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  1. I read that book and I thought Ms. Burkett brought up some very salient points. I'm childfree, and I've noticed in some workplaces some parents get away with things the unchilded would never. I actually had a boss tell me that it was okay for my co-worker to come in late, gab on the phone with her friends, and pass her work onto me because she was a single mom. Huh? But I don't blame parents for this. I blame the workplace. BTW, the company went out of business.
  2. I'm hoping they are self-aware enough to know that they have created a complete shit show. But are they?
  3. They certainly didn't think of hiring talented and competent writers. My cat could do a better job.
  4. Yes, there is a coldness and brittleness to her persona. Audrey was all charm and warmth even though she was very much an introvert.
  5. I work as an educational buyer, and dealing with tech and on-line licensing and subscriptions is a major thorn in my side.
  6. I'd say the same thing about Rona Jaffe.
  7. A friend and I were just talking about job ads and applying for jobs. Women think they have to have all of the qualifications, and if they don't, they're not likely to apply for these jobs. Meanwhile, a man could have say, less than half of the qualifications, and still think he can get the job, so they apply. And regarding workplace behavior, around ten years ago I worked as a healthcare writer. I was called out and punished for some mistakes I made in a rough draft. One of my male co-workers wrote a horrible Power Point presentation with long run-on sentences and missing information, wh
  8. I was probably too far away from my TV.
  9. I can't believe I didn't notice it.
  10. When Aunt Ruth lovingly helped Dean put on the yarmulke, I wondered if she was a survivor of the Holocaust or had lost family members in the camps. That part chilled me.
  11. I think Barbara is my favorite character.
  12. Principal Coleman would totally get on my last nerve if she was my boss, but I love Janelle James portrayal of her. It's perfection. And I loved how Janine explained the drawings to Gregory. But a square sun? Aww, kids.
  13. I like Kelly a lot. But I wish she'd focus on creating more music. And why did she get a talk show when there are so many talented journalists out there who are more suited? Must be name recognition.
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