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    S15.E07: Week 7

    The only tiny benefit to Luke still being on this show is to illustrate to people how gaslighting controlling men operate. And hopefully that helps others identify it earlier than Hannah has apparently been able to. Maybe it’ll help awaken someone by witnessing it with other people. I feel zero ounces of pity for that holier than thou controlling asshole.
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    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Haha! Amen. Mike J. seems sincere and I do think it's about time they get a male lead of color. That said, they'd be fools not to to ask Tyler to be Bach if he's not F1. It's only because he's hot but I too am following Tyler on Instagram and yeah, he's actually pretty funny. And i'm not making excuses because he's hot, i didn't think the football metaphors were all that on the show. Point is, there's personality we're not seeing. It's the Hannah G. edit (hot , chemistry with lead, but with a personality they're not showing).
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    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    Love! If it was me I'd do sort of a Survivor-style challenge where there's a physical challenge but then a puzzle at the end. You learn a lot about people! I'd also starve them with only rice to eat for a few days beforehand. (Just kidding on the last part.)
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    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    This is so right on. In my head i've chalked up her behavior to being young but not all women her age fall into this so it's not that. I think we're literally seeing her struggle with what she's been groomed/conditioned to want (via pageants, southern upbringing, everywhere like such as .etc.) and what she wants. She's still figuring it out. I'm on the Tyler train for sure, i love that vintagey look and he does seem calming to her. I will say that one thing that bugs me is that he puts his arm around Hannah's neck a lot. And it sort of looks like it's uncomfortable! And/or he's about to give her a noogie (not sure how to spell that but when you take your knuckle and rub it on someone's head).
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    The Bachelor in the Media

    Ari is the real estate agent on tonight's episode of House Hunters International S142Ep1 - called Amsterdam will you accept this rose?
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    S15.E02: Week 2

    Did anyone else notice after Hannah ‘s makeout session with Luke it looked like some of the makeup on her nose was rubbed off? (It happens, no biggie). BUT I was surprised there wasn’t a touch up because the entire rest of the show/night I could not stop staring at her shiny red nose. I’m enjoying her lack of poise. Also enjoying that you guys have named Tyler C , Sleepy Tyler. Lol. Lastly, I think Jed looks a bit like Dylan McKay era Luke Perry (RIP).
  7. Why do her cheeks look black? I’m so confused. I don’t really wear makeup so how does this happen? ETA it also looks like the shot glass backdrop is slowly drooping. The budg for this show is loooooow.
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    Restored by the Fords

    Now that I've watched more than 3 episodes, in fact watching everything available (avoiding doing my taxes) I have some thoughts. - I do like most of the work on anything Mid-century to present. Specifically the 70s and 80s homes. - I don't hate the black exteriors because I see how it can accentuate the shapes of the house. That said, it snows in Pittsburgh, they have winters. When that green is gone and it's just bare trees, that's a very dark house. So yes, maybe a pop of color somewhere? The door? The 70s era house with the blended family cried for a pop of color or white on the front door, to me. Just making it gloss black wasn't enough. That black kitchen also seemed really dark. But I loved the living room. - The Victorian homes I don't really love. Especially the one that has all that beautiful woodwork. To me it those details clash with her look. That said, seems like they don't tend to paint over wood trim unless it's already been painted over. So that's a plus? - The midcentury with the pool that was in 2 episodes? The black pool seriously creeped me out but maybe it looks different in person. She's definitely got a look. The houses on the show do seem to have a little more variety than whats is in Waco. I liked Fixer Upper but gutting ranch homes can get boring, on this show what they start with varies a little more.
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    Restored by the Fords

    This show is in its second season now but I'm only starting to watch it now. The houses have variety which is nice. So far I've watched Midcentury, 80s, Early 1900s etc. They definitely have a design style which revolves around wood and white with touches of black, which I dig. The construction looks well done. I like Leanne's personal (clothing) style a lot, I covet her wardrobe.
  10. Discuss Restored by the Fords Here! Brother-and-sister Leanne Ford and Steve Ford renovate homes. On HGTV.
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    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Yeah. There are two issues in play, the shape of the models and whether or not they're good walkers. Kate is larger/curvier and doesn't walk well. Last season Lyris was a great walker BUT she didn't win any challenges. She was in the top a lot which I give credit to her and not necessarily the designs, both that Brandon crop top and the faux fur dress? Uh yeah. All her selling it. Monique (of flower dress win) won 2. I know someone said upthread that clothes look better/more expensive on thinner models and i do not agree. I do think that it's easier to design for a thinner model because there aren't as many differences in curves that you have to accomodate. The first thing i ever sewed was a tube skirt out of plain cotton woven with an elastic waist and it looked good on me because i was 10 and had no curves. Now I have a dress form and I ended up padding it to my specific measurements (a friend of mine is a wedding dress designer and taught me that trick) because the adjustable settings only got me part of the way there. With adjustable dress forms (or at least the one i could afford ) it makes everything bigger in order to meet a measurement- having a large bust measurement doesn't mean my back is wide, but it might for someone else with the same measurement. Curves add complexity, is my point. And these designers should have the skills to know how to design for curves. I saw the curling as well, you could see the hem coming down, like she didn't even tack it? I still like the design for some reason (probs bc i like gingham, darnit) but it was NOT well sewn. I know 2 people with the last name Sunshine (not related to each other). Not a common surname but in my world it's not that rare.
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    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I will be curious to see if this season, any design modeled by a larger model wins. And that’s because I think Nina has a bias and/or a certain way she thinks larger women should dress. But I hope I’m wrong. Hester is draining. I do appreciate her quirky style. I’m sure there’s another side to her fashion school story. Maybe I’m sheltered but I’ve never heard of someone being kicked out of school just for being extra. That said her outfit was fun. I could see her crappy hems but I liked the idea. Sebastian is amazing. And I’m glad he’s also able to talk about his experience in the US. loved all the camo this episode! Bring it!
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    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Anyone else get the ad for cat food right after the fantasy suite segment where the cat's name is Cassie? "Here's what I want for Cassie's food...wholesome ingredients..." I have same rugby shirt as Seth Rogan. OMG this show and season have been so boring. Punctuated by a very cool fence jump, but still. Here's the thing. For me I think I just prefer slightly older contestants that also aren't quite as religious. Nothing wrong with either, being young or religious, obviously, it's just more interesting to me. I worry that the men on Hannah B's upcoming seasons are going to be wrong reasons guys. She's cute but I don't know if she's just a series of quirks. I think the last few seasons they've done better at casting men with real jobs and not just pharma sales or personal trainers, I worry we're going backwards. ETA and by "worry" I don't actually mean real worry. Just clarifying.
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    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    I didn’t rewatch it to catch her precise wording but Anne said this challenge was the first where they made clothes out of other clothes? Not true. season one (ep 7 thanks reddit!) they went to a thrift store and made IIRC futuristic outfits. I really loved that challenge. I like Dimitri but his prairie looks feel so dated to me due to that look being so big last year. Fall 2017 ish. I hope he’s past it by now. Like, take the ruffle foot off the machine pls. Michele’s simple shapes that she makes interesting with fabrication appeal to me, But that’s how I dress. At least 80% of the dresses I own are a form of a shirtdress in different colors or textures.
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    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Was there a sale on colored lace or something? I understand why Sonny was eliminated but I recall other instances in PR history where someone took a different interpretation of the challenge and didn't get let go. Maybe he didn't defend it very well? I hated Sean's look. The purple dangly bits were reminiscent of pasties.