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  1. You guuuuuuuyyyyyyys! Aren’t you so happy they all got hired at Dre’s?!?!? Eyeroll. I watch Love Island too (filmed at Dre’s converted pool club) so basically this past month-ish I’ve felt like a creepy resident living at the Linq. —- oh those crazy kids. Antonio Repeatedly stealing the eggs from Suzi was hilarious. I’m very curious how this year affected all of them. Relationships and all. Notably if Pauly D went back to his usual self since Nicky is nowhere on the IG feed.
  2. Yes! I thought that too. Ha, whoops. I'm not sure what to make of Bennett, but if he did what we thought it would've required a lot of emotional intelligence, which is at odds with going on this show so... that riddle solved. One, to realize that it wouldn't bother Kiersten and two, to realize in that moment that Laurel needed a boost and Carrington was kind of an ass for picking The Lady at the Inn. I really dislike Carrington, if it wasn't obvious from my posts. But I'll give him props that he actually memorized the words Johnny gave him to read. And especially because it was Calvin who looks so young, I was getting Sixteen Candles Anthony Michael Hall vibes... Like he was going to go home and tell his friends he "bagged a babe".
  3. I like that Kiersten is a friend to Laurel, and that they’re all not totally hating on Lakynn. It’s mature. Under the circumstances. I see compatibility between Carrington and Lake Inn but also it’s been 1 day.
  4. Moira is very pretty but she is not interesting in the slightest. I feel like I have more of a sense of Laurel's personality in a week than I do of Moira's in a month and that says something. This pattern of being interested in other islanders, in the scheme of the game I don't really care, there's no dibs. But it's telling to me that she keeps doing this. It's like a cat I used to have who would bring mice into the house then "play" with them until he killed them and once they were dead acted like, now what? But my cat had lots of personality, to be fair. She sees these guys interacting with others and sees their personalities and she's interested, then she gets them and then doesn't know what to do with them. There's just not much to her. Her bio says she likes to draw and artistic things, I have seen no sign of that. Girl, ya boring.
  5. Calvin is like that last donut in the break room. You walk by it, every now and then and wonder why no one has taken it. I mean, it’s a donut. Maybe powdered sugar cake donut in that it’s kinda bland and a little too white. You watch others do walk- bys and figure someone will take it, but no one does. Before lunch it might be that people are just being polite and not wanting to take the last donut, they’ve already had one. But after lunch it’s just kinda sad. And the donut box has been moved to closer to the coffee machine, a subtle marketing tactic, a gesture that’s encouraging, yeah these go together in your belly, they’ll keep each other company! Maybe there’s a dent in the powdered sugar at this point, this staling white donut alone in a big white box. Then around 3:30 it’s just gone. But you look in the trash and it’s not there. So someone ate it, they didn’t throw it out. And you’re thinking, huh, I guess someone ate it. I wonder if they regret it. And then you go on with your day. 🍩
  6. Yeah, I think any one of these things is a red flag but when they're stacked on top of one another it's not good. And when coupled with the information she doesn't know, but we got from Mercedes about how CA was more raunchy than they could air, it's not a pretty picture. She can't win now anyway WITH him so I hope she just dumps him. For the record, I now take back my theory from last week that Cely was glossing over it to present to America a redemption story. I don't think that anymore. Last night's episode was so boring. The most exciting thing was watching what they made for breakfast (I'm always fascinated how people cook eggs, everyone seems to have different techniques of scrambling them) . The recap episode on Saturday was lame too with only a few new scenes. I've been watching UK Season 6 on Hulu and it just seem there is more going on. Everyone seems bored and over it right about now.
  7. Me too! Did you ever try the smoked paprika? I’m catching up on the thread and wanted to offer that in lieu of smoking the butter (srsly?) you could swap the salt for smoked salt and probably get the same effect. There are a few brands, including Malden and it’s pretty easy to find in gourmet or specialty stores or online.
  8. Do you all think that Cely believes she and Johnny are actually out of the running? Because I don't get the sense that she really does. She should have had a clue based on the People Voting results but she's somehow not acting like much has changed. Or thinks she can turn it around.? Maybe as long as no one brings up Johnny's Casa Amour behavior then it won't exist or we'll forget about it? Because in reality TV the more you talk about something the more "true" it gets. (If I have learned nothing else from RHoBH it's that.) The whole "make him work for it" attitude she has is just very curious. It might be smart, or it might be desperate I can't tell. Maybe both. She's creating this other narrative around redemption. It's misdirection. I just don't think it's enough. Especially when you have Caleb & Justine being awesome and really hitting their stride.
