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  1. That is the exception, not the norm. Most people have debit cards. Just because a few millennials are living off the grid does not mean the majority does. The percentage of people under 65 without cell phones or some type of plastic is very small. Yes, it’s very unusual today for anyone not to have either.
  2. People like Laura like dogs like that because they get a feeling of power from owning a dog that can go South hard and fast. She does not have the brains, sense, or physical activity level to own a dog that requires a strong owner who recognizes that her terrier/bulldog/Cane Corso or whatever cross is nice until it isn’t. She’s a straight up old fool who should be caring more about the human child she isn’t providing for over a damn mutt she isn’t caring for correctly anyway. I hate when people use dogs as surrogates for people. It’s hard on the dog, especially a dumb one like hers. Fur baby until it shreds a child. Not worth the risk. Just get a damn pug.
  3. I love working at home. I don’t even shower for days! It’s like being a hippy with responsibilities.
  4. No reason she can’t set the minnow out on a three hour tour. Place is full of boats, she’s a skipper, no brainer. I thought she was in trouble in Canada, And not allowed back in the US. Maybe she’ll have to live in the airport like in that movie.
  5. Sorry kid. The Skipper. Is yours. God, I hate the deliberate, serial killer way she speaks. And I’m sorry, but she’s a known liar and I absolutely do not believe there are dead bodies in the streets of Ecuador. Her and her ugly ass dog can get off my TV anytime. Stank old hag.
  6. Thank god Zied has that pudge. I thought he got skinny. Must have been a skinny filter. where are they, piggly wiggly?
  7. So you’re running off to join the Circle Jerks. Tell the one who looks like Fabio I said hi, and to avoid flying ducks. Tom is a middle aged man having mommy fight his battles while he tries to look like Rico Suave in a shirt with a bedazzled skull on it like it’s 2007. So now he has a girlfriend in Canada. Does he know his girlfriend has to be from the US to stay on the show?
  8. Geoffrey May or may not have done a sex tape with super gross youtuber Trisha Paytas. She did one with Chad from the Bachelor, who revealed he had to use a device and viagra to get it up, as he was disgusted by her. Maybe Geoffrey had more self respect than Chad did, and declined to man whore himself out. Either way he sucks.
  9. Do you mean hag? But imagining Lisa as a haggis also works for me
  10. I fell on some fusilli. And it got stuck in me. It was a fusilli Jerry.
  11. He got hit in the face with a duck.
  12. And good looking 30 something Nigerian women aren’t trawling Club BarCode looking for a forty something, supremely untalented “musician”. I feel for those poor kids if Sofaboy is the hottest act in town. He’s that guy who always stinks up karaoke night being all serious about his singing. Guy is awful.
  13. I shouldn’t laugh at that, but I did. Hard.
  14. She’s bringing sexy back. You other dabbers don’t know how to act. Seriously, he’s terribly untalented and I’m convinced he’s lying about his age. I’d say 42 at the youngest.
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