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  1. Agreed. I am getting tired of the new whining trend of the lead. Understand you will have to weed through the crud, find the good ones, be flexible about the ending, and have some fun. This is not a guarantee of marriage just as normal dating scenarios. I really miss how this show used to be…same premise but not all of this wrong reason drama with lectures.
  2. According to my people magazine Arie and Lauren had their twins. I braved their Instagram sites, and I just can’t. All of the constant glamorous posing just makes me ill. It is all so fake, but whatever. She looks very different in some of the pics. I don’t know if she had some work done?
  3. I agree with both of you. It was fun they all helped the Hustler by coming up with answers. She did have the answer too often though which made me suspect her. And then she messed up at the end saying the guy came up with Yoda. He said R2 and was very clear about that. Either way I wasn’t completely sure at the end, as they played this in a fun way.
  4. I have only seen the pilot once if you mean the one where they go to Indian territory, but I didn’t notice that about her. I think I liked her okay in that. If she was different it was partly because Caroline was not happy there. She was scared of the Indians, they were nowhere near a town, and she was concerned about Mr Edwards (at least in the show for the Mr Edwards part)
  5. It really is a shame. She like many of the others was very pretty and didn't need to do that. And of course viewers can see the differences, Kaitlyn. There are plenty of before and afters on google as well to make it even more obvious.
  6. Because you should want to do this all in public of course.
  7. Yes, it was also for an episode for some person that lived there that everyone was afraid of, a widow lived there, it was the blind school, and probably many other things, lol.
  8. Do you mean that big house they use over and over? Or a different one?
  9. I thought most of them did a pretty good job. It was kind of fun seeing the explosions.
  10. I noticed that too. There is no way they could have been watching the same show and have such good reviews. The ratings suck if that helps, lol.
  11. I totally agree. They didn’t even give him a chance to do anything but make his way out the best he could…. They have never treated people well in any regard, so they look silly trying to take the high road now.
  12. And it annoys people too when people tell you to calm down, etc
  13. The gym owner guy has terrible fitting clothes. And he looked like he just came from the gym. Lol
  14. I didn’t see it but I think her stylist quit showing up a while ago! Lol
  15. They have clearly asked Sarah to read faster…she was reading questions much faster in that first round.
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