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  1. I doubt the celebrity versions of any of these game shows are under or follow the strict rules non-celeb game shows have to follow. This mess is for charity, I don't really care.
  2. I wonder if they always planned on the Beast being part of the cast but those plans were hindered by COVID travel restrictions.
  3. Their beards are pretty well groomed, it's not like they have some bushy, Dave Letterman-esque beards. How can anyone tell when the contestants are more hyper than normal? They've been acting that way for 25 years. I can't wait until the audience comes back, I'm tired of the social media influences and actors.
  4. Sara is such a slow reader it's almost painful. I guess ABC was wanted a host that was already on their payroll, but god do I wish they looked for a better host. I'm only on the first episode, so maybe she gets better.
  5. She's probably one of the few people who has interest in this with enough connections, influence and pull to get an AMC reboot (continuation?) off the ground. I can see TPTB bringing it to Freeform with the characters re-imagined as teens or young adults. I can't see any network, ABC, Lifetime, streaming or Freeform, greenlighting a show with a 74 year old woman as the lead unless they do something like the new Dallas did.
  6. Watching right now and I'm a little surprised any Bob era episodes got any kind of official release. Wasn't it rumored he only allowed a handful of old episodes to be released due to his bitterness over the lawsuits the models brought against him and the show? I know he was pretty grumpy and refused to call any models by their names by the end of his run. So when did this show get super loud? I know it was pretty loud by the 1990s and an episode from 1986 I saw somewhere was kind of loud too, so maybe the mid-80s. These 1983 episodes aren't too screechy.
  7. The equally loud, but less chaotic, Bob Barker era TPiR is going to have a channel on Pluto starting December 1st. Edit: From the official YouTube channel:
  8. I've been watching the Alex "remix" to Savage of and on all day. Alex reciting the lyrics to pop songs, particularly hip hop songs, was the best.
  9. Alex has been on tv in the US nearly everyday for how long? Forty to forty-five years? Just amazing and he worked basically until the end. RIP Alex. Thank you so much, sir.
  10. Michael B. Jordan pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman.
  11. I remember that episode where they went to the scene of Andre's murder. Tim has to be a stone cold sociopath to stand there and take his own mother to the spot where her grandson was killed.
  12. I don't remember the early-early episodes, but I did love the contestants coming in and walking to their podiums when I was a kid. It was very exciting and dramatic to me. The gasping is hilarious. I do miss the ooohs and aahhs on Wheel of Fortune so the over-the-top gasps are appreciated. Did they do that speed up thing they do to old shows to make room for more commercials. The fast talking was weird.
  13. The GMA 3 COVID coverage hour has been getting decent ratings, decent enough for ABC to cancel Strahan, Sara & Keke. I don't watch it everyday, but I like GMA 3. Anything that gives TJ Holmes more airtime is fine by me, and Amy Robach is a gem.
  14. I don't know why but I appreciated Hoda crying. COVID-19 is ravaging New Orleans, has killed their colleagues and will kill more people they know and many of us watching will be victims of it. I don't mind tears and anger when this horrible situation becomes more and more real by the hour.
  15. How is that an opinion when it's true she doesn't really know? It's not like she kept probing after that or asked Ms. Leslie to dissect Kobe's statement after he settled with the woman. Really, the most frustrating thing about the question imo is that Lebron or any of Kobe's male friends would never be asked that. Even if that question was so mean and bad, the reaction is over-the-top. I think Kobe truly turned his life around after the allegations, but come on. Snoop Dogg out calling Gayle out of her name and vaguely threatening her and Bill Cosby, convicted rapist and author of the P
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