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  1. To get our fall MacGyver fix we picked up some dvds from the library of the original series. I have never seen it, so it is fun to watch. And free!
  2. Because there is nowhere else to live in LA...it must cost 13k a month. Well if Candy is paying for that, she is not doing her daughter any favors. You can’t really be proud of someone that makes no effort to correct their financial situation. I guess if she enjoys having a loser daughter and son in law, she is in luck. I am so over her flaunting money she doesn’t have.
  3. That is funny about the door! I didn't remember blue either, but thought maybe I had just remembered incorrectly. lol
  4. They kind of announced it last year when they decided to put Magnum on Friday nights. I was bummed about it too, but glad they were renewed and have been taping the episodes. I kind of agree, but I still like a lot about it, and will miss it this fall.
  5. JoJo and Jordan are really good on Cashpad. It is actually something they seem to really enjoy, and they are very involved. They seem to have found a common interest and way to make money in a real business.
  6. In my quote I never thought Rachel was hateful or mean. I just haven’t cared for her or many of her opinions. And also it seems like of course she would want Mike as the bachelor instead. I was never all that thrilled with Mike so I guess I am in general disagreement with her.
  7. I can't stand Rachel.... whether you like Peter or not, I find this article annoying https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2019/09/18/bachelor-paradise-finale-new-bachelor-star-peter-weber/2361125001/
  8. That whole thing is a mess. Blake was a creep for releasing the texts, however Caelynn did lie about him on national tv, thus he has a point that no one would have believed his side of it without the texts. And it is unfair of her to think it is okay to make him sound like a creep, but he should refrain talking about her. I think Chris was one sided about it which wasn’t right either.
  9. Plus my understanding is that he came around to appreciating the Brady show more as time went on (Robert Reed), and they were doing the post show specials (the later ones). I equate him to Christopher Plummer, who apparently hated the whole Sound of Music situation at the time, because he was similar to Robert Reed in what kind of acting he wanted to do, and then later on he warmed up to the whole thing and what he was a part of.
  10. He did work for or own a company. I remember hearing about it a while ago, so not sure if he still does that.
  11. I don't see this show much but noticed Keke on with them all of the sudden, and then I noticed it is like Sara is a third wheel and you can tell she feels that way. It is just a weird vibe with the three of them and my guess is Sara won't be on long? I have no idea, really, but that is just how it feels when you watch the three of them together.
  12. I saw only one episode and it was so so, and I didn't care about Leno being interviewed. I just keep wondering how she could actually keep it up, as she is already fully employed with her singing career, the Voice, etc. Other talk show hosts do not have quite so much going on. So unless everyone else is doing the work, and she is just showing up to tape, I don't see this lasting long.
  13. It sounds like they plan to keep it for a while according to a recent article. They had originally mentioned selling it, but perhaps they want to make some money from it first....
  14. I noticed that too, especially Tori....usually on her unaffordable vacations she is happy despite the fact she can't afford it. The kids always look unhappy in almost all pics she posts of them. I don't care what smoke she blows to the public, you can't tell me down the line that her habit of avoiding problems, etc, isn't and won't affect them.
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