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  1. I loved Shannon’s reaction to the fantasy suite card . So awesome I remember being shocked that he picked Amanda because for that time , she came across as a little trashy . I didn’t watch last nite because i remember this season so clearly .
  2. The thing that really irks me and has resulted in 3 weeks of me fast forwarding through the whole thing is they show clips of brad and other contestants but never give any updates on them. I don’t even think i will tape it next week. I want them to do an episode on just catching up with all the oldsters . And yes olivia has all those pics with her mouth open and i was mean enough to laugh !!
  3. I thought JOJO was adorable but she always had a very very crafted look--always cleavage, always perfect makeup, I prefer a little more down to earth but yes she is a beauty. and I loved her Mom!
  4. he has not aged well. I cant imagine her staying isolated at his farm, unless she feels safer there rachel was one of the ones putting on the pressure. I like her a lot but I remember the fact that 3 of her finalists were white got her a lot of hate online(which I dont agree with)
  5. Funny but i remember every single last detail in the very early seasons because to me they were so much more authentic, but starting around the influencer stuff i paid less and less attention because the contestants seemed so interchangeable. Sad .
  6. thank you!! I find it so easy to forget!!
  7. I am LOVING this. this group of drs are amazing, and I have totally new respect for these neurosurgeons. I loved the African American Ob (forget her name ) who was such a great coach in labor. really amazing show.
  8. I always thought Colton was turned on by the fact that Cassie wasnt terribly interested. who was her best friend on the show that said they had to try and "win". I wish them both well.
  9. no assumptions just an observation. I like Claire, but I think she will go out of her way NOT to meet someone to continue in this show.
  10. it is always interesting when contestants have these charities--was that Colton who had one? Matt like many contestants clearly was planning to use his "fame" to promote himself but Im in to watch his season. I just dont think he should jump ahead of Claire so bachelor nation can look "hip"
  11. And yet I watch . Haven’t missed a season!!
  12. I have to say that was my favorite season . And before social media. So many great moments but i did feel like a typical man. He gave amber way to many chances ( what’s your favorite chain resturant😂) because she was attractive and i felt Kristin was the same , and i loved Tina fabulous exit speech because he really did lead her on. But what a great season before all the spin offs
  13. Ohhh cupcake! I loved him!!! But Ben Z WAS SO MANLY compared to the “ unloveable “ Ben. 😂
  14. Omg thank god i recorded this- i fast forwarded through the entire 2 hours and then got fixated on the dancing on the stars announcement - i think kaitlyn has done so much work she looks like a Picasso and i just couldn’t even look or listen to her . I wish they would just do an episode on updates wirh all our “ favorites” instead of just teasing us wirh them. I disliked her season but she did have a lot of cute guys . I love Ben z!!
  15. That to me is the saddest . This show was always over produced but organic in the beginning , with real feelings and not an audition for the bachelor or bachelor in paradise . It’s like the real world became an audition for the challenge - sad.
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