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  1. Blake trying to act attracted to Kristina by saying he was dehydrated and “my pee was this color this morning” was freaking hilarious.
  2. Maybe once Tayshia sees the snot blowing on screen she will change her mind. LOL
  3. No you're not the only one. I find him extremely average looking. Back to that Matt person- going on about how his mom would be upset if he kissed someone on TV. Dude- what the heck show do you think you're on? Not once but twice! This show is all about kissing on TV. Also I was more bothered by his high pitched voice then I ever have been over Clay's.
  4. I can’t even look at JPJ now. Gawd he is so nasty 🤮 what the heck with that new guy Matt? Something just ain’t right there. Couldn’t put my finger on it
  5. I would have cheered if Rachel’s Peter was chosen. IMO they passed over the hottest man from this show ever. Of well, I guess baby Peter will do. 🙄
  6. Man was I bummed when Najee went out. And Michelle and Flex too. im really glad Flip got through but worried he won’t be able to compete. He seemed like he was holding his leg completely up when he pressed the buzzer. Ill miss Travis too. Good on him for the comeback tho
  7. Ok I don't follow Tanner so I'm clueless. Why is he detestable and a douchebag?
  8. I don't think there's any "alleged" about it.
  9. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/bachelor-alum-chris-soules-sentenced-after-2017-fatal-car-crash/ 2 years suspended sentence
  10. This dinner with Demi and Kristian, so many likes.. like I’m feeling like I don’t know like, I just like I’m like I’m really into this like....
  11. I’m not sure Ive ever been more embarrassed for someone than Nicole with that song. Omg so cringy. I really don’t want dudes in my tummy. Lol
  12. Jesus Robby’s teeth in that article are horrendous. Gonna have nightmares that those chompers are gonna come after me. Yikes
  13. I'm really starting to feel this way about Mike. He's really handsome though so I guess I can deal with him as Bach. I honestly don't think Peter is any less disingenuous than Mike but maybe better at disguising it. Dean looks so stupid. I just had to shake my head.
  14. How many years later and I still can’t believe Flapjack was the Bachelor.
  15. Welp Blake just dragged Caetlyn on IG posted all their texts about how she thought it was just sex too. Said he needs to defend his character or some nonsense like that. I am totally here for all of this crazy.
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