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  1. Luckylondon

    S08.E14: The End or the Beginning

    Damn... just damnnnn 🤯 This is so true and so... sad, too.
  2. Luckylondon

    S01.E06: Gelignite

    Ha. I have no way of knowing. Some Brits were saying it was haunted. I watched two separate psychics who talked about the upcoming move to Frogmore Cottage and that it was Edward who was still there, unsatisfied... not able to move on. Similar to how he was in life with one foot still in the royal family, not fitting in to either world. Both mentioned feeling no reading of the presence of Wallis Simpson being there at all; nor was she felt roaming around on grounds as Edward is rumored to be. I have no way of knowing if it’s possibly true or complete nonsense. I agree that it is really very funny.
  3. Luckylondon

    S01.E06: Gelignite

    Diana was from an aristocratic bloodline and was specifically picked for Charles. She was called Lady Diana because of her father, Earl Spencer, a descendant of King Henry VII (so they were 16th cousins). I think QETQM was good friends with Diana’s grandmother. They were determined to match the families and had Charles date Diana’s sister before her and it didn’t work out. He later “courted” Diana. He never loved her and barely talked to her before or after the proposal and she was too naive to know any better. She thought he would love her as his wife. I think the first direct heir to the throne to be allowed to marry a commoner is William. Kate comes from self-made wealthy millionaires, yet not aristocracy, and it was pretty significant that he was allowed to choose her. I think after Margaret, the Queen did not want to deny people from marrying who they wanted to if they were not the direct heir like Charles, who could not marry Camilla at the time because it was still too conservative of times for the head of the Church of England to be married to a divorced woman. Obviously, they eventually changed this and finally allowed Charles to marry her after Diana died. From my perspective, that is why Harry’s quick approval from the Queen to marry a (twice) previously married American actress after a short period of dating is unusual and surprising. He clearly pushed for it and they want him to be happy. The Sussex(es?) were recently gifted (told) to move to Frogmore Cottage where Edward/David and Wallis Simpson are buried. They are rumored to haunt it. ETA: iMroney and CeeBeeGee explained Royal and aristocracy more clearly!
  4. Luckylondon

    Season 6 Discussion

    Yes. You definitely do not need to be an attorney to sell real estate in NYC. No degree is required other than passing the exam to get a real estate license. However, at the closing of the house, when signing legal paperwork, a real estate attorney is present in addition to the title broker and you pay each of them for their service at your house closing. I have a friend who used to be a title broker and I never understood how she made a good living just showing up at closings for an hour and getting paid. Still don’t! It’s a good job when the market is good and you have good networking. She is a real estate agent now. I have a friend who is a real estate attorney and she only goes to the closing and gets paid a fee.
  5. Luckylondon

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

  6. Luckylondon

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

  7. Luckylondon

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    I agree. I think The Cooperative is probably mimicking The Council of 300 with the true power in the 13 families (if you follow the history of many who report on this). They do meet at places like the Bilderberg Conference (the attendee list is public, what happens is never spoken of). That may be what they are mimicking here. I agree it is made to look like Bohemian Grove. Bohemian Grove only allows men though. I also find it fascinating as every President except Kennedy and Trump attended Bohemian Grove (not a political comment, just fact) before becoming President and they do, in fact, perform a ritual to Molach (yes, a Luciferian ritual) at that giant owl statue.
  8. Luckylondon

