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  1. So I didn't have anything else to do last night so I caught Reality Steve's Instagram live chat with Ashley Spivey. As he droned on about how people need to stop complaining about Clare and Dale being front center with their love story, he mentioned that we would probably not be getting a love story with Tayshia. I guess we will see what that ends up being. He could be right or he could be totally wrong.
  2. Rachel Lindsey said on The Ringer's Bachelor Party Podcast after the premiere that Clare really, really, really, really delved into Dale's social media from March to July. And she really, really, really, really liked what she saw. 99.9% of Dale's Instagram is probably all puppies, working with special Olympics, his family, blah, blah, blah so its not a surprise that Clare liked what she saw as anyone out there trying to garner a following is going to have a very "clean" social media presence. So add in the fact that he's tall and an ex football player, Clare has created this PERFECT guy in her mind. Time will tell just how perfect he really is.
  3. In Reality Steve's new blog, he says that Abigail received Matt's first impression rose. And she was born deaf and has cochlear implants, not hearing aids. So it sounds like she's going to make a positive impression and could end up being a fan favorite. Wouldn't be surprised if she's in the running for Bachelorette, if she and Matt don't end up together.
  4. JB's head must have exploded when he found out Jill & Derrick were getting a small blurb on the cover of People. I like the fact that Jill did the photo shoot in her jeans with holes in them--got to make sure everyone sees how "edgy" she's trying to be. And I like that. Good luck to Jill as she navigates this new chapter of her life journey as breaking away from what you knew as a child/adolescent is never, ever easy.
  5. If you had told me last week after Bennett came in wearing his stupid scarf and name dropping Harvard that he'd turn into one of my favorites by week 2, I would have thought you crazy. Def someone that is getting better for me the more he is shown, which is a rare for this show.
  6. So how happy is Matt James right now?! He got picked to be on Clare's season, a pandemic hit so filming was delayed then ABC decided well maybe we should kinda acknowledge how white this show has been for 40 seasons so he gets picked to be the lead without having to deal with Clare.
  7. Bennett in his bathrobe and martini. Too perfect Too bad Matt James is already filming bachelor, as Bennett's season would be hysterical
  8. very small voice--I don't like Dale.
  9. Brandon got caught. Should have lied and said "Juan Pablo is scum of the earth". Instead he messed up and now doesn't get to be on TV anymore. But I'm sure his Instagram DMs are just fine now.
  10. Yay, finally got the names of the other guys: Jay, Chasen and Brandon It was bothering me This part needs more Yosef. Why didn't he crash too!!?
  11. This is her FIFTH bachelor franchise show and she's crazy and falls in love after 10 mins. And a producer pet. So when the show knew they wouldn't be traveling and would have to film at a stationary location, they went with someone who they knew would be all over the place.
  12. Why does cutie Blake Moynes have to be the one that seems overly invested on day 2?!?!? Besides Eazy and Dr. Joe, I have no clue who the other three guys are on the clothed part of this date. Name tags please!
  13. I know they are stuck on some stupid resort in the middle of summer in the heat of the desert but man, couldn't they figure out something fun to do besides Jason having to go on a therapy session!? I'm just sticking around to see Yosef loose his sh*t about a date he wasn't even on
  14. Jason is my new Teevee boyfriend. And I find Yosef hot. That's all I got from this mess of an episode so far.
  15. Arbonne is a health and beauty supplier company that has a reputation for being a pyramid scheme: https://travellingjezebel.com/is-arbonne-a-pyramid-scheme/ At first Ashley was doing a few posts on that workout clothes that they all do, Fabletics but once the Arbonne schilling started, I unsubscribed so I'm not sure what she's selling now. As for why as a pediatric dentist she does these product selling on her social media, I have no idea. Supplementing your income is a good idea but I think you have to be careful on just what products to endorse. Going the Arbonne route was a big mistake, IMHO.
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