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  1. When I worked for Wells Fargo, a coworker got fired for an inappropriate party picture - taken at a WF-sponsored party at which they supplied the booze. It seemed wrong. When I was googling around looking for different face mask patterns I came across instructions for using LulaRoe stuff to make gaiters.
  2. Snapped said they got together in 1989 and also that they married in 1989 after several years of dating. The whole thing was pretty disappointing, IMO i really admired the portrayal on Dirty John of the prosecutor In Betty’s murder trials.
  3. I do find distance visits much more satisfying than video chats. We’re all super careful and stay distant, wear masks, etc but there’s still something special about seeing your dear one’s eyes and hearing their voice RIGHT THERE.
  4. If you’re still looking for “Until the Twelfth of Never,” check out thriftbooks.com. They have a new paperback version for just under $20. Also, today I was able to check out the ebook from my local library.
  5. I must say, Christian Slater’s smirk is perfection. You just want to slap his face clean off his head.
  6. It’s just astonishing what these dweebs can manage to con people into. Nothing can equal this mess but it does remind me of the crazy Gregg Olsen wrote about in his book “Twisted Faith.” Semi-creepy doughboy sets himself up as a spiritual authority and manipulates people like you cannot believe. It’s a great read, and the case has shown up on ID, though o can’t recall the exact show.
  7. Heck, my mom was born in 1926 and my dad in 1915. Not only would he never have made any such suggestion but if he had, she would have told him to shove it - literally. Women may not have had as many options in Betty’s heyday but they didn’t automatically have marriages in which they were doormats.
  8. Your husband is incorrect. Hold on tight to your dream!
  9. I’m not saying he didn’t need killin’ but I wish Betty had had better impulse control.
  10. Oh yes. Isn’t that the case where Dad, naturally, had a girlfriend, and when one of the daughters recounted this on screen she acted all giggly and “Dad! That’s not cool!” Ugh.
  11. It’s my husband’s dream in life to be the clueless frustrated consumer in a crappy commercial. The “has this ever happened to you?” guy. The guy who opens an upper cupboard and a huge cascade of unmatched Tupperware rains down. Or the one whose garden hose ties itself into knots while springing leaks everywhere. He practices a lot, trying to get that perfect balance of frustration and despair Last night I saw an ad for some magically indestructible garden hose. They SET IT ON FIRE to show its durability. Because you know that melting garden hoses are a big problem.
  12. Or like they’re about to reel off their web address, old style. I also don’t get the advantage of changing the name so that it’s more of a mouthful, no pun intended.
  13. Yeah, I despise the dad. He is awful. I dislike him more than Steven.
  14. My brother and sister have finally embarked upon their own lives and so I’m all alone now and I thought we were going to do this weight-loss journey together and so I have to quit the program. JFC.
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