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  1. I've read the engagement was on day 12 of the season but of course Clare wasn't with Dale the whole time.
  2. I'm guessing 12 hours total. Usually final ones have 2 one on one dates, home town date, fantasy date and last chance date that adds up to about 36 hours so Clare & Dale are about 1/3 of usual time.
  3. I think I'm going to watch the rest of the Clare/Dale show with one eye so I'll see y'all next Tuesday for Tayshia finally getting to meet my TeeVee boyfriends.
  4. I need a producer to get Benoit on the phone and talk to Dale ASAP!
  5. So many cute guys this season that we know nothing about cause we had to spend hours on Clare/Dale/Clare/Dale/Clare/Dale.
  6. Jason is the only one who should be upset as he's the only one who has spent any time with her. And she made him confess his sins to the whole wide world
  7. Wait, they are getting engaged after knowing each other for like 15 hours!?!?
  8. Poor Canadian Blake not realizing how "in love" Clare is!
  9. I was just about to post the same thing. Do we really need two hours of Clare and Dale?! I'd rather watch Kenny and company sit around and talk about boy band management.
  10. Poor Dale, that look on his face when she said "I'm sooo in love with you". He was just like "damn, I came on here for the instagram followers. Now I'm stuck".
  11. I am going to feel just a bit bad for Clare if this doesn't work out with Dale. So I guess I'm rooting for them!
  12. Hahahahahaha, she's so delusional! Poor Dale.
  13. Hi everyone. Looking forward to 2 hours of this mess of a show and see if Clare's edit gets any worse. Kenny the boy band manager is growing on me! Gah I need help
  14. Reality Steve has a new blog up about Tayshia's final four. Brendan leaves on his own and doesn't have a 'hometown'. Tayshia is crushed as Brendan was the one she wanted but she moves on with the other three and ends up choosing Zac over Ben (that matches the post on Reddit that Ben was final 2 and "sad" when he came home.) Tayshia and Zac are not engaged and RS is not sure of their status right now. Kinda feel bad for Tayshia that it didn't work out with Brendan but hopefully she's okay with that and moves on, with or without Zac.
  15. Clare and her friends like Michele Money and Rachel Lindsey have made sure the narrative is that Clare and Dale did not talk/met before filming but Fleiss and company sure want us to believe that they did: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/chris-harrison-tells-clare-men-165000948.html At this point it really doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking to see how Tayshia's rumored final four are now edited. Dare we will now see Ben, Ivan, Brendan and Zac actually speak!?!
  16. I know so many great guys: Ivan, Dr. Joe, Ben, Bennett, Riley, Zac, Demar, Brendan. Evan Jason and his baggage and boy band Kenny seem okay when compared to past seasons. These guys are going to very, very, very, popular in bachelor reject land. Hannah B has been instagram flirting with Bennett and you know she and all the other single ladies are sliding into the DMs.
  17. Every morning on my way to work, I walk by a convent of Poor Clare nuns--I'm going to think about this Poor Clare from now on when I walk by and wave hello to sisters that I sometimes see outside in their yard.
  18. I did a double take when she said but I guess in her head, he's her fiance already. The way she treated those guys on both of the group dates was beyond rude.
  19. That group date had Ben, Bennett, Brendan, Dr. Joe, Zac, Ivan, Demar and even Kenny and his tats and she couldn't give one of them a rose cause they made fun of her pretend fiance!??! Clare better stay off social media for awhile as she's getting blasted right now.
  20. OMG, the producers are giving her such a bitch edit. They really must hate her!
  21. Don't forget that next week's episode is on Thursday night. And poor naive Jordan C, thinking that it would be a good night cause Dale wasn't there.
  22. Guess Bennett won't be getting the group date rose after he just savaged ole Dale
  23. Thank you producers for Jordan C and Bennett in a Tux. Brendan too!
  24. This dumping of Zach by Clare is going to work out wonders for him. With all the Clare hate online tonight, his DMs are going to be off the charts. Can't decide who I like better in glasses--Jordan C or Bennett
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