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  1. Just don't use it to make bacon at the foot of your bed!
  2. We may be different but I adore the Marie Kondo name drop. I guess I love what comes after the mess, the order that comes out of the chaos. And yet I do love some chaos. Eh, it's confusing. 2-3 months of emotional terrorism! What a perfect description. Anyone who volunteers for this game needs to see this in giant letters a foot tall before their final decision. "Play at your own mental/physical/emotional risk. We take no responsibility for long-term damage."
  3. I can't disagree. His behaviour is increasingly bonkers.* I worry he's not going to be able to mentally and emotionally process and handle getting blindsided by X, given his challenges as I mentioned in my last post. This part of this season, a season I've loved so far, is getting increasingly not-fun for me. Maybe I'm like Ky, not able to mentally and emotionally handle what's happening right now, all the accusations, hurt feelings and backstabbing. I wish I had an inner X to draw on, cold and shark-like, but it appears I don't. I should probably just skip to the finale. *For some
  4. Thanks for the link. Hannah is very smart and insightful. Regarding Ky, and this comment is neither for or against him, just an observation of something I didn't see mentioned. During the last HoH comp, where they were standing in the booths, everyone else was standing more or less still, except for Ky. He was rocking violently back and forth with tension and anxiety, non-stop, for the entire thing. At one point it was so extreme I thought he might knock a wall over. This combined with his ability to talk or focus on one thing for hours, and the way his facial expressions can seem so ina
  5. X has already struck me as the kind of lawyer you'd never want to face in court, but if he can cold-bloodedly cut Ky then Deref, that will solidify it.
  6. This! It literally does not matter at all whether someone is or isn't a catfish, but you'd never know it from the players. There was just one who did understand this concept - was it Ashley? I guess you could say that catfishes are red herrings. 😁
  7. Yes! I have many Vince-related questions, but loving the twist
  8. I agree with this and basically everything else in your post. My husband's comment... "Well, at least he can read." Sorry, was that offensive? It's just that so many of us have speculated on him being dyslexic, I was really interested to see if he struggled with reading the instructions. I thought he did fine but I'm not an expert.
  9. I can't believe this is the first time I've heard this word! It describes me so well. (I got so excited after looking it up that I wrote and then accidentally erased a long post.) Throughout my education, I was always in the top tier of every class, even in my very large high school. Except for Arithmetic/Math where I struggled to learn the most basic concepts. It was maddening to me, because I tried sooo hard. In high school, even in country-wide exams, I was near the top of every subject, except for Algebra and Geometry, where I was literally in a remedial class. We students char
  10. What a perfect description of late stage BB.
  11. This part of every season makes me sad. People who have spent weeks sticking together are forced to turn on each other. People who were loved as underdogs are vilified when they take control. It's inevitable but I never enjoy it. This is like chess only played with real people.
  12. Good point. As an avid Dateline watcher, I remember thinking her remark about watching Dateline so she wouldn't end up on Dateline was really funny. 😁
  13. I was including Azah. In the last day I've read some really horrible posts about her that I won't quote here. For the first time this season, I'm starting to find myself feeling upset about some of the things I'm reading. This is my sign to step back and remind myself that I come here to have fun and be entertained. I have to start chanting my favourite saying that I say to myself when I start getting upset over things I have zero control over. "Not my circus. Not my monkeys." Peace out. 😊
  14. Same here. It's not like they became evil in the last week. I like them about as much as I like any BB winner, apart from the nasty, borderline sociopathic ones. In these reality shows, I don't think anyone "deserves" to win by being a wonderful person, anymore than someone deserves to win a chess or a poker game. I'm just happy when they're reasonably nice humans. Wow, I truly hope these last four players aren't horribly bullied or harassed on social media for their heinous crime of...being disappointing? Will this last bit be sort of boring? Yes, probably. The end of BB almost a
  15. I'm mostly enjoying this show but I'm finding it really uneven. Martin Short is emerging as my favourite, and I always like Steve Martin. One stumbling block for me is that I really, really don't like Selena Gomez in this role. I went into it with an open mind, but her voice and her character (but mostly her voice) grate on me so badly. I don't even know why. Her constant use of the F word is jarring too (well, not just hers) because it somehow doesn't fit the light, fun vibe of the show. The whole scene of her leaping on tie-dye guy, screaming and swearing and threatening to stab him in
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