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  1. People have been asking Reality Steve what the status of some of the couples are since this was filmed on August 27th, nearly 3 weeks ago. Surprisingly, Katie & Chris have worked on their relationship and are still together. JPJ and Tayshia are not
  2. Someone up thread asked about Clay & Nicole. They had a segment filmed but obviously with just 15 minutes left, we aren't going to see it. FWIW, they are still very much broken up
  3. Hannah and Dylan were on Tyler's instagram tonight all lovey-dovey as they are in NYC for interviews so as of right now they are still together.
  4. Poor Katie and Chris, that was hard to watch. Hopefully they both find what they are looking for outside the bachelor family, if they indeed are done
  5. She's based in LA but I don't think that's a permanent home. Originally from Florida but has ties to Baton Rouge/New Orleans.
  6. I'm guessing it was Ma and Pa Jones' house but who knows
  7. Yeah I thought that was pretty funny too. Congrats to Evan and Carly
  8. I just looked at the clock and saw that only 20 minutes left and thought there are so many more people to talk to but then I checked the guide the show is THREE hours tonight. Sigh
  9. Blake has verbal diarrhea so bad.
  10. Blake looks like he's about to have a heart attack right there on stage.
  11. Hahahaha, Cam thinking Paradise has integrity!
  12. Did Jordan just tell Mike to shut up?!?! He really is delusional
  13. Yeah once he became person non grata on the beach, he had to do something with his time so beach psychologist seemed to a good use of said time.
  14. Yeah all of them are even worse than Lace getting engaged to Grant (I think that was his name). And of course Jordan and what's her name.
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