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  1. I agree with what many of you have pointed out. The thing that gets me is the constant "oh you can save so much money doing the work yourself" of it all. And yes that is a cost saving strategy but only if you already have the tools, equipment, and know how to do the work safely. Replacing electric panels, rewiring a house, and installing modern HVAC systems is not something most of us can safely do. In fact most of these homes probably need all new plumbing too and possibly septic systems. Mess up these things and you'll be up to your eyeballs in debt, sewage, and fire damage.
  2. T-shirt for season 3 build up? Coming soon kinda thing. Putting my 12 year old thoughts in a time out while my mature enlightened self wonders about the feasibility of a fan t shirt campaign and the accompanying ad text. AHEM As for the church, they need a leader and the Deep wants/needs to lead a team and be taken seriously. His wife is book smart - women's studies prof at Vasser - and can also help/manipulate the masses with messaging, projects, outreach and such. Makes an interesting foe/faux foil for the supes and the Boys.
  3. It got tossed over jurisdiction. He's currently appealing but in my not a lawyer opinion the dismissal will be upheld. He needs to file in California which is what the contract he signed requires. https://deadline.com/2021/07/donovan-eckhardt-windy-city-rehab-defamation-suit-dismissed-1234674422/
  4. I think she's setting him up for blackmail. She was in a very suggestive position clinging to his hips and legs. Not sure where the camera is/was but totally felt like a set up. have we learned what Sheryl did for a living before becoming an incompetent granny? She seems to gamble online a lot and had no problem turning on Leland ....
  5. The basement in the third house looked like a shabby chic shiplap explosion ... Or maybe just a public service announcement warning against too much HGTV viewing
  6. I'm still stuck on the bride Precious (marrying former college FB player, fertility issues, and tag along mother in law) sticking her tongue in the ranch dressing fountain. Are you kidding me? My grandmothers and aunties would have reached down from heaven to smack me upside the head. Even pre-Covid that's just disgusting and tacky. Definitely a hate watch. Hope there's a second season 🙄
  7. Is D+C moving into Graver territory? * Loud designs and color prints that the hosts claim are based on the classiest of classiest designs from stores with doors and valet parking * All polyester or mostly poly cheap looking knit fabric * Fabric that flows and pools and skims over the fabric like a liquid Ok, I guess what I'm asking is there going to be some kind of parking lot rumble (ala the Sharks and the Jets) at the King of Prussia mall? Because, if so, I'd pay to watch that instead of 99% of QVC's current line up. QVC'S parking lot is out since Officer Jayne wo
  8. Dyslexic here with an honest to goodness language question: is this some play on words or spelling that I'm missing? I'm aware of the word empowered - and have even seen it spelled impowered in texts from the early 1800s - but inpowered is just flying over my head. Also the bible reference isn't clicking on a pun or funny for me: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I was a Sunday school teacher and used to plan punny lessons and teach my students funny little church jokes as a distraction technique but this isn't one I've come across before. I'm probably ov
  9. Whoa! That sounds like a great start to a harassment claim ...
  10. Please tell me that the steak/assorted cow cuts were wrapped in plastic or something before the hall coordinator dumped them in the garbage can and then onto the street to defrost. It's still gross but not as gross as unwrapped meat being handled that way.
  11. I just caught up with several episodes and I'm not sure if anyone is still watching. It feels like fun wacky frivolous tv in the aftermath of 9/11 - this is so ooo September 10th and we've got real stuff to deal with now. Anywhoo, I think Mackenzie needs a therapist. What really stood out to me was how she kept clutching her mom, stroking mom's hair, and was just clutching her like she was afraid mom was going to fall off the planet. And Mom was no better with her manipulations - financial, emotional, verbal - as well as copying her daughter's whole style that I really wonder how she was
  12. Run Ari, RUN! PS: Helpful hints - next time you move don't give Allison your new address... Or tell her... Just run 😉
  13. Watching Stacey's behavior devolve was sad. I wonder if her sanity will return when she starts eating again. I liked Lonnie as the narrator and LOL'd at Detective Yum Yum. Yes to hiring the wedding planner - he was awesome. Lastly I don't think Coco threw granny under the party bus with the booze - she may not have brought it or smuggled it in in her bossom - but she looked like a lady who knew how to have a good time. I wonder what kind of hijinks she and her friends got up to in the good old days. 😉
  14. Inspiration for tonight's hood? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_dome
  15. I cringe anytime she gets near an antique. I just know she's going to do something awful to it - these items have survived centuries only to be done in by Allison.
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