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  1. junemeatcleaver

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I vote Dylan's husband. He has over 55,000 followers on Instagram which kind of lot for someone who's only known for being the husband of a host/meteorologist on a morning show. Craig's wife has quite a few followers, too, but she used to be on tv. The space rocks they had on this morning were pretty cool. The hosts sounded genuinely exited to get to touch them versus the fake, everything is awesome shtick they do.
  2. junemeatcleaver

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I knew Dylan was pregnant! I thought she looked it a week or so.
  3. junemeatcleaver

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Hoda probably saved up her vacation days and used them after her maternity leave time was up. I remember Kathie Lee did something similar and she was off for something like two or three months. Another promo for a kids book written by the Today Show Family, this time one written by Willie's wife. I don't mind their hustle, but it seems like a host, or someone connected to a host or the show, is on every few months to hawk a children's book.
  4. junemeatcleaver

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Domestic violence is an umbrella term for any violence that occurs between family members. Celeste's situation was intimate partner violence and Bonnie's child abuse, but both are domestic violence. I've been enjoying this season, I resubscribed to HBO for this and don't regret it. Guess I don't mind the show being a bit over-the-top because it's classic David E. Kelley and I've always liked his shows until they completely went off the rails.
  5. junemeatcleaver

    Let's Talk Modern Consoles, PCs, And Handhelds

    Figured it was coming once the new Animal Crossing and core Pokemon game were announced. Now we have to wait to see if the Switch Pro sees the light of day.
  6. junemeatcleaver

    What is...In the Media?

    Game show app HQ hasn't paid former Jeopardy champ Alex Jacob $20,000 he won I'm not surprised. Players have complained about being unable to cash out for a long time and the game is a total mess. I cash out every time I win, whether it's a few cents or a couple of dollars because who knows how long HQ will last.
  7. junemeatcleaver

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Yes, they do. Here's my unpopular opinion: I don't care that much when shows are cancelled. It's not a tragedy to me that Netflix only keeps their shows going for three or four seasons now. I don't mourn shows I can barely remember. I can't get mad that shows are cancelled because I know that ratings/the number of subscribers are mainly the only thing that matters.
  8. junemeatcleaver


    Jamey Giddens (formerly?) from the website Daytime Confidential created this. Not surprised it sounds OTT, he is a fan of Ron Carlivati and camp in general. I heard the OWN posted the first four episodes on YouTube, I have to check them out. I hope the entire series eventually ends up on Netflix or Hulu, we don't get OWN anymore.
  9. junemeatcleaver

    Perry Mason

    I'm sure everyone here is aware, but the entire series is on Prime Video. Amazon has a lot of older shows on Prime, I only found Perry Mason looking for something for my mom to watch.
  10. junemeatcleaver

    What Is...An Improvement to Jeopardy?

    I'm watching old episodes on Netflix and it seems they have always had "easy" clues. The contestants have already proven they're good at trivia by passing the test, I don't think it would be an improvement to make the clues harder and less accessible the average viewer. I pretty much think the show is fine as it is imo. I could have done without two Teen Tournaments, but that's not a deal breaker.
  11. junemeatcleaver

    Cash Cab

    Bravo is reviving Cash Cab I figured the recent Discovery revival wasn't going to last long once they started burning off episodes on Saturday mornings.
  12. junemeatcleaver

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    On a Roll/Head Like a Hole is pop perfection. That's all I have to add.
  13. junemeatcleaver

    S21.E02: Season Premiere (Part 2)

    I haven't watched this show in like 15 seasons and it's still so predictable. I said to myself the old guy and the Black girl are probably going one or two with the big girl soon to follow.
  14. junemeatcleaver

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I've never heard a bad thing about Hoda in gossip columns or those behind the scenes exposes about Today that pop up from time to time. Hoda is popular with a lot of viewers and is possibly well liked at Today, I don't have a problem with them bringing her up. I thought it was a high school graduation at first. I was thinking wow, they look really young and then they said it was a middle school graduation and then it made sense. And they did it last year too? Honestly I'd take a graduation over those weddings they used to do all the time.
  15. junemeatcleaver

    S07.E26 Milla

    Milla seemed better adjusted than a lot of other people featured on this show, so her success isn't that surprising to me.