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  1. I am disappointed that Orlando has become a mainly white wall designer. She says she likes blue and teal, and he even said to her, why aren’t there any traces of that. And then he does the kitchen and living room in white with gray furniture? He used to be more colorful..
  2. It is really strange. There are so many previous contestants, etc, that would have fit the show so much more. I think they could have watched AGT and could see that she was just barely okay at that job. So you have her running DWTS now? If she is going to try to make it all hip with all of these stupid twists, I am out. I like the traditional ballroom feel of DWTS, and without that, it just doesn't work for me. And it was already losing viewers, bringing Tyra in does not equal bringing them back.
  3. I must not have paid much attention to the man drama parts, but I would take it more that he is saying they are just as able to do drama as women are--not something against women. As for Rated R coming on for the interview, it has been 10 years and like everyone else they bring back, they grow up. I love seeing interviews with the contestants from many years back to see how much they have changed and grown up, etc. I especially love when they can talk about what happened and you can tell they are well past that stage.
  4. I am not much of a Tayshia fan. I am not sure what is going on with the Clare situation, but that would have been more fun (had it worked out to keep going). But I guess if all of this makes the Bachelor feel relevant in BLM, okay then, lol.
  5. Tyra ruined her own show, America’s Next Top Model, when she changed up the formula. And she really isn’t very relevant anymore, so I don’t really quite get this change. Tom was always the positive aspect of DWTS through all of the changes.
  6. The episodes last night were better than the first night. Seems back to the unspouse my house quality, as I usually liked most of the rooms in that version of his show. I am not sure if the lady on the second episode just doesn't show her enthusiasm well, but she didn't seem to sincerely like the rooms as much as she was trying to say she did.
  7. alexa

    Season 2

    I totally agree. I couldn’t stand the B and B lady, and how pushy she was. I had no issue with Lorelai’s concerns with the situation.
  8. I am rewatching now and really enjoying it. I forgot how good it was!
  9. Normally I agree he does a lot with less money, but these episodes for me were sorely lacking. The first one, was as if he just moved some furniture into an existing house with very little design/color/or anything interesting. I kept looking at her living room and was just like, this is a designer's work? He is very capable of working with homeowners and coming up with good design--I just felt like he didn't do much in this space.
  10. Agree. He did not show his best work here at all. He should do better even when on a budget. The second episode was better but was still lacking some oh his usual punch.
  11. Do you mean the fad or the future episodes? I watched one and it was just them looking at trends. What I liked was the throwback to some old hgtv shows in it!
  12. I was very underwhelmed by the first episode. Very plain and white. There was the wallpaper which was okay, but the bedroom paint looked odd. I just don’t think he used his designer skills here well at all. He should be able to bring the wow factor on a budget.
  13. Wow, that is interesting! I figured their extra money was just from bachelorette stuff. Interesting....
  14. Well the good thing is that Michelle cringed when watching herself back in her interview with Chris. She has grown up quite a bit and is kind of refreshingly normal now I think, lol. But def that was a weird scene for sure! The slap was super annoying, but thankfully she said in her interview she didn't mean for it to be like that or that hard--she just got really nervous and it came out different than she planned. I didn't like it either or that people celebrated the slap at the time--because Brad was never a bad guy to begin with. He had more morals than most people that have ever been on that show. Anyway...it sounds like she feels she didn't mean for it to be such a thing or so hard. I am guessing his comments about Emily were more to stress that he really did fall for her. I think if he sounds like he has feelings now, it is more of that cringe-y type thing you feel about your past behavior--knowing how vulnerable you were and you feel kind of weird about it.
  15. I agree about Deanna, as she is married and has kids with the right person for her. And she had a failed relationship in her stint as the bachelorette...it should be obvious he made the right choice--in the end she got what she wanted with another person. And she is older now and should be able to see this. He is very nice and describes his feelings well, and I think in any of the rewatches of his shows--it is clear he went through a lot after not choosing any of them. He went to therapy, he took time to learn about himself, he went back to be the bachelor, fell in love with Emily. It didn't work out, but he tried, and he still went on to have a good life and learn from his experiences. I have never liked Deanna for this reason. I thought she had finally grown up but nope, she is still a little bitter over a love that wasn't going to work out anyway.
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