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  1. CassAgain

    I Love Dick

    I watched this (in a space of 24 hours--yikes) because Chana Joffe Walt cited it as an influence on her incredible episode of This American Life, Five Women. Still processing--it's really thought provoking regarding art and feminism. (And marriage.)
  2. CassAgain

    S04.E05: Episode 5

    I thought baby Raymond was the cutest little actor they've ever had on the show. My grandparents were believers in Christian Science until my aunt at age seven fell off of her bike and suffered a compound fracture to her arm. My grandmother said it was an instant conversion for her.
  3. Steve's life strategy and Shelli's coaching is both heart breaking and warming at the same time.
  4. Audrey is a champion at gaslighting. I hope she's not like that in real life because it is such a toxic quality.
  5. I hope it's Jeff. Every time he trashes someone, it makes me like them more. I'm going to be a full-fledged Becky fan if he stays much longer. This vote lie is soooooooo stupid. Audrey, gurl.
  6. Vanessa is being a fairly impressive coach to Austin right now.
  7. I'm enjoying the Vanessa/Austin HOH so far. Vanessa: (in more diplomatic language) You are safe, but I need you to keep the crazy in check. Audrey: crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy Vanessa (invisible head desk)
  8. CassAgain

    S6 General Discussion: Maggie Leads the Cult of Cappie

    The mental torture inflicted on the Nerd Heard gave me life. The best was when America voted Janelle to get the phone call with her creepy showmance dude over the Friendship's family members. "You suck, America!" Kaysar and Janelle had one of the best all time Big Brother platonic relationships. They would stay up all night talking about everything in the world. I've never been more sleep deprived for non-game reasons.
  9. I like Benji a lot, but I think WCS is just one of those styles that is hard for non-experts to pull off, which makes Pasha and Sara all the more impressive. It was really unlucky for Nick to pull that style when he was on the bottom. I'm not very impressed with Teddy either week in his own style. Serge and Carly were awesome. So glad Serge gets another chance. The ballet girls were really lucky in their partnerships. Valerie, not as much.