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  1. I really don't think he could have stopped her without using some sort of physical restraints. The judge was sending a very mixed message, what with admonishing hovermom one minute and giggling at her the next. MM & I have very different ideas of what "cute" is. That final defendant is why people hate lawyers.
  2. I wonder how prepared one can be to have one's baby called a chimpanzee by the press.
  3. It seems like he brings this up on every show, along with "Trump won't leave", and it's pointless. Bill's not looking for solutions, he just wants to be seen as prescient. You're not Sybil the Soothsayer from "Network" Bill!
  4. Me too! The designer was so gracious and really listened to the clients, the show was a pleasure to watch. I agree that Hilary would be a good choice to revive the show if HGTV ever chose to use more qualified people instead of actors.
  5. This show is an embarrassment to anyone with a working brain, and that includes Not-Abrams on this week's show.
  6. I just don't understand how the network can keep promoting this woman given the depth of her ineptitude. It's not like she makes up for that with her sparkling personality and mad design skills.
  7. Those higher numbers are especially suspect when the "improvements" consist of repairing neglected damage, bringing the house up to code, and buying new furniture that will not convey with the property.
  8. As I've said many times before, the catastrophic clutter in these homes is most likely producer driven. The majority of these families don't really need to move to a house with twice the square footage; what they really need is for Hilary to repair the problems caused by their neglected maintenance. I really enjoyed last night's episode with it's focus on accessibility. The front ramp addition/porch was beautiful.
  9. I believe that's why many of these homeowners go on the show. This last episode it seemed like David thought $250k was not enough money for him to waste his time. Plus, I don't understand why the youngest boy couldn't share a room with one of his brothers instead of mom.
  10. Agreed! HGTV homeowners/house hunters all seem to be living some fantasy life they saw in a magazine.
  11. What kind of idiot business owner would want to be sued on national tv twice?!
  12. Furniture restoration usually involves various solvents and other chemicals you might not want in the house. It also could be a fire hazard and affect homeowners insurance unless they don't even mention it to their agent.
  13. So glad I bought the dvd's when they first appeared! This show always holds my interest no matter how many times I rewatch. I also liked Melissa, at least until Gary died and she spent a whole episode locked away in a room sobbing like she was his widow. It was just too much. And never could stand Ellyn, especially when she was upset with Hope for daring to have a baby and a life away from work.
  14. I was kind of bored with the new episode. I wish they had moved to another location, the NC homes all seem alike. Just once it would be nice to hear Hilary tell the cheapskate homeowners when they complain about not getting everything on their list: We have to spend extra money fixing ____________ because you people were too stupid to maintain your biggest investment!
  15. And she was going to help him get his GED. Why didn't he get a GED during his 6 years in prison; don't they have special programs just for that? At least we can be thankful they didn't reproduce.
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