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  1. Oh - I get it - I bet Tom convinced Erika to "invest" her Bravo salary with him - painting herself as another "alleged" victim. See widows and orphans - she is just like you!
  2. Erika sent a picture of the car brakes to her orthopaedic surgeon?? I am confused. Allegedly... Oh... she meant the bone breaks. But what about the head trauma - does the ortho handle that as well???
  3. I dont know... maybe Erika's Bravo check had to go to Tom's firm because she doesn't know how to go into a bank???
  4. Re mirrors... I kept getting distracted by wonky backgrounds and I think it was because there were mirrors on the field / sideline - not positive though...
  5. I was waiting for famous Rinna Amnesia too
  6. Erika: That's a big one. Rinna: Yeah, that's a big one. Dorit: That's a big one. Why so quiet Crystal? Didnt you get the script?
  7. I feel like we've seen that dress on Kyle this season. I kinda remember her poor trapped boobs...
  8. Erika's face looks old and bloated. But just her face. Weird...
  9. When Lala and Randall were looking at a recently purchased bathing suit (?) in their house I am pretty sure it was accompanied by a receipt from Target which Rand quickly squirreled away. I guess he thinks that doesn't convey loads of disposable income...
  10. It's actually worse than what I saw on the show and I didn't think that was possible...
  11. It was so priceless I actually noticed that he kept changing locations in the kitchen - making me believe that Mary's happy dance was spliced in
  12. What shocked me most at that dinner was how great Wendy looked in that romper...
  13. A drink that changes colors because you have to add food coloring is... disappointing...
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