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  1. she looks exactly like Rihanna, but the ponytails have to go. what really is so funny to me is all the girls were clingy and crying and to me all of the guys couldnt wait to go hit it!! I have sympathy for noone if they signed up for it--yuk. but fun to watch.
  2. so what are we looking at-is there an ad for devar working?
  3. nlkm9


    it looks like she had work done I agree she looks great!
  4. nlkm9


    I understand their recipe is a secret, but I personally wouldnt buy anything without nutritional information--I went to their website and it isnt listed anywhere. the product sounds great, I hope they make it, but they are definitely not business people.
  5. when she said "WE have been enjoying you" Not I, I hated her. snob. dont speak for anyone but yourself.
  6. me personally, she seemed to attempt to block Blake having a connection with anyone but herself--I thought she came across rude and harsh--I used to adore her. obviously several people agreed because she was booed when introduced.
  7. everyone wants to be jade and tanner, but behind the scenes he is an abusive jackass to her--its sad. as far as chris and katie, the first few weeks in a realtionship is usually thrilling and hearts and flowers....to take her ring off on national tv and shame him into putting the ring back on and having chris harrison even say "were watching you" that poor guy was walking the plank. I feel awful for him--she is a very desparate woman and that wears thin after a while.
  8. when she was introduced, hahaha it was great.
  9. I beleived her the first episode, she said they face timed several times a day, talked about their future and then it broke her heart that he slept with kristina. he had every right to defend himself with the texts, doesnt excuse his behavior tho. I had to laugh at whoever shut Cam down about contacting people before the show--yeh buddy you did it too and since it didnt work for you it "ruined the process". oh and nice to hear NOTHING from annaliese.
  10. wonder how different he might have felt if she hadnt gone out on those other dates and left him hanging. wonder how he felt when he saw those epidoses lol
  11. I love you Judy (does that make me queer?)
  12. My closed caption said “ scattered boos” for Kristina!! Lol
  13. Remember when katie lost her mind just telling wills she couldn’t go on a date? I was mortified for her the way she acted— to go on national tv and essentially shame him into putting the ring back on and Chris Harrison chiding him “ be the man i know you are” that’s a lot of pressure . For whatever issues Chris has, that’s a lot of pressure and now if they break up “ bachelor nation will be upset with him” bad situation . by the way the tv i was watching on last nite had closed captioning and when Kristina came out it. Said “ scattered boos” lol
  14. I sort of get it--hes saying she has to control everything---everything--but yeah, she did him a favor so understand wheres shes coming from--I think he humilated and embarrassed.
  15. As someone married well over 30 years, i would not be ok wirh my spouse saying “ i want to fool around and just experiment to see what i discover “. I think Gabrielle is big cheater . He seems ok with it tho.
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