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  1. Something is different tonite . Oh yeah Sandra isn’t there skipping the challenge . Rob and amber get a room 👏 oh i love yul
  2. I could swear he had the squash as well. Anyway looks great and would love to have one near me but seems unlikely
  3. I don’t need them to look “ hot”. But to see them at a decent BMI would be great- they are all still very overweight . I must say Teri looked very good on her home shot , but she has a long way to go. I guess they are showing what is closer to real life .
  4. For me, when someone has a tough time losing weight , often it’s about food- it’s an imperative part of the story. I feel like i miss half of the story - anyone know if they ha w access to whatever food they want? I’m just curious .
  5. Ok so read an interesting article today on a website about how this show does not talk about food . I just can’t stand the triple eyelashes on that trainer i don’t get it . The other thing is these final 4 are all still very large- i don’t want to see anyone emaciated but it just doesn’t seem like we are anywhere ready for a finale?
  6. I didnt understand the rush to invest in the pasta guy--does he have more than one location? granted his stuff sounds fabulous and I wish I had one by me, but this surprised me a bit.
  7. Im sorry for your loss :(. I dont know if I will ever see again on my TV a woman who disapproves of a woman who doesnt want casual sex. still makes me chuckle:)
  8. I hate naonka she was the one who ate in a challenge knowing she was going home she was the worst . I’m not a Sandra fan but Sandra is not like that. But her ego was bruised for sure .
  9. After her glee at not participating in challenges there is no shock or sadness here . I still ❤️Yul
  10. Wait his brother already moved out ? He looked so young to me- what does he do- is he a pilot too?
  11. I think the second season will be like other reality shows where people figure out the formula and do what they have to do to stay on camera- so i see people going on there and getting engaged to stay on show
  12. Lauren’s dad is so into family culture and black families being together , made. We wonder if the Divorce was his choice ? I’m sorry Amber and my dislike of her increased as the show went on. I agree that she got super lucky that someone is willing to take on her debt . Ugh just the pleading way she looked at him was pathetic . Ugh. I think she makes Barnett feel manly .
  13. Peter and his family are probably so Pissed that coronavirus has taken them out of the spotlight. I dont have instagram, so cant see it.
  14. I saw that Colton wrote a book? Are you kidding me? im sorry he’s sick but will not buy that book!!
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