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  1. I always text with my mom during this show and when Park and Resselar missed the family who got taken I texted TeamDumb foiled again! I don’t know why I watch this show. Lol
  2. I really do not like the first episode on any season and this one was no exception. It’s boring, I don’t know people, and the cheesy entrances make me cringe,. I already think that Brandon dude is skeevy. Joe has gorgeous eyes. Rick looked better looking after getting out of his cart. I’m Italian and that Italian dude was a bit cringe too. Chill man. Best looking for me was the firefighter Daniel in the suspenders. That dude is hoooot. Overall good looking group.
  3. So my power went out and all of a sudden Natasha was in the car leaving, what did I miss
  4. Joe was being a dick obsessing bout Brendan. It had to be Brendan multiple times? Blah I’ve never understood his appeal.
  5. Oh hell yes. Feet are gross and I almost vomited at the preview of that. My ass gonna be fast forwarding that nasty shit.
  6. I finally watched the show. I’m in awe at how dumb Pieper was at dinner to not understand what Brandon was trying to tell her without actually saying in, then he ended up having to come out with it. And she’s so dumb, she actually thanked him for playing the game. Oh well. They both deserve the hate coming their way.
  7. Thrilled for Flex. She’s my all time fav (well her and Jessie). I have a soft spot for Flip so I’m really bummed for him.
  8. I’m so completely losing interest in this show because it’s all teens. At least Sean and Megan got through.
  9. Connor did not stand a chance against Riley’s BDE
  10. Nice acting Greg. He is such a douche and you can’t convince me he did not plan that entire exit. I hope he’s not the bachelor. He is Ben Flapjack levels of unattractive.
  11. Well Kaitlin and Tayshia did not have as much control of that situation as Chris would have. I think he would have interrupted sooner. Lol
  12. Awww Andrew… he is so adorable
  13. I’m glad some veterans made it through like Captain nbc, flip and nick Hanson. And of course Flex. I’m sick of 15 year olds lol
  14. He tweeted it but said there are apparently pics out there
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