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  1. I believe the character of Brian was partly modeled on Richard Feynman, who was about 23 when he started working on what would become the Manhattan Project. He was definitely an "actual scientist".
  2. I just got around to watching this show, and couldn't agree more about everyone involved in the accident just telling the truth. It's not like privileged Helen wouldn't have gotten some kind of deal, her money and Mommy & Daddy's influence would've made that possible. I find it difficult to believe that Allison was the first time Noah cheated on Helen, given the way we've seen him behave. And I really don't get all the love for Helen; I'm not going to root for a parent who just stands by and lets grandma bribe an already anorexic-looking teenager into losing more weight, who just basically allows her parents to run her life.
  3. No kidding! I vaguely remember that show, but no details at all (except the pleasure of seeing Lenny Briscoe again, however briefly).
  4. And didn't her actions land her in front of the board of bar overseers facing suspension or disbarment? That's what the lawyer in "Bodies" was afraid of, since breaking privilege is a huge no-no and he could have lost his license. Jack knew this perfectly well, but didn't give a damn.
  5. I don't think those cops needed any help from a chaos demon; they likely had the killing planned from the minute he was brought in for questioning.
  6. I prefer to think that weasel died in prison; he was so whiny and annoying I'm sure the more hardened inmates would've wanted to shut him up.
  7. I guess we'll see next week that it's the same color as Molly's. Thrilled to have Patti LuPone singing Stardust!!!!
  8. I'm really tired of this sick game Axe & Wendy enjoy playing with each other. Anyone with a smidgen of self-respect would've handed him a letter of resignation after being spoken to the way he did at the "private show". Wendy is so sure of her ability to handle him that she isn't even considering any collateral damage. Who couldn't see how the drug thing was going to end; it was the equivalent of a "brilliant" treatise written on speed that turns out to be utter gibberish.
  9. My biggest complaint about L&O is that when they show the 2 episodes that were part of a crossover with Homicide, we never get to see the conclusions. We're just left hanging. I wish some network would rerun Homicide; it doesn't seem to be on Amazon Video anymore and the complete season dvd's aren't available.
  10. Personally, I find everyone in this show extremely unappealing and wouldn't want to venture closer than a 10 ft. radius much less have sex with them. But that's just me. Does anyone else think Damien Lewis looks a little haggard? His body seems to have shrunk or lost muscle tone or something.
  11. Axe once said that Wendy was the company's "spirit animal", and I think he believes she is necessary to Axe Cap's maximum success. Remembering the time she wasn't there and they had another performance coach, things just didn't run as smoothly, or at least not to his satisfaction. He's possessive of her, but not in a sexual way. It's much more profound than that.
  12. Not defending Chuck, but everyone in this show is an asshole. Maybe not the baby........yet.
  13. Wasn't that "Collective"? I think it was on yesterday, either WE or ION. One of my favorite scenes, looked like he was having so much fun!
  14. It seemed to me that she did recognize Magda just before leaving, or at least sensed that something was very wrong. The shaky way she walked and her look of fear plus determination all lead me to believe she is forming a plan.
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