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  1. Mu Shu

    General True Crime Shows

    Did anyone catch that super boring elderly twin who killed her elderly twin episode? Apparently Khloe Kardashian is involved in the production. Twisted sisters? Damnit, that stupid ass tight knit, sincere, sweet ad is on again. Can’t stand that smug looking woman and her annoying nasal accent.
  2. Disgusting. Show me one woman who was trained consensuslly who wasn’t a porn actress or prostitute. I’m hoping these idiots are misinformed. Sad if that really happened to Kelly.
  3. Ok. Threesome is three people. Gangbang is one person of one sex, and several people of the opposite sex. While a threesome is generally three people equally sharing sex, a gangbang is usually demeaning for the subject of the gangbang. Running the train is same as a gangbang. In short, threesomes are usually three equals who agree to have sex together. Gangbangs/Trains are usually not pleasant and wanted. They are usually done for money, as in pornos, or they are coerced or forced. Since I don’t think Kelly has gangbangs for cash, if this did happen to her she wasn’t able to consent. So these hags are either laughing at Kelly for experiencing sexual assault, or are too stupid to know what Training means. Its possible Kelly was a swinger and had group sex. Group sex is an equal amount of male/female partners who have sex in one room and change partners. Like the threesome, it’s usually equal amongst the participants.
  4. Mu Shu

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    I thought Deaven looked beautiful during her C section with no makeup, but girl needs to take out those ratty extensions, go with a more natural color, and do something with the yellow teeth. She’d be a knockout with red hair. Jihoon is too cute to snark on. When she met him, he was a naive young man living with his parents and working a job that may not pay much. All the sudden he needs a better job and an apartment? Maybe she can do online work and let Jihoon mind the kids. Dracula really responds well to him. Oh Jenny you poor mark. A promise ring at sixty? Get a ticket home and return with your daughter and daughter in law. That was a nice scene, actually made me like Jenny. Skipper home sick. Skipper cry and sit on the beach all pink and petulant. Aladin has made a Herculean effort to harvest the American/Canadian Dollar, but at this point, I think he’s given up. Let’s face it, a good looking man of 29 walking around with the Skipper on his arm. Not buying it. Couldnt care less about slow, sulky Karine. She’s such an unpleasant lump. Run Pole, run! Run as fast as your little alligator legs will take you.
  5. Mu Shu

    General True Crime Shows

    I’ve been binge watching ID Discovery. Every damn time that weird smiling woman come on in the preview droning on about some people really burns my biscuits. “ They were a very tight knit family...very sincere...very sweet...” I saw til death do us part-The one with the woman from Ohio who married some military guy and set his bed on fire to wake him up to buy cigarettes. Of course, her moron friend and sister described this fire starter as”...very sweet..” and the friend of COURSE was a “witch”. The mother and sister of the fire starter maybe had 15 teeth between the two, Appalachian dialects, and accused the people in OK of being rednecks who were intolerant of “Yankees” and witches. First of all, OK wasn’t exactly a hotbed of the confederacy, and these hillbilly women accusing other people of being rednecks was pretty ironic. Anyway, the people in OK didn’t like the fire starter because she was an asshole who threatened them with hexes, her being a powerful Wiccan and all . exhibit A-Bored elderly woman-“She threated tuh tern thuh teacher into a Frawg”. Long story short, a bunch of bored, ignorant, fatalistic people meeting up and leading miserable lives and continuing the cycle with their kids. Sometimes the “sweet” partner kills the “sweet” other and vice versa. It seems like all the people in these sick little dramas get off on it. and who the hell believes they can turn some one into a frog, and who is dumb enough to fear it happening? It shocks me that in this day of knowledge at your fingertips people remain so incredibly ignorant. Frankly, I did not even care about the firestarter going missing. I don’t care about most of these misfits, just the children they place in their destructive midsts.
  6. Mu Shu

