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  1. An on-air presenter that helps hosts sell electronics. He does not take her crap.
  2. Bob Mackie won the Tony for Best Costume Design/Musical for The Cher Show.
  3. I will give you the link privately.
  4. I highly recommend it.
  5. He needs to dye his eyebrows. Seriously. She does look happy. We may never know the reason unless someone knows her personally. I wish her the best. Here's the thing© Even if someone said they knew her [or someone that knew the real deal] they would not be believed so it does not really matter.
  6. There is a thread about this on the QVC website. Pretty funny.
  7. No matter why, she is a grown assed woman. The poor me stuff is wearing thin. That was her schtick when she started. It's time for her to grow the fuck up. If she cannot handle it, QVC will find someone that can. We all go through ups and downs but to play it out publically is a bit much. I hate to tell her this but an adoring public is not going to save her job. Those are the facts. She needs to get herself straight like yesterday and stop the second-guessing. If she needs help, she needs to get that help ASAP. If no one at QVC is going to pull her aside, that's genuin
  8. I saw some Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid so that made me happy. They need to be the "go to" network for better quality, name brands. House brands can be tricky.
  9. Is it selling? If it sells, when will it be delivered? It also looks like the average IQ of QVC shoppers has gone down dramatically.
  10. OK. I love doggies but what did that have to do with the presentation? Re: the control room They do not know how to pronounce it. They know how to pronounce it but like to see her look like an ass. You decide.
  11. If anyone cares or is keeping track, Carolyn is wearing a GILI blazer. It's tight and accentuates the tum-tum but it's not Denim and Company.
  12. Another pudding head. And the control room is not correcting her. That says a lot.
  13. She made her announcement on April 20th. If you look at that video, she was already spruced up. Hair cut, a little weight loss, and a lifted face. There were at least a few weeks between her decision and announcing her decision. Sometimes, fixing yourself up gives you the confidence and strength you need to tell your boss to shove it.
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