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  1. Agh, knowing she chooses Blake makes me not even want to finish the season. He actually kind of grosses me out, I'm not even sure what it is but I feel bad even saying that. I find him hard to look at and then his personality (at least what they've shown in previous seasons) doesn't make up for it. They'll have to give him a much better edit this season to get people on board, I think.
  2. I'd be totally cool with that (albeit based on the limited amount of him I've seen) if it meant they would cast some nice women in their 30s, maybe some with kids or cool jobs and actual life experience. But who am I kidding, it will be 22 and 23 year old influencers that have no interest in him or his son.
  3. I like Michael A. a lot, but I think he's probably too mature (and maybe too smart, based on the stargazing conversation!) for Katie. She handled his story very sweetly, but that's a lot to take on for a young woman, especially one with this many other options. I wish him all the best though, he seems like an awesome guy and I'd love to hear that he found someone great! Greg is still one of my favorites, seems perhaps too normal for this show but low key and nice. Hunter also seems nice, and I feel bad making fun of his height because he has no control over that (just as a side note, I al
  4. I love how they use Nick as some wise Bachelor sage. He's over 40, his "job" revolves around "Bachelor Nation", he has never been married, and went through 3-4 cycles of this show with little to no success. What exactly are we supposed to be learning from him?! 😂
  5. After many many years of dedicated viewing and snarking, I completely forgot this was even on tonight. Shows how much I care about anyone on this season!
  6. So far, Greg seems too normal for this show. I hope he doesn't win and finds a nice normal non-famewhore to marry rather than become a "Bachelor Nation" regular and Instagram influencer.
  7. Yeah, have to admit I was impressed. That took some guts and he managed to make it sincere and not preachy. Good on him.
  8. I hate these dates. Not fun, not interesting, and 100% designed to make this virgin guy uncomfortable. We get it, Katie likes sex. Can we hear something else about her personality now?
  9. Ratings are down: https://deadline.com/2021/06/abc-tops-monday-chris-harrison-the-bachelorette-premiere-the-good-doctor-finale-1234771413/
  10. Now I picture her Mom being like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls and throwing condoms at them over Thanksgiving dinner because they're a "sex positive" family.
  11. They're Ross Geller levels of white, I'd expect them to glow in the dark.
  12. Yeah, a side part is definitely her friend. Much better than a center part for her face.
  13. So far it seems like "sex-positive" is our catchphrase of the season...blech. I'm kinda meh on Katie, but seeing Kaitlyn (and her new face) reminds me how much worse it could be - least fav. Bachelorette ever, I think. I do like Tayshia just fine.
  14. Ugh, Reality Steve released Katie's top 4 and I already forget the names except one of them is Blake Moynes from Tayshia/Clare's season. Did not know he would be on this season, much less stay that long. I'm a mean person but I find him gross. In addition to his looks, I also did not like how he acted like taking the time to research Clare a little bit meant he was entitled to her affection. Maybe he just expressed himself badly at the time but it was off putting.
  15. I'm happy that Liza and Charles are back together but wish they'd never broken up in the first place. I would have much rather watched this season where they are happily together and there are other storylines or obstacles that don't involve Charles acting like a different person for much of it. It's like he suddenly came out of his weird brain fog and became Charles again who loved Liza all along. Waste of time and lazy writing IMO. I'm always more impressed when a show can keep a couple interesting and together rather than throwing in contrived problems and breakups just to create dram
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