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    I liked Kristina. That Caitlyn girl, who I have no idea of her existence, is annoying. Wah! I’m interested in your friend! Stop being a friend to him and set me up with him or you’re against all women. damn I wish these women would stop flocking and cackling like hens all day. I liked it better when it was an individual game with loose friendships. It’s like a bunch of hairtwirling high schoolers. Time to raise the minimum age and get new blood.
  7. I agree, but that would sentence her to hard time-Living in a townhome and driving a Jetta. You know, living in a middle class community and driving a mid priced sedan is just above living in a bottomed out trailer that miraculously survived the last hurricane, but barely, and driving a 1988 Ford Taurus. All this cocaine talk and sniffling cocaine off body parts is so ‘80’s. That’s Vicki’s time, not Kelly’s. If anything, K Dudd is probably chewing up a couple of adderalls for shits and giggles. The Ick is old and out of touch. Get your damn recreational drugs straight.
  8. This has been Tamras MO from the start. She breaks people down, builds them up, and repeats the cycle over and over. The people she can’t break down get ran out. She constantly shifts alliances and uses her cult members to obliterate her latest target. I mean, Kelly has been an asshole from jump, but Tamra has been manipulating her like damn Charles Manson. If Tamra has continued down her trailer park past, I’m convinced she would have ended up being portrayed on one of those ID discovery shows. She’s an evil hag with a lot of power and cunning. Running the train. That’s when a bunch of guys has sex with one woman as part of an initiation. Outlaw bikers do that. Women joining or closely associated with the club are required to have sex with all the brothers in the clubhouse. The woman is pulling the train. Somehow I don’t see Kelly joining a gang and having sex with a bunch of scumbags. Wouldn’t be the first time these idiots malapropriated underground slang.
  9. Mu Shu

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    Chad called him Chris Hansen. I think it was Chad.
  10. Oh yes. Then you crudely offer your old man anal and talk about your Mom’s senior living blow jobs. Skanky Sleezy Slag.
  11. Oh my god! Your spouse prank called Vicki? Did he pretend to be interested in term life for 10 family members? Did you add her on LinkedIn? Tell all!
  12. Vicky is jealous. She couldn’t even get a toy caboose run on her, unless it was some super skeevy guy who closed his eyes and tried to focus on the new teefs he would get in return. Tamra is a crude heifer. Nothing to see here. Emily now has a bald spot from Shane. I felt like she and that idiot Gina were amping the drama for purposes of keeping their oranges. Vicki looks insane. Screaming blubbering baboons ass. Good for Brown stone for rubbing her juicy new orange in the feral hog’s face. She treated the woman like shit and then told her to be nice. God how I wish K Dudd would go off on her and drop her fat ass like a sack of shit.
  13. Mu Shu

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    How exactly will this work? They obviously would choose each other. chris Hansen is getting an email from me. I think it’s inappropriate for the show host to love a combatant, even if it’s not in a physical or romantic way. Pretty much over this. If I hear stagecoach one more damn time. Who is the joker with the moustache? He looks like some cheesy ‘70’s porn star. I’m calling him Boogie Night.
  14. Mu Shu

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    I’m sick of hearing about whatever Stagecoach is, and refuse to Google it. All these people know and hang out with each other, which makes the show boring and stale. Demi is an asshole and was a nasty little bully who got away with being a nasty little bully on the Bachelor. I’m not sure what the angle with this smug little brat is, but I have a sinking suspicion she will reject her GF and whatever dude because she’s being set up for the first bisexual Bachelorette. Whoever thinks Jordan is s loose cannon because he beat up a Panda bear and tossed it in the ocean while wearing a hibiscus printed romper needs to get out more often and experience the seedier side of life. Damn sheltered pearl clutchers. Sick of this bunch of hens sitting around and clucking about Hannah. It’s like high school lunch. If they switched up the format and let guys give out roses and allow multiple guys give roses to the same girl, all who would be left would be Hannah, Caelynn, and Tayshia. Tired of the show manipulating who stays and goes. Dummy and Fake would have been gone long ago if it wasn’t so heavily scripted. I liked Oneyka until she blubbered about not being popular and tapped out. Does she know how much rejection Amber had on this show? Pick Wills who seems like an easygoing guy. At least make a friendship and stay around until the end and have some fun. She’s a super cute girl with gorgeous skin and seems to be a down to earth and intelligent person.