    S07.E12: Bless This Mess

    OMG! @Gem This attempted scam has happened to my parents three times! The first time they got my dad who has dementia and the person said it was his grandson and in jail with a broken nose and needed $600 for bail. When he asked which grandson, he said my nephews name, Michael (who it is not implausible that this could happen to him, but there is NO WAY he would ever call my parents). My mom thought my dad was confused and dreamed it with all of his memory problems and then a few weeks later she got the same call! She said the person said he was a lawyer and calling for her grandson who needed money for bail in Atlantic City. His name even popped up on the caller ID. My mom asked which grandson, and again the person said Michael!! But she said it sounded strange and she hung up. She called the number back and the guy answered saying his name and she asked a question and he hung up, so she knew it was a scam. Now months later, I am at my parents house and answered the phone and got the same call saying it’s your grandson and need money. I asked a very skeptical question and they hung up. Someone in the community where my parents live got this similar call and sent a lot of money to the person because she thought her grandchild was in trouble. So this is definitely a huge scam going on and targeted at older people. I have no idea how they knew my nephews first name or if it was a lucky guess— be careful and warn seniors, as they seem to be being targeted. As for something on topic, MJ’s speech was hella awkward and she was drunk-naming every person in the room as she noticed them. I think she really was grateful and wanted to thank everyone and feeling mushy and she kept naming more people to include them too... yet it was a drunk rambling list a la Bubba naming every shrimp for days in Forrest Gump. Tommy’s “great speech! Yeah keep naming people! Hahahaha!!” was so hilariously right on and EXACTLY what was happening, which is why I love Tommy; however it was inappropriate to yell it out and he seemed to be laughing AT her in the moment when she was floundering when I feel like that was a time that he could have stepped up to be supportive and help her move along in the speech as a partner, instead of making fun of her. He then could have made fun of her in private and they could have a good laugh about her ridiculousness and she would have named people for 4 days and I think MJ would laugh about it after too. But in the moment, she needed support and not to be jeered at from her groom— especially since he was not very involved in the planning and it was all MJ and it was clearly rushed and not organized and she was very stressed about all the wedding events. I was sad to be disappointed in Tommy because I want to really like him for MJ. Tommy’s comment was hysterical if it was made at brunch the next day and he was not the groom; yet as the groom, I felt he could have helped her out instead of pointing and laughing at her. Do a little better Tommy and give her some support in this stressful process and help her enjoy it!! Stop laughing and take this seriously. I was rooting for you! We were ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!! (™️ Tyra ANTM meltdown) ?
  9. Luckylondon

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I always see that as self-tanner that got caked in dry skin patch or caught in peach fuzz above her lip. Good exfoliation would eliminate it. It was the first thing I noticed about her and felt badly that her self-tanner kind of caked to look like a mustache under the lights of the DR.
  10. Luckylondon

    S01.E06: Cherry

    I don’t know, however, my interpretation was that it showed and reminded us constantly how hot it is there in the summer. It is another aspect of the grim environment in Wind Gap, it is super hot and humid, yet many buildings are old and without central air. The heat is another conflict they all constantly battle. Rooms always have in room air conditioners or fans. It also shows how Camille’s outfit choice sticks out in weather like that and looks so out of place compared to others and to wear heavy black long clothes in that heat is odd (we know she is covering herself) in that environment.
  11. Luckylondon

