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  1. So when you date Peter, you have a choice of 3 dates: shopping, contact sports or flying. Maybe with a dash of bad country music. Whoop dee doo. I don't want to make it sound like I'm defending Victoria, but if that was me and I was taken to a show of some guy I had a ONS with, I'd be awkward too and feel a duped by producers. Plus if you don't know the guy that well, you may not want to admit to one night stands so soon in a relationship (or ever because noneofyourbusiness), let alone on TV. Oh and UNC Chapel Hill folks, backstage when Chase is talking to Victoria he's drinking out of a He's Not Here cup.
  2. That is f-ing brilliant. 🙂 No wonder I love them so much. I didn't know Mel & Sue did that, but you can absolutely tell the contestants on GBBO really liked them and they in turn were actually moved when they had to eliminate a baker. That's why I don't think Spice & Spice spend that much time with the bakers.
  3. Fair point. But does it happen and they don't show it? Or it doesn't happen because they can't show it? Or it just doesn't happen.
  4. My intergalactic gangster favorite: "Marscapone" I have liked both sets of hosts on GBBO - Mel & Sue and Noel & Sandy. And I went into the British reboot very sore about Mel & Sue being gone and I've been charmed by Noel & Sandy. But the American version hosts have always been somehow annoying AND forgettable. What I notice about GBBO that I don't see as much on this version is the interaction of the hosts with the bakers. On GBBO they make the rounds while baking and provide the bakers comic relief and encouragement. I love that. Here, there's none of it. These hosts only do the review rounds with the judges and yell out time left. They're not with the bakers, and that's a loss. It does come off that they're too good to hang with the contestants. Dana's flavors and complexity were more appealing to me than Brother Andrew's - so I was hoping for her win, but Andrew did well. Putting aside the constant crossing himself, Andrew did seem like a very nice guy. You'd hope so, he is a Friar but still - leave it to reality tv to find the one friar on the planet who is "not here to make friends" or whatever. The semi-final opera cake and the final technical were too similar to me. I thought I fell asleep.
  5. I agree. I've been thinking about this too. I wonder if the thinking was that everyone knows there are going to be lots of suits, men's dress shirts and jeans at Goodwill. So from a time standpoint you can plan on them (since they had to design in the van). Versus designing something and hoping you can find stretchy black sequins or something gauzy and maybe striking out? Wonder if the brief said she liked suits and denim?
  6. responding to Did some IMDB investigating... Heidi was an Exec Producer on the show from it's start in 2004-2017 (not every single episode but almost all of them) and Karlie is an EP now in the 2.0 version. So they are and were more than just hosts. EP can mean a lot of different things, levels of involvement (sometimes it's name cred, other times it's $, most often I think it means they are actually making the show come to be) so I'm told by people in the biz, but it is definitely more than the hired help. To compare, in the new reboot, Nina is a consulting producer and Brandon is an associate producer. Nina isn't listed with any kind of producer credit in the 2004-2017 shows. Oh, I didn't think they were just using the design, I think she actually wore the physical item made by the designer so it had to fit her. Thus all the models had very close measurements to hers. I would hope so too! For a zero-waste challenge theme that would be super tacky to remake it out of other material.
  7. I recall, in a Tim Gunn interview he stated that they couldn't use double-sided tape, it was rule in the old version of the show. For reasons he said, something about that you can't tell the construction of the garment if it's taped to the body. (True, dat Tim. Don't defend the shoe!) The rule is evidenced by a "scandal" in Season 8 Episode 11 with Ivy and Michael where she accused him of cheating by using tape. https://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/819017/project-runway-recap-a-cheating-scandal/ https://ew.com/recap/project-runway-season-8-episode-11/ They must have changed this rule for this new reboot. I agree with Tim. It shouldn't be used. Where is the line drawn? Though from a production standpoint I can see the Show not wanting a boob to fall out or something, it probably makes the models more comfortable.
  8. During Bread Week, there was a weird/wrong voice over by Baby Spice that said kneading activates the yeast. Which is not how yeast works. Yeast is already active, or it's dead. (active dry yeast rehydrates in warm water , reawakens from it's dried sleep so to speak, but that has nothing to do with kneading really, for example - no knead bread, the yeast is still doing its thing. ) Also what "activates" yeast and by activate I assume they mean "causes a chemical reaction" is sugar. Whether it's sugar in the flour or added sugar to the dough - but um, whatever show. The casting application for the show mentioned commitment dates of July 30-August 24. The first week of cakes I was not impressed but the contestants are growing on me starting with bread week. I do think their flavor profiles aren't as interesting as what you see on the UK show and the level of difficulty doesn't seem quite as hard BUT the times are quite short.
  9. He also punched the chair/bench so I think he was physically hurting because of that. When he was sitting on the couch rubbing his arm that's why, he didn't look that deep in thought. The couch wailing was hard to watch. That said, and TV can be misleading, but I don't see a lot of depth in that guy. I believe he's hurting, but I don't think he's enough in touch with his emotions to know why. It's telling that Ashley said she'd never been kissed like Ben kissed her. Casey only gives her pecks. Really? Oof girl you have been missing out then. She's young but i've enjoyed seeing her grow in confidence and mature. The tempter girls commenting about David/Tonata talking about spinach and being boring together was hilarious especially when they then got pooped on by a bird. Funny. David keeps saying he and Toenata have deep talks but either they haven't aired them or I have a different understanding of what deep means. Rick & Ashley should not remain a couple. I think it made Ashley temporarily feel better to cheat on him but once they were evened up on that count... you have to look at what there is. They both seem exhausted by their relationship. Both Ashley & Rick connected with kind of awful tempters which I hope doesn't obscure how they see things. Esonica is gorgeous, smart. I don't see what she sees in Gavin. He seems kinda basic (as they say).
  10. Over in the episode threads there's much talk about work on faces, specifically Caelynn but seriously whoa Whoa WHOA what on EARTH happened to Becca Tilley's face?
  11. Sad thing is, even with the text message drama IRL, I don’t think it’ll stop him from hooking up with the ladies. His pity game is strong. On TV it looks absurd but in a weird way I could see it being effective in person. And a lot of women are drawn to men who need healing. (Speaking of those texts, I listen to a podcast that has nothing to do with this stupid show, it’s about content marketing, it’s pretty nerdy. Anyway, they mentioned the texts re Caelynn and Blake. They got the context and nuance wrong because they don’t watch the show - but they still knew about them. What a legacy. )
  12. He may sound like Shaggy but he’s all Fred.
  13. Was there music? Haha! I just know he said he was the “least dramatic person EVER.” Sure Blake, sure you are.
  14. "You have a podcast" is the new here for the wrong reasons? The Blake drama montage was hilarious!
  15. What work did she have done? Anyone else notice Demi's makeup's been a lot different now that Christian is there? The cheekbone bronzer line thing is way more noticeable than last week. ETA: I was reading up on reddit and they think lip & cheek injections. Plus veneers. I see that. I guess I still consider "work" to be knife not needle but that's just me.
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