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  1. MVFrostsMyPie


    It’s too bad JJ decided to move his focus at the time to Lost which I refused to watch because it became his new lovechild and it felt like he abandoned Alias. (totally still not bitter at all....)
  2. I don’t think she went “whining” to Sandy: they were having a conversation about how everything was going and it was something that came up and was mentioned in conversation, and then micromanaging Sandy took it upon herself to call the dudes to the principals office right then and there and proceeded to make the “sweetheart” issue about herself instead. Furthermore, if we’re going to criticize Malia, can we also criticize Rob’s sensitivity over being called to the principals office and Pete’s sensitivity about crushes and anything related to his ego?
  3. Haha, as an older millennial, I am equally tired of it. When people were bitching about millennials partying on spring break during early coronapocalypse, my millennial friends and I were like, "we haven't been in college in YEARS. We're in our 30s now. Ain't nobody partying during spring break. We're busy worrying about our boomer parents not listening to health officials."
  4. Lara’s behavior being attributed to being a millennial trait makes about as much sense as blaming her attitude on her being Italian or having aggressive eyebrows. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Lauren from Utah is such a fake ass bitch. She tried to benefit from Black culture and Black music without ever actually educating herself on black culture and history. You don't get to capitalize off of that and act woke and act like an ally. What she needs to say is that she fully has used systemic racism to her advantage. GTFO Pale Kartrashian.
  6. Now now, don't be insulting, Pete is more like this:
  7. Stazi’s newest staged paparazzi pics have me wondering, 1) seriously, enough with the CA version of winter clothing in JUNE. 2) really? you really needed to stop by a gas station for a muffin and a banana? At least come up with a better excuse to be out in public for staged pics 3) beau’s leg and foot tattoos are atrociously unattractive 🤮
  8. Speaking of man boobs, I legit almost laugh-choked when I saw that pic of Pete with his shirt half on, pushing his moobs out from underneath the shirt. Dude has more cleavage than me. “Wow Unit, that is such a turn on!”
  9. Oh Pete, sweetheart/unit, why are you crying over some soulless woman whose last name (nor first name) you don't even know? LOL. Is this a side effect from steroids? Entitlement? His face and his body just don't match. He looks like a walking version of one of those mix-and-match flip books that kids have. Rob Zombie's eyes seem to get smaller and farther apart every week.
  10. Ugh, she's going to pull a Lea Michele and be like, "yeah, sorry I am/was a bitch, clearly I knew exactly what I was doing I need to work on myself, and I'll make sure I teach this baby white privileged good values and also here's a million pictures of me rubbing my baby bump" #babysrus #ad #ihaventlearnedanything #icantjusttuckmydamntailbetweenmylegsandsimmerdownforonefuckingwhiteprivilegedsecond
  11. I haven't seen the episode yet, but YAY that Kevin is gone (are we triple sure there's definitely no more LCK left? 😅 ).
  12. MVFrostsMyPie


    Yeah, as someone who knows way too much about MV, he definitely didn't have a wife nor was he seriously dating anyone else. But also, what two grown consenting adults want to do off-screen doesn't concern me.
  13. Oh Nikolai. Welcome to real reality. Giving Stassi her job back just because she’s “sorry” would be white privilege to the nth degree (don’t get me started on how annoyed I am that Amy Cooper got her dog back). She may not have a VPR job anymore, but she still has her life. Anyway, she’s a white blonde chick so she should have no problem finding a regular person job. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. I feel like Stassi will try to capitalize from all of this in a year or so when she thinks everyone's forgotten (which, hopefully people won't have done so) where she does a national speaking tour about her redemption ("how not to be a racist bitch") and soul-searching and make it allllll about her (of course). It would be awkward for Beau to stay on this show now that Stassi is fired, although it'd be hilarious if they blurred her out in scenes (and muted her while we're at it).
  15. OMG Sandy, why don't you just change your name to Sahara because you're thirsty AF? Lara even moves as stiffly as her personality. I don't understand the egos of some of these yachties. Like, I don't care what your past experience is because on THIS yacht, you're NOT the chief stew. I want Jenna and Lara to work together so they can get a taste of their own medicine but I feel like the yacht would just end up combusting from incompetence and attitude.
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