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  1. Agreed! HGTV homeowners/house hunters all seem to be living some fantasy life they saw in a magazine.
  2. What kind of idiot business owner would want to be sued on national tv twice?!
  3. Furniture restoration usually involves various solvents and other chemicals you might not want in the house. It also could be a fire hazard and affect homeowners insurance unless they don't even mention it to their agent.
  4. So glad I bought the dvd's when they first appeared! This show always holds my interest no matter how many times I rewatch. I also liked Melissa, at least until Gary died and she spent a whole episode locked away in a room sobbing like she was his widow. It was just too much. And never could stand Ellyn, especially when she was upset with Hope for daring to have a baby and a life away from work.
  5. I was kind of bored with the new episode. I wish they had moved to another location, the NC homes all seem alike. Just once it would be nice to hear Hilary tell the cheapskate homeowners when they complain about not getting everything on their list: We have to spend extra money fixing ____________ because you people were too stupid to maintain your biggest investment!
  6. And she was going to help him get his GED. Why didn't he get a GED during his 6 years in prison; don't they have special programs just for that? At least we can be thankful they didn't reproduce.
  7. Guess I'm the only CI viewer who couldn't stand Fallaci and thoroughly enjoyed the Nicole episodes! Does anyone remember if there was a passing reference to Logan after he left the show? It would have been nice to get a little closure for such a long-standing character. By the way, anyone who liked Stabler on SVU should check out the 2 seasons of "Happy" - it was shown on Syfy. Meloni played a cop who was Stabler on steroids and acid!
  8. I watched CI religiously in its original run, but I don't remember this episode at all. Now I NEED to see it!!
  9. I feel the same way! She was so obvious just stalling in the bathroom washing her hands, I was absolutely sure Ed was being set up. And then nothing, like the writers ran out of time or ideas. What a let-down.
  10. Someone at HGTV must really love Allison Victoria! They keep promoting her despite failure after failure and a distinct lack of talent. Of course, this network has so many talentless "personalities" now; there must be a lot of anonymous elves working behind the scenes on the decorating projects while the actors are on camera.
  11. Yes, do British newspapers not use contracts? I wouldn't want to hire someone who quits every time management doesn't live up to her expectations; she should just go free-lance. She seemed so unprofessional in her short stint at the Post.
  12. Actually, she looked like she just came off a two-YEAR bender! I know heavy drinking ages one, but yikes!
  13. Check the forum for Windy City Rehab - there are links to newspaper articles about her botched renovations and disregard of building regs. And she couldn't design her way out of a paper bag.
  14. Now I'm sorry I skipped today's episode!
  15. I don't find it sad at all, maybe a little pathetic just like real life. He chose to make a family with someone he loves and lusts after, someone who is willing to help him grow, someone who will be a true partner. Plus she is willing to entertain the notion that she might eventually come to love him. That's not only how many real-life marriages start, it's more than many real-life marriages have.
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