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  1. Anyone know what's in Plexus? I don't think I've met anyone who sells it.
  2. Ok, at the risk of being tossed in the prayer closet........ I looked at the cake and my first thought was the horn looked like a dildo.
  3. If you really want Ree's merchandise, go to garage sales. I've seen quite a bit of it this year.
  4. Anyone else think Shrek is thinking, "If she's not gonna eat that, think anyone would notice if I stole it?" Just me?
  5. It's nice to see Abbie can dress in appropriate clothes for the activity. Unlike the Duggars and their oh so stylish swim clothes
  6. Ok, so what's the deal with the name Julie? One of Michelle's rivals of something.
  7. You would have thought the buyers would have had their own home inspection done before purchasing the home
  8. Aaron liked the dog better. He kept looking at the dog and not her cuddling up to him. LOL!
  9. Hi all. My eating habit is soon to be onion rings and shrimp.
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