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  1. Still makes zero sense for her not to bring clothes from the DR. It’s not like she needs a different wardrobe for Florida. I hope she knows her Versace blouse is a Versayce. The fit is awful.
  2. Because their market is worldwide and immediately accessible.The great thing about social media Is that a girl who is too plain/heavy/old for modeling can create a look, put it out there, and find an audience. There may only be one job for a traditional modeling campaign, but influencers are creating their own campaigns.
  3. Nashville has become sort of a hot spot. My guess is that she does regional modeling because it pays well and she likes where she lives. I knew a girl who lived In Minneapolis and modeled on the side and she did great. At only 5’4. She had done some commercials and some paid a sort of residual. There are tons of modelesque girls competing in LA and NY. Most make very little. Being a regional model may sound provincial, but it can be lucrative.
  4. Sin Gin should probably get into bartending as soon as he can work here. He’d make great money right away, and then have time to decide what he wants to do long term. According to Tania, you can be a union bartender for 20 bucks per hour and tips in DC. Why waste time on a career that wouldn’t pay as well? Or maybe he can Do bartending on cruise ships. It’s travel, and he gets away from her. Or work on an Amtrak train.
  5. She’s not high fashion, but she’s a legitimate model. No she’s not walking NY runways, but she’s done a lot of print and some commercials for well known brands. Commercials pay really well. Most high fashion models make peanuts.
  6. It’s the wren wig from esthetica. I got it at a good price from Taz from Taz’s wig closet. It has a lace front and doesn’t need any modifications. Works out of the box.
  7. Well yeah. The tolet is a chair, and the bathtub is a chaise lounge. Only rich people don’t take advantage of their bathroom furniture.
  8. Come to my house and we’ll recap together.
  9. Nikki Tutorials just came out on YouTube as having transitioned from male to female when she was 19. Last I checked, she had 25 million views. I don’t know if the video is monetized, but if so that would translate to mid six figure profit. For one 17 minute video that probably was done in 4 hours, start to finish. Worst case scenario, she gets crap from 1% of commenters. Even if it’s not monetized, she’ll bank big time. Most of what I’ve heard has been overwhelmingly positive for her. She apparently came out because she was being blackmailed by people who were going to out her. Demi did it as an attention grab and it worked. She’s getting a payday too, just not as big as Nikki, who seems sincere and earned it.
  10. Lawdy Mr. Rhett, that ain’t nothing but my Bachelor Nation wig. It’s not half bad.
  11. I’ve uploaded my latest video. Check it out on YouTube-MuShu TeeVee.
  12. The music is so emo and whiny. It’s what I imagine Paul Bernardo would be making if he weren’t in prison for life.
  13. I want to kees you. I just fell in love with these dolts. The cryfest, him wanting to “Kees” her, she wanting to punch him, and him wailing and falling to his knees. I laughed my ass off. I’m in for another season. And MRSA trotting off stiffly with his little man purse strapped on.
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