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  1. alexa

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    I actually kind of liked this episode. I am kind of meh on Schooled, but a few good episodes squeak in, and this one wasn't too bad.
  2. I think this season is turning around. I liked this episode. The dramas were quick, the outcomes were good, and most of the storylines fit the characters well. I loved the ending with Adam hugging his grandpa.
  3. I think it is just that the show has gradually gotten away from its original formula the last several seasons, and is focused more now on drama, social media impact, and whatever else. So now it is not the same show, thus is more wearing. We have to watch the same drama stories go on for more than one episode, whereas before they had a pretty tight formula of dates and rose ceremony, and then moved on. It is so boring now-- I literally was finding other things to do and had it on as a background.
  4. I have never actually considered not watching the bach / ette, but this year I am tempted. This is so bad and so boring. I feel every season is getting worse, and I don't think that I am tiring of the original formula--I think the issue is that they brought in new formulas that are so boring. I wish they would go back to having a show that was set to have a group date, a single date, and a rose ceremony. Bring back the wackiness that happens, and minimize focusing on the boring drama. They drag it out for several episodes, and NOONE CARES. It is not remotely interesting. I took a nap during the show, and then fast forwarded through the rose ceremony and clearly didn't miss much. I guess I will get a lot of reading done on Bachelor night this season.... Yes, and Peter really sucks as the bachelor. All he does is kiss everyone and acts interested, but has nothing to say. Editing to add, I just went to the bachelor facebook page and it is full of people fed up with the boring drama, incomplete shows...many people said they need to stop with the boring cliffhangers, have the rose ceremony each episode and be done. There is noone over there exclaiming they love the Bachelor right now.
  5. Not anymore. We have the sob story. Has the show just become really bad, or am I just over the same things every season? Lol
  6. I like the show a lot better without Kelly. I prefer when Kristen is hanging out with other people including her husband. It feels more real and interesting than watching her and Kelly yammer on.
  7. Oh yeah, the timing of her interest in the friendship is uncanny, lol. Seriously, she ignored Kristen throughout the time they weren’t filming and then oh, here she is!
  8. My feedback on this is that the change to these ads is causing my ipad to have major battery drain. I now have to charge my ipad almost every night versus every few days--and this is with just use in the evening hours. I have tried to minimize that by closing out of my browser more regularly and that helps some, but that is just one more impact. I do understand the need for ads, but the constant loading of so many of them in awkward places does make the site more frustrating to navigate.
  9. That explains why I was surprised it was on, and almost missed it. I had planned on Jeopardy, lol, and didn't check to see what was going to be on in place of it. I dozed through half of the show and wasn't sure if Coach Mellor is back for good or just that episode?
  10. That was an interesting episode... the spontaneous kiss. 🙂
  11. So if that is the case, does this mean if he is coupled up that any girl could trust him? I know not all pilots do this, but you know that many of them are rumored to have affairs since they travel so much. I can't imagine he wouldn't not have affairs if he likes kissing and sex this much. Let's be real.
  12. I think it is a mixed bag. I think he doesn't mean to be mean, but at the same time he should have the sense to not say anything negative about his performance this round. I mean why kick a person when they are down. I like James, I am just saying that he would look better avoiding that kind of thing (for those that like him less).
  13. omg, that is just crazy. He clearly can't have enough of a life for a memoir, and he really isn't a prominent bachelor for a big audience.
  14. I liked the episode fine. Though this is the second episode they have had Higgins acting off and not fully participating in her job. I don't really care for those diversion storylines. I would have preferred it if she had just been up front from the beginning, versus waiting the whole episode to find out basically nothing exciting.
  15. I know! Now that we are watching the show, all of his final 4, except for one are full of drama. He has very strange tastes in women, lol.
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