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  1. I love that they are more than side-hugging. Looks very normal. Good for Joy!
  2. At first glance I thought it was a skateboard drizzled with chocolate sauce.
  3. I’m sure you’re right, although they sure seem to see the Devil in everything else.
  4. No kidding. It’s exactly what Ted Bundy did before one of his escapes.
  5. Yeah, I don’t get these religions that will forgive every possible sin if you repent, but can’t forgive the honest mistake of having married a person who turned out to be a wrong choice.
  6. Thanks. I’ve rarely actually watched the show. I was thinking Jubilee happened before Josie.
  7. I wonder too. Michelle must have gone on BC after Josie…?
  8. Probably also because she has been told for years by Kody that she’s repulsive (maybe not in so many words) and she’s internalized it. She looks sad and awkward. Regardless of anything, he is a bastard to her and I wish she’d move on. Their thing is the very definition of toxic.
  9. Just as an aside, I must proclaim my undying love for Josh. I follow him on Twitter to the degree that he may think I’m a stalker LOL
  10. I’ve said this before but I don’t understand why it’s OK for her to be alone in her house with another male, let alone this disgusting perv. I thought their “religion” didn’t allow this. Aren’t they afraid she’ll tempt him or something?
  11. I hope so. That kind of love can be very deep, based on truly getting to know one another and not being overly dazzled by sexual attraction, etc. or, since the writers invoked “Dynasty” to such a degree, maybe next season will kick off with a nod to “Dallas,” as Madison wakes up to find Kevin getting out of the shower.
  12. We’ve already seen Toby acquire an office wife when he felt neglected. I can see him being susceptible to cheating on Kate.
  13. Anna’s current state of denial doesn’t surprise me. Josh’s other acts, while disgusting, sort of pale compared to the current charges. I can understand not being able to wrap one’s head around it; hell, I can hardly believe such things exist at all and I’m a lot older and a lot more worldly. She’s been convinced that prayer conquers all, and forgiveness is everything, and Josh has been cured. Now this. It’s going to take her some time to get there, and it certainly won’t happen before the trial. Technically, we’re all supposed to believe he’s innocent at this point (I know, I know...) Eve
  14. She may have issues around touching and being touched, thanks to her revolting pervert of a brother.
  15. All I can think of is, pray there’s never an earthquake (I live in the PNW and never put ANYTHING on a wall near the beds.)
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