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  1. And in your tacky comment of the day department...well now we know their sex life isn't that great. She's not worrying obviously about wall banging good times if she's sticking plants on shelves.
  2. Every damn time I am at our county's website the times are all taken, and they are all morning anyway when I am working, which sucks. I have an appointment with my regular doc this week so maybe I can wheedle one out of them.
  3. Is anyone watching tonight? I know I'll be flipping thru this and a couple of other shows. I'm not so invested in the SAG awards like I am the Oscars, but it's still fun. Or as much fun as you can have during a pandemic.
  4. I liked it, wasn't what I was expecting at first, and yeah Matthew Modine...he's only seven years older than me, and no we ain't getting any younger, but he is def a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully most of that was for this role. Frankly I think the parents should have been fined what they paid out in bribes, they could certainly afford it. Then those fines could have been given to various junior colleges and smaller schools for scholarships. I know education is pricey as hell now but sheesh, think how many other deserving children could go for the total amount of bribes tha
  5. Basically dude sold his daughter to a high bidder. Sickening.
  6. No matter the age when our kids are in the hospital it's always stressful - good thoughts to him for a quick recovery GeeGolly. A day or two inpatient or observation is a good thing, he'll be monitored closely. I also hate when people are sent home too soon. After being inpatient for a hysterectomy I don't know how women have it done outpatient and go home after. Please keep us updated on how he's doing. I had my annual OBGYN feel ya up visit this past week, and am now on the Zoloft side of the street. It's low dosage and my first real constant happy pill other than the fun stuff I too
  7. Yeah, I agree with this. There are a lot of angry people out there that have a lot of spare time on their hands (pandemic lay offs for one) and will channel that angry energy with others of the same head space. It's the same for people of all kinds, if you quilt you might join a FB group or two for quilters. Some have seized on one little odd bit of offbeat or conspiracy theory and thought they'd connect the dots together. What they don't realize is there's no picture left when you draw those lines, it won't make anything visible, but they keep adding and adding waiting for an image that
  8. While of course I love Mini Malotte, I'm so happy that she moved out and got on with her life. And I love love love how quiet it is now! I love that I can play my music when I want really loud, and not get yelled at that she's on the phone or is trying to study or watch a movie. Or not have anything on at all...it's still and you can read with no distractions. It's heaven.
  9. Only if you add Plexus. Going back to Tim...I think if anyone is severely anything it's him, as with others here I agree he's definitely severely depressed. I'd worry that he'd be harming himself. He does strike me as knowing that something is very wrong with his life but that he doesn't know how to put those pieces together into any one-two-three order and have enough self worth to say screw it, I'm out. He just covers his thinking in bible verses and trying to please his parents. What a shame.
  10. The King is coming...Elvis is back from his island? What an idiot poseur he is.
  11. Me too - it would have a Chicago area marking. I've never changed Mom in my phone, it's the other dna donor of course calling, but I'll never change it. Jynnan come sit next to me, it'll be five years this April for my mom being gone and she's still trippin' me up. I don't know if I'm just feeling it because it's the five year mark or what, but she's been on my mind lately. Occasionally the offspring will help me clean over at my dad's and we were there recently, though I really can't account for 'clean' because every time we barely scratch the surface, and every time I leave I fee
  12. Holy shit...this is a huge field with a whole lotta rabbit holes. I can understand conspiracy stuff and what is appealing about it - but this is a whole other belief system which is sorely lacking in logical thinking.
  13. Not for long I'd bet. Poor girl. Jed! and Katey: Bibles, Bunkbeds, and Blessings To Follow
  14. rue721 congrats to you! Incredible news! So happy for you - good news is few and far between lately so it's extra extra special.
  15. It was odd, I got the first via direct deposit lickety split, then the last one via check. It was about three weeks from the time the IRS said that it was first in process to when I got the check. My daughter got hers today, last time when she got the $600 it took a long time, but she got that direct deposit. She never did get the first payment. I dunno about this third one, if we'll get skipped this time or what. I'd like to just stick it in the bank...of course after I get a new desk, and the husband gets a newfangled table saw set up. Pour it back into the economy! ETA - how the he
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