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  1. Except Kelly was dancing with her crotch in a strange man’s face. She’s a skeezer like the rest.
  2. While Tamra and Brown Betty were playing lipstick lesbians, Emily was acting like a very angry, jilted lover over Gina. That woman is going to snap one of these days. Gina better get a restraining order. And was it Emily who was drinking out of the bottle? She was pretty shitfaced. I felt pretty embarrassed watching this. They outdid themselves. I hope these assholes weren’t in Key West during fantasy fest. You know Tamra would have her boobs painted as cantaloupe halves, Braunschweiger would have hers painted as baseballs, and I guess the rest of the flying monkeys would keep their shirts on, but get drunk and stupider. Im sorry Gramra, but you’re at the age where a drunken fall could result in a broken hip. What a bunch of skeezers.
  3. She does have this ethereal beauty. I’ve come around on her. She can be mopey, but has moments where she’s funny, and able to laugh at herself. Hope these two make it. They are a cute couple with complimentary differences. Also, I must have Jihoon on Pillow Talk explaining shit.
  4. Laura is a liar. Why is anyone buying her version? “My pension...was cut!”. Just listen to her deliberate speech patterns, the “reasonable “ but forced quiet tone she uses. She’s trying to trash Aladdin and make him the bad Arab guy, while she’s the poor female victim. She’s the controlling one, and quite a gaslighter. Jenny looks good in red. If only she didn’t have that perpetually downturned mouth and saggy neck. She’d be rather pretty. Now she has her TLC cash and probably a spot on pillow talk, maybe she’ll get some nip and tuck. I’m still pulling for her and Submit. They had the best storyline overall. This was pretty boring.
  5. Who believed Ick didn’t buy her engagement ring? The Dudd is slow on the uptake. She’s always had to buy her own jewelry, even in the early seasons. Yawn.
  6. It really isn’t. We’ve just accepted the obesity epidemic. And Emily is overweight, not yet obese. Yes, 191 is a lot of weight. She does have a great figure and carries extra weight very well, but joints don’t care how good you look. The skeleton like a truck has a maximum payload. Once you exceed it for a good duration, it starts to breakdown. People in the US really are lying to themselves about their weight and health. I hope we get to see a transformation with Emily. Her not going to physical therapy to manage her condition and being avoidant of her weight gain is an example of her pigheadedness (no pun originally intended). I can see where she’s not the ideal partner, but these two are wrong for each other. Dump Shane, get counseling that forces her to face facts, get healthy and see me again in another year.
  7. Spanish is super easy, especially to read. Deaven probably has been been doing online courses at least. You’re not going to understand people speaking solely in the language you’re learning at first. of all the countries on this show, S Korea is the most appealing to me, despite the language learning curve. It looks very clean and orderly. I like small homes, and the tent bars looked like a lot of fun. Korean food is nice too. I know TLC is mostly frauding is, but I think Deaven and Jihoon are a real couple, and I think they’ll make it. She’s very uptight and seems to mind her finances, and he’s very happy go lucky. She will teach him to be more financially responsible and mature, and he will teach her to be more relaxed. Complimentary differences. I think they’ll probably move to the US, at least for awhile. There’s no way TLC doesn’t want Jihoon for the after show.
  8. I just wanted to point out that creepy Brown Wind has boob paintings done by her creepy mother. It’s like the disgusting disembodied butthole and vaginas that Creep Lena Dunham’s super creepy father paints. Well not as bad, but still creepy. That brown wind family is really off to me. I was surprised Emily was under 200. I guess her super puffy face makes her seem bigger. She may have difficulty losing weight due to medications for her arthritis, but that’s not the only thing. If she’s eating a lot of fast food and not eating regularly, that will pack it on. She needs to get her head out of her ass and get on a program. Taking off thirty pounds would do her a world of good. She’s 5’10, so she’s overweight at 191 but not obese. There is no way Shannon had a BMI of 40. That’s morbidly obese, and Shannon was not near morbid obesity. Like Emily, she was in the overweight category.
  9. Threesomes and clitoral injections. Kelly’s idiot friends laughing about how she hits people in the head. Alexis Bellino babbling about bible passages she’s completely ignorant of. Ordering a full pig head. They’re really desperate to introduce story lines. Brown Wind is nasty. Her slobbering over Tamra with her weird husband made me feel bad for Tamra. She’s so thirsty and self centered, even for this bunch of over the hill desperado thots. Kellys mother hasn’t seen her grand daughter in two years. Kelly is a horrible, abusive cow. How does this vindictive, violent woman have custody of a child? She’s awful. Of course she was arrested in high school.
  10. Hey, his explanation of how twenty one century people keep their asses clean prompted me to use my attached bidet. I have never looked back. The guy is just flat out charming.
  11. I know! Jenny has sold me on this star crossed lovers story, and they need to drop the after show and have a segment called Jihoon explains Everything. He is so damn adorable.
  12. Well, she was scheduled to sail her boat on a three hour tour, and got shipwrecked off the coast of Ecuador. What is her damage with Larissa? And damn pot, the kettle you’re calling black is quite a bit younger and more attractive. I’d rethink that tactic. I hope TLC can get Aladdin for the after show. I really like him. If he’s cool and wAnts to come to the US, lets get him.
  13. My favorite part of this show is hearing Zied speak, and his dumb, maniacal huh huh huh huh laughter. I get a kick out of the big dummy. Ben is controlling. Bikini will trade one strict father in for another who expects her to become an insta mommy. If she does make it to the US, expect a girls gone wild scenario, because that girl is going to want to party. Can’t say I blame her. “ Wha caint you gimme a aig to tote? Ah would tote yo aig.” That daughter is just ungrateful for all the blessings being the daughter of Big Ang entails. Can you imagine Skyping and that peanut headed little fool asks for your egg with your Dog the bounty hunter looking mother looming in the background? That’s just idiocy. But i bet if you gave her 1k, Big Ang would be totin’ that aig the next day. Hell, toss in 200 bucks in food stamps and that daughter would cave.
  14. Lol! That deer looks realer than that CGI thing that looked like they grabbed someone from a furry convention.
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