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  1. It's okay, they'll probably go after Fofty first.
  2. I was distracted by everyone’s eyebrows and hair this episode. One of the most distracting was Lala’s eyebrows which look like they’re trying to climb off her face and they make her eyes look small(er). Also, I’m biased against eyebrows that are identical twins instead of sisters. Also, she wears a lot of makeup for someone who seemingly is trying to go for the “no makeup” look. Layla I can see your bronzer and concealer even through my basic TV. Brittany’s eyebrows looked extra angry during her boudoir photo shoot (🤮). This episode was so boring, even my cable service stopped recording it after 32 minutes. ETA: LVP herself could use some microblading magic, or some better microblading if she already had it done.
  3. It didn’t help that Lucy’s voice was kind of grating. Anyone? Just me? 😆
  4. She had just recently lost her sister to lupus before starting ER, and working on a hospital set was too much. Plus they kind of forced her upon us, which is also partly why the rest of the cast who’d put in 4 years of work already didn’t warm up to her until it was too late and she was leaving anyway.
  5. They also have the emotional maturity of a baby squirrel and the brain to match, so even if Rhylee sucked their cocks every night and said "yes master", they'd still find a way to complain about her, cause "brüs" stick together with that limited misogynistic mindset of theirs.
  6. I volunteer as tribute to kick Dickhead Ashton's balls till they explode. Stupid beady-eyed POS.
  7. Critics Choice is next week on... The CW. I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll watch it. It'll beat watching Marriage Story.
  8. The show was so boring this year, my kittens are still asleep. Usually they have the zoomies right about now.
  9. My hair looks like Sandra's when I wake up every morning.
  10. These plant-based meals don't seem to have absorbed the alcohol very well.
  11. Yeah I meant when they announced his name and he got up to walk to the stage.
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