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  1. So sorry for your loss LBS. And yes just a horrible look for Peter & Kelly and their third wheel Dustin. What is wrong with them? Did Peter decide that since Hannah B & Tyler were getting all the love on Instagram (who are another group that doesn't understand social distancing) that he'd make sure he's seen with Kelly!?! Just sooo stupid on so many levels, all of them. but it won't hurt them where it counts: Instagram followers.
  2. I'm guessing Madison just didn't want to fake things so that's why the news came out last night. Plus maybe the reddit rumor that she's already talking to a new guy is true. Peter can go back to hooking up with Kelley, the producer and million others. Hannah Ann is the big winner in all this. She got to do the publicity tour (saw her on Ellen) and now can go to Paradise and have her pick of Clare's rejects. Nice.
  3. So who is watching "listen to your heart" or whatever its called? I'm kinda pissed Jed has a girlfriend so he won't be on. Nor Wes.
  4. Noooooo, don't hug her Clare. You'll get the eville rubbed off on you.
  5. Poor Papa Pete, he looks like he wants to be anywhere but on that soundstage.
  6. Hurry up, I want to see what personal trainers Fleiss dug up for Clare
  7. Ugh, I hate that she's entertaining getting back with this guy. At least she didn't do the bachelor hug like Lauren did with Arie when they were reunited.
  8. Madison's family and friends are probably frantically trying to reach her to make sure she doesn't take the idiot back but TPTB most probably have her in hiding backstage.
  9. If he dares to propose to Madi after this, he really will be the most hated bachelor ever, passing the other idiot pilot on this show.
  10. Wow, I don't think I've ever done a 180 on a contestant as I have on Hannah Ann. Hope she gets a billion insta follwers, makes a shit ton of money shilling tummy tea and teeth whitener and find some great guy in the coming months.
  11. You go Hannah Ann, tell him off. Becca would be proud of you!
  12. This proposal makes the Jake/Vienna one look just PERFECT. Just bleeecccerous
  13. Poor Hannah Ann. No one EVER deserves to be the choice just cause the other person bailed.
  14. Reality Steve has a tweet up where he shares an Instagram post from one of the dumped 20 something guys--I'm at work so can't bring it over. Anyway, said dumped guy is still moving to LA and seems to have wanted Madison as his bachlorette. Guess he'll try out for some other reality TV mess, hahahahaha. And I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised that the 20 somethings are being dumped. Still expect a trainwreck of a season but just maybe it won't be so bad.
  15. Reality Steve has a new tweet out this morning--the 25 year olds are being dropped and they will be doing late casting of older guys. Will see if they can pull together 5 or 6 decent 30/40 year olds--the rest can be for Peter's girls in Paradise. She only needs one JP Rosenbaum and/or Chris Seigfried.
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