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  1. I am really glad PR is back and I don’t have a problem with any of the regulars. But I do roll my eyes when the judges moan about “taste levels” or “juvenile” when wearing lace tablecloths and puffy pink sleeves. Brandon was brutal to Asma but it kind of made me laugh.
  2. Is Carnival the same line that used to use “Lust for Life”? Also extremely weird.
  3. I just noticed two days ago that it’s been added to my Comcast lineup. All I’ve seen so far is coverage of the Mark Sievers trial, and some video pertaining to the Kelsey Berreth case. I’m not super impressed with some of the commentary/filler during courtroom recesses; Vinnie what’s-his-face from the old Court TV and a couple of others sit around yakking and sometimes they get a little too giggly for my taste. They get a bit gleeful when mocking Mark Sievers and his buddies for some of their actions. I’m fine with them pointing things out and discussing them but I don’t like when it feels like the gravity of a murder gets lost in the process. I do appreciate having live trial coverage back on the air. If I weren’t lazily lying in bed, I would check the program listings and offer more info. Perhaps later 🙂
  4. I honestly feel that if anyone harmed my pets, I would lose my mind and find myself arrested for murder, or at least a damn good try. Even if it’s a situation where someone forgives because their beliefs require it or for their own peace of mind, it’s the biggest red flag there is, short of killing a person. RUN, for shit’s sake.
  5. I was way, way into the Stephanie Lazarus episode before I remembered the case from “Snapoed,” about a million years ago. This was much more in depth so I was interested to see it again. I can’t help feeling that LAPD suspected Stephanie and didn’t want to dig too deeply. I’m no detective and I immediately thought it was a fake robbery because the perp stole the victim’s car but didn’t bother to load up the the booty they’d gathered in the house. Am cracking up over “Dateline Reflex,” @TVbitch
  6. Thank you! I was thinking it started when they were 39 and I was losing my mind.
  7. I feel like my head is about to explode. Real-time Big 3 Life has only progressed 3 months since the series began? How in the name of God would that be possible?
  8. I think Meri does resent Robyn, but since she’s not “allowed” to be angry (various reasons but mainly not to annoy Kody), her anger has turned inward and become depression. I am not a psychiatrist but I play one on my phone.
  9. I felt very sorry for Michael’s mom; she seemed totally blindsided to learn of her son’s secret life. I also had a lot of questions about Jacob/grandma and that’s what got me googling. Maybe I’ll try again and just watch what I click! But I thought it was interesting that she said Jacob was handed to her the minute he was born and that was that. And she said it was the greatest day of her life and she finally got her boy. WTH? Wasn’t she happy when Jacob’s mom was born? So many questions. Was also surprised that Grandma didn’t get a bullet, too. That Berny seemed cold enough to do it.
  10. Did anyone see the “Shattered” episode about Jacob Langeworthy? I got curious and googled him to try to get more info about everyone, and YIKES. I found myself on some kind of white supremacist forum where they were talking about him. I couldn’t even dive in too deep, it was too gross. But it lent weight to the mom who talked about how the trial became all about race.
  11. I had forgotten, or never knew, some of that extra craziness after the Amy Fisher mess. Geez. One of the main things I do recall is that my mom took to answering the phone “Buttafuoco residence.” His ickiness was the gift that kept on giving for quite awhile. But I must have blocked out all that tabloid nonsense that followed. And I don’t remember that Amy had an accomplice. How about those 2, or was it 3, little psycho friends of her who were so nonchalant about how they were going to help kill Mary Jo but they couldn’t get a clear shot, or they shot and missed. Ho hum. Joey aged better than I would have expected. I wonder if he gets his hair straightened now, or if that old pubic-hair mullet of his was a perm.
  12. America’s Got Talent always has plenty of contestants from other countries, and until recently none of the judges were American, either. It used to crack me up. (Now that I think it it, maybe the judges were naturalized citizens. I’m too lazy to look it up 😃)
  13. This is exactly what immediately tipped me off, too. So stilted.
  14. If you’d like more detail on the South Hill Rapist, Fred “Kevin” Coe, you might like to read “Son” by Jack Olsen. Freaky family dynamic (surprise!) as well as more detail about the life Coe was living. I remember some years back, Coe was out of prison for some reason or other. It was proposed he live in Edmonds, WAshington, which is just down the road from me. I remember the sheer terror at the idea. I forget now why it didn’t some to pass but I’m sure the community outcry had some effect. Glad to know he’ll die on McNeill Island.
  15. I didn’t guess right away it was the wife, but then it clicked for me that I had seen this case on “Snapped” a few years back. “Freakofark” triggered my memory.
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