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  1. For a minute I thought you meant Victoria, who is also loud and annoying. I have to keep my annoying houseguests straight.
  2. What did you think of LaToya's outfit? The romper with the gigantic fasteners in front? I thought it was hilarious. I sort of loved it, but also hated it. I had mixed feelings about it, let's say.
  3. Sorry, I just love this quote. So accurate. We just finished the second episode. My thoughts : 1. In all these shows, people always use so many excuses, but in the end they usually vote out the person who they feel is the least like them, no matter how much they appear to like them. In this case, Julie. 2.That said, maybe they also sensed that Julie wasn't as charming as she seemed. I'm basing this on how easily Julie threw Josh under the bus, after apparently bonding with him. I think she was a lot more cutthroat than she initially appeared, and maybe people sensed this. I'm losing track of BB time. By the vote, how many nights had they spent in the house? 3. It's so funny to me how giant personalities like Victoria can just blend into the background of the BB house. I can't even imagine what it takes to hold your own in that place! To sum up : I'm definitely not bored yet!!
  4. I can't think of anything better than polenta and dumplings. Recently, at a local Italian restaurant, I had osso bucco with polenta that I still dream about. I'm almost afraid he'll feature them, because I won't be able to resist the urge to rush to the store for the ingredients.
  5. I found a lot of them obnoxious, but she definitely was the most screamy. 😁 (When someone describes themselves as "high energy" on this show, watch out!) You'd swear from the intros that the majority of these people have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Of course, it seems like this every season. Time will tell!
  6. I really enjoyed it. I actually preferred having no audience. Usually things are so insanely hyped up. And this has to be one of the most diverse casts to date. Do BB and BBCan specially coach their contestants to be as obnoxious and annoying as possible in their intro videos? Somehow, once in the house most of them become bearable, occasionally likeable. But I uniformly hate them in their videos. After the episode I started watching Taran's recap on RHAP. It felt like old times. 😊 My favourite part was the captains watching everyone enter and one of them asking, "Are they all models?" While being a captain could be a handicap, it may be the thing that helps these two make it to the second week. They both seem funny and likeable, but I feel like they don't have a lot in common with the "models". This way people have time to get to know them. That said, I expect the two "older" women to be out early, only because that always happens. Maybe I'll be proved wrong.
  7. Wow, well, that's... busy. I wouldn't want to go into the playroom with a headache. Or without one. Usually I really enjoyed the BBCan house, but I'm not sure about this one. It might look better on the show.
  8. I blame this show for all the pasta I've eaten lately. Not exactly on my keto diet! But the show makes all the food look so heavenly.
  9. So did anyone else see the Murder Show skit on SNL last night? It was us! 😁😁😁😁
  10. So did anyone else see the Murder Show skit on SNL last night? It was us! 😁😁😁😁
  11. Yes, I forgot! They exhumed her body, presumably to do a few tests and take some samples, yet this was never mentioned again. I'm assuming the results are being kept secret for the investigation. Oh, and if the remains of my new husband's children were found buried on my property, I assume I'd be in A LOT of trouble, regardless of what they could prove. That said, the Daybells are in jail, not walking around free, so it's not like they've escaped justice. For once, I trust that the authorities are going to find a way to keep them there, because you just know that not a single person in law enforcement thinks they're innocent.
  12. But even if they didn't do the actual killing, there's so much evidence they at least knew about the murders and helped cover them up. I thought that alone was a serious crime. Yikes, yes!! To me, one of the most damning things was how a few seconds after her brother SHOT HER HUSBAND DEAD, Laurie said "Come on kids! Step around your dad's possibly dead body and we'll head for Burger King!" Add to that the laughing with the police, and throwing a pool party that night in the murder house, and any idea people might have had that she was a remotely normal human should have gone out the window.
  13. Right at the beginning, discussing all Laurie's failed marriages, her mother is adament that Laurie was totally blameless. She just had such a big heart that she kept getting taken in by the wrong men. Me: giant eye roll. (One or two marriages, maybe. But 5?)
  14. I'll never not find the Vallow Daybell case fascinating and horrifying, and I'm glad tonight's show had new interviews, but in the end there was almost no new information, which was disappointing. I really didn't get good vibes from Laurie's mother. Apparently Laurie can do no wrong in her eyes, which could explain a lot.
  15. Wow, your post really took me down the rabbit hole, himela! I forgot all these people existed. Day sounds like she's lost her mind a little bit. Or is revealing herself to have Paranoid Personality Disorder. As BBCan starts, I know what to expect. At first I won't like anyone or care about them. Then I'll discover some favourites and gradually become slightly obsessed with the game, watching, listening to Taran's daily podcasts. Then it will all be over and I'll forget they ever existed. It's weird how we choose to spend our time 😁😁
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