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  1. Yes, they were not all connected on if they were going to try to leave and also how to do it quickly, however the show did make it seem that they couldn’t leave because there was a guest not on board and by the time she was back the wind was too strong, regardless of which important line Pete tied or untied correctly. They had a quick TH of Jess looking blissfully unaware of the mistake until that moment and saying “oopsie!” Interesting to me, was that even though Jess was at fault, her oopsie response was more pleasant to hear, despite the mistake, when contrasted to Hannah getting defensive and schooling guests on preference sheets and Pete arguing if the word important was said sarcastically or earnestly and that it was really Malia who had the sassy attitude. Heh. Jess saying “oops!” and at least acknowledging that she does not know what is going on (whether or not that was editing and that oops was even about this) was refreshing that at least she wasn’t going to argue that she was right! I may amend my response to any and all future verbal confusions to “Oopsie!” and just keep it moving. Thanks Jess. Word! He is so cute and pleasant for a chef! I didn’t quote it, however, the idea that the charter guests ran in to people they know at the club that they requested to go to and invited them back on the boat and to come for dinner the next day is very likely. These people are not thinking about how it affects others, they think “let’s keep the party vibe going... join us on the yacht!” is something that someone who is not used to paying for things and used to partying and lets-fly-here-tomorrow- type of attitude is common. It wouldn’t occur to them to worry about the constraints and staffing unless they are told no, and this show teaches us that Sandy will do whatever she can to not have to say no to anyone on a luxury vacation. They are paid to accommodate capricious ideas and passing whims (and tacky table settings!) if they are feasible and within legal limits. They may just be acquaintances or struck up friendship that night, yet when you bump in to people in Europe in VIP after midnight, you after-party on their boat with free booze and food until dawn. They DNGAF that Hannah has to work tomorrow.
  2. Darcey looks fantastic! Tom... you’ve put on weight 👀👀😒 #karma
  3. Anyone know where we can watch this and the past seasons?
  4. Anyone know where we can watch this show in the US? Or any other non-US Housewife shows? I think there is a Toronto show too. Are they available on Hulu or Prime or the Bravo app? Additionally, does anyone know if Ladies of London ever returned after the season that Caroline Stansbury moved to Dubai? I would love to watch any and all seasons of any of these shows somewhere?
  5. I have no way to know what the original poster meant when referring to a yacht girl; however, the description I gave in the post above is the only way I have seen that term used. It could possibly mean different things to different people. In Hollywood, yacht girl and yachting is a known thing. Like escorting, it doesn’t always include sex. Some people are simply paid to party and for their company (from stories I have read from nobody wanna be aspiring actresses encouraged to go on these trips, often at least one or more of them in a group is expected to be asked for sex— not clear if they can negotiate or how that works. Many are relieved to not be asked).
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2013/05/cannes-escorts/amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2322573/amp/The-Cannes-luxury-prostitutes-earning-40-000-PER-NIGHT-million-dollar-yachts-annual-film-festival.html https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-yacht-girl?top_ans=151262821 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=YACHT%2bGIRL&amp=true https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=Yachting&amp=true Yes and it’s more than that. It is paid work to “party” on and off boats with men who pay. Many actresses and now “Instagram models” do this for money when not working. It’s escorting— often with international men from Europe and the Middle East. The Caribbean, Mediterranean and Dubai are big destinations for this and many reality stars who go to these international appearances, it is actually cover as a reason to be in that country for what they are actually doing and being paid to do there. Actresses do this going back to the 1950’s. Supposedly, the whole Cannes Film Festival is built around this and the Golden Globes is often a place that international buyers purchase a table and scope out who they want to hire for yacht season. Instagram models have had their DM’s exposed and the explicit conversation of the negotiation of what they are willing to do and not do in exchange for payment and travel and recreational time “free days” without group sex. Many B and C list actresses do this and now reality stars and Instagram faces and actual models too. They get paid a lot of money by people who fantasize about them. People who have acknowledged it include Lala Kent from VDP Rules who was called out on her “modeling trip” to Venice and other European vacations in her first season. There is an agent who goes by the alias “Bani” who has talked about the process and how he comes to LA and he has a book and lists for clients. Many actresses are *allegedly* linked to being “yacht girls” which is a term not exclusive to boats. It’s something I wish I didn’t know about! *shudder* It is an open secret and it is shocking... until it is not anymore because you realize how prevalent it is in the industry. I have no idea if Juliette or anyone is involved, yet it seems like something that could be offered to her to mix and mingle in moneyed circles or she simply could be invited on boats because people like her company. Surprisingly, there is a big and burgeoning market and demand for reality TV stars in international yachting. People see them on tv and ask for them.
