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  1. hahah gives new meaning to taco tuesday!! I could not stand a season of her odd voice, shes very attractive but has pretty much let it be known she will not move for love.
  2. Tia, you cannot make a guy “ pursue” you . Especially with a beach full of women.
  3. Can’t stand her- did laugh to see officially over colton The drama of the storm lol , tipping glass over etc , it’s annoying
  4. Uhhhh maurissa you did not get asked out on a date! Demar asked Chelsea ! Her eyelashes tonite were crazy- but i do like Riley a lot
  5. I was convinced from episode 1 that she was the one who died because they showed shane alone - anyone else?
  6. Im still irked by Tia when she discouraged Becca to drop Colton on her season. Yes, hes gay lol but at that moment of time noone knew and I just found her ridiculously annoying. however demi is the WORST, not even hate watching worst just a miserable, bigoted, hypocritical person UGH!!!
  7. see its her lips that irritate me lol. an example of a person who is attractive but as soon as she speaks.....
  8. Is anyone else incredibly irritated by Tammy? Be tween her blown up lips and her constant butting on everyone’s business , i guess i don’t understand how she holds a guys interest . We’ll at least she doesn’t speak with a vocal fry , that’s a plus !
  9. I guess im trying to figure out how pieper and alana are ok with their boyfriends making out with other people. I cant imagine.
  10. I still resent Demi for pretending she was gay to garner all kinds of spotlight and it was so obvious she was just there for the story . I know that a lot of folks have people to “ hate watch” but i truly do not want to see her on my screen ever again. And she snarks about gaydar . She is one of the nastiest people i have ever seen. Did i hear Becca say last nite “ let’s do the thing “ ughhh
  11. Yeah my thought process was she was the bachelorette , so did have men competing for her . I know none of these shows is super classy lol, but something about a former bachelorette in paradise is just off for me .
  12. id be pissed too. brendan was insulting about natasha. same thing.
  13. I also think he didnt expect Natasha to be so awesome!!! I take someone getting their feeling hurts seriously, no matter what show it was. I think it was incredibly nasty.
  14. Yes but it was very obvious they had a plan. Both of them are nasty people and maybe I’m a different person than most , the idea that my boyfriend was making out and cuddling with other women would be horrifying to me . Both of them giggling about it , knowing they hurt people , sorry not nice . She is very pretty, but to laugh knowing you hurt another person like that — ugh.
  15. is she from LA, or is she there to become famous<gag>. sounds like he is not willing to live anywhere near Chicago and thats it--not a bad thing , but not sure what her deal is if she still not willing to move. I didnt get out of her conversation that she wanted to date others but hopefully she does . I really hope people dont forget this, how awful they were to natasha. sad.
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