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  1. Puddy


    This ring was on Shop LC. Seriously. I was stunned.
  2. This. So this. Grooming is part of their job and some seem to forget that and some love to tell us how they like to be stinky and scurvy. [side eye to Shawn] Also, lots of times, a drastic change in appearance is prohibited in some contracts. If Antonella showed up with purple hair, that would have been addressed. I do this too.
  3. Oh, it will survive. She will not suddenly become Yul Brynner but I do not see her taking the time - which was her excuse for the new color - to keep the black and grey roots under control. Prime example: Kim Gravel She was just on with tri-color hair~ brassy blonde dark roots grey roots A total hot mess. I was stunned to see and ex-beauty queen and pageant coach looking like this.
  4. It's about making good decisions on who and what touches your head. Celebrities pay top dollar to go from black to white to pink to grey, for example. They do not have problems. Antonella got a cheap, local job. Night and day.
  5. Puddy

    Home Shopping Network

    I loved Marla when she first started on HSN. I love a good underdog story. Now, I can't take ten minutes of her.
  6. She did a video on Facebook showing that it's really her hair.
  7. Puddy


    I live for this shit.
  8. It is. Seriously. It can end up being really bad.
  9. Go to Shop LC. You will see her stuff for way cheaper. It's not under her name of course, but the style is pure Barbara Bixby. I have seen things on Shop LC that I previously saw on QVC.
  10. Not really. This bleach job looks cheap and like the stylist was not experienced. It's already brassy. Her hair is now compromised. Anything she does from now until all of that processed hair is cut off is a crap shoot. She probably has very hard water so that will not help. Even something as simple as wearing a headband can cause her now weakened hair to break off. Letting the shower beat down on her scalp can also cause major breakage. I think it's a mess but now, she is rather limited. Wait until the black and grey roots start. Her excuse of not being able to keep up with the grey was silly. Now she will have a bigger mess that will require more time and money. Anyone can do a touch up kit at home and she can get colored powder or temporary root spray at CVS to hide the grey - for weeks if not months - depending on how much she has.
  11. Puddy


    Chaz has the Big Deal today and it's almost gone. They have him on QVC right now with Leah and supposedly, it's going to sell out soon. They sure didn't bring in "QVC quantities" for his sale on QVC2.
  12. Puddy

    Home Shopping Network

    I noticed this too. During last week's beauty show. I get wanting a tweak here and there but she is doing something every few weeks.