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  1. Remember the first few seasons when this was such a great show? What happened? The last several seasons are barely watchable as soon as it gets to the live shows. I think the kids’ season was when it started to go sour for me.
  2. Huh...so Madison is the only one who got to dance in her specialty? Wow, they are really pimping her. I hate that kind of stuff and will be glad when she is gone. Oh great, the group numbers are in her style, too.
  3. Who the hell would want to watch these horrible people? Super hard pass on this one.
  4. Especially since it is somebody most people have never heard of.
  5. And just like with the whole Dirty John situation, these women allow themselves to be “victimized” by not facing reality, reading the signs, and believing in fairy tales. She is delusional if she thought a rich, tall, handsome, pilot (or whatever) would be interested in such a loser. I mean, she has a show on TV so it is not like she could misrepresent herself in a more positive light. She is a pretty awful person inside and out. She and all her warts (and there are plenty) have been on display for several years now.
  6. Ooooh! Should they move their picnic spot??? These people are boring AF.
  7. I don’t really go for the cluttered cave look.
  8. Regan, don’t have a fake, cutesy smile plastered on your face for a song like Complicated. That was like watching a high school talent show. Kelly, for the love of God, please get a stylist. Richard Blackwell is going to come back from the dead so he can put you on his list. Where do you even find all that stuff that is so, so unflattering. In no universe do black leather saloon girl boots go with a white, spangled gown. When you’re picking out shoes, choose the exact opposite of what you were planning on wearing. I love you girl, but you need to make some changes ASAP! I love Kenn
  9. Ok, that’s it! I am out. This show could not be more phoney and stupid. Dump this dog and bring back NYC. Who cares about her dumb daughter and fake clients? Just so over the top and fake.
  10. I am so excited because Skyler is my nephew-in-law! I only found out about this whole thing today, but I am seeing him at a family function this weekend. I can’t wait to get all of the details. I was really relieved that he wasn’t the asshole. I didn’t know that much about his job or what his position was, but I thought he was part owner so I was worried he might be part of the problem.
  11. Some of the singers need to watch their performances so they can see the weird, distorted faces they make. It is singing, not sex.
  12. Mykelti looks like Nichole on 90 Day Fiancé.
  13. They are so obnoxious and ignorant. They sure are not good representatives for their “cause”.
  14. Shannon is a whiny, sore loser, bitch who is used to always getting her way. She had no more right to stay in the house than anyone else. She was out early because she did not play the best, whatever the “best” is. She is really entitled and very unlikeable in my opinion. I also think it is very low for her and Omarosa to be campaigning so hard against Ross. Sheesh! They don’t let other people have their own opinions. I am so glad that Ross won AFP.
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