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  1. Wasn't it Captain Ross who made the snide remark? I just chalk it up to his inherent nastiness and ignore it like I ignore the out of character O Captain, My Captain speeches they made Bobby utter when Ross was killed.
  2. Pollock wasn't the first or last artist to produce drip paintings, but he might be the most famous. Collecting art on this show is a blood sport.
  3. Was the person viewing Tanner's paintings a "famous" musician? Guess I'm not one of the cool kids.....
  4. Broderbits

    The Wire

    This is a terrible loss......he was so great in everything he did. RIP Mr. Omar.
  5. Candice Olson hasn't been on HGTV in years, and I thought Mike Holmes' show was on DIY. There may be a few actual designers on the network, but I don't believe they were hired for their skills. Nor does a lack of skill keep TPTB from giving anyone with a good screen test a show.
  6. Yes, instead of hiring Christina they should have hired Brett Waterman from Restored. The MCM's on his show were gorgeous, and I don't even care for that style.
  7. I get the feeling that Rachel has been skating by on her good looks. If she's going to stay married she should use some of his money to further her education and find out what she's good at. Then get the hell out! This series was mildly interesting but I didn't learn anything new about rich people, grieving people, or teen-age people. I did learn that there are several actors I never wish to see again!
  8. She was in "Hotel" 1983-1988 with James Brolin.
  9. An ordinary person IRL probably wouldn't have their marriage discussed on tv.
  10. Like Diane would give 2 figs what Fake Tucker Carlson thought about her marriage! She had a good laugh the first time she was "outed" by the Duke character; I think the subsequent years have proved to her that life just gets more and more absurd and one needs to pick one's battles.
  11. I think Maureen & Trevor from The Good Child were fairly repulsive, what with trying to have their daughter murdered for money. I can still hear Trevor screaming "egg cup!". For those of you losing CI reruns, I recently cut the cable and am now watching CI on the free version of Peacock Network. I love being able to choose the episode instead of having to take whatever happens to be airing.
  12. Tin Star was extremely intense, definitely not recommended for the faint of heart. I loved it! CH was prominent in seasons 1 & 2; season 3 has yet to be released on Amazon Prime, but was aired in England last year.
  13. I don't think he cares about the car at all; he just wants to control Allison and have her handy when he needs something. Kevin is the King of his world.
  14. Let's see, Kevin has caused Allison to lose her job as a paralegal, spent all their savings on crap for himself, publicly ridiculed and dismissed her, and sicced the cops on her when she didn't answer her phone. Seems pretty malicious to me and willful ignorance doesn't excuse it.
  15. Do we really think Neil is competent enough to record a conversation? Does he even have a job? Maybe it's just me, but I think Detective Tammy is too possessive with Patty.
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