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  1. Omg yes! He’s very Nick looking which is not a complement.
  2. I could not stop staring at Peters scar. Good lord! What kind of hack sewed that up? It looks like a two year old smushed some play doh on it.
  3. What a manipulator Victoria is. Total reaction to deflect. She’s gross.
  4. Little Peter told Big Peter not to let Victoria go before the overnights.
  5. Like my ankle literally hurts. Oh the horror!!
  6. That was some ridiculous dramatic BS. Good lord, just spit it out Victoria. She’s the girl that acts like the little girl and the big strong man needs to take care of her. Gag
  7. I was only half paying g attention. Peter just has nothing between the ears. And he looks like a tiny baby boy, I can’t. ...... Victoria crying about her shyness but going out there and vamping and kissing. guurrll, please i need a gif of that champagne in Kelseys face stat!
  8. The length of that confrontation with Hannah was out of hand. Go away Beast!
  9. I couldn’t get through the show last night. Too boring. Peter is too baby faced. Yuck i finished it tonight and am thoroughly unimpressed. But I did get a laugh at Peter saying he would guard and protect her heart (TM Kasey) to I think Madison on the one date.
  10. Well I was rooting for Kel but I prefer Hannah over Lauren or Ally. i think Lauren and Glens freestyle was one if the worst things I’ve seen on this show. Lol just so damn bad. I kept thinking Ally was going to fall in hers. The ending of Kels was amazing, I love Cher too so I give her my mirror ball. Lol
  11. That cold open was terrible. It’s like they have to push in a Trump sketch every other week regardless of the material. Just awful. once Will bombed the monologue I was seriously worried about this show. The democratic debate saved it for me. Honestly though, pretty hit or miss. I think they need some new writers.
  12. I just watched the episode and when I saw Wes, I kept saying Whhaaat over and over. Lol The thought that it could be his grown up son never occurred to me. Over all I want Annalise and Connor to live and be ok. I’ll be fine with whatever else happens.
  13. Did that seriously just happen? My mouth is open. Lauren and Gleb over James to even be in the bottom is ridiculous. But I knew James was doomed going up against the teachers pet. At least Kel is in.
  14. Thank the lord! He’s gone! Wheeeeeee ok so for the show, I think Joey Fatone did a decent job as a judge. They completely through a few overscores in there to get rid of Sean but I’m soooo ok with it
  15. Um yea, I think that eliminates them all. Lol
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