  9. I think he kinda looks like him too. The eyebrow and head shape somehow give me that same look.
  10. Thanks for asking! Since the air quality in Vegas has been bad the last few days I hope they acknowledge that and have an intellectual debate about climate change, how it will inevitably effect their generation and spend the afternoon writing letters to their elected representatives and the energy CEOs. 🌎☮️ Knowing that won't happen... I don't think any of these new guys are lookers. There's Not Leo Dicaprio, Not Clark Kent and The Sky Is the Limit tattoo guy with the pube beard who doesn't even seem to have an Instagram. (Dude, reality TV uR doing it Wrong). I hope Moira and Connor go on a date. And Mackenzie needs to be put out of her misery and leave the Villa, so she can get a jump start on some intensive therapy. But the show loves her drama so I doubt they'll allow that, and if it happens it won't be on a Thursday night. I have a feeling that Jalen and Sher will be out.
  11. Seriously. If you're crying that much there's an issue you need to address. I say this as a fellow cryer, because I want to try to defend my fellow cryers, I think we're misunderstood a lot of times..., but GIRL. I how hard it is to stop tears when you're really frustrated or hurt but a big part of that is stopping the loop of feeling sorry for yourself. A first cry is an acknowledgment of hurt and the second cry is basically reliving the hurt. So you need to deal with the hurt. Unless she's using it as a manipulation which she might be. Exactly. That's why I was bothered too. I get they're bros but let him make is own decisions. ETA: I also thought the "charades!" was funny and the right approach. My issue was walking over to "steal Connor for a sec for some very important business". That was transparent AF.
  12. Seriously. STFU Carrington. Also, this isn’t the bachelor. Cutting into conversations is a different show. I wish Mac borrowed from Breakfast Club and said “ no, did I stutter?”
  13. I don't know if I believe Jalen was premeditated and malicious in using Mac to get in the Villa or if it played out the way he said it did. Or if it's somewhere in between. I couldn't sleep last night and went on Reddit again and there are a lot of people that strongly believe he used her to get in the Villa. As his social climbing plan. At the end of the day, this is a game show with the goal of getting as far as you can, making the money. That's baked in. So it's hard to separate wanting to stay from how to stay. It isn't Survivor, and they sugar coat it with the love part but it's a competitive show. Maybe it was in the back of his mind but I just don't get the sense that it was some strategic plot. Not everyone is like Jeremiah exiting with TV dignity, or on the other end camera-whoring like Mercedes. We saw him jump from Moira to Kiersten and then to Mac. But he also sort of has that Tigger energy. He has bleached Justin Timberlake "ramen" hair, based on the bleaching decision alone I don't think he's a strategic mastermind. I think he likes her but not her manipulations and moodiness, which for whatever reason seemed to be suppressed for a few days and now they're back. So instead of doubling down on them in like Connor did, he's spreading out. Is the reason Mac is upset because she thinks she was played? Or is it that she's worried about what America thinks of her? Maybe it's true that Jalen played her, but only Jalen knows and he seems to be straightforward (albeit blunt) with her.
  14. I get that she was hurt, those are her feelings, she’s allowed to have them. But Jalen was not saying mean things. He was being honest about his experience. Just because it upset you doesn’t make it mean. They are two different things. What was it she said to James: Take responsibility for your actions. And we all saw it too. She seemed cool for 3 days, then back to how she was. I also don’t see that he wasn’t listening to her. Oh right, She thinks listening means agreeing. Like, Never mind. Whatever. Caleb. That pink and red matchy bandana print outfit should be wrong, like your auntie made it from the discount bin at Joann’s after Halloween, but somehow you made it work. S l o w c l a p
  15. I thought I would have more to say since so much happened this episode, but somehow I Just feel *shrug*. But maybe that’s just the week + of smoke cutting oxygen to my brain. Few thoughts: I still don’t see much chemistry between Justine and Caleb but they seem like decent enough people. The level-headed therapists. Mack needs too much emotional feeding. She’s exhausting. I almost clapped when BSB called Carrington out on his speech at the recoupling. Not that I thought his speech was shocking, but it was “low key” paternalistic and condescending. And he didn’t need to play along with the producers with the delayed staircase move. Maybe he didn’t realize, they could’ve hid it from them by spacing it out between Calvin and him. But since it was Calvin calling him out I’m inclined to believe he was in on it. Carrington plays dumb/ignorant when it serves him and that’s a trait I really dislike. Add it to the list with that guy. I looked at her model work and while she leans more “catalog” and advertising vs high fashion she has a pretty diverse portfolio of looks with makeup and styling. Generic white woman wholesomeness. And yes I judge but at least she’s a real working model, not an IG model like most reality folks (ahem Mackenzie) She isn’t the smartest, but I do feel for her in her aha moment that all the guys kinda suck.
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