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  1. The GMA 3 COVID coverage hour has been getting decent ratings, decent enough for ABC to cancel Strahan, Sara & Keke. I don't watch it everyday, but I like GMA 3. Anything that gives TJ Holmes more airtime is fine by me, and Amy Robach is a gem.
  2. I don't know why but I appreciated Hoda crying. COVID-19 is ravaging New Orleans, has killed their colleagues and will kill more people they know and many of us watching will be victims of it. I don't mind tears and anger when this horrible situation becomes more and more real by the hour.
  3. How is that an opinion when it's true she doesn't really know? It's not like she kept probing after that or asked Ms. Leslie to dissect Kobe's statement after he settled with the woman. Really, the most frustrating thing about the question imo is that Lebron or any of Kobe's male friends would never be asked that. Even if that question was so mean and bad, the reaction is over-the-top. I think Kobe truly turned his life around after the allegations, but come on. Snoop Dogg out calling Gayle out of her name and vaguely threatening her and Bill Cosby, convicted rapist and author of the Pound Cake Speech, admonishing her from prison is completely inappropriate. I wouldn't be surprised if these men were angry about the Robert Kelly interview and saw their opportunity to pounce after the Kobe question.
  4. HLN has cut the hours of their news block again, airing only from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm. It's probably only a matter of time before they cancel all their live news programming except Robin Meade.
  5. Gayle has her decent moments. Whether she's a good interviewer or not, Gayle had a hand in helping expose R. Kelly as the manipulative asshole that he is (how many times do you think he pulled that crying shit on the girls he abused?) and she comes off as a lot less out of touch than Oprah in those videos they used to post. But ooh boy, the constant chattering is annoying, I agree with everyone there. That's why I only watch Saturdays now. Jeff Glor is a superstar and I really like Michelle Miller. Dana Jacobson I can take or leave. Like if Dana left the show tomorrow I don't think I would notice or care.
  6. Did Jeff Glor win? Norah's iteration of the evening news is a bomb (doing worse in the ratings than Jeff Glor last I read) and Jeff seems to be clicking on Saturday mornings.
  7. I wish Bette and Angie's conversation would have touched a bit on colorism. There are things Angie can't get away that most of her classmates can, but that's also true of Angie versus someone with Bette's coloring and features. Maybe I'm expecting too much from The L Word, heh. The Megan Rapinoe Alice interview felt like a real talk show interview. Good job, show.
  8. Fans return to The Witcher 3 after the release of the Netflix series What to read and play after watching The Witcher
  9. Oh, that's why Geralt's called the Butcher of Blaviken.
  10. The NY Post and, even, TMZ are better sources for media gossip than the Fail. Huff Post, Variety, the Daily Beast and FTV Live.com are better as well. I wouldn't be surprised either way, most of these people in the media have fragile egos, but I'm not taking much that the Daily "What's Meghan Done Wrong Today" Mail too seriously. Tamron went to Al Roker's holiday party. Tamron posted a picture with her old Today's Take co-hosts minus, unsurprisingly, Natalie Morales.
  11. Whenever I turn over to Viceland (or is it just Vice now?) reruns of Intervention and It's Always Sunny are on. I saw they have news content now when I was watching Intervention last night, probably because HBO cancelled Vice News. Yep, I just checked, their news show is called Vice News Reports. News, current issues and political coverage seems to be the only original content they produce now.
  12. Wasn't sure they were going with the Pokemon theme until they revealed the second category. Cute. They should have had a category that played on Eevee, though.
  13. Bette would still be passionate about the opioid epidemic if Kit was in prison, an active user or became physically or cognitively damaged from drugs. But this is The L Word and they have never been subtle, Kit's dead. I'm pleased that the OG three were featured more than I expected. The right characters returned, too, I could live without ever seeing Tina or Jenny again.
  14. I saw a comment on Reddit or Twitter that Alex Trebek probably would have filled in if he wasn't ill and it just made me sad. Vanna's kind of stiff but I'm glad she filled in versus someone else that's not Trebek.
  15. The first incarnation lasted six seasons. That's a good run for any show, let alone a premium cable show in the era when five or six seasons was the norm. And does the Real L Word count? It was a reality show with the L Word brand slapped on. I don't know what that has to do with the L Word? I wouldn't be surprised if DINK describes a good portion of premium cable subscribers. Whatever. I'm cautiously excited for this. I have less than zero interest in ever watching Ray Donovan or Billions and Shameless went to shit years ago. There's finally a reason to subscribe to Showtime for however long this season of TLGQ goes on for.
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