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S24.E12: After the Final Rose

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I sincerely hope we never see a family as involved again. I mean it was novel and cute when they were at that show where they did thumbs up to 4 times in the windmill but this has turned into a true nitemare . Hahahah

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Hahaha, Mom dragging the F1 to her face on After the Final Rose *is* a Bachelor first! Maybe Peter is realizing what a drama queen Barb will be now that he doesn't have a fallback.

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Madison’s face while Barb is listing Madi’s wrongs in Australia rivals Barb’s stank face. As if Peter and Madi didn’t have enough challenges ahead of him, he’d be forever put in the middle with each woman expecting him to defend her in their latest grievances. Pack up your rings, Neil; your work here is done.

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1 minute ago, truthaboutluv said:

No she needs to keep talking because it's fucking hilarious for me. 

On another note, looking at Madison's face while Barb was blabbering on, a part of me is wondering if she's sticking around with Peter JUST to fuck with Barb. I don't know, that looked a smug smirk on her face. 

I forsee many Christmases of Barb vs. Madison. Bring it on.

Just imagine how long Maddie would make Babs wait to open her present... you thought 3 hours was bad, bwahaha

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Just now, GracieK said:

That entire rant was about how she was put out and how she had to wait.. what a selfish, self involved POS

Which was most likely production holding stuff up. I don't believe Madison had the power to delay the show by three hours. 

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I think mom just whispered “bullshit” when Madison said she’d never say a negative word against his parents.

You are a grown ass man! You don’t need mommy’s approval!

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Mama making remarks to Papa.  I assume they're catty.   Now staring stonily straight ahead.  Holidays will be fun!  Maybe the biggest twist of the season is that she has been acting and that she secretly loves Maddy.  Hey Fleiss, we need a new show. The Bachelor in law.

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