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  1. This is a Canadian storm not one that would happen in Austin. Everyone got frostbite far too fast. Is this a season long ice storm. I'm so done. . .
  2. I've taught so many Courtney's. They keep you on your toes. The entire class saying the pledge to Courtney cracked me up. Jacob having the kids playing a roast game was awesome.
  3. It's croquet, but like many games end up when played by family they change the rules to make it brutal.
  4. It's good but hard to watch
  5. Poor joe isn't broke. He owns his own construction company. He's probably worth quite a bit.
  6. Elias totally would have renamed the house after himself. I'm guessing the property was Hetty's dowry. That they owed a shitload in taxes and were going to lose it and Hetty marrying Elias fixed that.
  7. So, you can either be sucked off or go down on us lol That was an excellent episode and a nice way to acknowledge that there are money issues and draw them out a bit. Are they going to call the authorities or the news or a university or something about the corpse in their vault?
  8. She's right, Winston is cute. So they lost two this week who didn't care enough to stay. The Carolyn situation is weird. Do they not realize they are on a reality dating show.
  9. And the programs are always really badly programed
  10. So, I'm reading the book this show is based on. It is not a YA book, the characters are colleged age and it appears to have no similarity to this show except for the setting and the different forms of supes at school.
  11. Maybe they'll pull the duke out so everyone thinks he's dead?
  12. The cops being eliminated first twice and first for the exact same thing (not being able to think critically about the task), is kinda hilarious. I wondered if they blurred the locals so they didn't have to deal with wavers, keeps them out of contact with randoms. I'm surprised there isn't a rule that they need to be masked up when talking to locals (not pre-tested) just for extra security. It was so great seeing everyone race again and it felt good to see the precautions and see post-covid traveling. I thought the race was going to be further from society than it was (I figured that
  13. Cloud 9 has showed up on several shows (Good Girls). It's a nice in joke and I'm sure they have all the branded stuff already.
  14. Pop up abortion clinics
  15. He's a kid growing up in NYC. He would have friends with a variety of parents and I'm sure that Olivia would have explained the different types of relationships to him.
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