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  1. alexa

    Season 4

    I lol last night watching the episode where Lorelai finds out that Emily is living elsewhere-- the dinner scene where they are all acting strange, say they can take their drinks to the table, etc, to rush things along (which Lorelai is like, what???) Emily was quite humorous in those scenes.
  2. alexa

    Season 4

    This is pretty cool...I have had to buy some episodes on Amazon, and am now just doing Netflix temporarily because my dvd set has always had some bad dvds and I would miss parts of some episodes.....so anyway the cool part is that there are some scenes I am pretty sure I hadn’t seen because of it. Such as Lorelei getting Luke from jail, and some of the spring break scenes with Louise and Madeline. I always really like those two. There might be more coming as I keep watching. Who knows what I have missed. Lol!
  3. alexa

    Season 4

    I agree that much of what Mrs Kim did over the years as a parent wasn't great. When I said I felt bad for her, I just meant I could feel her hurt and pain and you could see how much she loves Lane in that episode. I think there are a lot of parents that don't do it right, and of course if they did, they would have a better relationship. I think the biggest reason she had Lane leave is because she knew that it didn't fit with her typical rules and lifestyle and it would be too hard for her to have her live there openly doing all of the things she had no idea Lane was doing. It is like meeting a new person for her because she didn't know her daughter at all. And I am sure she knows it is mostly her fault. As a person it is hard when you are confronted with your role in a situation like that--there is pride, hurt, shock, etc, etc, to deal with in the moment before you can heal and learn from it. It seems obvious to the viewer and other people in Lane's life how that life didn't serve her well, but it is harder to see your own part in things at times (esp someone as strict as Mrs. Kim). So she has a lot to take in here to figure out how to move forward.
  4. So Savannah has been in NY covering the riots, and I can see a big difference in her returning to her more professional sounding self-- at home she sounds pathetic, imo. I was getting to the point I couldn't really listen to her report anything from there, lol. As for Hoda in her dressing room on the 3rd hour, does she have the camera angled to try to make her look super skinny? She looks very distorted in those views.
  5. I was just curious if anyone knows why ABC has no other programming day or night other than "pandemic, what you need to know". All other channels have kept up some normal programming, and does ABC really think that people only want Covid news? So strange.
  6. alexa

    Season 4

    Yeah, I totally get it. I just think they both have a part in the relationship, but her mom definitely didn't make it easy on her. That is for sure. I don't blame her for having a secret life and all that.... (Lane's secrets -- not the Mrs Kim thing)
  7. alexa

    Season 4

    Yes, the money woes thing is strange--Rory knows they don't have a ton of money anyway and that they are building the Dragonfly Inn--it isn't like Lorelai has tons of money flowing in now, even if she did get a severance of sorts--and no guarantee how well the inn will do. Rory seems about as unaware of money as Lorelai--just like Lorelai never planned about how Chilton or Yale would be paid, Rory never seemed to ask (or at least not far enough ahead of time--such as if this works out, how will we pay for it?) Liz coming in is okay so far but it is like a huge warning about how much he and her boyfriend will annoy me very soon! I am dreading some of those scenes coming up. I never cared for Jason much either, but as a short relationship it is okay, I guess. But he kind of annoying and they don't seem to care about each other much. On another note, I just got to the scenes where Lane's mother is extremely hurt that Lane called everyone but her and then finds all of the things in her room. And just how sad she was about it all. I also don't think Lane handled it well in her discussion later--though it is true that she couldn't tell her mom about most of it, to just go on and on about her band at that point, and how she could live there and go to community college, etc--her mom was smart to say that she doesn't make the rules.
  8. That makes it even funnier then, if Emily expected different attire each time or most times. I mean, who buys that many dresses and skirts? Esp their age group?
  9. This has probably been discussed somewhere, but I am not sure where. I always wonder how they could afford their Friday night dinner attire. They have so many dresses and skirts for that occasion--many of them really cute and often not a repeat wearing. I mean, if I had to go to dinner at Emily's and felt like I had to wear a dress, she would see the same 3 dresses over and over. lol!
  10. That is interesting to hear about Scott/Lauren. I know they are actors, but as many scenes as they had together over the years and the chemistry they had as friends, etc, it is weird to think they wouldn't be somewhat close off of the show. But I know that happens.
  11. I agree with all of you. That is why I was confused about the money as I didn’t think she would have much left of the 75k, but she never mentioned how they would pay for Yale, as if it was free. I, too, assumed Chilton took up most of the money, and I also wondered with both school situations that she had given no thought to paying for them way ahead of time. She seems reasonable in other matters so it is hard to believe it would never cross her mind. Lastly, even if she thought they might get financial aid, she should have known even her annual salary would have exempted her from full support. It doesn’t take a lot of money for colleges to say you don’t qualify.
  12. I haven't followed them closely so I might have missed something, but I think he seems more down to earth and hands on in daily life to meet this exact description. I am sure while he was busy with football she was doing most of the work with the home and children, as often happens when a spouse has a busy job. But now that he is not playing, he seems to have no issue with just hanging out with the kids and animals at home. He doesn't really strike me as trophy wife type.
  13. End of season 3 question. When Lorelei tells Rory they would use grandpa’s money for Yale instead of the inn, what money did they mean? She had already paid back Chilton with that money?
  14. I get what you are saying, but it is so rare for these shows to literally use so much white in their re-design, and there are so many other neutrals that most homeowners would be fine with. I would prefer to have a colored neutral I might like than to have to paint everything. It is a lot of work and or expense for some to paint--it just seems they could get it right the first time, in my opinion. These rooms have all been very white with the exception of the occasional painted cabinet. And then that is kind of funny--because if they are scared of using color in the rooms, how do they know the people will like painted cabinets? I don't know--I just find it strange.
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