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  1. OMG Demi and Tia??? And is Demi dating guys again or what?? Demi is my least favorite and Tia <gag> is the second. and a former bachlorette on paradise. UGH. wonder where Corrine is these days.....
  2. UGh. I dont know if I can watch BIP. my least favorite, Demi is back and supposedly she is dating guys again. cant stand her.
  3. I was thinking she would want to go back and say goodbye to her dad, isnt he dying? I will miss her too. Oh that dr was soooo cute.
  4. who is the one that looks like judge reinhold? wow its like hes a duplicate of him...
  5. when plastic surgery has the opposite effect and makes you look older. I had to laugh, apparently kaitlyn has a ton of negative social media and claims the only procedure she had was her earlobe surgery. her right eye is distracting and I see her as jocelyn wildenstein someday.
  6. Cody seemed disinterested in defending himself and like Katie said, if it wasnt true why didnt he deny it? I was glad he went home. Aaron is now in the "protective friend" role. motivational speaker? All I want him to do is shut up. So obnoxious. I was so glad she didnt do that. Hannah cancelled a lot to.
  7. so I just saw that Hannah Brown is on a celebrity dating game?? I just cant watch it.
  8. the new nick viall--will keep going on until he gets the main gig
  9. Im so glad Im not the only one. she looks like a horse and hey eyes are sort of bulging out. worst work I have ever seen and I dont know what Jason thinks of it. I see her on "botched"
  10. Kaitlin has changed her self into a different species. I dont know if I can even finish watching, im so horrified and distracted.
  11. OMG I was shocked last nite. she looks like a different species. Horrifying.
  12. thats actually a really good point. actually i think you are 100% correct. confederate queen? lol. I had no idea they were back together. agreed. and that beard is gross:(
  13. I miss Chris Harrison!!! I might be one of the few I suppose but I thought he was a great host. And really UGH to Katelynn with her completely distorted face and well Tayshia, I always liked her but not for hosting. at least they didnt bring Demi <gag> back.
  14. I already forgot, who got the first impression rose?? I must be in the minority, I liked the cat guy, and maybe his "shtick" gave him attention and made him stand out. I also like the shy awkward guy. I cannot remember names at all. Kaitlynn-I was horrified to see what she looks like--her whole face has morphed into like a picasso painting--scary--can she fix that??? I thought Katie looked good--anyone know what she does for a living??
  15. I miss Chris Harrison, mostly because taysias smile is blinding me and katelyn looks like horse. I can’t look away - wonder if she regrets how scary she looks. some of these guys are very cute!
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