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  1. That makes sense. Even Ted Bundy had a girlfriend during the time he was killing in the Seattle area and she never suspected a thing. Cruelty to her was off limits.
  2. I think he’s another sociopathic would-be mega church leader. No interest in living a genuinely Christian life but rather would love to be someone like Joel Osteen or similar.
  3. This case was maddening. Chad struck me as basically a psycho, from his property signage about red-blooded Christian males to the crime itself, to his having fun shooting after the crime and not cringing at all about firearms. And everything in between as well as his TOTAL lack of remorse. there was absolutely no reason for him to go chasing those kids. Yeah, they were asses. But even if they’d been dangerous - they took off. Let it go. Their family vibe was creepy as he clearly did all he could to set up an “Everyone is our Enemy” culture. This was just awful all the way around.
  4. This is actually how I learned about the case! The other day somehow I came across this video and I don’t even recall how! It is great and I was transfixed.
  5. I’d like to see Dateline cover the Jim Faith case. It’s similar to other cases they’ve covered but I would love to hear and watch Josh being super shady about how stupid the perps were.
  6. I think even the pants at the end were part of the hallucination because his legs were visible to all but no one commented.
  7. The only problem is, she forgot the part about her dad being CRAZY.
  8. Even the shittiest of parent’s frequently have some level of “rights” to their children - sometimes with horrifying results despite restrictions, supervision, etc Also, at the moment he’s presumed innocent things may get more restrictive If he is convicted but I’ll bet he won’t be cut off completely from his children Miss Fortune. Emmett Kelly’s illegitimate drug addict son.
  9. I refuse to believe the Duggars are smarter or better looking than you. IF Josh wants to testify, his lawyers can’t actually stop him, can they? They can strenuously advise him not to, but he has the right, does he not?
  10. And more evidence of why this fundie cult thinks all families contains sexual deviants. Because they’re surrounded by it.
  11. Didn’t he also wait quite awhile before calling the police? I couldn’t decide if his explanation seemed reasonable or not.
  12. I think that no matter what they learn about the truth of Josh’s transgressions, they’ll continue to believe it was the work of the devil and so not really Josh’s fault. In the meantime, I’m sure they’re convinced this is all a lies and also the work of Satan via their godless enemies to bring Josh down. Honestly, I would think Satan has bigger fish to fry but whatever. They’ll pray and pray, and at some point convince themselves that Josh is cured again.
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