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  1. This is the first episode i fast forwarded through- to me just so boring but glad Randall has resolution as i read the posts.
  2. What was truly pathetic is the wife saying “ tell them the story” as if she thought him revealing he had a brain anuerysm would change the outcome . I truly felt sorry for him but was also embarassed for him at same time . I too would like to know more about him not “ fitting in” at his fire Dept . I do wish them the best though, he seems very fragile
  3. Oh i would love a rebecca Miguel story!!!
  4. So during that episode did they have sex again? Or was it only the one time ? It is a strange situation
  5. Wasn’t there an episode after she told Kevin about the pregnancy that they showed Kevin and Madison spending several hours in bed together ? I never thought they just slept together that one crazy night .
  6. I just have to say i loved that girl Anna who was “ telegraphing” her desire to get a rose . It cracked me up!!
  7. Ohhhhhh blech . Thanks!!
  8. So does anyone know who the past contests That show up are ? The blonde girl looks slightly familiar but i simply cannot recall who she is .
  9. I always wonder how the leads can "make out" and get passionate with the ones they know they dont want. I guess Im very old fashioned lol
  10. perhaps, but when you go on a national tv show with the kind of exposure this has, maybe you need to be prepared. jmo. I love Ivan.
  11. Oh ok. Honestly i thought she was lying but Carly was never my favorite . Like someone else said, she wanted what jade had. Always came off as very needy and cliquey .
  12. What did Carly do to Brit? I do remember her being all smug on her season that she was dating that red headed guy who ditched her at the end (on bip)
  13. 💯!!!! He should not be involved in this show, i agree with his admitted suicide attempts the franchise should just back away from him. I do feel very sorry for him and wonder how his sister and friend are coping with the revelations from the show. I truly hope he is getting the help he needs .
  14. The women were awful on peters season. The guys on tayshia season were mostly great. I dread seeing Matt’s women and seeing nasty drama again.
  15. I don’t miss those stupid viewing parties !!!
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