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  1. I find myself being overly distracted by the fact that they merged Valencia and San Francisco into one city. Also count me in on the "I don't like Tessa Thompson" party. I don't know why I don't particularly like her, but I wish her character would die permanently and forever.
  2. Because grass is a bitch to maintain here and isn’t very drought-friendly.
  3. I wish Jenna would have stayed miserable longer, it was nice to not have to watch her dry glasses and hug Adam or bitch at the other stews for a whole like 7 minutes, maybe. They could just use the same footage of her drying glasses and we wouldn't know the difference.
  4. The other eye-rolling repetitive things: Harper and Ross sleeping together because they were upset about a dead/dying patient, and George Eads/Hathaway kissing because they were both sad over a dead patient. I don't think I've ever felt compelled to kiss or fuck a colleague because we were both mutually really sad about something. 🤔 Especially if either one of us was dating someone else.
  5. "They're sitting around wondering when they'll be laid off" - cut to Benioff and Weiss and Drogon. LOL. Also LOL @ the guy playing the theme song on a lute.
  6. Yeah. Tommy can cry all he wants and MJ can be all “omg I’m a new mom and none of my shitty friends visited me and my uterus is gone! Pay attention to meeeeeeeee even though I’ve also been shitty to my friends in the past!” but physical violence and aggression I guess is just a dealbreaker to me personally. LOL at MJ’s “what did I ever do to anyone anyway?” I couldn’t accept that my significant other went to someone else’s house with a bat to “protect” me. I’d be fucking mortified and disturbed but MJ is as trashy as her husband. I feel bad for their baby. Ugh.
  7. No. It’s not a “Persian thing”. 😒 (Also no need to put Persian in quotes. #themoreyouknow) Anyhoo, the only word I have for MJ is c-u-next-tuesday. Don’t go crying to anyone when Tommy uses that kind of aggression on you. He’s just being “protective” of his baby when that happens, right? 🙄
  8. Can ashes get infected with coronavirus? Maybe Jax oughta stop taking his dad's ashes for a ride (you know that manchild doesn't wash his hands, ever).
  9. Does Brittany need some Flonase too, or is she just incapable of breathing through her nose and not her mouth wide open? Ugh, no way in hell I'd be sitting on a clear plastic chair in that blinding sun in 96 degrees in Kentucky for anyone's wedding. I don't ever plan on getting married, and if I find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, I would want to just elope, but I'm with Stassi, my wedding would be in the fall (or heck, even winter). I was hoping one of the dogs would poo poo on Brittany's dress.
  10. Jenna: "Look I don't have time to do my job and manage you. All my time is taken up by hugging Adam, humping his leg, flirting with him, and rubbing glasses dry. OMG, I'm soooooooooooo busy!" Also Jenna? You shouldn't have to try this hard to get a guy to fuck you. If you have to convince/practically beg a guy to have sex with you, he's just not that into you. Also, I hate the fucking way she speaks, it drives me fucking nuts. She's like nasally and Canadian valley girl all in one. Ugh, my ears. This show.... "hey we're going to show this uncomfortable situation of Madison getting literally picked up by a drunk guy! Oh and we're also going to show her in her underwear changing." Some people are just not meant to be managers. Jenna is one of them. My former boss is another. Madison doesn't need you to hold her hand. It'd just be nice if one's boss was less occupied with flirting with a colleague and more involved in....that whole managing thing. JFC.
  11. I probably felt a little too excited they filmed scenes at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. That's some of my favorite architecture. So far, I'm more on board with this than season 2, although season 2 feels like a very distant memory. TBH, if Aaron Paul wasn't on season 3, I'd probably have skipped bothering to watch this season.
  12. Hey now, that's an insult to Yzma.
  13. I still dislike Reza and his hubby, I generally always have, but at the same time I don’t feel bad for MJ whatsoever. I don’t think she is a victim. Stop poking a sleeping bear and then bother being surprised when it bites you on your overinflated ass. Honestly, neither of them are good people, and Tommy still sucks for trashing R&A’s home too.
  14. I'm watching some of the early episodes again because #socialdistancing, and I LOL'd at a serious moment when Shep was punching some dude repeatedly while Carol yells at him to stop and how the same thing happened with Abby and Luka, pummeling some random dude beyond what was necessary. Oh and there was that fight too between Al Boulet & his coworker, and Jeanie crying "stahhhhp!". I know there's more instances of people having no control over their emotions and getting violent (I remember Doug punching patients at least a couple times), but seeing these people punch other people repeatedly and not stop.... ugh. I know it's a TV show, so *dramaaaaa*, and this is a show where helicopters had a personal vendetta against one particular doctor and Abby's butt smelled like roses, but geez, even one dude losing his cool and continuously punching the lights out of another guy is way over the top. If I was dating any guy who resorted to being that aggressive (even in the case of Luka killing the mugger), that'd be suuuuuch a red flag, I'd nope the hell out of there.
  15. Well, maybe the Giants won't lose 100 games this season after all!
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