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  1. THIS. I was like... does she really not remember or think no one saw her laugh and say that she definitely did not mean that apology when she is fake crying almost tears that she really meant it to all of them??? That is why they scoff in her face at the faux shaky voice tears! She already admitted to the Bravo audience that she was full of shit with apologizing and she didn’t regret her behavior!
  2. It may be interesting to see Paige without Hannah. When does this show air? Is it a full season or a short few episodes? Are they still WFH and quarantining during it as they did in Summer House and not interacting with others?
  3. Melissa squinting when trying to understand and simultaneously J-Lo at someone and Jackie’s black eyes, frozen philitrum, wave arms and shrug-pause-grin as camera fades... The accuracy!! 😂🤣🤣 thank you @LibertarianSlut!
  4. I’m so sorry for your loss @Baltimore Betty. Hugs. The only thing I have ever related to Teresa about is the recent loss of her parents in a relatively close period of time. She talked about how it can shake your foundation a bit— and it can. For me, it can almost feel like a weird regression to adolescence and feeling like finding your way all over again. I expect this may be more so when one is without a husband or partner and that may be why she sounds like a teenager about men. That was the last time she was single and allowed to be excited about other men and she is not sure of what
  5. It’s totally coming back! 90’s Dresses and Doc’s are back!
  6. Natalie, his opinion is that he doesn’t want to marry you.
  7. Brandon’s mom saying they will have a full church wedding in the future. Dad awkward pauses... “maybe” hahaha.
  8. Some TLC intern had to write out those cardboard vows. Julia looks beautiful. Brandon looks 12.
  9. Muhammad is on the new Pillow Talk!!! This guy has NO SHAME!!! At all.
  10. Now they need to find their international bisexual submissive from the website and it will be happily ever after.
  11. Awww, this little Tarzel wedding with the mint green bowtie. Tariq said she looks like an Angel. He wanted to give up on love *tears, choke* and he flew around the world for someone he knew only 2 weeks and now he’s so happy. Hitting me in all the feels. She does look like a little Angel and her family on the phone is cute.
  12. Bwah hahaha the immigration lawyer trying to explain that she is not a therapist and Natalie trying to pressure yell that Mike wants to cancel two hours before the wedding. Mike’s face.
  13. The struggle is real! It is interesting that the food that is expensive and elusive to some of those from poorer economic backgrounds in other countries is what is less expensive and more easily accessible here in the US. Eating Whole Foods (autocorrect insists it is capitalized and I’m tired of fighting it) without pesticides or hormones is extremely expensive and takes work and effort when 2 people are commuting and working as many people do in the US. Convenience “low fat” foods filled with high fructose corn syrup have raged havoc on Americans and it is really glaring when you see the fore
  14. Did Natalie gain 30 pounds in 90 days eating the great American diet? I know our food is said to be infused with corn syrup snd extra sugar and genetically modified everything compared to the rest of the world and even compared to ourselves 30 years ago and 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight, but dayummm... is it in the air here? She has been here like a minute!
  15. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like I remember it being her cat’s name? That sounds right to me.
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