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  1. Sophie looks much different since she is a blonde now. She won South Pacific (the Coach vs. Ozzy season).
  2. Yul+Sophie and Rob+Parv were alliances I never thought I wanted and needed but I do! J'adore!
  3. Well, maybe they are not going to talk about him? It looks like the show wants to sweep this all under the rug.
  4. OK, I am convinced that Rottweiler is Daughtry and Skeleton is Paul Schaeffer. Is there any chance that Ladybug is Florence Henderson? I can't get over the use of the Brady Bunch grid. Also, the bridge might be a reference that her TV husband was an architect.
  5. I think blue roses are the most important clue to Rottweiler because it's been referenced twice for him so far. You see blue roses in his intro package and he says "roses are blue" in the short clue video.
  6. I've been so underwhelmed by Survivor recently that I barely remembered that the premiere was tonite. I was bored for most of it. I think there is something about opening with a traditional marooning that gets your blood pumping and I def missed that. This is the first season in quite a few yrs that I went in preview and spoiler free and I thought the editing worked because I did not have a doubt that Ronnie was going as soon as he approached Elaine. I don't know how long I will go unspoiled or even if I will watch the rest of the season so I will just make a note right now that Karishma (Larishma?) is my winner pick.
  7. He was in negotiations to be TB after Rachel's season but he took too long to decide and ultimately they went with someone they can control more easily. because that is the most important trait to TPTB.
  8. I know it's suppose to be 'funny' but it's really not a good look. To paraphrase Animal House: drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life, son.
  9. Their 'script' was tailored just for them. Many other BN couples did the show and none of them showed such a trouble marriage Tanner also block you if u mention that show bc the truth hurts
  10. I dont follow him either but google "Tanner jade Marriage boot camp" and u will get the gist of it.
  11. TMI, but then again, who is surprised that this abusive douchebag refuses to go down on his wife?
  12. I remember him. I thought he was overrated as a singer and he was really short.
  13. Judging by his HS photos, he IS an After from a hair restoration clinic. Is it even possible to change your hair much if half of it is plastic?
  14. I dont watch DWTS so I am all for Hannah keeping busy with the show instead of acting desperate on her IG. Maybe she'll get into a showmance with her partner. Doesnt matter if he will probably be married; it's whatevah the Queen wants, right?
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