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  1. Thank you. I absolutely despise the breast feeding disgust when they're probably drinking and eating things daily from cow udders. The double standard of Kalani using breasts for their intended purpose being abhorrent and Larissa having her giant fake t*ts out on display being overlooked is super gross. Moving on...
  2. In brasilian Portuguese they pronounce the e's at the end of the words as -ee and they don't roll r's like in Spanish so Pierre is really prn kind of like pee-eh-hee
  3. I happened to look up with the two dancers from India (adult and kid) and why oh why did they let that adult man on stage with white pants that showed his junk whenever the camera panned to close up shot. yiiiikes
  4. If this is completely authentic I do not want to live on the same planet with these deranged people.
  5. Madison's signature look - spider leg eyelashes one bare arm.
  6. I think they got the idea for these women and their "characters" when they did the Telenovela. Mama Weber is really taking her script seriously. All we're missing is a well timed slap.
  7. This is oh so dramatic that he just happens to be by the pool and never turns around to Madison horse clomping for a mile up the walkway and gives her a nonchalant "hey" and zero reaction. YEP! Totally real hahaha! I think the bachelor producers are really trying HARD this season and hired some writers and some really low budget acting coaches for these lunatics.
  8. The more I watch this the more convinced I am that this is 100% fiction.
  9. Welp - here's Madison and her awful eyelashes!
  10. HA is getting exactly what she wanted and her reward for sticking around if they did convince her to do it - her IG followers are going up by the millisecond 🤣
  11. I think this was all staged. Something is really off about the emotions with these two. Anyone who has ever broken up with someone knows that it's really devastating let alone someone you were going to marry. Either they already went through the breaking it off and this was just for show or they never felt anything for one another in the first place. SO weird! I'm not completely buying what they're selling and not completely buying Hannah Ann's reactions as spontaneous.
  12. Amber gave him that ring the day he gave her one
  13. I think he's going to pick Madison simply because she is the least attainable of the bunch.
  14. I thought it was hilarious as soon as she started talking about what a fierce strong woman she is, she was overcome by high octave whining and tears.
  15. Not snark but truthfully I feel like JPJ could be on the spectrum/aspergers kinda.
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