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  1. Hmmm... Lisa must have written this post. 😐
  2. Her response reminds me of how it is usually a good idea to wait a day before putting an emotional response in writing. Mom taught us that 30+ years ago, before our instant and zooming world of technology. 😕
  3. What an incredibly arrogant, ignorant response. Asshat.
  4. Just finished reading DD's 2018 book. Downloaded it to kindle fire and ended up binge-reading it in one night. Great read for his fans. I really enjoyed it. To me it kind of seemed more about his life and career than his life with his sons. Kind of more how the sons were interwoven into his life, if that makes sense, but still a fun read. He doesn't seem to take himself too seriously which I like. I'm new to CBS soaps - maybe just the last 3-4 years, so these people are sort of new to me.
  5. I hate this kind of stupidity. For a stupid picture. 😠
  6. Graver's on-camera house set still gives me a funeral home vibe. 😕
  7. Agreed. Some aging better than others. jill B seemed to struggle with her look those last few years. We sure noticed here! But check out how great she looks now. No more qvc stress. Good for her. www.justjill.com
  8. I'm actually liking the s,m,l,xl,1x etc sizing on the bras I'm seeing lately. A little flexibility. Seems to be working for me from the bras I've ordered lately. Even from different manufacturers.
  9. Whoa! Surprised and disappointed that Thursday's episode was from this year. 😯 especially since it was that stupid fake wedding. Didn't need to see that once much less twice. enjoying the old episodes.
  10. Haughty is a great word to describe them. Well, one of many words.
  11. Yep, I'm sure that chris has "amazing" grilling skills. /eyeroll He should teach Zach.
  12. Lock and lock Chris - we all know she is a very nice lady. but that side ponytail all day with the interesting yellow/white/? hair color choice - needs help.
  13. Astonishingly poor judgment. Photographed and posted.
  14. Couldn't last past the first ten minutes of the van not starting. There was some word Courtney used instead of having to jump start the van. Think I blocked it out. Never had heard it before, maybe a southern thing. Can anyone remember what she called it? 😕 Just thought of it - "crank" the car. Never heard that one.
  15. Has anyone mentioned to them that we're in the middle of a deadly world-wide pandemic?!?😕
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