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  1. I'd like to see Jillian Michaels go head-to-head with Nene Leaks with Hope Hicks caught in between, trying to wrangle them. (I'm sure she's had more challenging assignments.) I don't know who most of the others are, so they can stand around and take sides. 🤣🤣 Yup, I'd pay to see that.
  2. Wow, I'll definitely watch it now! Sounds good.
  3. True, but he was able to prove he called the sheriff's office beforehand to say he'd be doing it. That doesn't sound like something a thief would do. (Unless that's what he was counting on.) Nothing in this case is straightforward.
  4. Okay, THAT'S why his name sounded so familiar, because I definitely didn't recognize his picture. Thank you.
  5. Anthony Scaramucci. I remember how surreal it was watching him walking on the treadmill in his velour leisure suit. One thing I notice on CBB is how behind the scenes most older celebrities are weirdly disciplined and hard-working. Most of them are also surprisingly smart.My theory has always been that no one, no matter how laid-back or crazy or sweet they appear, stays famous for years without being extremely focused, ambitious, self-aware and self-disciplined. Otherwise they'd disappear into anonimity like most do. I love testing this theory by watching them on reality TV. (Case
  6. Yayyy! It's going to be a total gong show. 😜
  7. Thank you! Although for that weird lawyer, you know an audience is what he craved. It's probably very disappointing to him that the gallery aren't allowed to cheer and boo and give standing ovations. 😁
  8. His sister was straight out of an OTP Dynasty type drama. I found her incredibly shady even though I have literally no reason to say that. Just a feeling. But I realize I could be wrong. Yet another character in this drama that you couldn't make up. When he was doing his closing arguments (or whatever they're called) I was studying the people in the audience (probably not the right word) to see if they were laughing, or rolling their eyes at the melodramatics. I felt bad finding him so hilarious when Sandy was shaking and throwing up, because her entire future was at stake, but he rea
  9. Yes, I started this one. I'm very sensitive to voices and her voice was unbearable to me, both on the TV show and on the podcast, very grating with so much vocal fry. I'm sure otherwise she did an excellent job, but to me a pleasant voice is a crucial component of a podcast. Thanks for the info though.
  10. I just listened to the Dateline podcast but it was too short. They barely scratched the surface
  11. I'm increasingly having this problem with Survivor and BB. I did remember both Ricard and Shan, but as he discussed various tribe members I found myself Googling their names to see their face, because I forgot that fast. Thanks for continuing to watch jsm1125. I don't know when I'll be able to get to the rest of the podcast, so I'm as curious as anyone. 😁
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2022/01/14/shohreh-aghdashloo-on-the-expanse-series-finale-and-the-shows-stellar-legacy/
  13. I made it 5 minutes in and her voice drove me away. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and try to get used to it.
  14. I might see if Dateline did an episode on their podcast. I'm having trouble finding one I like.
  15. Well, I'm only one hour in and my memory is murky already. One of the biggest surprises for me was that Ricard immediately bonded with Shan from the very start and thought of her as his best friend. He thinks she's a wonderful person but maybe too empathetic and emotional for the game. When he saw her briefly in Ponderosa they hashed things out and then spent a fantastic day together. He says he was so thrilled to be back with his best friend he didn't realize they were ignoring the others. After all this, he's uncertain about their friendship status right now. JD made their team absolut
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