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  1. Trotting off to see if I can find said groups.
  2. See Jill got new flooring as well. I'm sure she didn't buy used hardwood flooring at a garage sale and then have Babe install it with a borrowed floor nailer like we did. But hey, I like to feed my kids and give them a good life unlike some people.
  3. Anyone know if he's still with his wife? Has she been stuck at home with him for the last couple of months?
  4. Ok, I really thought dad was going to drive away with the hatch open.
  5. So Lori drug this out for an extended period of time, essentially ruined a good thing with Hallmark along with her reputation, just to get sentenced to what she might have gotten if she had originally plead in the beginning?
  6. Brandy is resembling a bean bag chair with a head plopped on it
  7. I'm betting Brandy's weight gain came from alcohol and the munchies.
  8. Eating habit tonight is KFC honey bbq wings. Dr. Now would be so sad
  9. What is she done with????? She hasn't done anything to be done with.
  10. How precious. They got to touch the icing with their lips. No bites.
  11. Just a hunch, but I bet Chris has been checked out of this marriage for a long time.
  12. Cynthia's facial expressions remind me of my mother in law...............and that ain't good
  13. Did they ever say how long Dottie was gone?
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