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  1. Is there a Brandon J? I believe he's the runner up to Nayte. I hope Nayte is the real deal, because I love Michelle. (also unlike Katie) 😂
  2. Blake looked like he was going to the electric chair as he picked out the ring and walked to the proposal. Tayshia basically had to push him into it, so this is not surprising news in the slightest. From what I saw of Katie on TV, I can imagine she would be very difficult to be engaged to. Her aunt alone would have sent me running like my ass was on fire. I don't really care about Greg either way, but the way she yelled at him on live TV while supposedly happily engaged was also a giant red flag for me. She wasn't very nice to a lot of the men on her season, and I could see her being ver
  3. Liked everything right up until they changed the ending seemingly just to get another season out of this. I liked most of the actors, I liked the show, but I'd rather have one well-done faithful adaptation than a forced ongoing series.
  4. Sherry and Cary are the worst, and I find them really funny, but also horrifying because they're so close to people I know in real life. The ones who use #blessed on every post and go on and on about how fortunate they are as though no one ever taught them that bragging is off-putting. And Cary is the guy who would talk about "eating clean" at every opportunity. The actors are spot on but my goodness I agree with everything Joe says about them in his narration.
  5. Yep, Michelle is great. I know they had to wait for her to be free, but I would have rather just had her season and not seen Katie's at all. The budget was obviously lower for that one, she picked a guy that has been in love with two previous Bachelorettes, and she seems to have issues with men in general, both due to her past (which I do NOT mean to make light of in any way) and even more due to that awful aunt who hates men giving her "advice." I hope she's happy and I hope everyone finds love, but Katie's season was a mess for me. No good fashion, no travel, and she wasn't particularly nice
  6. Reality Steve seems to think that Ryan guy was in on the joke of his "playbook" a bit with producers. He certainly is closer to the franchise than he said, as he was one of the Bachelors for that weird Bachelor Live Tour they did a year or two ago.
  7. Love how Michelle handled that. She was calm and nice and gave him a chance to explain and show her the notes. Katie would have just screamed at him in front of the others and told him to get out (like she did with Thomas for admitting he'd thought about being the Bachelor).
  8. I love that the guy with the notes spelled it "Bachlorette" on his little folder. How convenient that the producers had them search the rooms for the first time ever when a guy brought in depth notes about how to strategize. Has Kaitlyn done even more to her face since last season?! It looks like she can't properly open her eyes. So distracting. I really like Tayshia, but having the two of them as hosts judging all the men and gossiping with the lead felt a little Mean Girls to me last season so I hope the dynamic is better this time around. I don't really care who the host is, but I pref
  9. Really enjoying this show, which is rare because I also really liked the book! Most of the characters are as I pictured them, and the one who doesn't exactly look as described (Nate) gets the character spot on so it works anyway. The only one that I don't quite love the casting for is Kris, he was a good character in the book but I don't think the actor is very strong here and it takes me out of scenes because I can feel how hard he's acting. It might stand out to me more because all his scenes are with Cooper and I think the guy who plays Cooper is really really good. Simon was slimy a
  10. 😂 I saw some quotes where he was talking about that part being wildly edited and taken out of context and now I just wonder what WAS the context, then?! His mom regularly comments and jokes on his Instagram about it so at least she seems cool. Sorry, yes, this is about Mike P.
  11. Reality Steve has photos of Madison from Peter's season out with Mike P. from Katie's season. Now THAT is a match that makes sense, at least in terms of values/interests/on paper.
  12. I want to be happy for Joe, but I find Serena so annoying. That voice... Mari looked really beautiful for her proposal. Poor Riley and Maurissa were melting, but I like them.
  13. In case anyone is devastated by events on tonight's finale, Becca & Thomas are back together and currently dating in real life and apparently so are Noah and Abigail. Thank God! 😂
  14. Serena is crying because she "can't imagine being here without Abigail." Is she 12 and her BFF has to leave sleepaway camp?!
  15. Apparently because he saw Alexa before her specified quarantine time was up. None of them are supposed to interact before they are cleared to come onto the beach. She had to be like, hours away, considering the show is almost over. The whole thing is dumb.
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