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  1. Mu Shu

    Windy City Rehab

    If I told you I am from Davie, you wouldn’t know where that is. So I say Ft Lauderdale. NBD.
  2. Mu Shu

    House Hunters

    Boise looked depressing. Those houses were gross. But surely, an L.A. duplex would sell for enough to upgrade that ugly house. ill take the Deep South, thank you very much. Cali people can’t take our weather. Keeps prices down, though I am looking to buy in the Jupiter area. Wish me luck on that.
  3. Ludwing. He’s an international man of mystery! Though I believe he’s not close to Laura, just a supercool person in her community. If he weren’t married with kids, I would drive up to Eustis today.
  4. No permission needed. It belongs to all the hillbillies and anyone is free to use it. Actually, it’s “He ain’t got all his dogs a-barkin”. I love all the old timey Appalachian homilies. And Pole being from KY, so it fits.
  5. Yeah, pole ain’t got all his dogs barking. He makes me laugh, and I don’t dislike him. Laura is just a badly aging narcissist. I doubt she’s an actual friend of Ludwing. He’s married, has kids, and is a devout Christian. More likely she goes to his church acting the fool, and he’s trying to help her dumbass. TLC saw him and knew he’d be great on film.
  6. I think I have enough information to vote for the worst. Laura. Arrogant, mean, TMI with her hyper sexual shenanigans, stupid, naive, and horribly self centered. How embarrassing to watch a card carrying AARP member whine about her “boyfran “ blocking her on social media. She’s a teen trapped in the 65 yo body of the Skipper from Gilligans Island. Does she know she won’t be able to act the fool in Quatar? Does she know that women don’t get by with drinking there? I’ve worked around enough drunks to know one when I see one. Bloated, blowsy, and generally unhealthy looking. She’s a damn embarrassing mess.
  7. Mu Shu

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    I can’t stand Deaven, but you’re right. It’s pretty ignorant to expect a Korean breakfast in Vegas, much as it is to demand an American breakfast in Korea. The mother was trying to take over instead of sitting down and saying thank you and making the best of it. As shitty as Deaven is, and how much heat her parents get for her raising, how about Jihoon? He’s the fool who came to the US and impregnated a snaggle Tooth catfish with baby Dracula in the picture. Maybe mother Jihoon didn’t raise her kid so good?
  8. Mu Shu

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    I can’t stand Deaven. She’s so low energy, lazy, and she looks like she may be stinky too. That kid with her sagging diaper on the table. Holy fecal contamination. Jihoon seems pretty easy going, and anxious to please his unpleasant bride to be. Damn kid, if you want to be dominated, pick a type A woman with some energy and ambition. laura, no fool like an old fool. Of course that 20 something man wants anything to do with your scroungy looking ass. She’s so unkempt looking. I expect her to show up with a dirt necklace one of these days. You can always tell the Florida transplants. They always are sun fried and go outside without sunglasses. Laura needs a bath, a haircut, fraxel laser and a weight watchers meeting more than she needs young dick. He has to use viagra to sex her up, right? Speaking of old fools, Jenny is just so cringy. She looks like a stringy grandmother, but acts like a coy 21 year old. She should buddy up with Laura and move to Eustis. Why these women have to be with men in their sixties mystifys me. Find some great friends and enjoy your retirement. No more farts, morning breath, fighting over the remote and the general unpleasantness of dealing with a spouse. That’s the real freedom. Hit up some hot young Brazilian thing if you must. There are men here who make Aladin look like a scrub. Oh Pole. You won my heart explaining to the attorney that Terroristic Threatening is just a silly little 3rd degree misdemeanor in Kentucky. Then wondering why Brazil isn’t citing your arson charges. Pole is hilarious, and then he runs. Tiffany is just a dumbass. Her child is already assuming the adult role with his calm observation of the shitty situation she’s putting him in. She wants what she wants, and he has to calmly go along with it. Once Ronald relapses, he will be her confidante. Sad, but he’s clearly much more intelligent than she is.
  9. No, I was agreeing. I thought it was hilarious, and truth be told, threatening to slash tires in some parts of KY is just part of your everyday life, and is a pretty mild threat.
  10. Oh shit, you’re right! Looks like he got a minimizing bra too. makes sense that a woman’s jacket would fit him with the child bearing hips and all. This guy is super creepy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a serial killer. He already has the Norman Bates relationship and all that.
  11. I think Laura has a mean streak, and deserves the soaking she’s going to get. She’s leaving her son and dogs behind. Yes the son can be independent, but dogs are a lifetime commitment. She’s gross. Walking through the airport all red faced and sweaty in grubby clothes. I’m surprised Aladin can even get it up. She’s immature and selfish on top of being unattractive. Too bad Sum meat didn’t nab her first. She has enough coins to keep him in his sweet cold water apartment.
  12. Well terroristic threatening IS only a third degree misdemeanor in Kentucky. Pole has just become my favorite. If he starts talking about getting a double super buzz from sniffing aero plane glue from a samrich bag, I’ll be all in.
  13. Shannon looks spectacular! I love that she’s wearing her natural wave in that photo. Makes her look like the youngest one there. Can’t wait to see how these bees are going to react to Shannon being The hottest housewife. This is going to be the year of fun Shannon. It’s been a long time coming.
  14. Couldn’t. You couldn’t swing a small cat around that one car garage she calls home.
  15. Mu Shu

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I hate July 4! All these jerks with their damn Rinky dink firecrackers. Even now they are setting them off though they are not allowed to because of livestock. Finally managed to get fired, and got a payout. No longer say the eff word. Plus my cat has aids.