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  1. That is a good point.... I haven't commented on Olivia because I haven't put much thought into it. But yes, Peloton instructor? Real Housewife? Yep, great qualifications there :-) I mean, Olivia had a popular youtube channel, which they have had on before with other contestants on the show. So it seems to fit the show's overall qualifications.
  2. That was a beautiful dance. JoJo is so much better when not frenetic.
  3. I love this theme night, and they are all doing a great job. I have been impressed with the sets and costumes this season. Tyra is even somewhat less annoying tonight and putting the focus on others for once.
  4. I caught the second episode, and have to say I like it much better than their past show. The past one felt like overdone remodeling with overdone stories. This one goes back to home design a bit which I miss so much. Every show is remodeling these days, and it is nice to see something with a little more focus on simpler changes.
  5. Yes, I think this season is very fake with the random destruction taking place and being on video. I doubt the lady on this episode would really think she could just remove a wall on her own. It is all so random.
  6. Why was the Brian situation treated so strangely? Because they couldn’t be saved? It was kind of confusing and almost looked like they were staying.
  7. Yes, I agree I am not so sure. He wasn't very popular. He really became quite the downer in his season, then dumped the girl he chose, and as mentioned above gradually led to the Chris Harrison debacle. He is now back with his girlfriend, but yet Chris never got his job back--so I think it was a season of drama, not a lot of love, and there is that awful beard he grew for a while, too, lol.
  8. Yes! This is how I feel about them too. Normally I can’t tell who is leading who, and each dance is very frenetic. This was MUCH better.
  9. I agree with everything about the advantages not working this season. I can't even keep up with the three tribes much, so also have no idea who has what advantage and if they will actually even get to use it. They have overdone it. I am not sure if they were trying to eliminate easy advantages, but this isn't working either. Plus the last two votes were people I actually liked so that kind of sucks too. Oh well.
  10. Totally agree about the change in Tyra / ANTM. I loved the early seasons and then had to quit watching because she became too full of herself.
  11. That was crazy how they all stood there just staring at her. No wonder she felt terrible--just because she is new doesn't mean someone couldn't come talk to her. Thank goodness Ed did.
  12. A few general thoughts: Jojo: I felt she was bit too much on night 1 and 2, so I found it interesting the judges are finally speaking up a bit on that. We want dancing, not just partying through some music... Sharna and Brian: I really wish they would have had other partners. I would like them more that way, with a sense of competition. I guess it just seems weird to have an already partnered pair dance together on this show (for me), and I don't really like it. Amanda: All of your positive thoughts about her are making me try to like her more. I have a hard time warming
  13. I hope they don’t make it far…I just don’t care for them as a dance couple.
  14. She also gives home design advice on several episodes I have seen. I think she is confused in thinking that her brands make her an actual expert on these things, lol. But fashion would be a funny one.... for sure!
  15. We had been finishing up a second round of watching old MacGyver, just finished it, and are starting the new MacGyver. It was so fun to see the first episode of the new version, and see it at its roots with Jack, Mac, Riley, and Boser. Even though I understand why they had Jack leave, I wish they would have kept it simple and fun like it was in the beginning. It will be fun seeing these older episodes again.
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