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  1. hhahah i remember fless bragging that Bob Guiney had sex with 51/2 women--anyone remmeber that? I thought Jamie, who was on Tristas season and was great friends with Bob, was so good looking and thought he would make a great bachelor. I think they were even on Oprah together!
  2. exactly. the show was so different then, I mean you always had jerks of both sexes who would come on for fame, this is such another level!! And look it worked for travis stork and some others, right? (he received one of the best lines in bachelor history about someones "eggs that were rotting". lol what was so great about shannon is this was the very first time anyone had ever seen the date card and she says;Oh so I bet you have a card for you and trista and you and amaznda" I loved shannon!!
  3. gosh times have changed, in season 1 I dont know if shannon and alex had even kissed!!
  4. the ads are out of control on that site. its very hard to navigate with all those pop ups so I try to only go there occassionally.
  5. I’m perplexed by any woman on this season who saw the whole windmill thing act insulted or hurt that peter is intimate with other girls . I understand being upset about it , but they came on the show knowing he was the windmill guy. What do they expect? In so many ways he and Hannah brown are 2 peas in a pod in terms of their behavior on the show
  6. She’s an attorney and she came up with the time is “windling” away? What a finasco!
  7. I have never heard so many likes strung in a row before i am mortified for Madison!! Wow. And her eyelashes. They look like Venus fly traps lol. Despite that I really like her :). See i used the word like !!
  8. It’s always amazing to me when people who have more money than god do these things. Well isn’t this the network her show is on?
  9. Wasn’t he sued a few years ago? The funny thing is I love spoilers but i always watch and often I’m convinced he must be wrong. So i guess i don’t take what he says as 💯
  10. I saw Penner on TV, very sad his wife has ALS and they are fighting it every way they can...I always liked him as well. I had forgotten he was an actor. he was the first person i ever hear say the word "bollocks"
  11. omg!! Chantal!! now i remember. she was beautiful and really looked great with him. She looked so amazing wearing his shirt. as far as the leads leading others on, even on tristas season she was clearly enjoying Charlie even though we knew she would pick Ryan
  12. who was the other person besides Emily that Brad slept with? I cannot remember!! then Emily turned around and did the same on her season. I remember on their AFTFR he wanted to get married.
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