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  1. Funny how she's screaming about freedom of speech (as well as the rest of the god botherers) but yet their children don't have the freedom to learn in a classroom or read about anything but how Jesus changed the dinosaur into wine. Oh wait...grape juice.
  2. ozziemom please accept my condolences.
  3. MonicaM - having good healing thoughts for your son. Please keep us updated. I just had a birthday myself and have been reflecting somewhat about the amount of history that I've witnessed over the past fifty some years. Moon shots and landings, vaguely remembering Woodstock on the news, elections and presidents dying and being in the Rotunda, Watergate, Reagan being shot, Lennon being shot, Tylenol scare, killer bees, SNL, MTV, the whole digital revolution...and then the past year? What a long strange trip it's been, that's for sure. For those of you in the DC area - please be safe. This is not going to end soon.
  4. I wish I liked this more, because the acting is so good. I've watched it twice now just to catch if I was missing anything...but it's just way too condensed. It needed to be six episodes.
  5. Sending your husband healing thoughts Zoomama - I'm sure it's incredibly frustrating to not know what's really going on. Good luck to you both.
  6. OMG those pups are so cute with their Xmas treats!!! Little darlings! Dagnabit! I got a card in the mail today from my mom's cousin and wife. They sent me the second thing I hate about the holidays (after my niece and her too many EotS pictures) - it's the dreaded Yearly Update. I hate these with the heat of a thousand suns! I should say this - if you are giving me a normal update about your life, hope everyone is well, well now that I can get behind. You know, like REGULAR people. But these two - they are like blonde Bobbsey twins who have had this charmed ass life and want to tell you ALL ABOUT IT. They are involved in their church, he does whatever consulting in his life long business that he made a killing at, she never had to work though I think she has here and there just for the 'fun' of it, their kids are wonderful, they have ex number of wonderful grandchildren....shit that makes me spit. I'm happy they have such a wonderful life, but damn it anyway the rest of us have struggles and don't want to hear about your plane, or your fabulous consulting whatever, or any of it. Half the time I think people that send out all this kind of news are really lacking in the confidence department, or need daily affirmations of how wonderful they are or their life is because behind the curtain their kids are just as screwed up as everybody else's are. I know, I should be happy for them, blah blah blah - I'm not responding to this card...yet. This couple though, when my mom died and grandma passed - nothing. No sympathy cards, nothing. But I get sent a card with this white wonder bread shit and it rankles me. I'm so tempted to FB the wife (we aren't friends) and pointedly say 'please don't send me your cards, I don't need them, I'll not see you again ever, your kids don't know who the hell I am, and my kid certainly doesn't give a shit who you are' and leave it at that. I don't want to hear from people even just once a year brag about themselves.
  7. Parasites indeed. I think they will be asked to leave soon enough. The rest of the members must be tired of feeding them at the weekly potluck. I said awhile back I bet some of the original congregants start wondering what hit them with this bunch of grifters. I think it probably starts with people feeling sorry for them, and trying to be good Christian types by donating to them and setting out the feed bags, but after a year or two of Jill's cloying keep sweet poor us act and the slow realization that Davey Boy doesn't work unless he has to - well they have to wonder what they got themselves into and will begin freeing themselves of Jill's plexus addled hold on them. One can hope anyway. Tacky as hell anyway - there's older people that could have had those front row seats instead of this crew.
  8. jcbrown - thinking of you and your sister. Not easy over the holidays or any other time of the year. I'm hoping that your dad has a quick and peaceful hospice journey. Ya know what I'm going to enjoy this holiday finally getting here and getting over with in a way - I'm effing sick of the Elf crap on the Shelf. I have a niece that is doing it for her child which is sweet but I DON'T need to see a zillion photos of it plastered on social media. Just a couple pictures, and call it a day. Her poor kid looks tortured after awhile because she makes him stand there and smile while she takes tons of pictures, and they are all the same! Why? Makes me happy that my kiddle was little before all this cell phone camera and social medial constant shit. My best wishes to you all during this holiday season. May we all have a much better and brighter new year.
  9. Just got this from the library yesterday, had to wait almost two months for it. So far so good but I'm only a couple of chapters deep.
  10. ARGGHHHHH - such a pet peeve of mine! I don't mind if the tv is on, but turn it down! It pisses me off to no end in my job as a customer rep to have people call in and the tv is BLARING in the background! How on earth can they hear me or themselves? And it's just polite to turn it down, at least give the illusion that you care about what I'm telling you. That's what I've kinda enjoyed about my husband working these weekends, the house is quiet - and if I want I can listen to my music without competition from his background noise crap. I do like podcasts, but tend to listen to the ones that are a companion to a program, like I'll Be Gone In The Dark or there's one called Foul Play where they delved into The Keepers - Who Killed Sister Cathy. Good to listen to while doing dishes or folding clothes or decorating.
  11. Hit a whole bunch of movies, at the theatre, with popcorn...without a mask.
  12. SunnyBebe please accept my condolences. It sounds like your cousin was a wonderful person. Hugs to you lookeyloo. There's no timer on grief, and no right way to grieve. Just know that you are cared for. It was a good weekend - my husband worked and I had the house allllllllllllll to myself. No football or any other sports or auto auction or home improvement pounding. He's working the next couple of weekends as well. It's not the money, of course that will be helpful, but it's the wonderful peace and quiet!
  13. I'm thankful to all of you here, even if I'm a day late on the holiday - thankful every day. It's nice to come and hang out and read what's going on with others, even if it's sad or grieving, because empathy can be virtual as well. I know if makes me feel better to have someone say 'I've been where you have been' or just even say 'I'm sorry' because it does help, and to do that for others in turn. I'm finally taking down the Halloween decor - yeah it was up too long but I so love Halloween. I think in Covid times we can indulge ourselves, it perks my day up to see glass pumpkins all over the place. I'm keeping one out on my desk, it's so pretty. Ministry was right, every day is Halloween!
  14. Obviously this lady had a LOT going on. I give the ex husband this, he was right when he said she was complicated. He might not be guilty of her murder but he's def guilty of something. I'd kinda like to know what type of business he's had going on in Europe. I must be living a sheltered life because I've never heard of gifting tables.
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