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  1. Because she’s a greedy little scab who feels entitled not only to US citizenship, but also money she had no hand in earning. Why don’t these men hire prostitutes? The price is agreed on up front, and once the John tires of the prostitute, he moves on and no one owes anyone. Prostitutes are more honest and have more integrity than these grasping users.
  2. I don’t see what Juliana is entitled to other than support until she can work. Sorry little miss pre noosh, you ain’t getting your grubby little meat hooks on the bulk of what he’s earned, even if he’s an asshole. Judging by her outfit, she should be able to get a job at Jiffy Lube.
  3. I agree with everything except Heather’s bloviating. Not that she didn’t bloviate, but I loved it. I miss Madame.
  4. He sure has nice skin. And who is on his shirt this time? Not Rebecca. Come on Zied, so mach ladies think so laaave you. Yes. You can do better and closer to your age.
  5. Of course not. You’d have to sell dozens of bars per hour to make a profit. People will pay at most 2 bucks for homemade soap. Only luxury brands like Prada or Chanel can get luxury soap prices. Every stay at home mother or father with a double boiler can get into the soap game and make 10k per year. Maybe. Tania is just an irritating, lazy idiot. If she really makes 20 bucks before tips per hour bartending, why leave that game? Because she’s an unpleasant jerk who probably got let go and can’t get any more bartending jobs. Any employer who pays 20 per and tips is going to hire the hottest people. She could t even work as a bar back.
  6. Like an off the shoulder tube top or booty shorts from channelle. Neither which are flattering. Maybe a scrunchie or two for Robert. And surely nanny wants some crappy perfume like Angel of La vie est belle, which smells cheap, but isn’t.
  7. Yep. I am. Spin it off, and cancel the HWs. I think it’s in the works. I can’t stand Tamra and Vicki. Yet I find they are the only ones I’ll drop what I’m doing to watch. Though I would love to see Shane drop pig eyed Emily and the fallout of her having to live in a Townhouse and drive a Jetta. As if she’s too good to do what Lauri did. Lady you ain’t fit to tie Lauri’s 24kt plated gold digging shoes.
  8. Thats a top piece Emily is wearing. Her own hair is falling out. And it looks wiggy. She needs to have it thinned and blended into her own hair. But I’ll agree she looks like Kirstie Alley , the one in fat actress.
  9. Oh good times! Didn’t Heather windex them? What a snooze this episode was. Puffy faced, pig eyed Emily looking like a fifty year old dowager in a bad wig calling the three abuelas old. Kelly making fun of Gina’s boobs and almost pulling the tracks off her thinning pate trying to put on a hat she refused to wear. Brown Wind desperately trying to make a run up the middle to stay on the show. Pro tip: go with Tamra. Fart face and the Long Island nit wit ain’t going to make it much longer. Tamra no matter what she has done, said, will do or say is staying. I believe she’s the only person on the show who has a real contact and doesn’t go season to season like the rest. And she looks smashing in fuchsia. The Dudd has to keep prostrating herself because she’s next if Tamra decides she goes. Come on Bravo. You let Gretchen go for being far less boring and listless as Emily and Gina. Drop kick those two, Sink the Dudd’s jet ski, and bring back G and maybe even Alexis. I’d like to see Brown Wind get blind sided by Tamra, so she can stay until then.
  10. I’m just not seeing much in those modeling photos. She’s pretty bland, and doesn’t catch the light well. Still better than Pow and that one who looks like a muppets.
  11. No really , soap making is easy. Yes, scented soaps too. Lye, oil, fragrance. People don’t want the fancy French milled soaps today, they want the rough cut bars wrapped in brown paper and twine. Anyone can do it. It used to be an actual household chore. Of COURSE Tania is one of those idiots demanding 15 per hour for low skilled jobs. If that ever happened, employers would be better able to pick and choose, and the people who need the job would be cut out by some millennial who would see fast food as easier than office work. I wish this idiot would do an internship in Venezuela to see how socialism has worked in the Americas. She looks like Eugene Levy’s homely sister in that group photo. I wouldn't trust this moron to have the synapses necessary to pour a gin and soda.
  12. When they shopped Bri as a prospective ho, she was a snooze and a bore. Bri as Vicki’s voice of reason has always been a favorite. I could see her making a couple of appearances next season. The Ick is coming back. This is all smoke and mirrors to drum up interest. Every “young” cast member with the exception of Gretchen has been a dud.
  13. You will be twenty one century people!
  14. “I were marry he. They and church make marry he. Now I marry he.” I think she’s playing up being a naive poor girl, but that voice is hers, and I’d cut my face off before spending a life time or three years listening to it. She’s an inept gold digger, and he’s an immature aging man in a shirt shirt and bad haircut. I don’t like he. I don’t like she.
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