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  1. I've been watching the UK series and loving it. I'm interested to see how the ghosts are changed. The promo looks very similar to first episode of the UK series..
  2. What about when he said it was udderly ridiculous that women were selling their breastmilk. Print designer laughing at the burger print was hilarious. They really threw everything away by being greedy. It was actually a good idea for a MLM and if they hadn't mismanaged everything they probably would have been in the same space as Mary Kay if they had slowed things down and kept their quality up.
  3. I really liked this episode. I giggled a lot. The fight was hilarious. They need to pivot for the next season. Maybe science fiction, put them all in space?
  4. My theory has always been that William and Charles' (and some of Elizabeth's) staff is composed mostly of people like that but worse. Teams that scheme and push their agendas on the senior members of the family (and then leak to the press to hide and push their agenda). That they are as responsible for the tension as anything else. I think Harry and Megan would have left regardless because they are both too opinionated to be second string and always having to be the middle of the road.
  5. I liked how they made William the villain. As petty as I imagine that he is and all the random UUGH Andrew moments made me laugh.
  6. The actor threw a fit on social media when they decided that his character wasn't going to stick around. Then a couple weeks later changed his mind. https://deadline.com/2021/04/dc-legends-of-tomorrow-dominic-purcell-walking-away-burns-bridges-1234737784/
  7. The first episode of season four where the kids are all writing fan fiction of their teachers is hilarious.
  8. I want to be able to see other people Guy goes off and sees other people That's not what I meant
  9. Loved the call out to Paris being a salamander and the Doctor playing in the box at the end.
  10. I need Turner to get with the cute Dog lady and have puppies (or at least a tiny kiss)
  11. Well, Wackner has gone crazy and it's spreading.
  12. The way the two of them just started laughing their heads off when the rest of the partners were "very worried" about the news and thought they would be upset was hilarious. Now they're acting like they've been fighting and broke up. . . .
  13. I love this show. It's fun and cute and I love the dog.
  14. UUGH, I need these TV writers to stop writing "hot" and "romantic" teacher-student relationships. It's not. It's gross and illegal and shouldn't be shown in any way except for predatory (take a look at the fantastic Cruel Summer if you want an example writers). The ten year old was pretty hilarious. I need him to show up occasionally in the future. The writers really should have made him gossip girl.
  15. Yeah so somehow it took me this long to realize that Luna is a transgender actress who was in the Spanish netflix series Control-Z. I spent quite a bit of time thinking that she seemed so familiar but because the actress was speaking Spanish in that last role and is transgender it didn't click.
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