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  1. I'm pretty sure it's a new thing. I'm curious to see what it is.
  2. I'm sort of obsessed with Ty right now. I can't recall anyone in BB US, or BBCan who at first struck me as so simple and just not that bright, only to prove really smart and insightful. One minute Ty seems dim and credulous, next minute he's breaking down the current BB players according to the roles of various chess pieces. I love it. This is why I watch BB. Honestly, what a great episode all round. Expect the unexpected.
  3. I saw this differently. I was glad she asked this question. A pet peeve of mine (that's not really the right word but I can't think of anything else) is how lightly many people seem to take long prison sentences. Or even short ones! They say things like, "They don't have to work. They get fed 3 times a day and take courses? That's not punishment!" Imagine being locked in your bedroom for a month. 6 months. 10 years. How do you even get up every day? What's your purpose? Pete seemed to welcome the opportunity to express how futile his life felt, to the point he'd decided that 10 years was
  4. I finally watched this show. I was sort of glad I was spoiled by this thread so it wasn't so horrifying when I heard he died. Obviously this was a terrible injustice, made more tragic by his death so soon after his release. But I'm trying to focus on what an incredible vindication this was for Pete and his family. He was able to die, surrounded by loved ones, knowing the shadow had been lifted. If he'd died a little sooner, he would have died alone in prison, and the family wouldn't have been able to say goodbye. In contrast to Pete's strong and functional children, Kathleen's daug
  5. Are you in my head? I was literally coming here to make this point! It's possible that by the age of 6 months, she had 3 mothers who loved her!
  6. You're absolutely right. How did I not see that?
  7. The Perfect Lie... that was really touching. And incredible as usual that someone who appeared so normal could be so evil. I was sure it was going to be an Evil Nanny story but I found Rebecca incredibly sympathetic and it was awful watching her lovely family get shattered. Donna's mother looks so much like Judith Light, and Rebecca reminded me of Evan Rachel Wood. If they ever turn their story into a movie, that's who has to play them. In the end, it seems like Mark did it, but what about the weird stuff Roger said in the car? And didn't he harass her after? Plus the evidenc
  8. This whole thread is making me miss Fringe which I haven't seen for at least 7+ years. I have to get my hands on it for a total rewatch. Thanks Debris! Beautifully put. 😁
  9. Ty is such an enigma. One minute he's the adorable but clueless goof, the next he's really insightful and intelligent. I don't ever recall seeing a houseguest with two such different sides to their personality. Fascinating. I also don't recall ever seeing a houseguest refuse to leave his alliance even though they kept stabbing him in the back. Also fascinating. I cannot believe that this bonkers strategy is actually working for him! Yay! Fake double eviction! I hope we get to see the jury house next week.
  10. Ty is totally Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec. His shocked facial expressions last night were hilarious. Kiefer - way to make absolutely everybody feel as guilty as possible. I don't know if he's doing it as a strategy or not, probably not. I can't see it working though. Tina seems like a good person, but I'm not sure how she made it through the casting process. She's not exactly high energy. Even in DRs she's pretty expressionless. I love her accent though. Tera bringing her brother's death into her veto speech felt weird. The giant veto V looked huge on her. She really is t
  11. Excellent burn 😁 (Sorry Danny. You can't help being short)
  12. Please tell me you at least had local anaesthetic. Otherwise wouldn't you go into shock? Thank you for your service 😁
  13. I'm not sick of anyone in particular. They're all fine. But with Victoria gone, the path to the end looks dull and predictable. The only unknown seems to be whether they'll cut Kiefer now or later. I hope I'm wrong and all kinds of hilarious shenanigans erupt, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. So many ringing endorsements! They should use these quotes in ads for Season 2! WHAT??!! Is that even possible? I've never heard of this 😳 Just thought I'd end here. 😊 (Full disclosure - I watched the first 5 minutes then decided I'd just read about the episode here.)
  15. Well, that was pretty boring, although I liked Arissa's heartfelt condolences at the beginning. Beth is back to annoying me. She and Kiefer and some others need to scale back the gloating. I miss Victoria. And Roh a bit. Awkward is... "Braydon needs to go. He never does a thing. Oh hi Braydon. Make yourself comfortable."
  16. Yes it was soooo tacky, grungy and depressing. Yuck. Me too! Who knew there were so many doughy actors? 😁
  17. True. Or what about the actor on Schitts Creek who runs the garage?(No offense to the actor, he's hilarious. ) I never noticed! I was too focused on her nose. This thread is so much fun. I just have to not think about the, you know, murder. 😬
  18. Yes to all of this, except Joe reminds me so much of an actor whose name I can't think of. Let's cast him instead of Nick. As for Master Bob... is Mug Shot Nick Nolte too attractive? Eh, probably. Ha! Yet another excellent observation. 😁
  19. Great post. You make the case that Joe probably had an IQ several points higher than Master Bob. Rachel said something like, "First he was a widower. Then he wasn't a widower, he was getting a divorce..." I can only assume she ignored the forest of red flags due to his stellar looks and sparkling personality. (Unlike the proposed second woman who after she spent 2 days with him in person was like"NOPE!" 😁)
  20. My question about Joe is how people kept saying he had the mentality of a child. But also implying he was scheming various ways to get away with his crime.They can't both be true. From the police interview we saw, he clearly had an explosive temper. But nothing else I saw implied his IQ was lower than half the people we see on this show.
  21. If you can, definitely record and watch next time it runs. There are so many larger than life characters in this one, right down to the judge at his trial. It's not boring, to say the least!
  22. Yes, they mentioned this. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a cold-blooded murderer ever come across as quite so normal and harmless. Although I get the feeling that people who actually knew him weren't fooled by his fake nice persona. His poor children have now lost both parents, not that they were on his side after the trial.
  23. "Sex, Lies and Murder." Wow, what a weird, crazy and convoluted case, with so many characters straight out of Central Casting. If anything should be a movie, this should.
  24. Totally agree, as mentioned in my post yesterday. It's not that Arissa's clothes are so bad, they're just not flattering on her. We've seen her look so good in past seasons, so we know it isn't her.
  25. 37 minutes! I would have been out in 5. I don't know how people have the mental and emotional energy for these giant blow-ups. (Which is why I always lose at them. )
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