details of the personal lives of the celebrities in front of and behind the scenes of my entertainment, I'd almost never listen to music, watch TV or see movies. At this point, with a few exceptions, I figure the less I know
  9. That was awkward. "I was the first one out. I deserve to be on All Stars!" Alissa handled it well though. I thought it was sad but sweet at the end when Ty started to walk towards Alissa and she held up her hand and said "I can't get near you, but my face hurts from smiling." I also loved her and the other black houseguests all joking about their worries about getting decent haircuts in the house. Moments like this are why I really enjoy Arissa as host. You can tell she gets emotionally involved in each season.
  10. Maybe it's because I finally ate some pizza, but unbelievably, as the show wore on, Arissa's dress grew on me. By the end I sort of liked it. I have many thoughts, but will wait for a bit so I'm not spoiling the winners for anyone. No surprises for me, but an enjoyable outcome, with a happy, unbitter jury.
  11. I wish you could have seen and heard the reactions in my house. Bewilderment and horror mainly. Another pet peeve. Tera has done a fantastic job keeping up with all the young, fit guys. Her size and age seem irrelevant. But I can't stand it when women endlessly play the "Mom" card. I wonder how many times she'll reference it before the end of the finale? I have other peeves. Maybe I need to eat something.
  12. That was intense! At the eviction interview, Arissa seemed unusually moved and emotional. I'm really looking forward to the finale. On a shallow note, I thought Arissa looked the best she's looked all season. Finally, a flattering outfit. I hope the jury members have earplugs. Victoria and Beth together in a house are going to be a decibel-shattering combo. No one will be able to hear the loons. Meanwhile, I wonder what Beth's intentions are towards Jed? I find her unreadable.
  13. That would be so interesting! I'd love to see it.
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