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  1. Eden Riegel does a lot of anime and Japanese video game voice acting, English dubs of course. She does have that high breathy voice that seems to favored in anime, though I know she's versatile.
  2. I haven't seen people use woke in the way it was originally intended for a couple of years now. It's too bad because I liked what it used to mean and stood for.
  3. It reminds me of the situation that happened with our former governor here in Missouri and his alleged victim. He assaulted her and she continued to see him. It seems like these types of situations aren't uncommon. I still can't get over how long Lauer's statement was. It was as long as a damn New Yorker article.
  4. It's the same with Gayle on the CBS morning show, she still talks about how she's still friends with Charlie Rose. And I don't know why Meredith Vieira is being lauded as a hero, she said she speaks or texts with Matt all the time in a recent interview with People promoting her new game show. I really think the on air talent closely connected with Matt should be let go, starting with those two who looked like they were close to sobbing this morning. Hoda, Savannah, Al, they should all go. Stop inviting Meredith to guest host as well. Keep Craig, Sheinelle and Dylan and build the show up again from there. I'll probably keep watching, so I'm part of the problem, too, but still. Has anyone heard or read his statement? It's practically novel length. Good God.
  5. The woman who accused Matt of rape came forward and told her story to Ronan Farrow: I hope this puts an end to Meredith, Hoda and Savannah making comments about how much they like Matt. Hell, Meredith just told People she talks to him all the time. They need to clean house at NBC News and Today, behind the scenes, the higher ups and the on air talent. If the producers and interns knew, then Meredith, Al, Hoda, and everyone who worked with Matt during that time period knew.
  6. Why would anyone be in charge? They're all grown except Liam. What do I know, though, I checked out a couple of seasons ago.
  7. I think Today failed to see that people would be annoyed that Tamron was replaced by someone with a history like Megyn's, particularly Black women, nor did they see that Fox News and network morning shows have different audiences. And Tamron did sort of have the last laugh, Megyn's ratings were lower than Tamron and Al's and the third hour's ratings rebounded a bit after Megyn was finally fired.
  8. I think it's a good story that probably resonates with their target audience. The show most likely would have closely followed Dylan's journey with IVF and fertility treatments if she hadn't gotten pregnant unexpectedly. I can take or leave them, but I think viewers like sob stories and people overcoming adversity, talk and reality shows wouldn't feature them so much if those kind of narratives failed to click with audiences.
  9. If a certain elderly politician can get a heart irl, I don't know see Julie can't.
  10. I really liked the first season, but the first few episodes of season two completely turned me off. People said the season got better, but meh. There are too many tv options out there to sit through something that possibly gets better. I haven't looked back, I have zero desire to give the show a second chance. Yes, Tatiana Maslany was good and deserved the Emmy and all that, but I think there were actors on soap operas who did the alter, twin and multiple character thing as well, or better than, Ms. Maslany. David Canary playing Adam pretending to be Stuart pretending to be Adam on All My Children was an absolute masterclass.
  11. Used to. He moved over to the Xbox/Microsoft streaming service Mixer a couple of months back. Don't know how I know this since I don't play those type of games.
  12. I think a lot of us missed Jeopardy thanks to that press conference. At least it comes on at 4:30 am here in the KC area.
  13. I'm still enjoying the show, but it's not exactly something that makes me want to run to here or Twitter to talk about. It was funny that Kenya from Real Housewives was on few days ago on the IVF episode bragging about her husband and baby and just yesterday it was announced they were divorcing. Here's a clip of Kenya calling her husband the love of her life. Does she think anyone believes they were still a couple on Monday when she announced they are breaking up on Thursday?
  14. I had heard Oprah, Steadman and Gayle are very, very close, almost to the exclusion of anybody else. I can't fault them for that since just about everyone in Oprah's life has sold her out. I don't care about Gayle ruling the roost, but it's really annoying when she talks over her co-hosts. It's a smart move to keep the show mostly the same, too. It's still a nice, occasional alternative to the other network morning shows and I think it's better than the AM shows on cable.
  15. Pneumonia is nothing to play with. I'm surprised she plans on coming back Monday.
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