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  1. I'm glad to not be alone too. Except mine's not patchwork, it's just a boring gray muumuu of a heritage. English people living in the same town for 350 years isn't very interesting.
  2. I somehow missed that the season started, so I just got around to watching this morning. Asma's style reminded me of Friends. There's an art to layering, and I certainly don't have it, but I'm not holding myself out to be a fashion designer either.
  3. I'd take ten of her over the twins.
  4. I really take issue with the judges assertion that Jamal listens and learns while Tessa does not. Tessa defends (read: gets defensive) when she probably shouldn’t. Jamal stands there with a blank look on his face, then does exactly what he wants to next time showing absolutely no evidence that any of it sunk in. Neither one listens, but the one who keeps his mouth shut gets a better reaction. They both suck. I loved Sebastian again this week. Even with the win, he got dinged for listening to his client. So I guess they’re supposed to listen, but not TOO much. But even these biased judges
  5. I haven't rewatched to verify the exact quote, but one of the judges was gushing over Hester's t-shirt and how she was "really saying something to young people" - while she was wearing a "PLZ DIE" hat. Yeah, tell the LGBT youth to go die, that's a real uplifting message. I hope they're paying Nina a metric asston of money to keep up this ridiculous charade.
  6. Maybe if he was home sick with the flu. Is that a sleeve sticking out of the side? Maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy and Bed Bath & Beyond-chic is the next big fashion trend, but I just do not get it. I loooooooved Garo's look. Loved Bishme's too so I was cool with either one winning. They were so far above everything else that it didn't really matter who the third top look was, but it still pisses me off that it was that Big Bird on acid monstrosity from Jamal.
  7. Now that I think about it, my mom had a very similar top in the 80's too.
  8. I’ll be darned, that actually is how I’d always said it in my head. I guess my high school French paid off. Re: the episode. My mother had those hideous yellow pants in the 80s and they were awful even then. Oh, Renee. I’m not sure what would have gone any better with that Hawaiian Shirt Friday top but those might be the worst pants I have ever seen. Which is saying something when Marnies “it’s laundry day so I had to stick my legs in a jacket” getup was in the same episode At least she knew it was a big miss and took the judges ripping like a champ F-ing Hester. It wasn’t the
  9. I’ll be honest, I never was quite sure how that word was pronounced. But I know it’s not “mallet.”
  10. I swear I'm not a no-fun-buzzkill, but I thought it was really inappropriate to point the Domin-edi-trix stuff at Nina. Yes, it's a tv show, but she's at freaking work - don't smack her with a whip or demand that she wield the whip herself. It's gross. "Hester" is ridiculous and that outfit was the love child of Punky Brewster and Rainbow Brite. I can see how Tessa can be grating, but she does know what she's doing and is getting a seriously rotten edit. There's no way she's the only one who called out that plastic neon Lisa Frank nonsense.
  11. Probably a bit of both but also some really unfriendly editing. Although I thought I noticed when everyone else was super stoked about the $10k prize, he looked like he thought that was pocket change. (I’m probably wrong on that, but it was before he started to grow on me a little so I may have been overly critical. )
  12. Oh, I know what they meant. It sounded really condescending to me (not a Miamian.)
  13. I found it a bit odd that they kept harping on Margarita for being "too Miami" when the golden child has a whole collection of flamingo print - that's as Miami as it gets.
  14. How many times have we heard Heidi complain that there's not enough skin showing? Not that anyone needs a reason to not be flashing cleavage and legs up to there, but I don't think there was a way around that without Ayana making it clear that that's part of her aesthetic.
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