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  1. It's semantics and as Ellen said -- and she was there -- he shouldn't have done that in the first place.
  2. Neil lane is the perfect guy to creep someone out, lol. What is this date?
  3. Short version: he referred to Rach as "sloppy seconds"
  4. As lately as this past month, he mentioned being offered the Bach lead on SM to stay relevant. It's obvious that he regrets being a diva about it, esp since the gym he opened this yr is heavily shut down by C-19 like most small businesses.
  5. I dont like Rachel but her season is not a bad one to watch. A few things to note: 1) They visit Ellen early in the season and it's fun to compare the 2 Ellen Show clips on YT with what was shown on the Ette show. This was for many first glimpse of the season since Rach's hadnt aired yet and Bryan said something that some ppl still cant believe. 2) Dean's hometown is the biggest WTF ever seem on the show. It's a cant miss. 3) The ending with Peter caused a lot of discussion. I believe series sites like The Ringer wrote several articles on it.
  6. Just to clarify a few things. I read that Ben's father is a doctor. Probably why he didnt show at HTDs. I always thought Bennett is a plant but the show didnt give him the book on EI. He was already reading it in quarantine before the show started. Yes. Bennett gave Noah an used bk to go with the used socks. That bennett is a giver, y'all.
  7. It's obvious that his current addiction is sneakers. As long as he can afford it, it's all good.
  8. Noone really knows. What IS known is that she scouted all the dudes's SM for months and she didnt like Matt's obviously. He did - and still does - comes across as a frat boy on SM. It accumulated in her infamous tweet about Cameo after Matt James just opened a Cameo account. FOR charity.
  9. I love Ivan but it was understandable why they picked Matt James. He was always going to be a major figure in BN because he has the right pedigree. (friend of a former contestant, right age, media savvy, and is freaking TALL) And I like that we are going back to olden days with an unknown as the lead. Also, if he did go on Clare's season to do his audition, there was no way Clare was going to let him advance past the first nite. She had it out for him.
  10. I KNEW she wanted him to break down (show emotions) in front of her. Red flag!
  11. WTF is T waiting for? Does she want Ben to get the razor blades right now? Jeez
  12. That's the second time that T told Ben that she prefers to sleep than spend any more time with him. Bye Ben!
  13. The way T gave the Bach handshake EXCEPT Ivan reminds me of how T told Ellen Degeneres that all 3 are grest kissers and didnt mention Ivan 😞
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