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  1. That’s a feature, as far as Barb is concerned.
  2. The backgrounds (and continuing stories) of some of these kids are just heartbreaking. Given all that she's experienced, I felt bad for Morgan when her grandparents "joked" that she couldn't live with them. She looked like "Ha ha... oh wait, really?" With the parental abandonment (fuck you, Morgan's dad), I would think her grandparents would be a little more careful about saying that kind of thing, since they seem to care deeply about her well-being. I was ambivalent about Monica's cheerful characterization of Morgan as a people pleaser. Her takeaway seemed to be that she could get Morgan
  3. I see Dan managed to get Eugene’s hair wet again 😂
  4. I wonder this every season: when asked if “I can steal you for a second” or some such, is the bachelor bound by some production rule to acquiesce? They never seem to refuse.
  5. Does anyone know when season 4 will be available on AMC app or Netflix? I saw it on Prime to buy, but I'd rather... not?
  6. StatMom


    On the podcast, the animal discussion starts at about 23 minutes in and goes until about 32:30. They might mention things at other points, but that's the main segment. Mazin mentioned that they had filmed another scene that's even worse than what we saw 😯 And I agree with you that, for some reason, pet/animal pain can be more difficult to watch than people. Not sure why, but I had the same thought.
  7. StatMom


    In the opening scene of episode 1, Legasov mentions in his recording that Dyatlev will spend 10 years in a prison labor camp, suggesting that while he was scapegoated for others' mistakes it was still less than he deserved as punishment.
  8. Annie bellowing at her boss while he’s speaking to someone is very obnoxious, but I get the sense that this is supposed to be her trying to assert herself for the first time in her life and she is not good at it yet. A tad unrealistic, but, like the “raw dogging” (ew) storyline, I like the character in spite of her dumb decisions and self-centeredness. As others have suggested, this is credit to Aidy’s charm.
  9. The signatures on that birth certificate! How hard is it to have a couple production people sign a name so it doesn't look fake as hell?
  10. Is Nat’s wife also named Joan?
  11. How STUPID is Mel? He knows that many people acquainted with him are involved with PP/PPAD/PPSexyTimes. Even if he were not concerned about the legal angle, shouldn't he be wary of one of these folks running into him?
  12. Just who colleges want to hear from! Your friend who works at a failing shop thinks you'll do great. Ditto David's impassioned plea. If I were a CU waitlister, I'd be pretty annoyed.
  13. It's generous of you to suggest that they made him look like a derp on purpose for realism's sake! I wondered the same thing. I scrolled back up through the pics to verify that yes, her hair was straight as they were getting into bed. I guess they couldn't figure out how to make straight hair look bed-headed? Typical of the show's not caring about continuity or what makes sense. BAG: "Oh, I messed up with the door. Should we go again?" Director: "Nah, good enough. Moving on." AD: "Script sup told me that Tori's hair doesn't match the previous scene." Director: "But
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