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  1. Chris Harrison? Ba dum dum. 🥁 I’m not excusing their behavior but maybe it’s because they’re a bit older. At least Joe is 35. Also he’s been in the show before so he “knows the rules”. Riley is 30ish but he’s a lawyer so, if he’s like any of my friends who are lawyers, then he loves to argue (and win said argument). Playing their parts.
  2. A secondary reason I watch this type of reality tv, is paying attention to how reality tv evolves. It's always very interesting to me when the production process seeps into the storyline. Whether it's Colton jumping the fence, or Ari deciding to dump Becca on camera (when he could have easily done it before), the producer jumping off the balcony etc. Now we're at the phase where social media & clout are another component, along with the bachelor nation sub-economy of sampler boxes, teas and gummies. No one would watch this show if it was just pretty people talking about their social
  3. It’s like they found the pitchforks and sharpened them up but wanted to practice on a smaller kill first. Neither Chris or Alana made it past the first night of their seasons. In the bachelor world they’re lesser. Easier to pick them off even though it’s essentially the same behavior. Target practice. As Joe said, there are a few rules to BIP . One of the unsaid rules is to make a small attempt to obscure your famewhoring. Blake’s antics from stagecoach seem like such simp’ler times.
  4. Too. Much. Karl. That chocolate cake looked pretty good actually, was a loss. I’d be pissed too. Mari! Aaron: Tammy is the girl I’m laser-focused on (which is why I don’t hang out with her at all, I’d rather chill with my bro’s).
  5. This is from many pages ago but I'm catching up on The Bitchin' here. ;) Yes! Her show was weirdly sexual. And back then FN was more conservative and one note and than it is now (now it's 2ish notes). Didn't she use the word "naughty" a lot? I certainly understand that there can be overlap in language between sexy things and food but yes, it was bizarre. I prefer them in the studio. Maybe I have no soul but I wasn't into the family cameos, especially the kids. If I wanted to watch a kids cooking show, I would, but I don't. We already get the "untrained" perspective from Sunny -- w
  6. That was hilarious! I thought I heard her say Joni Mitchell but regardless, I was loving every second. I liked all of the finalists, even Kara. Karas techniques and Medium/media are a mystery to me so that’s why it was hard to really relate to her. I don’t remember anything she did that struck me as, oh I could do that at home! But her creativity and ideas are amazing. Adam was probably my favorite overall due to the up-cycling, plus his midcentury and Japanese design influences also are things I love. His ramen shop was one of my fave crafts of the show. But Chelsea and Me
  7. . I usually like the cynical family member who questions the process and pokes holes in all the lovey dovey stuff. This premise is so absurd, that healthy skepticism is a good thing. But they took it to a different level, and all I saw was pain. And yes, may be justified, I don’t know their situation, but if you’re Katie, I think it might be hard to feel love and show love, if that’s who your love role models were. I’m a 85% wrong reasons watcher I swear, but sometimes the humanity of it gets to me.
  8. As a pair I think they work. Tayshia is more sincere, poised, Kaitlin is silly, wacky, a bit blunt. I think their personalities balance and just one or the other might swing boring or goofy. Also double the fashion! Aunt Lindsay — who hurt you? Oof.
  9. Clapping upon Cocky Cash's elimination... Andre is the voice of my people. My interpretation of the clap, was that Andre was clapping FOR Cash. Like great job, sad to see you go clap. Thinking soccer, and he is a soccer player, how when an injured player has to leave the pitch, but gets up and limps off, after playing their hardest. Fans clap in support. That kind of thing. Anyone else? However clapping in America has a different meaning, and slow clap means something else too. I think it’s a cultural misunderstanding but damn it was funny!
  10. I agree. I finally figured out she reminds me of a young Kelly Mcgillis (top gun). Charlie doesn’t seem to talk much but everything I’ve heard him say is right on. He speeketh the truth. Calling out social media, everything with Cash, not telling Olivia what is meant for Cash. I’m with you all who also really liked Cash and thought Cinco leaving would allow her to move on in a good way. Nope. im not caught up yet in episodes but I’m so sorry to read about Josh’s sister. How awful.
  11. The way Olivia is allowed to treat her brother is appalling. Yes he’s a bit quirky but geez. That said, It’s completely on Quinn that his tech got ruined. Theyre called tides dude, and it’s pretty easy to tell where tides reach on a beach. I agree that Nicole might be one of those execs who give lip service to taking vacations (because she’s on her laptop a lot writing emails and such). But I think there’s another component to the zoom with China issue, and that’s based in my experience where there’s cultural differences between American offices and Chinese offices even within the same gl
  12. After 2 years, the Pod Squad gets ready and reunites for couples’ anniversaries sharing personal updates — and dissecting drama— along the way. Air date: July 28, 2021
  13. I liked it too. thought it looked great on her figure. And will look even better once fitted to her. Hope they do a follow up so we can see her dress and what she ultimately choose for hair accessories. Does anyone know for larger busted women what kind of undergarments they would use on that type of dress? This is that dress, which looks very different on the designer model. https://www.pronovias.com/wedding-dress-a-line-v-neckline-long-sleeved-meredith
  14. Yes. There’s a Gum Wall in the Pike Place Market area. It’s gross, but it’s a pretty well-known tourist spot. Tthose poor production assistants! Why are you there Brendan? To almost break the 4th wall! So close.
  15. I’ve hoped for years that a super fan would be on the show. Then it ends up being Hunter? Yuck. My guess is that he’s a Reddit guy FWIW. The master of domain Wowo challenge is so stupid. Kaitlins face is so different now from when she was dating / engaged to Shawn, she’s basically a different person, in pictures at least.
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