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S24.E12: After the Final Rose

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This is oh so dramatic that he just happens to be by the pool and never turns around to Madison horse clomping for a mile up the walkway and gives her a nonchalant "hey" and zero reaction. YEP! Totally real hahaha! I think the bachelor producers are really trying HARD this season and hired some writers and some really low budget acting coaches for these lunatics.

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This seems too unbelievable with the poison dart looks his mom is giving. Is she going to break character at some point and say just kidding y’all.. we tricked you! I hope not because watching her steam is way too satisfying 

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It makes no sense that his mom would not support her son but they are supposedly so close?  In the end she should want him to have a happy relationship.  I hope if he gets with Madi he separates himself from his mom.

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I think they got the idea for these women and their "characters" when they did the Telenovela. Mama Weber is really taking her script seriously. All we're missing is a well timed slap.

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4 minutes ago, SoWindsor said:

Why can’t BARBARA control her expression watching Madi knowing they are filming her!?

She’s awful!!!

That’s a feature, as far as Barb is concerned.

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Oh my GAWD!  Mama Webber rolling her eyes so hard at Maddy.  The look of hatred on her face!  Legit snarl!  This is everything!  Madly couldn't eat or sleep?  Eye roll with a head toss and tongue under the upper lip.   Ooh, side eye, too.  Geez, Mama, what's your damage?

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8 minutes ago, CindyBee said:

Ugh, I hate that she's entertaining getting back with this guy.  

At least she didn't do the bachelor hug like Lauren did with Arie when they were reunited.  


Neither Hannah Ann or Madi ever did the full bachelor handshake. Hahaha mommy is so pissed 😂

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It was clear though how much a Peter was smiling every time Chris mentioned Madi.  So in the end you can at least tell that is the one he prefers, and that is what should matter to his family.

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