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  1. Kenny actually seems like a really nice guy (and my many accounts he is). He looks like he’d be a fuck boy but he doesn’t act like it. Becca only got the Bachelorette gig because of the way Arie broke up with her. She’s a big doofus.
  2. I don’t get the big attraction to Serena - she has an SJP face 🐴
  3. Yes - this is what I assumed to be the case. I found pics of her from Peter’s season - she was stunning! And I remember thinking she was shady about the Alayah thing. I can’t believe that is her - she was really quite beautiful and didn’t need work done - ugh why do these women ruin their faces?
  4. I can’t remember her either - and she looks very distinct so it’s strange. I can usually remember people from recent seasons - I also remember Tammy and her pot stirring but VP doesn’t look at all familiar. Though she looks like she has a shit ton of filler, collagen and cheek/chin implants so maybe she is barely recognizable from before - I was trying to find a pic from her season to compare.
  5. Or it was just a money laundering operation for his mob affiliations
  6. Loving David Spade - his opening segment had me worried and I thought it would all be really bad. But his deadpanning and commentary was funny and on point. I never got the Joe appeal either - I mean I get being attracted to the boy next door, awkward geeky type - but he was never that. I always thought he had zero personality or sense of humor - the types of things that typically make a dorky guy loveable. I don’t hate him - I just don’t get the attraction. And he has the type of face that is not going to age well. I think it’s creepy that he’s going after such a young woman. I don’
  7. Katie seems pissed. Like something bad went down - maybe all the guys bailed on her? And she’s angry with the show. I don’t know.. something seemed off and she was acting extremely uptight.
  8. Whenever you have a cast of guys like this that are all in bro love, it’s because the lead did nothing for them. They didn’t feel competitive for her so there wasn’t animosity and male testosterone flowing enough to make them fight for her.
  9. The only thing I see when I look at Hunter is Ben Stiller
  10. Michael gives me serious Jon Cryer vibes
  11. I actually think Katie is the overly aggressive kisser - it seemed like she was going full hard core porn with every make out sesh
  12. Remember when they first broke up and Cassie seemed almost terrified to discuss it with Chris Harrison over zoom? And she made comments after their breakup that it wasn’t her story to tell or something? It makes me wonder if she knew - either found something or he admitted it to her, and then he was absolutely terrified that she was going to out him and ensued with his creepy stalking and threatening behavior.
  13. Me - currently
  14. And omg they are smearing butter all over each other - he was kidding. I’m dead 😂😂😂
  15. Ok I live right by Lancaster which is the Pennsylvania Dutch capital - when they said they are having a Pennsylvania Dutch spa day my husband goes - what are they going to run churned butter all over each other and ride the horse and buggy to sit in steamed cow manure 🤣🤣
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