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  1. I really am enjoying the first two episodes. Spike Lee always has been good with his documentaries. I really don't know how people can protest hospital workers and first responders, and say that medical personel are lying about all this, but they do. Those are the people that should be made to work in a morgue. Ugh, can't say much more or I'll get a time out. Looking forward to tonight.
  2. Watched Roadrunner this weekend. Just reminded me how much I miss Bourdain. It's well done, and I'm glad it's not some by rote life celebration because he was more complicated than that. I guess it's just depressing period because we all know what happened.
  3. I'm sorry about your daughter's situation Mindthinkr, that can't be easy. Having good thoughts for her. EVS best news ever! Congrats on the remission! So happy for you! My freaking allergies are bonkers this summer. Most of it is from cleaning out the dirty dusty nasty basement, and the shredding of many boxes of receipts and old forms, the pitching of junk and all that, but it seems with the rain and heat of summer we've had lately has been no help. Had a day of vertigo on and off and finally went to the doc and got some lovely meds. But the basement is almost done, my upstairs
  4. Many years ago my mom dragged this punky alternative chickie to see the Everly Brothers in concert. It was that I didn't like them, but I had bought her the tickets for her and a friend, the friend at the last minute bailed and despite a nasty cold she stuffed me full of meds, and drove us both to the show in her beat up station wagon. Thank the higher powers she did because it was one of the best shows I've ever been to - and I've had tenth row for the Stones, sixth for U2, and been to more concerts in my youth than I'll ever remember. They were so special, very humble and sweet to the
  5. Looking forward to this. Already advised the husband this was our must watch show of the week.
  6. I dunno about that - the middle aged middle Americans in this house want some more variety in the coverage, Husband put on the Cubs game and is only occasionally flipping back over to the gymnastics and swimming. You lose NBC. Not that I can add anything further to the Biles conversation, but in keeping with NBC's shit coverage all I wanted to do was yank that fucking cameraman out of her face. Isn't there anything like a respectful distance? You could tell just from her body language she was off before she even started. I'm happy that she was brave enough to stop before she seriously
  7. I would like to thank the nations of Tonga and Vanuatu for their sacrifices to my eye candy obligations.
  8. ChiCricket I am so sorry for your loss. It was a good Sunday - actually a good weekend, though I didn't do much. Did take the blinds down in the kitchen and washed them, ugh what a dirty job, but it was my fault, I should have had them down sooner for cleaning. Mr Malotte had relented to my nagging/bitching/moaning about our basement and has probably cleared out at least the 70% that was his junk to get rid of. I'm actually proud of him. He's got a bit more to go thru, and really I went thru my crap too and now only have three or four of the 25 quart Hefty containers with my stuff to s
  9. Something that happens after you listen to Jeremy preach. The SM is just going to escalate with these two - gotta show McArthur he's got worth to stay in that free house.
  10. I have a very dumb question for our dog lovers out there...and apologize beforehand that's a dim one. Now they break out the categories for spaniels, to a full color, and tri color, and I think two color - but they don't do that for other breeds. When I was watching the great danes this afternoon there were a bunch of fawn colored ones, and then I noticed one that was sooooo gorgeous, a black and white moo cow spotted beauty. Why do they break out colors in some breeds and not all?
  11. It's that time again! I'm watching some of the best in breed judging online now, they have various areas set up outside. Just hope it's not too hot out for the dogs. Please don't let a poodle win this year.
  12. jjane I'm more sorry than I can say. She knew what love was, when she was with you. Hugs to you.
  13. Oh yeah the hell with that shit. Mine is getting texted shortly and will be told to dream up his own dinner tonight, I'm too damn tired. And I got just the romantic note to leave him this weeked - Paint the freaking front door already! In BOLD SHARPIE. Nothing says love like a man finishing his projects so his wife doesn't have live around them. We got spliced at the town hall - nobody but us, his cousin and wife, and the judge. Really it was a bargain for $25.00. Mom always said it costs more to undo it than to do it!
  14. A video and 65 images? Fuck you Josh... I know from our experts here (thanks for all your input BTW) that he won't spend probably as much time as he should in jail, but you know there's a special place in hell for him now. Or for the rest of his time on earth, that'll do. ETA - I know his lawyers are obligated to say it but I hate they are putting out there that he's not a danger to the community. Hell yes he is, and to children especially. I wouldn't trust any third party that he has found to stay with either.
  15. This is my favorite part of Spring, when the flowering trees are in bloom, and the others are starting to get fully leafed out. It's a beautiful transformation. The fresh cut grass smell! Opening the windows and letting the Winter air out...it's lovely. Of course, living in the Midwest it'll either snow tomorrow or have the highest temps with humidity on record.
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