    S01.E06: Cherry

    Regarding the name Cherry, I got the impression that it was from the memory Camille had when Adora confronted her in the kitchen and said she was going to the store. She shamed her because of her scars when she asked for cream. She then looked at Camille and said, “I’m glad to see you eating, you haven’t eaten a thing since you got here” and held the stare a very long time watching Camille stand eating a cherry pie (without a plate) left over from Calhoun Day (?) As she held her stare, Camille flashed to the memory of jumping in that same doorway in her cheerleading uniform to show it off and Miriam exclaiming how great she looked, saying, “Mama, doesn’t she look like you could just take a bit out of her?” Adora never looked up from the sink and said, “Yes, like a nice big ROUND cherry” to young short haired Camille in her red uniform and her face fell. Camille, in present time, realized adoring was staring so long and said, “What?” and Adora gave her a disappointed look and Camille put the fork down. It gave me the impression that Adora always told her or made her feel not pretty enough or thin enough or loveable enough and that she shouldn’t eat if she wants to be pretty and popular, as Ashley said, “That’s all that matters” (contrasted with what we see the popular kids in Amma’s group do and how they behaved when Camille was young too). Camille put down the fork to stop eating the pie and went over and gave a hug to the housekeeper to thank her for loving her unconditionally and suggesting she eat some left over pie, contrasted with her cold mother who never missed an opportunity to shame her by saying she never eats while simultaneously implying, “should you really be eating that?” Further, as Camille’s hair grew long in to her teens, I got the feeling that she had the nickname Cherry for her red hair. Yet like everything else in Wind Gap, everything means more than it appears on the surface. The boys may have called her Cherry because they know they took part in taking her virginity in the woods. That last sentence is only a guess and an inference because Cherry is one of the words carved on her upper leg. So it is a painful word that she uses to punish herself. The hurtful words of others carved in to her skin because they are who she believed she was at a time. I agree that that it seems weird that Camille would be pulled in to hanging out with Amma. However, we have seen that 1) Camille is very curious about finding out more of what is going on with the teens even if she doesn’t think this is a smart way to do it;and 2) Amma is clearly sociopathically level manipulative. She seems to know what people want and need and crave and enjoys tempting them and playing on their weaknesses to get what she wants. Camille is still mourning (or never properly did mourn) her younger sister and she seems to subconsciously want to protect Amma or please or pacify her and she responds to the “you’re my sister and I want to know you and spend time with you!” She also doesn’t like seeing Amma drunk or high and feels need to stay nearby as if that could help somehow. Amma knows this and plays on these strings. She also knows her sister LIVES in pain and therefore offered her an oxy (Percocet) after that horrendous night with the bitches at Beaches and mind it sound not a big deal and so enticing and got the whole car to pressure her to take it. Then purposely gave her ecstasy. I think Amma is fascinated by Camille and does want to know her as her darkness fascinated her and she is tired of playing at manipulating everyone else in Wind Gap and this is a new interesting person. Amma craves a sister, yet not in the way Camille does. Amma says hurtful things and then is sweetly contrite the next day and throws her arms around Camille. Camille is a new fascinating factor in town (and she got out of the town) so Amma is fascinated by her in a sociopathic way of wanting to get close to learn what lies beneath, so she can understand her, and likely manipulate her (that seems how Amma operates— she doesn’t seem to have true empathy or any true remorse for her actions). I also get the feeling that Adora had something to do with Camille’s sister’s death. Her cause of death is left unexplained except that she was “always sickly” and we saw her in the spinning flashback with Camille getting more and more weak and skeletal like. It makes me think there is some kind of Munchausen by proxy situation in which Adora hurt one of her daughters, by keeping her ill, due to the attention and sympathy it brought her. She is forever a fragile flower and a saint because she had a daughter who died, who she and Camille never had a conversation about. She was cruel and hurt Camille in different ways. I suspect Adora telling Alan the cruel things her mother did to her are things that she did to Camille, which was blowing Camille’s mind during that conversation with Alan. Adora finds a way to blame everyone else for her pains and made Camille her target of her pain for losing her daughter and Camille took it out on her body. Amma is a similar sociopath and thus, knows, how to play to her mother’s needs and she does whatever she has to in order to get approval. Adora is now lost in her own world fugued by alcohol and not that close in raising Amma, so that if Amma satisfies a few things it satisfies her mothers needs and she is left alone. Something Camille was NEVER able to do. ETA: I don’t know anything so this is pure speculation, yet it seems like Amma is a true sociopath without feelings beyond using her charm to get what she wants. It seems as though she is possibly evil and cruel enough to be the killer of the girls and may also be a factor in why she wants to get closer to her sister who is investigating the murders. Amma is inserting herself a bit and seems to love playing with fire to see how much she can fool people and get away with things— especially to those closest to her. It is just a strange feeling I get when I see Amma smile when she manipulates Camille in to doing what she wants— especially something she shouldn’t do, like taking drugs and partying together. A micro expression of satisfaction of successfully drawing her in and again having control over another person’s behavior.
  12. Luckylondon

