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  1. I thought the plant location was awful too. Who wants something like that over your head while you are trying to relax. And did she get confirmation that they like plants? Otherwise in that location they will never get cared for. I didn’t like how it looked either. I didn’t mind the table idea, but didn’t love it either.
  2. Nelly did well again tonight, and a totally different dance....way to go!
  3. I think a lot of the recent comments are positive about Nels and Harriet.
  4. No! JP and Ashley are going their separate ways. So bummed. I love them. They both posted on Instagram.
  5. That is so dumb to waste time on this so early on.
  6. I think the outfit changes just show that instead of adding sizzle as she says she is trying to make the show about her, as usual. That is my personal opinion. If she was really about the show, her sizzle would feature the show, the stars, the dancers, etc.
  7. Nelly has been one of my favorites, and I loved that dance.
  8. I like this show partly because I like the idea of her finishing things completely. I also like that they do mostly quality work and care about doing it right. It is so much better than Nate’s show like this as it doesn’t spend over the top money on things you can get for cheaper that are just as nice. It is more realistic with the budgets in place. I do think any of the homeowners are not bright...such as watching YouTube videos to install a support beam and then live in the house with no concerns.
  9. I just saw Mrs. Kim in an old MacGyver episode. Recognized her right away...
  10. This Ohio couple on right now are very annoying. I mean if you are that picky why did you sell the house you built for yourselves?
  11. The people on right now...the guy is dressed in a vibrant button down, unbuttoned pretty far with a gold chain. Not our usual beach buyer wear! Lol
  12. Yes definitely! It is a rather crazy turn of events.
  13. How on earth in the episode with Mary’s baby in the fire did she and Adam not give a thought to grabbing the baby? The baby was right there and Mary just runs off without a thought! And then they sit outside as if they have everyone.
  14. alexa

    Season 5

    On my last rewatch I felt similar until I got over the hump at some point in season 5, and there were some great moments with many of the episodes. I enjoyed the full run after early season 5, with of course a few minor exceptions.
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