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  1. Like Joan in Mad Men.
  2. Good questions. So if Hastings fathered a child out of wedlock, would that not be an heir? Even if it was his only child? Is he being careful about this?
  3. I didn’t read it that way. Kevin was reaching out, saying thank you for helping Rebecca, sharing something personal, trying to find common ground. Asking for advice is an acknowledgement that he loves and cares about what his brother says; an extension of the olive branch. Randall said some pretty terrible things in their fight too. I don’t think that his annoyance was that Kevin was asking for advice or not apologizing first thing- I think he just isn’t quite ready to reconcile yet.
  4. I was just reading that Reese Witherspoon and Joshua Jackson would take the teen actors out for dinner to bond as a family and tell them what it was like to be a teenager in the 90s 🥰. And tell them about filming Cruel Intentions. it all seems so natural to me to see their teen 90s lives but must be so strange for kids today watching to see all these teens without smartphones. I loved hearing the AIM sounds. for anachronisms in 1.8- Mirabelle’s room. That large soft cutesy stuffed unicorn? No. Not only was that not around in the 90s, you could really only find it in the past co
  5. Nooobody said “our computer lab is great, we’ve got dial-up!” in the 90s. Phone-line based internet service wasn’t called “dial-up” until there was something better to compare it to.
  6. To be fair, her brother is a movie star.
  7. Because of the doctor’s daughter, Madison opened her mind to giving Kevin a chance. That was it and I think it was enough. It is similar to when they showed the story of the older couple who ended up giving Jack and Rebecca the crock pot. Sometimes people influence our lives in ways we won’t know and don’t understand.
  8. He was Bad Janet! It’s a pretty normal human emotion.
  9. Right! How hard would this have been? They already had the perfect set-up, because he was working at a whole other hospital! They could have brought the rest of the characters back, left Alex at Pac North, and have Jo reference him every once in a while, while they limp along their last season or two. Jo and Alex already got their happy ending and had all the relationship drama. She has plenty of work-related storylines. There was no need to make her single again and ruin Alex’s character. I guess they thought that a Jo/Linc storyline was worth trashing Alex. I could see finding out he h
  10. I’m really gonna miss Sol and Robert’s house! It’s like the best character on the show. I’m so in love with it. I liked this season better than last- more laugh-out-loud moments. But some of the storylines and plot points really fizzled. Like, what happened to their old business? Bud’s finding his cousin- is that plot ending now that he isn’t a kidney donor? What was the point of it? And yes- is Mallory planning to move four kids to San Francisco? also, is that the end for both of Frankie’s boyfriends? I thought we would revisit and get at least one of them back by the end of the seaso
  11. Loved this episode- the confessions through the back of the chair were the best. But I have two sticking points. 1)I am totally on Bud’s side. If this woman broke his heart, both his mom and his brother should have deferred to him before spending any time with her. Some people may be fine with it 18 years later. Some would not. I would never be ok with a serious ex who broke my heart dating my sister, and I am married with kids. That is a really unfair position to put Bud in, and a small sacrifice for family members to make. 2) The prostrate cancer storyline is not only ridiculous
  12. Oh, I think the opposite. I think that her memories of Jack are going to get stronger and that this may even be the show’s way of showing us Old Jack. Or, younger Jack interacting with Older Rebecca. She will be spending time in her memories with Jack, and Miguel will be heartbroken.
  13. And don’t forget- both parents! Despite that, um, overkill, I really liked this show! I don’t ever watch hallmark and I’m unfamiliar with the books. And I never saw hart of Dixie. So where this show brought me back to was Everwood. Did anyone else here watch that utterly charming show, also about a health provider who moves to a small quirky mountain town after tragic family events, and must deal with hostility from the existing established doctor? After a few episodes though, that comparison wore off a little as I realized this was going to explore some darker/more adult themes. I thin
  14. Here’s an example below about mice inheriting a distaste for a certain smell for those who are interested. Regarding the Holocaust generational trauma study, I wouldn’t say that it was “debunked”- the author of the opinion piece posted above was just pointing out weaknesses like small sample size and saying that study was overinterpreted - not saying the research was somehow fraudulent. The field is clearly still in beginning stages. But, it’s not pseudoscience. Also including a more recent BBC article that gives some broader context. https://news.emory.edu/stories/2013/12/smell_epigenetics_re
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