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  1. And good looking 30 something Nigerian women aren’t trawling Club BarCode looking for a forty something, supremely untalented “musician”. I feel for those poor kids if Sofaboy is the hottest act in town. He’s that guy who always stinks up karaoke night being all serious about his singing. Guy is awful.
  2. I shouldn’t laugh at that, but I did. Hard.
  3. She’s bringing sexy back. You other dabbers don’t know how to act. Seriously, he’s terribly untalented and I’m convinced he’s lying about his age. I’d say 42 at the youngest.
  4. They’re dabbing! Holy poop, Soja boy is worse than me singing big spender.
  5. EXACTLY. Kids. This is the SARS virus that circulated in 2003. Now we are risking financial ruin to keep people too weak to fight a virus with a low case fatality rate because of the idiots insisting everyone must live forever. Meanwhile, all these people in nursing homes they’re obsessed with are quietly dying from influenza. If my work closes down I will be ruined financially. I’d rather take my chance with this glorified cold and isolate the weak people. This is what we endure from June-November every year in Florida. First, they talk about the old timey hurricanes. Then they segue into the 2004 season. Then 2005. Luckily for these fear mongering jackals, the 2017 season gave them more cannon fodder. Shot of some normal looking small Florida waves in north bay village. Cut to Katrina. Some guy in NC babbling about the frying pan tower. Cut to Camille. Some fool with plastic Ken doll hair tells us this just formed tropical wave 2,000 miles away could be the “big one”. Cut to Andrew. Before it hit, it was called the “big one”. Now it gets relegated to second class citizen, though it was a super unusual small hurricane that acted like a giant tornado. Now poor Andrew sucks, though I saw the incredible destruction myself. They downplay it because we rebounded from it. Can’t use it to scare us with anymore. I loathe these people. Thoughts become things. They want bad thoughts for their ratings. I’d watch the damn news if it were news and not opinion pieces, and some of it was good. PS saw a doctor On TV who opined it was our responsibility to maintain our health to prepare for pandemics, this overall wasn’t doomsday, and he thought the fear mongering was more damaging. Of course he was shouted down by the non MD reporter child who called him a victim blamer. Every person in my training class at work eats fast food for each meal. They are obese with health problems. That is 100% their fault. They are at greater risk for disease than I am. Viruses take the sick and weak. That’s sort of their job. People in nursing homes with no quality of life, no mobility, pooping their pants. Sure, let’s crash the economy so they can get one more miserable year in.
  6. She’s from Siberia, isn’t she? Not exactly cosmopolitan. Just the mild climate in TN is an upgrade. She’s a hick with an awful dye job. Knoxville. Population about 175k. Affordable living. Access to plenty of outdoor recreation. Not too far from the overpopulated, overpriced, and sometimes dirty cities to the northeast. So there are a lot of people in Moscow who seem unhappy. Why would you want to be around miserable people, and many of them? Just another bigoted, ignorant hick from Europe. And no I don’t like him either.
  7. That’s what I love about Darcey. She always has praise for humble places. She’s not a Diva. She has a good attitude if only she could get out of her own way.
  8. I would have found the store manager so they could make sure supplies were delivered to her when they restocked. Eff those hoarding scumbags. Darcys left boob is really straining. Look Darcey, make sure you take your suitcase to NY for the breakup.
  9. Exactly. It comforts them. But I say screw all the idiots taking dozens upon dozens of rolls. Just found out my work will not close down. Thank god.
  10. Age appropriate Ukrainian wife of toupee guys friend is so much more attractive than the catfish he’s spending his retirement on. Damn man, get your part plucked and go with 90% density.
  11. I think he’s about 70% good looking. Personality seems decent.
  12. Well I’d say Usman is 70% good looking. Have to admire his glass half full outlook though. I liked this story better when Big Ang fine did it. Russian storyline is boring.
  13. I sincerely hope that every last person who thought they were more important than their fellow man get rats and cockroaches nesting in their 200+ stash of toilet paper.
  14. There’s no shortage of products, just selfish assholes hoarding everything. How the hell is anyone comforted by toilet paper? Morons. The stores seriously need to start rationing. I saw one sack of shit unload 2 carts to his car, and go back for another 2 cart run. Left all the chicken hearts, though. lot of fear mongering over SARS 2.0. I’m old enough to remember back in the day country people used to expose all the kids in town to measles to build herd immunity and nothing was shut down and everyone had toilet paper. We’ve become a bunch of antisocial, helpless whiners. oh well, the Black Plague ushered in the Renaissance.
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