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  1. Post-finale interview with Charity and Dotun:
  2. Yep, that's the unfair part where someone has to meet the family second! Joey really impressed them so poor Dotun already had an uphill battle before even meeting them. He also seemed more nervous than Joey which I found endearing but maybe came off weird in person. Who knows? Hopefully they like him now. I remember Jojo's parents preferred Robby to Jordan and they are happily married so maybe it's a good sign 😂
  3. I enjoyed the finale and I really like Charity and Dotun together. I hope they make it as they seem well-suited to one another, but time will tell. They've had a very obvious special connection all season and he seems like a great guy. I felt terrible for Joey as that rejection was brutal with absolutely no hint that she wasn't picking him. His haircut looks fantastic and I think he'll be a very popular Bachelor. He genuinely seems like a nice person, so I'm rooting for him. Charity retweeted a couple of things that implied her family was upset by the edit and how they were portrayed, so maybe that's why her mom looked less than thrilled at the live portion. I can't really see why they wouldn't like Dotun unless he is a very good actor and a very different person offscreen. Weirdly, Kat and Charity are really close friends - Charity listed her as one of her best friends from the show in a recent interview and they've gone on trips together after Zach's season. It seemed like Brooklyn made more of that drama between them than they did. I continue to love Jesse Palmer, I'm so glad he's the host. He's natural and nice and fully aware of how silly the show is, which I really appreciate.
  4. Xavier may have a PhD, but Dotun is the one who is so well-spoken and shows a lot of emotional intelligence. I love them together.
  5. He was only cast a week or two before filming started because his friend who was originally cast dropped out and recommended him. Apparently he didn't think to ask many questions!
  6. Oof, as a people pleaser who wants to be pleasant company and make sure everyone thinks well of me, I felt every word Joey said. That must have made it hurtful that his uncle kind of implied he was being fake last week. He's not my physical type but I like him a lot and think he would be a sincere Bachelor.
  7. I think Xavier just made sure Joey is our next Bachelor (assuming Dotun is the final pick).
  8. No woman is ever letting Xavier go on a boy's trip again! What an idiot telling everyone this could happen again on national television. Crush officially over! Charity and Dotun have always seemed like the clear perfect match to me, but this definitely seals it.
  9. Xavier, stop talking, you're killing my crush on you. Sigh...I should know by now not to get attached to anyone on this show! It was the knitting and the science that got me. He is definitely not ready to be married and I think he's done everything he can to get himself sent home.
  10. I still have a crush on Xavier but he and Charity don't really have much chemistry for two beautiful, nice, eligible people in a stunning location. I don't think he's really ready to get engaged like this, he seems too normal and ready to date someone for a while before marriage. That makes him a total catch in real life, but not right for this silly show! If she doesn't end up with Dotun, I will be completely shocked.
  11. Okay, week three and my love for Xavier is still going strong. He sat on that bus and knit her a scarf! Also really like Dotun, John and Joey. The Barbie date was hilarious. Warwick's date had me cracking up too, he's also struggling with the 9pm start time! 😂 He looked like a toddler who just wanted to go to sleep and didn't care about anything else. Charity's reactions were also great. Brayden isn't even a good villain for me because he's more annoying than actually mean or malicious. I just don't find him attractive in the slightest so can't understand what Charity possibly sees in him - but I guess they are low on drama this year and he brings a bit of it!
  12. Apparently the drawn-on 3:16 chest "tattoo" on Caleb is a Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling reference. Yeah, me neither. Caleb actually seems kind of sweet, much to my surprise. I might be a little bit in love with Xavier. If Charity doesn't marry him, can we have him as the next Bachelor? A 6'6" scientist who likes to knit and has those abs? We haven't seen that much of him yet but so far he's wonderful (please don't let him become a villain later). Brayden feels like one of those people who made being "quirky" his whole personality. We get it, you like dangly earrings and scarves. He seems like a very young 24. The "Yosef's daughter" reference cracked me up - that guy definitely watches the show. I would guess that part of the reason there aren't as many people here during the show is the later 9pm start time. I sound ancient saying this, but I only watched half live and then finished the show the next day on Hulu because I was too tired. My friend who is a loyal fan of the show skipped it entirely and watched the whole episode on Tuesday - I suspect a lot of fans are doing the same.
  13. After The Americans, I would basically watch Keri Russell do her taxes but this was genuinely good. She and Matthew Rhys had such good chemistry that I figured her pairing with Rufus Sewell would be a letdown, but I thought they were great together (and this is a great role for him). After that ending, they need to announce a Season 2 ASAP!
  14. Oh I totally agree, but that hasn't stopped several recent ones like Gabby, Rachel, Erich, Michelle, Nayte, Genevieve, etc. from doing the influencer thing to varying degrees. Most of them have moved to LA so Zach and Kaity staying in Austin is already a good choice.
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