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    One Day At A Time (2017)

    Aw, I loved her as Georgette on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  2. LadyNebula

    S03.E18: Her

    I just want to know what state they're in. Not emotional state, but actual geographical state. I'm assuming that older Tess and her parents are still on the East Coast. Am I remembering that Tess works in Newark or am I making that up? When Randall called Toby, it seemed like he was close by, and he must be to make it so quickly. Maybe Kevin's huge house is in the NYC area, which makes my Newark memory make sense. Plus I doubt Nicky would up and move to LA. So I'm assuming all of the Pearsons are East Coasters now? I think too much.
  3. LadyNebula

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    Son of a bitch. What a waste!
  4. LadyNebula

    Drag Me Down the Aisle

    Yeah, it's a one-off. If it does well enough, they may make it a series.
  5. LadyNebula

    Drag Me Down the Aisle

    I really enjoyed this! It was a nice twist on the bridal makeover show. Plus I'm not too far from Lancaster - PA Represent! I'm quite familiar with all of the queens, and it was great seeing them outside of Drag Race. I think this was a one-off; hopefully they do more.
  6. LadyNebula

    S03.E14: Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk with Me

    This Ricky plot is possibly the dumbest thing I've seen on this show, and that's saying something.
  7. I had a friend growing up who was JW but he was super low key. He'd talk about it if asked, and everyone knew he was a JW, but he sure didn't flaunt it. Although they came to my door once and later he said he was at the other side of the double (our town was mostly row homes) and wouldn't knock on my door. Not sure if he still practices. I doubt it. He went to college and moved far away. Another time they came to my door and I said I'd get my Dad to talk religion with them. They beat feet outta there. Maybe because I mentioned my Dad was a UCC minister...??
  8. LadyNebula

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    What did they throw on Archie in intake after he was hosed down? And why?
  9. LadyNebula

    S04.E05: Delivery Day

    Whoa, Orson Bean! Dude looks ancient (and he looked old 20+ years ago on Dr. Quinn). Nice to see he still acts. Also... Price is Right model James as a doctor? Yes, please.
  10. LadyNebula

    S04.E04: Costume Competition

    I feel Garrett. The worst repeat song I ever dealt with was a Christmas duet between Rosie O'Donnell and Ricky Martin. It was called,"Ai-Yi-Yi, It's Christmas." Drink that combo in.
  11. LadyNebula

    Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    Bruce deserved a million dollars for that medevac alone. So much shit going on! Except for Bruce. Heh.
  12. LadyNebula

    Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    Sorry, I think Bruce had the same issues and was older so I jumped there.
  13. LadyNebula

    Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    Poor Bruce. Not only was he in immense pain, he had a nekkid Shane carrying him out.
  14. LadyNebula

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    He was burned over a huge percentage of his body. I don't know much about third degree burns, but I received second degree burns over my entire thigh and abdomen a couple months ago and the skin is still not completely healed. I can only now walk without pain. So I imagine third degree burns with skin grafts would make stretching difficult. Of course, you are totally right about him not being at as much of a disadvantage physically because he was in excellent shape and had no serious mobility issues. The thing about JR is that while he was a "challenge" contestant, he at least had some modicum of fame, since he was an actor on an ABC soap (RIP All My Children). I knew who he was because that was My Story, dammit (I'm still bitter, sorry). I honestly don't know who some of the challenge people are any more. It's Dancing with the Stars, not Dancing with the Inspirational. That said, I loved JR. He had such a joyous perspective.
  15. LadyNebula

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Of course, the "challenge" contestants who won were actually quite good.
  16. LadyNebula

    S10.E11: Philadelphia City Finals

    I'm starting to think that Matt and Akbar are contractually obligated to mention Kacy at least once every episode. Perhaps there's a producer off-screen pointing a gun at them.
  17. LadyNebula

    S10.E10: Indianapolis City Finals

    Travis Rosen has made Vegas 9 years in a row. He doesn't deserve the WWWA treatment. The man is a friggin' legend, show him some respect. It was very un-Christian of me, but I applauded when Isaac went into the drink. Buh-bye.
  18. I knew Grant was done before Sean Bryan even started. That guy is so consistent. I knew he'd finish and finish fast. I'm starting to not like Grant as much. It's not his attitude or ability - it's that you see him every episode, front and center, cheering on another ninja. At first I thought,"Aw, that's really nice!" But now I wonder if it's for camera time. Of course, the producers could be doing it because they know he's popular, and he does seem well liked by other ninjas, so... who knows? I'm really pissed for Nick Hansen. WTF was that??
  19. I've never been keen on Isaac, but according to Geoff Britten (this was posted awhile ago on another forum, by Geoff himself), Isaac started out being fine, but then did a total 180. Told Geoff that he should've just fallen and let Isaac just have the glory, and that Geoff ruined his life. Like, total douchebaggery. I'll see if I can find the link if anyone wants it.
  20. LadyNebula

    S10.E01: Dallas City Qualifiers 2018.05.30

    I'm assuming it's somehow linked to his Christian faith. And being a Christian myself, I'm really sorry for the rest of this post. NBC, no one cares about Kacy anymore. Please stop trotting her out. She did her thing, it was great, but her flame went out and she's done. Let's focus on those who are actually still competing!
  21. LadyNebula

    Better Late Than Never

    I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Winkler at Wizard World in Philly. What you see is what you get. He would periodically go down the line of people waiting to meet him to thank us for waiting. He asked my name and said,"I'm Henry. Thank you for waiting" and shook my hand. And that was before I actually got to the front of the line to get my autograph and picture. A real class act. In the years I've been going to Wizard World, I've never met Bill (although he walked right by me once). I've heard stories though.
  22. To be fair, NBC isn't trying to start a thing with the red noses. Red Nose Day has been going on for a long time in the UK. They're just trying to make the whole event a thing in America. I thought tonight was a lot of fun, and I'm glad they raised a lot of money.
  23. Not sure if this is in the right spot. Just wanted to share a little tidbit. Every year, I attend an event at the PA Convention Center in Philly (Wizard World Comic Con, in case anyone cares). There's a Scientology building across from the Convention Center. In all if the years I've been going, I have never seen any activity there. Now, I usually attend on a Saturday, but I would assume that shouldn't matter because Scientology doesn't quit for the weekend. This area of Philly is extremely busy, so I find it hilarious that I've never once seen a single person come in or out of that building.
  24. LadyNebula

    S10.E07: Go Cubs

    The race stuff really rang true to me. I live in a coal region town, which would be the Lansford of PA. Many people here will say all sorts of things ranging from slightly un-PC to downright racist in their own homes, but if they see it in public, they'll call it out. Especially if the victim has managed to become "one of us." That said, I have never heard any cashier being that blatantly rude, thank goodness.
  25. LadyNebula

    S26: Tonya Harding: Whyyyyyy!?

    In Tonya's day, what she did was spectacular. Remember, the sport keeps evolving. What Mirai does now wasn't commonly done then. And Tonya WAS the first American woman to land the triple axel in competition. And she did it twice. Look, I'm not defending her for her off-the-ice antics, but skating wise? She did what very few women have done. The triple axel is incredibly difficult for a woman to do. It's a big deal in the skating world. She deserves credit for that.