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  1. The difference is I forgot! 😁
  2. If I had seen the info before Thursday night's episode, I don't know if I would have believed it. But after her DRs, gleefully laughing at everyone's misery, I think there may be some truth in what he's saying. It doesn't mean I like him, in fact maybe he's part of the reason she is who she is, but he isn't necessarily lying.
  3. The plot could certainly have been told in an hour, but I enjoyed getting to know the various characters along the way. I have to say I was never bored.
  4. Well, this was a first for me. I don't know if it's new or old, but I just attempted to watch Crossing the Line, and it was so horrendously awful I had to fast forward constantly. I'd watch a minute then FF 3 minutes. Too much horror and sadness. 😢😢😢
  5. This entire pants conversation sounds hilarious but also pretty accurate. But odd, in a time when everyone is wearing pants most of the time, if you include yoga pants. 😁 I hope it's on the show.
  6. I can't even imagine what her face will look like when she finds out, or how truly awful she's going to feel about David, or how raging mad she's going to be at Dani and Nicole. How will she even process all those feelings? Speaking of which, I felt so bad for David when he was incredibly frustrated and angry that no one believed him, but like Day and Bay a few days ago, he was trying to talk himself down because he didn't want to play into a stereotype. It was devastating to watch.
  7. Are you sure? I've been seeing someone who mostly cries or creeps around feeling guilty while stabbing friends in the back. And falling out of bathtubs. 😁
  8. Nicole told them plainly that she didn't flip, knowing they would blame David. They actually used the words "framing David" at one point, so I consider them guilty of doing it. Whether you think that's fair play or not is another matter.
  9. I agree too. Bluffing and lying are part of BB but something about this almost crosses the line for me, even though it's technically okay. Dani laughing about everyone being upset after she framed David was disturbing. There wasn't a shadow of guilt or discomfort on her face. Or sympathy for the pain she's causing people who trust her. That's not normal. Poor David. If he hadn't done his ridiculous charade of telling everyone he didn't have a power, Day and Kevin would probably believe him.
  10. Totally. Having shiny, healthy long hair is like having a power. I miss it. When I was very young I'd sometimes wear one under a skirt or dress for a special occasion or party. It made a rustling noise when I walked and made me feel fancy and dressed up in a way I haven't felt in years. (I just realized this makes me sound like Scarlett O'Hara. I promise I'm not quite that ancient and hardly ever go to balls.) On this shallow note, I thought Dani looked amazing Thursday night with her bright red lipstick, long blond extensions, and weird stripey gown. There, I said it.
  11. Gluing? Huh. Thanks for the info tho. I appreciate it. I've noticed that although extensions can look great, there's always something going on in the scalp area that just seems a bit off. That said, I remember having long hair just once, years ago, and it's the best feeling. I understand why women get extensions. Wait, this convo is triggering memories of being 5 and swanning around with a crinoline on my head pretending it was long hair. Good times, good times.
  12. The boredom of this season in a nutshell. Kevin seems to say a lot of really insightful things. That doesn't seem to translate into him being a great player but still. He could do well in a season that wasn't set in stone.
  13. I would enjoy Zingbot a lot more if his zingers were actually clever and witty. But his remarks to Tyler sound like something a mean 10 year old might laugh at. I can tell I'm not going to enjoy this. Can anyone enlighten me on Dani's hair situation? I assume she has massive extensions. Probably less.) How long do these last? How are they attached? Can you really flat iron them? (I know as much about hair extensions as I do about nuclear physics. Probably less.) ETA. Oops. Due to it being 3:30 am, I just misread the post which I now realize is about Day not Dani. But my questions about both of their... hairs (?) still apply. Wow, so it's not just us. They're trapped in a house with a bunch of mopey people. Some of us out here can relate 😁
  14. Don't tempt me. 😁 I'm only a moderately organized person but after Kondo-ing my closet, I hung all my clothes by colour and it gives my eyes immense joy. But books? I sort my books by author or by subject. Anything else strikes me as the work of an evil person who never reads. I'm enjoying all the comments here so much, mainly for the humour. I thought this show looked fun, until about 3 minutes in when I realized it was going to be a giant infomercial for the organizers and the celebrities. This gives me a Romy and Michelle flashback. "Let's fold scarves!"
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