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  1. Ok, that bear was hilarious. Hugging the one that was crouched down.
  2. I really liked it. I hope there's a second season. That was a massive cliffhanger.
  3. Netflix original series. Teens in South Africa with problems.
  4. They really had them all give sperm samples lol
  5. I wasn't bugged by Abigail not showing that she's super powerful because she's the leader and has been from the start even when she fought it because she wanted her needs above the others. She's kept the group together and showed her leadership and teamwork that when she decided to come on the mission. I wonder when we will get the next season (or next half of the season). Next January maybe? Freeform never seems to have Fall shows (and it's not like anything is being filmed right now).
  6. I was entertained. The world makes no sense but it looks like it will be fun.
  7. Why are they in a train? What would happen if they stopped? Why aren't they just in a bunker somewhere.
  8. It doesn't take place in the US so they could get around child labor laws (that's what Kid Nation did), but there are a whole host of problems with 16-17 year olds because of the way they sleep, potentially uncomfortable showmances ect. . . . The fire challenge gave us another male winner this year. There is no way that Tony would have gotten to the finals without the fire making challenge. I think Sara would have voted out Tony.
  9. Love that Chimney and Maddie are pregnant. She's totally going to go into labor while in an elevator that's either on fire or flooding with water next season.
  10. Isn't it really important to stay healthy when you have CF? It seems like going on a dating show and swapping spit with a bunch of guys would not be a good idea.
  11. I read about this one. The producers had to stop filming and didn't think the last episode ended well so they wrote this one. They really did a great job with the writing and giving us a plot and not just having it be everyone catching up.
  12. I love the principal and her therapist. I'm really enjoying the show so far. It is very Mindy but that's to be expected.
  13. I love Joan's character. It's nice to have a strong, supportive female boss that's also human with flaws. She's like the boss on The Bold Type but not so perfect.
  14. That was really good. I need this every two weeks. Things are going to get very stale in the entertainment world in a couple weeks if they can't start filming shows again.
  15. The clergyman thing could actually be good for the Earl and Countess because they can claim that they found out that Pope is their legit grandson and kick the presumptive heir out of their lives. The Mariah is a big of a bluestocking. I like her.
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