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  1. I know the books reference hanging things like that in some of their houses.
  2. I loved the party and that ending. I loved how Luke worked so hard to make it happen, I loved how Richard praised Lorelai and that sweet moment, I loved Lorelai finding out about Luke’s involvement, and I loved how sweet and simple it all was.
  3. It sounds like he just left the spotlight and became a rich stockbroker, 🙂 According to this google entry. Interesting though, but maybe this story isn't correct either? https://biographypedia.org/where-is-jonathan-gilbert-today-wiki-bio-net-worth-married/
  4. Is there a story behind this? I haven't heard much about him but wondering if there is a reason they are quiet about him? I enjoyed the video as well...I had to look up to see who a couple people were, but it was nice to hear all they had to say. And I love Dean Butler...he has always seemed so nice, and he continues to look young for his age. I love that he took on a passion for LIW projects in real life.
  5. It is funny how many of us are seeing now the benefits of having someone experienced with the show be the Bachelor. Not that they all do well, but at least they have some exposure. I don't think Matt is what they expected--he isn't the confident leading man they project on the commercials. Plus he doesn't seem like he really had ever wanted a relationship that much anyway. As for adding in the new ladies, I do think it is a bit much. There have been so many that took the time to be there, and we hardly know them...so many of them. Adding more just really isn't right, but this is what they do on the Bachelor. I guess they think it is Love Island or something.
  6. Usually not but apparently Sarah can? Ugh
  7. So why can some interrupt and others can’t??
  8. So did the women in the back opt out? Or were they not on the date? I missed that part until they were told to head back. I am also starting to wonder....do the rest of the girls get along with Victoria? They seemed fine with her on the date...
  9. I know, I mean look at her...one of her eyes looks like she was in a brawl, and that dress looks just as ridiculous now as it did last week. And he gives up the girl that actually looks normal and pretty? Lol
  10. alexa

    Figure Skating

    I was fine with the results for ladies and men’s. I think Bradie has shown a lot of confidence and growth, and she did a great job. I think it was good to see Liu not get the medal again as she does have some work to do. As for men’s, it was as expected, and I am glad Nathan kept fighting even though he seemed a little off this competition.
  11. Speaking of sets, this site has a cool video showing the ranch now versus with the set buildings. https://dustyoldthing.com/little-house-on-the-prairie-set-then-and-now/ One more link...some facts about the show, and a cute video at the end of Melissa singing and dancing. I guess she was preparing early for dancing with the stars...lol https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/70752/17-pioneering-facts-about-little-house-prairie
  12. Quick question for those that watched the original series. I just finished season 6 and started season 7. I seemed to feel like in season 6, they really had MacGyver get injured or whopped on the head a lot. Previous to that he seemed to do relatively okay in most episodes. We’re they trying to show the work was wearing on him, or just decided to torture him a lot more? It just seemed a bit much at times.
  13. He is just totally different, and was only a recurring character. We are watching the full series now, and he was only on ever so often. He was more funny than the Jack in the new series. It is kind of like comparing apples and oranges. The Jack in the new series is basically a new character, similar to how other things are different. But I am really enjoying the original series. Almost done...on season 7.
  14. I thought it was weird more because it kept sounding like he was up to something with the ice skating date--just the way he kept sounding elusive about it all. But maybe it was more that he felt uncomfortable around Higgins group, I am not sure. But it also didn't make sense to plan to go when a hurricane was coming. I did like the episode though, and how everyone worked together.
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