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    S07.E26 Milla LIVE CHAT

    Let me move from my chair to my bed where I keep my deep fryer and I’ll fix you some.
  2. Mu Shu

    S07.E26 Milla LIVE CHAT

    I am really enjoying Milla. She doesn’t whine, she works hard, and she’s a lovely person.
  3. Mu Shu

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    If I were Jenny, I would get a few shalwars for everyday use, and a couple of sarees for special occasions. And the fluffy bun she had her hair in was the most flattering look I’ve seen her in. But thankfully I’m not Jenny. I do love Indian food and clothing though. The apartment was also nice. Maybe these two fools could have a life together, but the cost to him would be huge.
  4. Mu Shu

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    But she’s an online influencer! Her uncle taking her sexy catfish pregnant photo was mildly disturbing. I’m thinking he’s her photog on the reg. Yeah, that’s icky.
  5. Mu Shu

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    No worries there. She looks old enough to be that poor dumb sum meat/sumee/summits grandmother. I think she’s gross in the lassize faire way she left her family, and her lack of concern over the poor dummy having a rift with his family and damaging his social standing. It’s all about this self centered coot getting herself sum younger meat. I’m sorry, but those hideous glasses and that limp awful hair make her look about 80. Speaking of dummies, Jihoon got catfished. Every Korean man’s fantasy looks like Shannon Doherty descending into meth abuse. Man, those teeth. Im embarrassed to watch Corey. Evelyn is hard as nails and is contemptuous of his weak ways. Oh, I can’t ride the bus because I may get jacked, but I want to move there for the rest of my life. Sucker. shes a smart, desirable woman who likes where she lives and probably just wants some hookups with hot tourists, and then targets suckers like Corey to spend money on her.
  6. Mu Shu

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Because hes got savoir faire. Dos Equis should use him in the most interesting man in the world campaign. Hopefully TLC will see the buzz and get him into a show. Yeah , TLC is sleazy, but Ludwing in a natural born star.
  7. Mu Shu

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I’ve noticed that the buyers are generally likable and don’t have great demands. It’s just really house hunters with pleasant people.
  8. Mu Shu

    House Hunters

    I know reality shows are fake, but they reveal personalities. There have been some doozies over the years.
  9. Jillian’s old nose was the focus of her petite face. The nose job took the focus off her too large nose and now you notice her eyes more. She really needed it, IMO. She had a really good job on it. Not large, but not small and pinched. She did have a really fun season. The train trip was my favorite.
  10. Mu Shu

    House Hunters

    That voice! Strident, whiny, uptalky. Nails on the chalkboard! I thought they showed her in a business at the beginning of the episode, so why would she see clients at home? And why would the clients need to use her bathroom? Cake consult can’t be more than an hour. She needs an open concept home to watch a kid almost old enough to get a job? Ithaca looks gorgeous. I want to go there in the fall now.
  11. Mu Shu

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    I was just thinking they need to rebrand to TFS-The Freak Show. I always feel dirty after watching this and 90 day fiancée. Learning channel my ass. Stripper names are common these days. Younger girls use and enhance their first and middle names, ie Michelle Jones becomes Shellee Renae. Like the drag makeup they now sport, they think stripping is glamorous. Stripping is hard, sweaty grungy work, and drag makeup was used as an exaggeration of feminity. Now people look like mannequins. I blame the Kardashians for popularizing that hideous trend.
  12. Mu Shu

    S07.E25 Jennifer & Marissa & Liz LIVE CHAT

    I want to pluck the part for her and go at it with my thinning shears.
  13. Mu Shu


    It’s so frustrating. Those two homes are an easy 800k combined, so house number 3 would put her over 1 million. Sell the damn things. Get a nice 2/2 55 plus condo for 125k and have income from the proceeds. we are in Davie on the acre lots, but the damn seniors who can no longer keep their properties up and are too greedy to spend any money or too stubborn to sell out are a problem. Some people just can’t live without strife and misery.
  14. Mu Shu


    I figured out where the Plantation house is. Looks like that super cool neighborhood bordered by University, Peters road, and 595. The one with all those Asian inspired homes. I think the canals are ocean access. Very desirable area as is Cooper City. Did we ever find out where the third house was? Bill can piss right off. He’s a skeezer living off Pat, and so is the 4 year sober daughter. They both need to pack the fuck up or shut up. Like it or not, pat runs the show. It’s her house/houses. Don’t like the crazy lady’s rules? Don’t mooch off the crazy lady. Sorry you moochers, but once pat passes, which could be another 15 years or so seeing how spunky she is, the cities will get her properties. pat was a damn pistol. “you wanna fistfight??” I bet before she got so crazy and sun dried she was gorgeous. I’m corner eying Jenny and her woe is me act. It’s good she cleaned up, but 4 years sober she should be in some type of decent living situation and taking some responsibility for her daughter. Donna dictates because Jenny manipulates, and pat is fucking nuts. Im sure she expected Jenny to at least be working toward some solution at this point. I don’t care how much a bitch Donna is, it’s a pretty big responsibility to take on another child.
  15. Mu Shu

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Since I am in my new job six months, we have lost 1/3 of our small staff. Another one fired yesterday. I will get the bulk of her claims, as I have the lowest claim count. I have the lowest count because I close the most. If I get 6 new claims and close 8, that means my count goes down. They say it’s not fair to give the others with high claim counts many. They have high claim counts because they don’t close. Simple math. So who actually works harder? God I can’t deal with stupid people who think it’s better to have a shit load of unfinished work rather than to pump the work out every day.
  16. Mu Shu

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I have seen Bridesmaids at least 20 times. That movie really needs a sequel. whqt is primetimer? When did it happen?
  17. Mu Shu

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Every time I hear ads for that shit I get fucking angry. It’s just the view with no wrinkles and a lot of uptalking. Is that awful Morgan person on it, or is she infesting Another show?
  18. We can’t tell other people in other countries what to do. For all we know, our consumption of cows distresses people elsewhere as much as the dog killing distressed us. What is acceptable to one culture is distressing to another. You can’t legislate morality, especially halfway around the world.
  19. I haven’t watched this show in years. Not everyone in the world sees dogs as fur babies with the rights of humans, paraded around in public and shitting in the ice cream aisle at Publix. They see them as feral pack animals suitable for consumption. They’re killed pretty much the same way as any other animal used for meat. I don’t want dogs eaten or abused, but people like LVP who try to turn them into babies is fucking annoying. People also eat monkeys. Maybe she should try to turn a chimp into a baby and see how that works for her in about 12 years. Is Erika Jayne a porn actress? Her talking heads with the short wig are sort of performance art, but her actual interactions and wigs are not as much fun. and why would LVP think that grotty old dog jiggly could be in the puppy bowl? That dog was old when I last watched this, which had to be 2013.
  20. Never. She’s earned it. and I’m sorry, her surgery is hideous. She looks awful for 60. She looks awful for any age. that sorry ass sack of shit. Using Luke Perry’s death to shill. Fucking shameless old scag. Dylan mc Kay was a sacred part of my youth.
  21. Not frank or Lynn. No pot to piss in. Doubt poopenheiter’s ex gives a crap. Then again, shared kids. ill always feel for those poor dumb curtain girls.
  22. Yes! Revenge is a dish best served cold. Shannon has been picked at long enough, time to serve these bitches papers. I cannot wait! Shannon has all the power now. I love it.
  23. Mu Shu

    S09.E16: The Storm

    God, I had no idea this was within the walls of Alex. I thought they were trekking to hilltop.