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  1. Lady Calypso, that Nicole video is utterly hilarious. Thanks for posting it. (By the way, sorry not to quote you or bold your name, but I gave up after about 10 minutes of trying. It would probably be doable on my PC, but on my phone? Only for someone with way more patience than me.)
  2. Last night on RHAP, the topic of production interference came up. Rob, Taran, Kaitlyn and Andy Herren all vehemently disagreed with the idea that production wants Jackson to win. They also didn't think Jackson got unfair assistance in this comp. I won't go into all their reasoning, but the podcast was definitely worth a listen. (It was really funny too.) I know they don't know everything, but they have a lot more insight and inside knowledge of the show than most of us, so their opinions are informed, at least.
  3. This could be true. If there are any lawyers here (and there are on some threads here) please chime in! I wouldn't have a clue. I know what seems just plain wrong, but not what's illegal.
  4. I'm probably going to regret posting this because of the subject, but in my opinion this wasn't sexual harassment, it was plain old harassment. Jackson didn't want to do anything sexual with Nicole, and I would swear Nicole didn't think he did. She wasn't scared, and she didn't feel unsafe, she was very angry. He was pressuring her in inappropriate and intrusive ways, yes, but not to have sex. He wanted to discuss something she didn't want to discuss and didn't want to take no for an answer. I'm far from a Jackson fan, and he has a lot to learn about how to treat people, but I don't think he should be accused of sexual harassment based on this video. That said, if it were me instead of Nicole I would scream "Go away or else!" instead of just thinking it. Then again, I'm older. At Nicole's age I probably wouldn't have, sadly. I know this is a YMMV situation, so I know many people will totally disagree with me. That's okay.
  5. Agree 100%. And knowing Jackson, he won't own his game either. He'll explain endlessly how he loves everyone and hated the way they forced him to lie to and backstab them. It probably won't go well. Here's something surprising I just learned on RHAP. Cliff won't be in the jury house! Andy Herren told Rob that the 4th evictee goes straight to the hotel until the finale. So Cliff's promise to Jackson will go untested.
  6. BB has been described as human chess. Bluffing, misdirection, strategy... all legal and fair. I guess where I draw the line is when players manipulate other players emotions of love, etc. to achieve their ends. Technically it's allowed but it's terrible jury management, and can be a big turnoff to most viewers. The very best players manage to avoid doing this. Derrick for example. Despite being a puppet master for the whole game, no one seemed to hate him or feel deeply used or betrayed by him at the end. I also think of Yul in Survivor. A well respected winner.
  7. Everyone here appears to believe Jackson's being pushed through so he can win. (Apologies if that's not true.) But this doesn't make sense to me. The viewers appear to adore Nicole. Her winning would be wildly popular and unexpected. I don't believe viewers generally like Jackson. He's just not that charismatic. Meanwhile the jury seem mad at him so may not vote for him. Where's the benefit to the show in forcing him to the end? Could it be he's just great at comps and keeps winning? I don't think he needs massive production manipulation for him to do this.
  8. Do you mean this is a feeling you got from last night's show, or is there additional info out there about this? I admit I was surprised to see the producer's question with captions. I literally don't remember seeing that before, ever. I wondered what the reason was. I don't know why they'd even tell him she dumped him though. It doesn't sound like something they'd do. It's not like he was going to be heartbroken when he found out. So many questions about this slimeball!
  9. I haven't thought about her for a long time. The first one I mean. They should make a movie about her, but no. It would be too sad. I don't think I'd watch it. I still remember the interview I saw with her mother, after the plane crash, and it still haunts me. I felt so bad for her.
  10. Agreed. Both she and Julie looked beautiful. But I think she was wearing a romper. Weird choice. Mr. Melina, not exactly a fashion maven, said "Why is she wearing a housecoat? Is she that certain she's staying?" If Holly wasn't in the showmance, I really think she could do well in BB, but it's hurt her badly in everyone's eyes, because she appears to cave to whatever Jackson wants to do. Throwing the HoH was a perfect example, and made her look like someone with no agency. Then she turned around and blamed Cliff and Nicole which made her seem even more ineffective.
  11. Yes, it was gross. But the husband and wife who were told to clean just scrubbed away at one piece of mat that appeared clean. I don't know why this one thing annoys me so much but it does. Maybe I dislike anything that pulls me out of the show. (Not like it's remotely realistic, what with the pelican murder, etc. but somehow that didn't annoy me.)
  12. I'm pretty sure Julie said HOH would play out in its entirety Sunday night
  13. Ahahah. That was wonderful. I know a couple of men with toupees that bad and when I'm around them I don't know where to look. I keep wondering if they own mirrors, and if they do, how they can look in them and think, "Yup. Looks real!"
  14. That's a relief to read because otherwise she'd be feeling so hurt and humiliated. Good idea, Nick. Tell a woman you love her on national TV, then cheat on her on national TV. What could possibly go wrong? I'm disappointed in Kat, since she knew Bella would be watching this. The only possible excuse I can give her is that when Jackson dumped her for Holly, she appeared to get over it very fast and maybe assumes Bella would be the same. Then again, she appears to hate Michie so... yup. I'm disappointed in her taste and in her disregard for Bella, the alleged girlfriend (who dodged a bullet). I forgot how loud and abrasive Christie is. But I cracked up when she said "I can't feel Tommy's energy!" right before he walked in. ,
  15. I need to pay more attention! Still, in a Holly/Nicole F2, I still expect Holly to win for the same reason I expected Jackson to win, although justifying it will be a lot tougher. If I'm wrong I'll be thrilled.
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