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  1. I noticed that each slice of dessert at Sutton's had a lady's name on it; the camera zoomed in on Rinna's and Crystal's to show neither had touched theirs (the cake or the strawberries); I am thinking Rinna has competition in the non-eating arena...
  2. Can we watch the night sky instead of their mash out session? Please?
  3. It looked like she knew he never answered the question; so Thomas you aren't as great as you think you are...
  4. What did we do to deserve two walk-off in the first 10 minutes???
  5. I was wondering about that above ground pool - any chance that is just their personal water resevoir for fire emergencies?
  6. No Erika until the last 15 seconds and no previews? Ugh...
  7. As much as I despise Dorit, I agree she is in the right with Kyle always interrupting
  8. Letting your dog walk on your host's table and eat the food - without permission - I would put her below "hell hound" (tm @bosawks)
  9. Still love Ramona's house - especially knowing it's on the shore side of the road (and yes Bethenny that does matter...)
  10. Thank goodness Leah won the rigged pageant - I cant imagine her freakout if she had lost...
  11. What an amazing venue for the last dinner. And did Glen's contract state he didn't have to ride in those vans with the crew? If so, good call...
  12. Watching them trying not to shiver is distracting - give them coats!
  13. Wow - they actaully had a real conversation at dinner - most shocking date ever!
  14. Kind of disappointing they didnt even try to fake the campfire
  15. I am so glad I wasnt the only one wondering about the window - very distracting!
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