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  1. meatball77

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    One of the boys is telepathic. His dad went to jail for cheating at poker one too many times. Is roommate a robot?
  2. meatball77

    S08.E08: A Team on Trial

    Wow, the kids are fighting almost as much as the moms. How much did that ugly wig cost that they used it again?
  3. meatball77

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    Does the clone remind anyone else of the Rainbow Brite? That striped shirt and purple hair and rainbow makeup. She looks like a cartoon character. Ezekiel Jones has not aged at all.
  4. meatball77

    S01.E05: 03 Bonnie and Clyde

    They were all Julling in this episode so it's got to be current. The styling ect. . . is all over the place though.
  5. meatball77

    S08.E07: Yolanda's Back

    Vivi is probably a better dancer than all the girls are right now because you have to actually take classes (not just do choreography) to improve. They all stopped taking daily classes when the show started. Maddie I've heard still takes classes, but I suspect she's more at the level of a music theater kid who "moves" rather than an actual dancer. We shall see how much she is actually dancing in the west side story movie. The kids they've brought in are good dancers and Lilly and Elliana have been doing solid work on their ballet during the break (and Elliana was on DWTS Jr). Lilly may not ever be able to dance as an adult because of her height so being on the show isn't too weird. I'm not sure about Elliana, but her mother is thirsty. The competitions are all set up just for the show (and have been since at least the second half of the first season). They put out a call for dance studios to bring in solos and groups at the right age division and then create a half day competition with a small number of groups and solos. A typical competition runs two or three super long days (8:00am-10:00pm). When you see them only giving out the top three, it's because there were only five or six soloists or groups.
  6. meatball77

    S08.E07: Yolanda's Back

    For the OG's. Maddie and Chloe were both super talented for their ages when the show started. Paige was talented but not as much as M&C, Kendall was fairly equal in talent to Paige. Makenzie was super young but a great tumbler at her age (she was too young to do much dancing). Brooke was older and not special for her age, Nia was pretty average for a comp dancer and Vivi was good for her age (but not as good as Makenzie). Vivi is the only one (besides Maddie) who is still dancing. The problem with this new group is they are just too old. It's not that impressive to see a strong dancer in the teen division as it is when they're dancing as minis. However, the only reason the OG's were able to do those first two seasons is that they were performing dances they'd learned the previous year/summer. Dancers that age just can't learn and retain choreography as fast as is needed for a show a week. I heard from some moms who were at the taping for this weeks show and they said the entire audience was confused by the routine. It apparently was danced to Shout and they changed the music. Apparently, they were also passing out missing posters for the dancer that didn't show this week. I guess they dropped that plotline. The Yolanda and Stacy plotline is just so over the top and fake because there is a lot of photographic proof that Lilly and Elliana were hanging out a lot while Abby was in prison. Doing Jordan Matter photoshoots and stuff. If they could hang out enough to do a Jordan Matter shoot then they're not mortal enemies who can't be seen together.
  7. meatball77

    S01E04: Shook One Pt. II

    Masturbating on the carousel? Really?
  8. meatball77

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I think the ring is the actual prize. But you need to stay together for two years to be able to keep it.
  9. meatball77

    S08.E06: Lily's Ultimatum

    I suspect the Choreography was what tanked Sara's solo. It didn't look like it had enough dance in it.
  10. meatball77

    S08.E06: Lily's Ultimatum

    Oh noes, Elliana is coming back. Yeah, Elliana and Lilly were doing Jordan Matter photoshoots together all last year. . .
  11. meatball77

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    When Hannah was crying with Mike because paintings are pretty she looked like she was asking for help from an older mentor or teacher, not a boyfriend. His acting was not very good in the car ride. He didn't seem that bummed.
  12. meatball77

    American Princess

    Maybe we will be lucky and when it moves to netflix everyone will think it's the best new show and it will continue there.
  13. meatball77

    Lifetime Original Movies

    Well, family pictures was strange. The previews ruined the big reveal of where the money was.
  14. meatball77

    S08.E05: Queen of the ALDC

    And if he'd had two more weeks to work on it (and better choreo) then it could have been so much better. It was just trick after trick after trick
  15. meatball77

    S08.E05: Queen of the ALDC

    Brady has already been in places where he could be picked up by major ballet programs. It would be nice if he decided that comp dance was a waste of his time after this. I think the reason he didn't win is that he didn't live up to the expectations that the judges had for him. His choreography wasn't very good and he wasn't that rehearsed. It couldn't compare to what people are used to seeing out of him.