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  1. Alexi is so adorable and has a good sense of humor.
  2. I like the episodes from Canada too - nice change of pace.
  3. My long time friend is moving from house to townhouse. She is a widow with a son in college. She is not rich but is comfortable financially. She is a clutter queen. She broke down and hired a local professional organizer for 10 hours, $80 per hour. She said it was worth every penny. Even had to rent one of those haul away junk dumpsters for $1,000! In fact, we hired 800 Got Junk to clean out after my mom passed away. They were awesome. my point is that often you need professional help to make the decision as to what to keeo, donate, toss. Amy could well afford that.
  4. Thanks! Watching the new season first two episodes, I wondered if Anna went away to college or stayed home. I felt bad that she thought they just wanted her out of the house because I could see how mom and dad wanted her to live on her own away from home for growth and maturity.
  5. These shows are aired so long past taping. What happened with Anna and Jonah and college?
  6. Not to mention that Jackson is sort of top-heavy, he could more easily tip over, right off that counter. God Forbid.
  7. God how stupid. I don't care how close she is with that stupid phone, he could fall over in a split second. best life indeed.
  8. I'm noticing how dependent these hosts have become on the oaps. Almost everyone seems awkward and I'm hearing a lot more "ummmms" , "you knows" , and "likes" - filler. The only one on auto pilot and doesn't miss a beat is Jane T. They have all become so used to the presentations becoming a conversation.
  9. Lol the detective shows up with a manila folder. hope jordan has a pen he can borrow.
  10. Did i miss something? Nelle had no cell phone to call for help?
  11. Oh my gosh, i was just going to say the same thing! Many of the oaps are too close to their skype camera at home. they work with plastic surgeons, you know.😐
  12. In case you haven't tried it, the It tsv celebration foundation is awesome.
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