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  1. That is awful ChiCricket. My condolences to you and his entire family.
  2. ChiCricket I am a big ole heathen...come sit next to me. I think it's okay to believe in God, Allah, whoever, whatever trips your trigger. It's just as okay to be full fledged non believer and still wish people well. I do roll my eyes at the God will protect us bullshit myself - because really, if God made us in his/her image and gave us a brain to think with, then it's up to us to protect and take care of ourselves, and not rely on him/her to do the job for us. We are perfectly capable of that shit all on our own. I hit Target early in the AM - seems to be the best time to get anything there, they still open at 8AM and I was there at 9AM. the TP/paper towels were about half gone thru, so even though I'm beat as hell right now and turning in shortly it was worth getting up for.
  3. I'm lucky, I've worked from home exclusively for several years so I've had no transitions to make. I did crawl out of bed early this morning so I could continue my search for paper towels. I had wanted to try out the Dollar General near us as I know the supply trucks hit twice a day, early AM and then early afternoon. I got there too early and they weren't open, so just to satisfy my curiosity I went on to Target. They did have quite a few paper towels, both their brand and Bounty, so I picked up the one limit they are allowing and home I came. I guess it is all a matter of getting into places right when they open. I encountered a very nice man in the aisle at Target who thanked me for saying good morning back to him - and yes we socially distanced while yapping. He told me he was set to retire from being in security at a local school district but didn't know now due to the schools being closed, as they have no plans yet in my part of Illinois as to when they are going back if at all. We both commiserated for the class of 2020, no prom, no senior skip day, and it's likely no grad ceremony, unless school districts hold something in the fall before school starts for the incoming year. I commented to him (as I had here elsewhere) that people look so worried and preoccupied...and will for quite some time.
  4. Yes! It's a lovely documentary, well worth the viewing. It was lovely of TC to devote a challenge to him. I'm back in full watch mode after using the last couple of seasons as just background noise and not caring much about who won or lost. So far I'd like to see any combo of Gregory, Kevin, Brian V and Nini make it to the end. I really didn't need to see Jen again, or Malarkey.
  5. I'm so sorry for your nephew ChiCricket. Sending healing thoughts his way, and to all of our loved ones affected. Had a check up appointment the other day - got greeted at the door with a very masked up and gloved nurse who took my temp (97.7) and then the doctor's nurse also took my temp and I had to answer all the questions (how are you feeling, have you been exposed, have you been out of the country) three times. I have seen online people complaining about all this and I say wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? Or be infecting a child or some random elderly person? My husband though is driving me nutty. Mr Malotte and I are on two totally different sides of the political fence and it's grating, more so because he's been home and I am subjected to it constantly. He listens to a shitload of conspiracy nuts on YT and elsewhere and is totally convinced it isn't as bad as they say it is. I think he's pissed because he's had to file for unemployment (not really, I did everything online) and he's pissed that the restaurants are closed and he can't sit and have coffee with his buddies, and he's pissed that the salons and such are closed. He's pissed over stupid shit and unfortunately I get to hear it all. I had enough last night, showed him the Johns Hopkins Corona map, and told him that I highly doubt that the liberal snowflakes only are running that webpage, and how many bodies exactly would be enough for him to believe? He's been a little quieter since. I almost wish one of his siblings or work friends or myself would come down with it just to prove to him that it's really really real. I mean not really, but damn! I swear, he wasn't like this when we got spliced.
  6. Anyone heard from Happyfatchick? I think per the profile the last time she posted was October of 2019. Been awhile. I'm watching that NF series as well magpye29 - it's okay so far but I did fast forward thru a couple of bits. I am going to try and catch up on some series that I just haven't had either time to watch or got lazy about and left half way thru. Sometimes I find if I've got way too much other crap going on in the back of my mind I can't truly concentrate or enjoy a show. Reorganizing and going thru a couple of the kitchen cabinets is a wonderful thing...all the junk you can get rid of. I'm very ashamed of a couple of expiration dates on cans I found.
  7. Hope everybody hangs in there. Keep posting if it helps your sanity. I had to go get labs done early Friday morning as I have a routine visit on Tuesday. The lab station is right off the quick care/immediate care check in and waiting area. Totally empty except for two people sitting and another lady standing ahead of me for labs. The radiology area was empty as well. I think the only other time I've seen that particular area that cleared out was after 9/11, when it seemed that everything just stopped for those few days. I can remember when my mom told me about how their town basically shut down to receive polio vaccinations, and then when John F Kennedy was shot how quiet it was. When we hit the grocery store yesterday it was packed, lines were long, but everyone was nice. What struck me though is how worried people looked. Not to the point of hysteria mind you but that 'my mind is occupied elsewhere' worried look. I think so many of us have either elderly friends and relatives plus family with compromised immune systems and illnesses it's hard not to be.
