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  1. Yeap. My husband looked over at me and said wtf is wrong with her.
  2. And the producers made sure to show them over and over and over again. All different ones.
  3. My husband and I went out in Thailand, not the sex area but backpackers row. We had the best time dancing and got drunk off our asses. We still talk about how awesome that night was. We ate pad thai on the street afterwards and took a tuktuk back to our hotel.
  4. I think the way Leann is using the word mexican is offensive. If we replaced it with any other descriptive constantly with a face of anger I think any word can show a deeper level of racism. If leann kept calling andy the jew, jew talk, big bad jew. Or gay, gay talk etc etc I think leann wasnt going to like Lary because she was brought in as dr's friend. She just wrongly assumed she would be scared of leann, but Karybis pretty hateful too so they are on the same level of ugly.
  5. It's sad but Atlanta is one of the cities that doesnt need the OG. The ladies are hella funny without NENE Evwe since she made some coin ahead became unbearable
  6. Tamra was so pissed she was cut out of the loop. Lolenkelly said on Instagram this is her only way to make money. Shannon was a wimp
  7. Kam looks like a Dr Seuss Who person to me. The talking head with the up do, come on, tell my thatvisnt Cindy Who all grown up. She is exhausting and like a dog with a bone. I dont think she is used to being told no.
  8. And she was butt ass naked in a tub seducing eddie. Her kids I'm sure watched that too.
  9. But Steve has horrible posture. He reminds me of the cartoon dad from minions.
  10. I think pregnancy has made emilia lip blow up. I'm 8 months tight now and my lips look more full then when I was getting filler. Its crazy how big they look.
  11. Dandra trying to get leann and rich to marry at her party was so weird. I mean who pressures their friends like that, its humiliating to Leanne. If I'm a 50 year old woman with a boyfriend that is dragging his feet to marry me then I probably dont want it announced to a party full of people. Dandra looked like a jackass wanting a spectical for her enjoyment. Then making a story line over what's the problem and Rich cheating is not something you do to a friend. I still believe she is broke and wanted to grasp on to the RHW fame.
  12. I mean has Andy ever really dissed a rhw show. It's his job to promote it even if it sucks. Like rhobh this season.
  13. Giz is a hater, she needs Karen to tell her yes I have investors for my product, we cant all have the lord tithes building our businesses. I mean does Giz have any job since being the former 1st lady of whatever church.
  14. The more we are seeing into Dandra and Mama Dee, the more I think they are broke. There is a reason why Dandra got so upset regarding the $200 rumor, I think there is more to it than she wants to let on. If Mama Dee cared about her company and legacy why not give Dandra money from her trust fund to make the new product. I wouldn't be surprised if that trust is empty or low on funds at this point.
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