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  1. Nice acting Greg. He is such a douche and you can’t convince me he did not plan that entire exit. I hope he’s not the bachelor. He is Ben Flapjack levels of unattractive.
  2. Well Kaitlin and Tayshia did not have as much control of that situation as Chris would have. I think he would have interrupted sooner. Lol
  3. Awww Andrew… he is so adorable
  4. I’m glad some veterans made it through like Captain nbc, flip and nick Hanson. And of course Flex. I’m sick of 15 year olds lol
  5. He tweeted it but said there are apparently pics out there
  6. Reality Steve announced Matt and Rachel aren’t over. That they are in nyc together.
  7. This was a solid show this week. Thought Daniel really brought it (although musical act was ghastly). I thought the line of the night was in the college student sketche. Something like if we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that we need more poets .
  8. I have a weird fear of birds after being attacked (pecked on head by several birds lol) inside the zoo aviary years ago so this episode was giving me the heebee jeebees.
  9. Since we all need a palate cleaner after Matt's season - here's an update on Peter and Kelley. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/bachelor-star-kelley-flanagan-explains-why-she-and-peter-weber-are-done-for-good/ar-BB1eDQpo?li=BBnbfcL .....................................Barb............................ LOL
  10. The too tight suit makes me nuts.
  11. Matt described Michelle as checking the wife boxes. That is never good. Lol
  12. I saw a comment about how they were rumored to be together. I guess time will tell.
  13. She has been spouting about Chris and Rachel saying they don’t deserve grace for their racial issues. Yet the first thing she asked for was grace. Hypocrite level= 10.
  14. He’s not hosting the after the final rose. This was taped before he stepped aside.
  15. I watched this morning and after Murder Shows I paused and immediately sent it to my bestie. We watch all the crime and cult shows. Lol
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