  8. I just got Mr Malotte signed up for his unemployment - it's not much but it'll take care of groceries and maybe a utility bill or two. Since this is my last decent payday of his I got the last of Mini Malotte's hospital bills taken care of so other than a car insurance payment or two we should be treading water. Hopefully anyway, I'm going to stay optimistic. I did find it interesting that there was a question on the application about if the job in question was a layoff due to the Covid 19. Having checked yes to that it seems like he won't have to jump thru any hoops. I think anyway, I mean this is the state of Illinois I live in, picture my eyes rolling upward and hitting the ceiling. I can recommend Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme and Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve for those of you with overdry hands. Both work wonders for me.
  9. I had my MRI needle biopsy appointment kept...sort of. Got there at 8AM, had a luscious helping of Lorazepam, and they took me back promptly at 8:15 for the fun to begin. Did the usual stuff, had a lovely PA go over the procedure again, more detail since she could actually draw out things for me to see. Pill is starting to work, I'm IV'ed and then it's saddle up onto the magnetic tube. Now I've done this before without the biopsy so I at least knew what that would be like. Supposedly the first pass is like six minutes - but I was in there eight to ten - then the muffled voice said something about another eight minutes. Fine and dandy I'm relaxed, so what, no big deal...then I hear them say well we are cutting this short so we'll be in there in a minute. Come to find out this spot that was found on the original MRI is way interior in my breast, just this tiny spot, so the radiology doc says there's no way they can needle biopsy it. However, in looking over the new scans he says that while he understood why the findings on the first led to an ultrasound and need for further review he didn't think I had anything to worry about, there's nothing suspicious, that my doc may want to follow up with another regular MRI a year or so from now. He talked to me quite a while so I was really finally put at ease. So now I'm at a way more peaceful place...it's been a hellish three months getting all of this going, getting precertifications in place, making appointments, at the same time dealing with my dad and his various complications, and the usual family stuff. Working from home....I'm lucky, I've been doing it for years now. I hate being in the office. Now granted, it's with customer care so we can work solitary, and our work provides the equipment, we provide the internet. Good luck to those of you doing it for the first time, but I guarantee it'll get better. I've got to try and figure out the State of Illinois website for claiming unemployment for the spouse, we've never done it before. Should be a trip! Best of luck to your nephew too ChiCricket, hope he's recovering soon.
  10. Mini Malotte and I went to the salon today, and I'm glad we did - it's a teaching salon, and they may close for two weeks as the high schoolers they have as pupils are going to be out, so since regular school is suspended, so it follows for them. They are meeting Monday for a final decision. I did notice it was very quiet in there, not a lot of clients, or maybe a steady amount but not as busy as it usually is. I only saw two of the regulars in there that I encounter when I make a Saturday visit , the usual crowd of older gals getting their roller sets done were nowhere to be seen, though my student said a couple were in earlier than us. Didn't stop at any stores today, parking lots were full up in the places we drove by. Husband did make a stop at one and picked up a couple of items, said it was busy but not as bad as Friday. I think people may calm down mid week some, but it's also gonna depend on how many new cases/deaths we see reported in the news.
  11. My husband will be off work, since he's a school bus driver. Thanks a lot coronavirus. Though this is a ripe opportunity for him to finish a few things around the homestead. I can't even imagine how it is for some poor single parent that now has to scramble to find child care for their children who won't be in school, and pay for it. That's who I feel sorry for, along with people that have compromised systems due to illness or age.
  12. Supposedly the Sam's Club in my town is closed because they've reached their customer limit. I'm just hoping that my MRI for next Thursday doesn't get cancelled.
  13. Word to Geoffrey - love ya dude, I appreciated the collection as a whole. Please take some of your winnings and get some anti-anxiety meds. The super econo size.
  14. What a beauty floofy boy Charlie was Scarlett45 - I'm glad you got to bring him home and have his last days be as comfortable as possible. Lots of love to you from myself as well as Yuki, Rhaego, Oliver Hardy and Tarzan Charlie, the Malotte kattery.
  15. Oh Scarlett45 I'm so so sorry about your kitty. It's an understatement to say it's a difficult time, but give yourself a hug from me, and give Charlie a good head scratch and massage from me as well. lookeyloo I'm sending good thoughts to your son, and to you as well. I can attest that my Aldi has lots of bleach wipes but there's very little hand sanitizer. We've had cases in Illinois but nothing creeping into my county yet. Yet. I'm no fearmonger but there's just something different about this one. I hope the cases dwindle down sooner rather than later. Stay inside Evs! My next fun time is a needle biopsy of the breast from MRI - I had an MRI done recently and they saw something, but aren't sure what exactly it is, though the doctor seems to think it's just a wayward lymph node. Being very claustrophobic I had to have an anti anxiety pill before the initial MRI which I assure you is not a fun time though it sounds as if the brain MRI is no treat either. I'm asking for a higher dosage of fun this time around, though it sounds as if it's a bit easier, you aren't left in the MRI machine as long. I'm not googling it because I don't want to ramp up or enhance any of my pre-anxiety that I'm having. It really is always something.
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