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  1. Heartbroken for Cindy. Please go back!!!!
  2. I so agree! And when I realized he was going to be in this episode I got so excited thinking for SURE he would play a part in Rose’s capture. THAT was the happy Michael ending I was looking for after they destroyed the Jane/Michael relationship for no reason. Would have preferred they left him dead to what we got.
  3. How does Wallace afford that new house on physics teacher salary??
  4. Garrett is not a nice guy.
  5. And what the heck was their situation?
  6. For me it’s a young Patrick Swayze!
  7. If the Night King is heading toward Bran and knows where he is at all times, why didn’t they put Bran in the Iron Islands?
  8. I’d say Dany has had her share of rape and family members murdered in front of her.
  9. Beg to differ on choice of modifier.
  10. Arya’s face when she first saw Jon ride in was everything. I’m here for the reunions, the one-on-one conversations and interpersonal drama, so this was the perfect episode to me. Sansa is consistently not afraid to speak up to power, in front of an audience, that was nothing new. it took me seeing it on the internet after the episode to realize the little boy they sent home to gather his troops is the one who ended up on the wall. Really felt for Sam. I’m glad they acknowledged she killed his family; while they could have glossed over it or had him even be ok with it given how they treated him, they chose to make it a point to affect him and his conversation with Jon. This is setting up some serious tension. Curious how Jon will proceed with his newfound knowledge.
  11. Gosh, I thought she had a perfect musical theater voice. Strong, full of emotion. Apparently (in one of the mini docs) Sally Bowles was a dream role for Emily Hampshire, so that’s extra cool she got to do it.
  12. We know the character was supposed to be 27 at the start, but she has the same cultural touchstones as someone a decade older.
  13. You’re right! Old white guys should only ever be presented favorably! They never do any of those things, and especially not the leaders of our country!
  14. I feel the same about Kate. The teen and adult versions don’t line up.
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