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  1. I came here to see if anyone saw this. I read is on TMZ and they said there was child porn on his phone too. It’s shocking.
  2. I thought cartoon Liz was a mildly better actress than real Liz. Can we keep her?
  3. Could Asher not be dead? I can’t really remember how everything happened earlier this season but could this be some manipulation of the kids just to take down Annaliese and then Asher pops up alive?
  4. The entire Weber family is gross.
  5. Twitter says that Brb said to the hubs in Spanish, say something bad, help me. She’s a piece of work
  6. Jesus this is such a shit show
  7. Madison should say I have feelings for Peter but knowing his mom is a package deal, no thanks. Bye!
  8. I hope Madison can see every expression on Barbs face during this. What a nightmare that woman is.
  9. I don’t think Hannah Ann loves him so I don’t feel too bad for her, she’s in it for Insta followers.
  10. His mom is the batshittist of all batshit crazy moms. What a freaking loon
  11. Now that I know that Hannah Ann was ready to bail for the final ceremony too I am so annoyed they talked her out of it. Can you imagine Peter being stood up by both girls? My cold black heart would have been overjoyed!
  12. I hope Reality Steve is right and Peter proposes on the after show. And from there I hope she breaks up with him on air. That would be amazing. Lol
  13. Omg yes! He’s very Nick looking which is not a complement.
  14. I could not stop staring at Peters scar. Good lord! What kind of hack sewed that up? It looks like a two year old smushed some play doh on it.
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