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  1. He also punched the chair/bench so I think he was physically hurting because of that. When he was sitting on the couch rubbing his arm that's why, he didn't look that deep in thought. The couch wailing was hard to watch. That said, and TV can be misleading, but I don't see a lot of depth in that guy. I believe he's hurting, but I don't think he's enough in touch with his emotions to know why. It's telling that Ashley said she'd never been kissed like Ben kissed her. Casey only gives her pecks. Really? Oof girl you have been missing out then. She's young but i've enjoyed seeing her grow in confidence and mature. The tempter girls commenting about David/Tonata talking about spinach and being boring together was hilarious especially when they then got pooped on by a bird. Funny. David keeps saying he and Toenata have deep talks but either they haven't aired them or I have a different understanding of what deep means. Rick & Ashley should not remain a couple. I think it made Ashley temporarily feel better to cheat on him but once they were evened up on that count... you have to look at what there is. They both seem exhausted by their relationship. Both Ashley & Rick connected with kind of awful tempters which I hope doesn't obscure how they see things. Esonica is gorgeous, smart. I don't see what she sees in Gavin. He seems kinda basic (as they say).
  2. Over in the episode threads there's much talk about work on faces, specifically Caelynn but seriously whoa Whoa WHOA what on EARTH happened to Becca Tilley's face?
  3. Sad thing is, even with the text message drama IRL, I don’t think it’ll stop him from hooking up with the ladies. His pity game is strong. On TV it looks absurd but in a weird way I could see it being effective in person. And a lot of women are drawn to men who need healing. (Speaking of those texts, I listen to a podcast that has nothing to do with this stupid show, it’s about content marketing, it’s pretty nerdy. Anyway, they mentioned the texts re Caelynn and Blake. They got the context and nuance wrong because they don’t watch the show - but they still knew about them. What a legacy. )
  4. He may sound like Shaggy but he’s all Fred.
  5. Was there music? Haha! I just know he said he was the “least dramatic person EVER.” Sure Blake, sure you are.
  6. "You have a podcast" is the new here for the wrong reasons? The Blake drama montage was hilarious!
  7. What work did she have done? Anyone else notice Demi's makeup's been a lot different now that Christian is there? The cheekbone bronzer line thing is way more noticeable than last week. ETA: I was reading up on reddit and they think lip & cheek injections. Plus veneers. I see that. I guess I still consider "work" to be knife not needle but that's just me.
  8. She does look older than she is but I think that's just her face. There are copious images of her on the internet and one from Miss Teen USA that is from 2013ish. There's consistency to me. I could be mistaken but I stare at faces a lot. It's a hobby. I think her most unusual feature is her lips they're a sort of ducky and sort of Mr. Bill-like (the snl cartoon). That and her heart shaped face. It looks like in pictures that when she has control over a photo she angles her face to presumably make it look less wide. Her face a very weird rotation of unusual, striking and sometimes plain. When her mouth/lips are relaxed I think she's quite beautiful. Honestly, I had similar confusion about Jessica Biel's lips. She is stunning, but I feel like she didn't grow into her lips until at least her mid 20s. It reminds me of the face-switching Shawn Booth convo way back when - sometimes he looked like Ryan Gosling other times like TV's wisecracking alien from the 80s, Alf.
  9. I started adding to this convo but then realized I should quote you. Ooops. I think Nick, Taylor, Michelle Money (though Bachelor Pad was more of her redemption), Lace (sort of), Krystal & Chris all had improved pubic perception from BIP vs. their B. Edited to... nah i'm gonna leave it. :)
  10. To your point, the Bachelor actually needs to juggle 4+ women. But he couldn't even manage relationships/friendships with 4 women still liking him off camera. I certainly don't know how he'd handle 30 on camera. I'm loved the editing where Demi (?) was talking about him and they spliced in dorky images of him dancing. It's sooo funny to me how this show can either be a redemption (Nick for example, maybe Taylor) or a total train wreck of someone's "character". And you never really know who's going to be the stand out.
  11. I get Southern Living magazine. Earlier this year (tail end of Colton's season) I saw this ad for Southern Marsh with model Hannah.
  12. Sure. I'll try to explain what I meant a little better. What I'm trying to get at is that while I thought the joke was funny, I also have a problem with it in that of course SHE can get away with telling it because she's non-threatening and she has privilege. There's a certain level of privilege inherent in who Hannah is. Blond, thin, beauty queen, educated etc. She can speak for herself on National TV without the "burden" of being a representative for groups she's part of. There's no "I need to be a role model because pretty blonds are under represented on TV" or "my words will effect other people like me by me saying them". She only speaks for herself. Since I'm not a man or a person of color, but I am plus size, I'll dig in with that one. I've seen plus size/fat women online who own their sexuality do much less bawdy things than Hannah did and get slammed with not just slut shaming but fat shaming, death threats etc. And they are not treated as individuals but it gets expanded in "all you fat people..." blah blah blah. Granted a bunch of people on this board think she's a slut but as a general vibe it's not that bad. It doesn't seem as bad as what Kaitlin went through IMO. What I'm getting at is that this view (if it's even well formed enough to be called that) is better illustrated with Corinne & Demi types in that they can get away with being obnoxious & brash because they're blond, white & pretty. And I have mixed feelings about WHY she can tell that joke even though I honestly did laugh and found it funny.
  13. Well, I for one, I thought the joke about how they had sex 4x was funny. To me it was a well timed punch back to those people who've been judging her, including Luke and the slut shamers. Yes there are issues. She probably embarrassed Peter, his parents, she raised questions about her F1 choice, what if someone of a different race or gender - or even size - said the same thing (not a thin blond white woman) - all legitimate critiques. \ But at the end of the day, it was Hannah who said it. And on national television and I thought it was kind of awesome.
  14. It’s a lot but I don’t think it’s that unusual among younger folks unfortunately. I had an issue with using like too much when I was in high school. 20+ years ago. I was hardly the worst among my friends though. I only really noticed because my mom told me, and suggested maybe I try not saying it so much. OMG mom! Yeah that didn’t go over well but I eventually worked on being more deliberate and thoughtful when I talked which got rid of it. But “like” wasn’t as widespread in college which was in a different part of the country. It stood out so there was motivation to change. That’s my like, journey of like. There’s something to the idea of it being contagious. I think if people spend a lot of time together they’ll unconsciously mimic speech. Kyras use of it isn’t as bad when she’s alone. Alexandra is maybe the worst offender.
  15. Kyra keeps mentioning not having any time to talk, or things moving fast, or being busy. Excuses related to time. Am I missing something but they don’t really seem all that busy? In fact the opposite, with a lot of down time.
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