  7. This!!!! 🎯🎯🎯🙌
  8. Bwahahaha! I legit paused a second reading this to consider how this would look 🤔... hmmm... hair looks like a Schnoodle? Then I immediately burst out laughing because this is the best and most specific description (the accuracy tho, damnnnn 😆🙌!!) of the non-Max guy named Brett. 👏👏👏 Dead on. 😂😂💀
  9. Riiight??!! I seriously don’t get it at all. At all! I’m baffled by it. I’m not one to bash on looks, because he is conventionally attractive enough... except for... well everything... once you notice him for more than a glance. He has a body like a skinny young teen with very thin weak arms. Fine, he is not a muscle head; however, his body looks teen-like... scrawny... not like a late 20’s man. His clothes are bizarre, which given this show and the reunion is not easy to do! He was wearing a purple blazer!! And his hair is like late 1980’s Jordan Knight NKOTB. Both he and Dayna looked like they were invited to a 1989 party. Sooo bizarre. If he had a really cool personality, I could see that maybe he is really cool and has a unique confidence to pull off wearing weird clothes, but he doesn’t!! He is a petty whiny bitch who has sex with everyone and could not deal when Dayna saw him for who he is. He is really rejection sensitive and was so hurt when she moved on, yet he slept with 7 girls and blew them off to tell Dayna he had feelings. He is a the kind of guy that makes women crazy in how he lies, minimizes, and dismisses, yet he is not even cute or cool, so I don’t get why they like him to start with either!! Unless, it is because he is very sweet, coming on strong in the beginning with a full court press on how great you are and how you uniquely connect and when you start to consider him, he then pulls it away. He looks skinny and he whines poor me when called on any of his bs and shitty behaviors. He turns in to a victim. Seriously so not sexy or masculine energy at all. I don’t weigh much and I feel like there is no way that he could pick me up to carry me out of a burning building. I feel like I would need to carry him, which is very much the opposite of sexy. Yesssss!! It is a classic pick-up-artist trick and I suspect there are many male coaches on YouTube teaching this as there appear to be a increasingly greater amounts of this “behavior type” in the world. It has to do with his psychological games because it makes zero sense that so many of these girls fall hard for him and he never even gave them a commitment and treated them as a “good friend” and an “option” and did not care to drop them quickly when they start to have feelings. He accidentally somehow ended up with his penis in Scheana’s mouth on their platonic weekend??? He is a dismissive avoidant and he can trigger unhealed attachment wounds in women, especially those who had an avoidant male father-figure. Unconsciously, the behavior can seem familiar and recognized as what “male love” is because that is their primal experience from male figure (I.e., inconsistency) they have experienced in early life and it triggers a huge desire to be seen and loved and get security and it is exactly the opposite of what he offers. He offers insecurity. It probably stems from his own attachment wounds in how he is fearful so ambivalent-attachment. No matter why he behaves as he does, it is dangerous for the hearts of others who get involved with him. He will make you appear to be overreacting and say good things to you and downplay you to others. Happy that both Scheana and Dayna moved on. He seemed to mess with Dayna’s head and yes, she is an adult, but she didn’t deserve his post-break-up vitriol. You either care or you don’t, Max, and you have shown how fragile your ego and sense of self is that you can’t handle someone seeing the truth. He looks strangely small next to Dayna and Scheana. In LA, the looks capital of the world, Max is sleeping with several hot girls at a time who want to date him. It makes No. Sense. Except that he creates an unstable, undefined connection that creates an anxious attachment and thus, women are looking for clarity and definition because his words and actions don’t align (and they don’t want to look stupid on TV... so want to know what is up). Then when he dismisses at first sign of discomfort or the wind blows, it can trigger a real rejection wound for others (if this was already a wound for them) because of how he handled it. It is a narcissistic manipulation and it is the worst energy to be in any relationship with. He also seems to use his position of authority at a cool popular place and his access to entry or employment as currency to get girls and manipulate them because they have to still be around him and also to prey on girls at TomTom who want to be seen as cool. The sad thing is that he truly thinks he is a nice guy and continues to have that reputation (not anymore due to his old tweets and being shown for who he is this whole season!) as a good guy who also does well with ladies. When his pattern is so much more insidious and calculated and intentional! Ick. Bye Max. He is the definition of a f-boy packaged as a good guy in a purple blazer with shoulder pads.
  10. Lololol. Same! Love/hate relationship that constantly evolves with this intro... 🎶 “We never staaaaaa-eeee—aaahhh-eee—ahhh-eeee-ahhh-eeee—ahhhp! Living the fast life, from sunset to sunrise. You can let my lovin’ take you over. I know of a place now... I’ll show you the way!” 🎶 😬⛏
  11. This show is plunking us with the guitar pizza song girl from the Bronx who fell in love with a girl with pink/purple hair who lives in the Australian OUTBACK and the will reveal it as a joke at the reunion or some shiz, right?
  12. Soulja Boy is a liar and also so high 😂
  13. I’m watching! Shaughna with a g resembles Dani Dyer in looks and vocal pattern to me!
  14. Damn... just damnnnn 🤯 This is so true and so... sad, too.
  15. Ha. I have no way of knowing. Some Brits were saying it was haunted. I watched two separate psychics who talked about the upcoming move to Frogmore Cottage and that it was Edward who was still there, unsatisfied... not able to move on. Similar to how he was in life with one foot still in the royal family, not fitting in to either world. Both mentioned feeling no reading of the presence of Wallis Simpson being there at all; nor was she felt roaming around on grounds as Edward is rumored to be. I have no way of knowing if it’s possibly true or complete nonsense. I agree that it is really very funny. Yes, officially. It is rumored that she has an annulment to a first husband too that she has managed to keep quiet. She seems to keep anyone who knew her from before recent times at a far distance and things vague, which is fine. It doesn’t matter to me past drawing the allusion to Wallis Simpson and Frogmore Cottage and the close brothers who now have a frosty rift, which likely has nothing to do with the women.
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