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  1. I think Sergio can tell people don’t like him but I also think he’s convinced they’re just jellus haterz. I am extremely over the hi-lo skirts. They’re mullets. In fact the designers who come up with them should style their “girls” in mullets for consistency and sit back and watch the judges’ heads explode.
  2. One of my oldest and dearest friends is a very large woman - also not as large as Whitney but def large. We’re ancient now but I’ve seen her go through being bullied in junior high - until people got to know what a great person she is and I think, even at that age, kind of re-examined their prejudices as she ended up with many friends. She always looks a million bucks - she’s the kind of person whose shirts stay ironed all day (unlike me...). She has a big loving personality but is brilliant and full of fun and good humor and NOT a braying jackass. She can be bawdy but never crude or gross. She has a million friends. and she has been through some shit, include early childhood experiences that help explain her obesity (her family tends to be heavy anyway - and it’s not just learned behavior). and yes, there have been ups and downs with the weight, and various related challenges and worries. it’s a constant battle for her but she is active and has no real health issues. She’d rather be thin but she accepts herself without giving up or ignoring reality She was widowed with a newborn and a toddler and met that challenge by going back to school and getting a masters degree, followed by a successful career. She remarried long ago and together they raised the babies who are now grown with their own kids. Truly a big fat fabulous INSPIRING life.
  3. I agree about personal space and not forcing hugs but I think we’ve seen Victoria hugging people. So I can see why Dayoung would have thought it was OK. Victoria could have declined without biting her head off. It will be fun to see how she reacts if she gets aufed. Way to build a crappy rep for yourself in real life aren’t the challenges filmed day after day, one after another? If so, in real time Dayoung has been sick for a little over a week, I think? I hope it’s just a bug and she just needs some rest and hydration or something. She does look super pale and moist.
  4. Suddenly Sergio doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I loved Christian’s full-body reaction when Victoria declared she hates flowers.
  5. The worst part to me was when the lymphedema wept. Copiously.
  6. Because of this, I can’t help having a soft spot for Meri - despite everything else Since “legal” marriage doesn’t matter to them, it makes no sense for any of them to legally marry. if Kody just treated each of the women as “spiritual wives,” legally it would be the same as any dude with multiple baby mamas - and the police will never descend upon them again
  7. Just starting in the West Coast. Omg omg omg when he stands up he looks like a centaur. Nooooooo!!! girlfriend a-feared he’ll get mad if she disobeys=check we didn’t have much money but my dad worked for a hot-dog restaurant. I will admit his early life sounds like hell.
  8. The idea of the women being ungrateful because they’re not delighted with every aspect of their 1/4 marriages just makes me laugh. They want gifts? Maybe they (mistakenly, IMO) think it indicates that Kody gives a damn. They want money? Uh, Kody is not on that show by himself; they’re ALL earning the TLC money. I wish I could believe they each have direct access to their share of the payday. The kids dare to mourn lost friendships and other opportunities? Wow. Let’s not even try to feel some empathy. The great self-proclaimed god on earth must not be questioned or challenged! of course I cannot comprehend anything appealing about this lifestyle, especially since part of it is apparently to shame and break the spirits of any wife who dares to feel pain or jealousy. But if I somehow did decide to become a plyg, I’d sure hold out for someone kinder, more thoughtful, less ego-ridden, and smarter than Kody. And no way would I deal with that hair. The way this doofus completely explodes their lives every few years FOR NO REASON just showcases his selfishness and immaturity.
  9. Same. And they speed around instead of walking normally so they look extra busy. And they develop a grouchy look a la Kody so they’re less likely to be approached or challenged. despite all my bitching about this episode, I kind of can’t wait till next week. When are they going to have the fight about table scraps?
  10. Did it have a bedroom? I thought he presented it as a kind of convention center/event venue for the family. Ugh I bet one reason some wives are objecting is that they would all share an entrance to the home. What if they run into Kody exiting another wife’s quarters with a big smile on his face? Or Kody and the other wife, BOTH smiling that smile? No thanks.
  11. I would also love to know how much those plans cost. is all this dissension a preview of what their eternity will be like? Mmmm, SO much better than monogamy!
  12. I don’t know why I can’t quit this bunch. But I’m so irked with Kody. He creates all this unnecessary stress and pressure because of his ready-fire-aim approach to life. Then he has the nerve to bitch that he needs to get away from everyone sometimes because his life is just so hard. I’m surprised the wives didn’t go for his throat. he needs to be a much better and kinder husband and father. I wouldn’t want to share a house with him.
  13. DBM as I just almost made myself retch ... 😂
  14. Don’t feel bad; my brain is going all Investigation Discovery.
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