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  1. Gravel seems to be on q or q2 every day! I love her hair style. Trying to get mine into a version of that, just a little longer. And I'm an XL/1x, but I think she is a large? Maybe a large/XL? I do like her. I think she is for real. I think?
  2. seasons

    This Is CNN

    What happened with Don Lemon? He had some announcement a few weeks ago about some sort of change but I'm not seeing anything different.
  3. Szish has a black skull and crossbones inner wrist tattoo? First, ouch. Second, from here it looks like a prison tattoo or a tragic crafting /Sharpie accident. Or maybe it is one of those tattoos where they inject a loved one's cremains into the ink. That's actually kind of cool; I'd do that in a second. I'll bet she has some stories about her NYC days that don't involve fashion! Also, her nails look like crap. Surprised coming from Miss High Style.
  4. Great screenshots, @mpeeps! Are we still calling Janie "Blabby"? I liked that one. When she rambles on about JackieJane , I think she is almost talking to herself because no one can keep up with her. Like an alter ego or something.
  5. Seriously. You guys on this shopping channel threads are the nicest folks on this whole site. Sending the good vibes back your way.πŸŒžπŸ˜ŽπŸ’–πŸ€
  6. ??? After all these years, Jane throwing shade at Kiki??? "evil cat" "I'm afraid of her:" 🐈 #savekiki
  7. Somehow I expected more from Jane in her shoe closet than Jane in her shoe closet. πŸ€”
  8. Thanks so much for the welcomes! It's fun to see some of you all from here on other show threads. And thanks to @Booney for the screenshots of qvc model/personal trainer/super hottie Long! πŸ”₯He gets better with age. Oh geez Kiki alert. 🐱 Wow, Vionic rep Jen looking a lot like someone that used to work there.
  9. Meanwhile, the other kids have boots on, looks like the mom does too. It's not that hard, Tori. I get the feeling that T and Z aren't real adults, they are just supposed to play them on tv. Immature and half-assed way to live with two children and possibly more on the horizon.
  10. For me Zach was done when he and Tori were planning the outdoor party a few years ago and he cheaper out so bad on the food and beverages. What an ass. Too bad when the child gets the worst qualities of both parents. He basically has no experience in anything but comes across as arrogant and righteous. With nothing to back up these characteristics. And of course they are free to have as many children as they want, but with more and more medical issues arising, why? Maybe trying to have a child with no issues? What about as Zach gets older - will his medical issues intens
  11. Thanks for the updates, guys. I'm kind of out now with all the family dysfunction - seems very real to me. Can't stand to see those kids in this sad situation. Poor Alex and Emma having to deal with things alone if three older siblings leave. They are all so fragile I think. Same with that Derrico gaggle - just no, watched most of season 1 but they piss me off too much. Also why I pretty much cut out mean girl Whitney and her barnacle "friends".
  12. Hi Gang! πŸ€— Stopped watching shopping channels for over a year but now I'm back. Nice to see everyone! I missed the snark and the fun, that's for sure! Hoping you all are safe and experiencing good health, enjoying getting back out there as you feel comfortable. πŸ’– Enjoying this new overnight host from Los Angeles. She seems very professional and has a very smooth and calming voice.So poised and confident! So much better than the strange inconsistency of Celery Lady. I do wish she would dress up a bit more like a host instead of someone behind the scenes. God forbid I jus
  13. Also, Baylee and Brooke's mom has a hairstyle that competes with Mike's mom "Treesh" from 90 day fiance. You'd know it if you've seen it. Mullet / mullet with visor. 😣
  14. Interesting that with Lucy and Anna, one of them has a small mole on her face but the other does not. You'd think she'd draw one on or something, after the dentist fiasco. πŸ€”
  15. Mmm. Zied . πŸ”₯πŸ’– And did she say a snake and a gerbil? Thought they could barely feed themselves.πŸ€”
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