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  1. They didn’t even know all the words!! They couldn’t keep up with their own lyrics and missed half of them! lololol… Like when I tried to karaoke to Bust a Move on the Glee Wii at Christmas 10 years ago and realized I couldn’t say words that fast… what is happening and where ARE they performing with fake bleached horse hair to their knees and Shaun dancing in the background like some SNL spoof.
  2. Neither are award winning BB players at all, however I think Derek F actually did way more than Victoria ever did in that he had an alliance and talked game and strategy. All of it would have happened without him and he is delusional regarding his power and actual effect in the game, however he did have some influence through his social strategy and his style of repetitive mantras to whomever he spoke to about targeting the girls or lambasting the next target to be sure they go or emphasizing that Azah/Alyssa are like his best friends and he has a locked final 2/3 with X and Ky. Victo
  3. I hope so. I hope it is not attached to an off shore bank. It doesn’t sound like the local Citibank. They may have Swiss accounts with no names at all. Hopefully good forensic accounting can follow where every dollar of money that was given to them went. It needs to be answered for. It was ruled by law to be awarded to individuals for horrible medical damages and Girardi Keese received the money from these defendants for their corporate malfeasance, criminal negligence and was legally required to give it directly to those he represented and he hid the money and gave it to Erika then lied to th
  4. I forgot to add that these are Tom’s law books from his office that are placed up for auction (which makes Kate’s comment perfection… per usual!)
  5. Quoting myself from last month… I just saw a comment on a Twitter post from today about Erika squirreling away her assets in a bank located 30 minutes from her house where she makes weekly deposits/withdrawals from her “secret” security deposit box/locker. With these specific details the same down to the specifics of these weekly bank trips occurring every Wednesday morning, Tweeter @DMW9699 and I either have the same source or, as these very Housewives have stated multiple times regarding rumors against their varying target du jour, with rumors… “where there is smoke, there is fire.”
  6. Is anyone watching this show this summer 2021? I like it so much more than the US version!
  7. The other day in the backyard, Derek F was designing a workout for Derek X and telling him what to do next and to run suicides and to push harder as Big D waddled himself around the pool. It was too funny for words… because he was not laughing. He was dead serious about his role of designing the fitness regimen as he supervises from a struggling floatie.
  8. She mentioned Tom having a broken ankle last season or the one before that. I think it was at the start of last season. They were catching up on what they have been up to and she mentioned the broken ankle and how hard it was for him to slow down or he wasn’t slowing down at all (paraphrasing… that’s the gist— can’t remember exact words) and the ladies sympathized how powerful men are terrible patients and poor Erika.
  9. Yes, that is the ring that both Erika and Sutton were wearing the night that Garcelle got an award for philanthropy last season. That is why they have got to inventory her clothes, shoes and artwork. It is worth millions. When Tom gifted her that Chagall on camera, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe she gave a talking head about how she doesn’t love art like he does, and he collects and likes to give her things… and he gives jewelry too. So many questions… first, you are not happy with a Chagall painting and leave it on the floor for years, yet you have multiple portraits of yourself hanging i
  10. This. You say to an unconscious man with several broken bones and broken limbs laying at THE BOTTOM OF A CLIFF… “where have you been?” I CANNOT. GTFOH. It’s too much. How do they keep a straight face and coo over her? If Erika was Lisa Vanderpump, Erika would have NO empathy for her. She would be making snide comments and sip tea in her talking head. She’s the sniper from the side. That was classic projection. I thought that at the time. Erika thinks women are catty and judgmental because she knows how she herself thinks and operates and assumes everyone else is as calculated and snarky a
  11. I don’t believe Erika about any of that in that faux performance. I don’t think his accident was anything like Erika described with him being jettisoned out of the car, unconscious, several broken bones, calling her and refusing medical attention except allowing it for his broken ankle. I don’t even know what the point of her story was or why she is bringing any of it up now. I think she is full of it and spinning tales so fast that she can’t quite keep up with herself to what is even realistic. I was simply responding to your post that Tom has money to make problems go away and that I complet
  12. Lololol. Totally agree. Kanye is mentally ill with delusions of grandeur. He fed her ego for years. She is not Kate Moss at all, but may think she is groundbreaking like Kate in the 90’s. Just my theory based on observation. Delusions are strong in that family.
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