    S06.E15: Nothing Here For Me

    I completely agree. I am also a requested "degreed" person. Dr. Lucky London is a Clinical Psychologist. I have spent a lot of time watching Jax and do not see psychopathy. What appears antisocial (breaking the law, the rules don't apply to him, treating people badly) is really a lot of self sabotage and the charismatic drama of borderline personality disorder. It is often overlooked in men and the aggression and self harm is turned outward and they are labeled antisocial. Jax does not regularly engage in empathy if he doesn't want to, yet he knows he is a piece of shit for what he does and he feels really terrible about himself and always wants new women to feed his ego and tell him he is great because he feels so broken and damaged. Very classic borderline behavior and he is very charming. Not even close to psychopathy for me. As crazy as it is, the mindfulness meditation type techniques Jax is learning from the "Reiki Healer" are a great tool for a borderline disordered personality that loses touch witch reality when experiencing overwhelming emotion.
  13. Luckylondon

    Past Seasons

    I know, right?!! I can watch them all on repeat-- they are hilarious!! I found them at http://www.bravotv.com/vanderpump-rules/season-1/videos/vanderdolls-rules No other seasons though :'(
  14. Luckylondon

    S03.E05: eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00

    Thanks @green! I did see that you saw the post in episode 1 and I am glad to hear that you don't mind me re-posting it here as it applies here too. I am loving reading your knowledgeable and insightful posts on the show and that of all the others posting as well! I am enjoying the writing, plot, and characters of this show at what seems like the perfect appropriate current zeitgeist for this show. It all seems crazy because Elliot clearly deals with psychosis and now with integrating his alter dissociated identities; yet, the content is actually quite relevant which is its own mindfuck in many ways. It makes the characters motivations for their behavior fascinating given the context in which they operate and it makes it a challenge in who to root for because they all have their reasons. At times, I want them all to succeed just to see what will happen, even when they are working against each other because I understand where each is coming from. To me, THAT inclination to empathasize and understand each character (when each is deeply flawed and pathological in their actions) is a tribute to the excellent writing of this show and makes watching it a super adrenaline filled rush.
  15. Luckylondon

    S03.E06: eps3.5_kill-process.inc

    This is a fantastic post and I wish I could like it 100 times. So very well said @green! I completely agree with what you assert here and I love how you articulated WR's potential perspective in relation to time and spirituality. Additionally, thank you for the correction on the history of China's approach to global politics. You articulated what I was trying to get at and did not because what you wrote is what I was thinking regarding China, yet I said/wrote it wrong due to laziness of not wanting to look for more information to get it right. Thank you! I amended that part of my post. I am loving this season and excited about the show again like I was in Season 1. I love reading what you all think of the show and your reactions and impressions. The topic is real enough to feel socially and culturally relevant because we are becoming aware in the news, at least, that ALL OF THIS *IS* actually happening in real life and how government is protecting business instead of people AND how foreign governments are exploiting our penchant for getting on a soapbox and shouting to those among us who share the same ideas and ignoring those who don't. This is the exact type of psychological operations our own government is desperate to find and use to manipulate the minds of our enemies without using physical force and/or create technological hacks and viral infections that can wipe out the utility grid of entire countries to crush their ability to function (e.g. Stuxnet virus in Iran), if needed. We now know that Russia DID interfere with our electoral process and did buy advertising and spend Human Resources on BOTH sides of civil rights issues in order to provide kindling and stoke the fire of our attention and ire on each other, rather than focusing on what they were doing in the shadows. Thus, because the show is a scripted drama and depicts a semi-post- apocalyptic version of a future after 5/9, it is at an arms length enough distance for the show to be exciting and thrilling, and it can function as an entertaining, illuminating, cautionary parable of how slippery the slope is when "the end justifies the means."