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  1. Broderbits

    Book vs Show Comparisons: Was It How You Pictured?

    I just finished the first book, watched the first episode, and read about the next two. Although Emma Greenwell is pretty much how I pictured Myfanwy, there's too much distortion of the book and the show is pretty boring. Why oh why do showrunners option a book only to throw out most of the good parts; just write your own damn story if you're so talented. Very disappointed, and going on to read the second book now.
  2. Broderbits

    S04.E07: Know Thy Enemy

    That kid is going to be just as screwed with coke dealer Renn for a mother. The best thing would be to put it up for adoption.
  3. Broderbits

    Years and Years

    I believe it was shown in a flashback that a bike courier hit the siblings' father, which led to his death. They had just come from the funeral when Stephen saw the delivery bike and acted (IMHO) out of a combination of revenge and self-hatred.
  4. Broderbits

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    I just don't understand why these women would keep interacting with ML,except that it's what the writers want. If someone punched me or my friends every time I saw her, I would actively avoid that person, not invite her into my home or introduce her to my children. Each of them has enough problems already and ML is making them look pretty stupid.
  5. Broderbits

    Flip Or Flop

    I believe you're thinking of "Chasing the Cure" coming to TNT/TBS. It's an interactive show about people with undiagnosed or mysterious illnesses. Tarek is in a commercial for the show and he talks about the viewer email that led to his thyroid cancer diagnosis, but I don't think it's "his own show" exactly.
  6. Broderbits

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Yes!!! Every episode I wonder why the hell these women are interacting with Mary Louise when all she does is insult and torment them. It's understandable that Celeste would allow the twins to spend time with their grandmother, but why not put her in a hotel instead of giving her the opportunity to snoop around your home? Why would Jane want to interact with her rapist's mother? Why wouldn't Madeline just shut the door in ML's face instead of inviting her into the pumpkin party?
  7. Broderbits

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    The father had his son killed; the brother made a "dying declaration" to clear his father as the last act of a dutiful son. After all, as Jonas said: that's what sons are for.
  8. Broderbits

    NYPD Blue

    I'm in Upstate NY, the Rochester area.
  9. Broderbits


    Just finished watching this and thought it was excellent; wonderful acting all around (even Richard Gere, who is usually too smirky for me) and riveting plotlines. I wish there were more episodes coming.
  10. Broderbits

    NYPD Blue

    I have Spectrum and they added Start TV but also kept Heroes & Icons. I prefer watching NYPD Blue on Amazon since the episodes are uncut.
  11. Broderbits

    S04.E05: Reap

    The biggest bad influence on Craig is Smurf. It doesn't matter who he's with, he does drugs the way other people breathe air: constantly and without thinking.
  12. Broderbits

    The People's Court

    Does that make Levin the trashy tattoo on the padded bosom of our court shows?
  13. Broderbits

    The People's Court

    He's just trying to help you keep the carpet clean! Pets work so hard......
  14. Broderbits

    S04.E04: Tank

    And I would like to personally thank the writers for this very welcome feature!
  15. Broderbits

    The People's Court

    Doug is too much of a gentleman to say anything nasty to these entitled creeps, but I'd love to know what he's really thinking as they sashay their asses out of court.