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  1. I suspect this is an Amazon issue. I'd call your local independent bookstores. I bet you can find copies in town. Although, the e-books have the second epilogue in them so it saves you buying book number nine with the extra novellas.
  2. I hope they don't mess with Simon and Daphne's HEA.
  3. Ok, so the queen was obnoxious but she wasn't wrong when she told those women they needed to get up and go see Matt. It was actually good advise. Then they're whining because they didn't get to speak to him so they aren't getting a rose. I do wonder if some of the gals that don't go talk to the bachelor don't bother because they just didn't feel it with them. Maybe his prayer turned them off (which is fine) and they didn't make an effort on purpose.
  4. I adore the Smythe Smith books. The young Plainsworth siblings are hysterical and I love the love/hate relationships between the cousins. Those books start at the same time as Collin (Eloise and Francescas) story I think (Lady Danbury destroying the violin at the Smythe Smith musicalle) then through Hyacinth's story. Colin being the favorite brother makes sense. He's the most fun. Anthony is parental, Benedict is mopey, Colin is a lot of fun and Gregory is the baby.
  5. A great article about corsets and stays. https://www.themarysue.com/everything-movies-have-told-you-about-corsets-is-wrong/
  6. Ah, the Pox. . . . Part of the reason that powdered wigs and faces were so popular in the times before the regency era. Lots of pox going round the whorehouses.
  7. She may have had a distant relative who was a moor. So she may have been like 1/64th black. The UK is a bit different because of all of their colonies. The second or third sons would go work with the East India Company and may marry although obviously that wasn't preferred sending unmarriagable women to India to find British spouses was done for quite a long time. The widow doesn't become a dowager until their oldest son marries and there's a younger Countess or Duchess to take the title. So the wealthy widow they showed with the toddler son, she was still the countess until her son marries. If she had had a girl and her husband's married brother had inherited then she would become the dowager already. I also have become an expert due to my regency lit habit and googling while reading when something is interesting, this happens a lot with clothes, I have to picture something so I look at the year and then see what the dresses looked like. They change drastically during the time around the regency period. Going from absurd side hoops with wigs and makeup to basically transparent nightgowns to dresses with sleeves so big that they needed supports to keep them in shape. This video is facinating
  8. Lady Featherington really was doing her best with the match to the old guy. It would have been perfect for her (better than Sir Phillip actually). He was desperate for an heir and wouldn't care if she had the baby suspiciously early. He was wealthy and she would be able to be the ruler of her household and maintain seperate bedrooms just having sex occasionally (for heir production) and then he would become infirm and then dead and she would be able to have herself a nice Rake on the side like Anthony or Benedict.
  9. The Heiresses aren't getting their money when Dad dies. They have massive dowries which can include property and trusts which are part of the marriage settlement which designates how much money is going and where (that money is often designated to go to her younger sons and/or a widows portion). If your estate is in trouble (like the Earl of Grantham) you have to find yourself a rich girl to marry (possibly even an American) to save your estate. The only thing that is required to directly go to the direct Heir is the entailed properties that are attached to the title. Those also can't be lost (they can gamble everything else away).
  10. That's why young unmarried women were always accompanied by a maid or a chaperone. If you notice while Eloise and Penn are walking down the street they are being trailed by two maids. Being trapped into marriage was a worry for an eligible gentlemen and it's a frequent plot in romance novels. A woman would arrange to be caught in an office in a compromising position with the door closed.
  11. Women were seen as long in the tooth, overly picky or forgettable if they weren't married by their fourth season (which is why it's absurd they pushed in the plot with Anthony arranging Daphne with Nigel as it was just the beginning of her first season) and old maids at 26 or so but men weren't expected to start looking until they are in their early 30s, late 20s. So a perfect match would be a 17 or 18 year old with a 30 year old.
  12. Girls would think that kissing could get them pregnant. Even if they'd seen animals mating they might not be able to wrap their heads around that being how humans get pregnant also. Or it makes them even more terrified of sex to start with. I totally believe that Daphne wouldn't know. She's a "good girl" who likes everything feminine and she's not one to push boundaries. Eloise on the other hand, she totally would have found the naughty books/print (renaissance porn) in the library and would have talked non-stop to Penny about it.
  13. Eloise's story wouldn't work as a series at all (I guess maybe as a Christmas movie). The entirety of the book takes place apart from the Ton. It's just Phillip, Eloise and his kids with the Bridgerton's popping in to visit. It also doesn't fit TV Eloise at all who they seem to have turned into a bluestocking. I'd love for them to change her story to meeting someone while trying to fight for the rights of women or something else political. She's also the one they could make queer easily. Have her writing partner be Marina and have her go to visit Marina (after Phillip dies) and fall in love. It would work perfectly. I love Eloise's story (because I'm a sucker for romances with kids) but it wouldn't work with the series. I also don't know how they could continue the series after Penny announces to the ton that she's Whistledown.
  14. There's no way we get TAR by 2021. I think we might get TAR by 2022. I think they will probably be able to film in early 2022. The producers said they would not do a US version.
  15. And Daphne still had no choice in the matter. No agency at all. It was either live as a social outcast after she was ruined (and take her family down with her because what she does would put a stain on her sisters) or marry him no matter what. The moment he followed her into the dark path alone he sealed her fate. The only thing different about her situation with Nigel and the situation with Simon was that she liked Simon. She still had no choice. Then she doesn't understand that his inability to have children is of his choice and not because of something that happened to him in childhood. I think they changed the scene to the best they could but. . . . .
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