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  1. Check him out on IMDB, he's been in a ton of stuff!
  2. How toxic does this show have to get before HGTV considers dumping it?
  3. I'm really annoyed by Sam's kid running all over the hospital like it's his personal playground. What hospital IRL would allow that? And Luka taking an x-ray just to amuse him - those things cost money, plus wouldn't each film be catalogued? Were the writers all just doing drugs at this point?
  4. I want him to perform the ceremony!
  5. Can't you just hang them in your country home or Tuscan villa or Paris apartment?
  6. I believe it's a variation of the term "eyeless in Gaza" that Milton used to describe the Biblical Samson after he was sheared and blinded. In other words, a strong man made relatively powerless. Eyeless in Gaza is also a novel by Aldous Huxley.
  7. It didn't seem to me that she thought it was strange, but more that she was extremely stressed by that point and the cavalier way Babcock was talking just pushed her over the edge. He really did deserve a punch in the nose (and so did the writers for thoroughly botching what could have been a compelling storyline).
  8. Also Season 3 L&O: Julianna Margulies in "Conduct Unbecoming"
  9. Broderbits


    I'm thinking of a variation on the chimera thing, where the son of an actress died from ovarian cancer due to a bone marrow transplant.
  10. Broderbits


    It was also used on L&O, both original recipe and SVU.
  11. I too would like to see a reference; I googled this every which way and can't find anything about her dying.
  12. It was thoroughly underwhelming.
  13. That was British actress Rosemary Harris.
  14. Maybe it was Bill thanking all the people who work on the show, maybe it was the calming presence of John Meacham; but I didn't feel utterly hopeless at the end. I hope Bill can just be happy he was right about Trump not leaving and move on.
  15. They aren't going to allow anything they can control to tarnish their Brand. They're certainly not self-destructive.
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