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  1. Oh yes. Isn’t that the case where Dad, naturally, had a girlfriend, and when one of the daughters recounted this on screen she acted all giggly and “Dad! That’s not cool!” Ugh.
  2. It’s my husband’s dream in life to be the clueless frustrated consumer in a crappy commercial. The “has this ever happened to you?” guy. The guy who opens an upper cupboard and a huge cascade of unmatched Tupperware rains down. Or the one whose garden hose ties itself into knots while springing leaks everywhere. He practices a lot, trying to get that perfect balance of frustration and despair Last night I saw an ad for some magically indestructible garden hose. They SET IT ON FIRE to show its durability. Because you know that melting garden hoses are a big problem.
  3. Or like they’re about to reel off their web address, old style. I also don’t get the advantage of changing the name so that it’s more of a mouthful, no pun intended.
  4. Yeah, I despise the dad. He is awful. I dislike him more than Steven.
  5. My brother and sister have finally embarked upon their own lives and so I’m all alone now and I thought we were going to do this weight-loss journey together and so I have to quit the program. JFC.
  6. Also, if the reality show plan had been true, why did Mike throw her under the bus and let her go to prison?
  7. That girl was a MORON. I first saw this quite a few months ago and I still can’t get over her. She is so lucky the cousin who drove her on the second trip was not some kind of pedo/weirdo (he had been duped too, as I recall). I belong to a FB group for people who enjoy true crime shows and every time this one airs, the group goes insane. ETA: Come to think of it, I may have seen this on Web of Lies. The girl lived in Washington State and was lured to Spokane to meet the non-existent love connection. Same case?
  8. I am rewatching Dalia’s ep right now - the interrogation. I wish the detective had told her to take off her stupid hat. Mainly just because I dislike her so much but also you can’t really see her expressions very well. ”Your husband’s alive.” ”Mike, come here. Come here, please.” Freak. ETA: I think in earlier days she had more vampire-like teeth and her current teeth due look more like veneers. Why am I watching this? i agree Mike is surprisingly likable. He’s funny. I suppose his charm helped him be a good conman. Still, I don’t hate him.
  9. Yeah, beautiful she is not. In any way at all.
  10. This was killing me. In spite of feeling for the family, I cringed at the way hey invaded the investigation. Andrea was kind of amazing here.
  11. I made hotdog buns today. Spouse is about to BBQ some Hebrew Nationals...
  12. Who in the name of God would marry Steven Assanti? I’ll never stop shuddering.
  13. Nothing about him being a servant of God or anything, either. Maybe she did that elsewhere.
  14. One of my grandson has times when he just is not into having another picture taken. It’s not a big deal to me, either. i don’t actually watch this show and don’t follow any of them on social media. But I did watch the video of Israel going to register for kindergarten. MAN, he is adorable!
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