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  1. StatMom


    Annie bellowing at her boss while he’s speaking to someone is very obnoxious, but I get the sense that this is supposed to be her trying to assert herself for the first time in her life and she is not good at it yet. A tad unrealistic, but, like the “raw dogging” (ew) storyline, I like the character in spite of her dumb decisions and self-centeredness. As others have suggested, this is credit to Aidy’s charm.
  2. The signatures on that birth certificate! How hard is it to have a couple production people sign a name so it doesn't look fake as hell?
  3. StatMom

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Wow, you called it!
  4. How STUPID is Mel? He knows that many people acquainted with him are involved with PP/PPAD/PPSexyTimes. Even if he were not concerned about the legal angle, shouldn't he be wary of one of these folks running into him?
  5. Just who colleges want to hear from! Your friend who works at a failing shop thinks you'll do great. Ditto David's impassioned plea. If I were a CU waitlister, I'd be pretty annoyed.
  6. StatMom

    S04.E07: Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!

    Is it the hotness? That’s what it is for me.
  7. It's generous of you to suggest that they made him look like a derp on purpose for realism's sake! I wondered the same thing. I scrolled back up through the pics to verify that yes, her hair was straight as they were getting into bed. I guess they couldn't figure out how to make straight hair look bed-headed? Typical of the show's not caring about continuity or what makes sense. BAG: "Oh, I messed up with the door. Should we go again?" Director: "Nah, good enough. Moving on." AD: "Script sup told me that Tori's hair doesn't match the previous scene." Director: "But it's supposed to be the next morning, right? It's gonna look different. It's fine."
  8. And it was the episode right before this, I think, where there was a "Maryanne" which was also the name of the poor little hot tub rich girl who sent Brandon flowers.
  9. Also, another name re-use: wasn't "Claudia" the name of Colin's art... lady? Dealer? Client? something something?
  10. Right! And do law schools confer bachelors degrees of any kind? Not that I know of. This thing is even jankier than I imagined. See also: "School of Law, New York." I know it was the 90's, but couldn't anyone have Yahoo'ed/Webcrawled/Infoseeked what an actual law degree looks like? Apparently not.
  11. StatMom

    S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    In BB, there was a pizza place known for their unsliced pies. It was this type of pizza that Walt hurled onto his roof, and over which Badger and Skinny Pete had a discussion about the monetary impact of leaving the slicing to the customers.
  12. StatMom

    S04.E02: Breathe

    That is exactly what I thought of as well! The Kodak Carousel presentation in particular. In both scenarios, they relied on storytelling and emotion rather than a straight-up list of facts, features, or qualifications. Becoming a lawyer really was a perfect outlet for Jimmy: he could use his natural gift of gab in a legitimate context.
  13. StatMom

    S04.E02: Breathe

    And I imagine that Rebecca and Howard had to come to terms with regards to the value of Chuck's partnership payout. (It looks like she is the main beneficiary of his estate?)
  14. StatMom

    S04.E01 Smoke

    The last few months, I rewatched the whole series on Netflix in anticipation of this season. My only previous viewing of the show was also in Netflix marathon form, and I feel like it's easier to forget things when I watch a bunch of episodes in a short period of time. Plus a show that does time-jumping a bit like this one does always confuses me -- I tend to forget who knew what and when they knew it!