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  1. Except for Gina. She po. I actually don’t mind Gina, but I’m boycotting until they bring back the Ick and the honey badger. Fuck these boring losers. They can’t bring iconic moments like Family Vaaaaan! And Icki presenting herself with a fake trophy and falling on her ass. This is just flat ass looserville shit.
  2. I don’t like her, but she’s missed. Sure she’s awful and sucks, but she’s great TV. These other assholes suck.
  3. We did. And he had a stupid theme restaurant called Trolleys. With train themed crap shoved everywhere. The dumb blonde who was in final two nattered on about how impressive Trolleys was, like she was going to be made manager. Honey, it was a tax shelter he eventually got out from under by filing bankruptcy. You were never going to work at Trolleys. But how refreshing. Trying to get a gig at a stupid theme tax shelter restaurant instead of 2 million followers on social media.
  4. Exactly. She’s comfortable in her own skin, where Clare was trying to claw her way out of hers. A lead needs the ability to lead. And it looks like Tayshia has some good quality Mesnicking in store for us!
  5. They sort of look alike. Maybe it will work.
  6. Yep. Poor Dake thought he was getting a vacation with some fun guys and ended up getting some sex on top of it. Little did he know a proposal would be wrang out of him a few weeks in. Poor dumb thing. and why exactly does a 31 yo man have to take care of a 39 yo woman? Wouldn’t you think the younger partner might expect support from an older partner?
  7. Lol. I order the Mc fish. I do. I also have and wear several turtle necks. I think that guy in the pink golfing jacket is sort of sexy in a buck toothed hick sort of way. I like a guy with a chubby face and big teeth. doubt he’ll stay long. Kenny was my dream guy until you mentioned him pinning his hair up. Being a manager of a boy band is great, but managing a cover band or three of a boy band? I’d brag about a man like that. Shame he pins his hair up like Ma Ingalls.
  8. Hopefully they left Dales pants for her to sniff. But maybe not. Deanna probably boosted them on her way out.
  9. It’s like having to leave the neighborhood of make believe to hear mr Rogers drone on about how many times he’s been dumped. Clare and her hostage can leave forever. God.
  10. Actually, she’s probably making six figures. Gorgeous girl, some reality TV fame. Carly cleans up on SM, and she has a crappy personality and isn’t super attractive. If I wasn’t old and crusty I’d try to get me a piece of that pie. I think Tayshia worked in healthcare. Now she’s traveling and making some great bucks. I can see her getting work as a correspondent on E or something. Just checked her IG. One million followers. She’s making big bucks.
  11. She’s stunning. I’m excited about the season now.
  12. If nothing else, the energy is so much better. I like Tayshia. I think she’ll do a good leading.
  13. Maybe, but IMO she’s the most beautiful Bachelorette they’ve had. I wouldn’t say no to having those boobs.
  14. I don’t think Dale is a scammer, just a guy who would like to live his life without a rush to marriage. We’ve watched Clare and her tiresome ass milk this franchise, so why shouldn’t a newby get his? He’s going to have too many options to put all his eggs in clares basket.
  15. E) Have a big, fat red DNR stamped on your Bachelor contract.
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