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  1. Has there been even a vague explanation of how Peter survived the freezer?
  2. Maybe Drew and Valentin were wearing vests?
  3. HOLY SHIT!!! did that just happen?!?!?!?!?!? is that shootout real?!?!?
  4. Anyone happen to catch the Y&R wedding last week of Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke? Got to give credit to Y&R for throwing fabulous weddings. This one was fantastic - didn't look like an afterthought like on GH. I think it was two summers ago Y&R had an even more extravagant wedding of Kyle and Lola. Really a fantasy wonderland! Somehow they were able to budget it in. How come we can't have nice things like that? πŸ˜‘
  5. Yes! Brilliant! Iceberg, Daddy Longlegs, Proud Gay Oompa Loompa, George Takei... !
  6. Dear God, the legs on J just seem to look worse and worse. How must that affect his feet, spine, etc.
  7. Wonder how they feel about Natalie leaving the "family" to head over to The Talk on cbs.πŸ™„ Dylan's new baby, Russell James, they are calling "Rusty". πŸ˜‘
  8. She really is. She has such a sweet smile. I'll bet she is hoping for a little sister!
  9. This. He did a show recently on some old lady who supposedly is delusional in love and maybe trying to send money or something? to Post Malone. Going out on a limb to suggest more people don't know who Post Malone is vs those that do. So weird. Felt like Phil lost a bet or something on making that show. Or a PR stunt. Maybe this show has run its course.
  10. Sara sure has come a long way since being a glorified production assistant on the Kathie Lee and Hoda show!
  11. Oh gosh! Sorry about that! πŸ™ƒ
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on the interview with the parents and step parents of Gabby Petito?
  13. Thanks, @emmawoodhouse! Thanks, @Emma Snyder! πŸ™ƒ
  14. Good grief. What happened to Sara's hair?!? Looks like something from a Halloween costume. Top part looks like stiff gel overload, back just hanging. Like an accidental mullet. Wonder if that was her idea or some stylist that hates her. Just strange and awful. Cindy McCain's forehead looks as smooth as a baby's bottom. But on a nearly 70 year old woman. Not good. Why did they put her as guest host? So far she's hardly said a word.
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