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  1. The only Bachelor's who have stayed with their bachelorettes are the Virgin (or born agains) and those who ended up dumping their first place for their final pick. I think that it's just too hard for women to see the person they are going to marry sleeping with other girls and claiming that they were in love with three or four other women and it was so hard for them. Jason's season is on Netflix and it's just so much better when the girls are older and more desperate. Hannah Ann isn't worried about her fertility or being single forever, she's only 23. They need to start skewing the couples older. With the average age being 30, not 26.
  2. It's funny because it's both Colton and Cassie and Hannah and Luke. Madison, like Cassie got far further into the series than they thought they would even though they were too religious for the show (although Cassie at least had the right bachelor), and then we have a sex positive lead who has fallen for a very religious partner who just assumes that they know how they feel about sex and will follow it. The Bachelor/ettes's do seem to be having more sex in the fantasy suite than they used to. The producers did miss out on an opportunity for Peter to do some pre-fantasy suite fucking like we've had in the past. These girls just don't seem to really care about Peter like girls have in the past. I don't see anyone breaking down and crying about her aging overies.
  3. They're not going to get the educational story correct because TV writers don't understand how schools work. Davia not understanding how the discipline system works in her school is absurd, it would have been explained in a staff meeting at the beginning of the year and it would be in the handbook. The principal wouldn't care if she was in some activist group because he doesn't get to make the decisions on discipline either, that type of program was made at a state level. Teachers are professionals and except in rare cases (where there are massive teacher shortages that allow for emergency certification, and the horrible teach for america program--although that even has some training) you need to have completed a teacher training program with education courses and student teaching.
  4. Amber doesn't seem to be old enough to both have student debt and to be a veteran (because you have no student debt if you go to college with the GI bill after being discharged). Or is it just credit card debt? She keeps saying she wants to be a stay at home mom. . . . so she is just ready to be a kept woman.
  5. Ok, I finished the whole thing. It got oddly bingable about halfway through and I wanted more of the story.
  6. And he's no dorky funny guy either. Bob was not a catch but he was funny and interesting. Peter is not.
  7. Who thought this was a good idea. Hunger games meets American Idol? So weird
  8. Oh, he was totally talking about her sexual purity. What they were saying reeked of purity ball bullshit. Why is he keeping Victoria F, they seem to have a horrible time together. Oh, because he thinks she'll be fun in bed.
  9. Ok, how was I laughing my head off at a discussion of rape. A very well executed one. . . . A rainbow of rape with the refrigerator at one end and you maybe at the other.
  10. When Carlton went off on Diamond my thought was, ooh girl did you luck out with him lying to you and ending it so fast. She told him she wasn't ok with it and he immediately went low, attacking her looks and just being nasty when she was trying to be kind. Even if she wasn't ok just with him being bisexual, that's ok. You can be picky with everything when it comes to the person you are going to marry. They're actually eating the food! Are the Lachey's the producers? I don't understand why there is a host at all, it's not even like we're getting voice overs. The contestants could be reading a card with whatever the hosts are saying. It's such a total waste of them even being there, but if they're the producers it's not like they're being paid extra to be there.
  11. Carlton also lied to her about something that's important. That's something that should be declared before you are engaged. I love the honest conversation about interracial dating.
  12. Why did this show need two hosts? I don't think it needed anything more than a comedian who does voice-overs.
  13. And it takes a challenge beast to get back in, Sandra knows she's not one of those. I don't mind someone returning mid-game. It's being able to hang out with the Jury that I hate.
  14. He looks much older without the baseball cap. That's a lot of grey. Amber looks remarkably similar to when she played last. I think Jeff was picking on her about her age (it's not like she's the oldest there) because she's the one who did her original survivor longest ago. Ethan is the winner from Season 3 but Amber was in Season 2 and I think the youngest in that cast. She was a baby.
  15. But, Luke P said it during the fantasy suite, Madison at least told him before.
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