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  1. Mimeograph ink is a gateway office supply.
  2. At least it's not Brut by Faberge (old Eddie Murphy reference).
  3. Ooh, if Kat wins this and Snackson Jackson blows up at her during the week again, we may get him on the block which would be Team GoodFeeds.
  4. After looking on the BB Wiki, I think it was the "Strange Bedfellows" endurance comp at F4, but the wiki doesn't describe the comp or say if he peed. I do remember it being something about a bed. Well, thanks for making me think about Cowboy peeing.
  5. Didn't Dr. Will pee during the final 3 comp in S2? Or am I not remembering correctly?
  6. The BB God is a cruel, trickster God who hates the viewers, though.
  7. The votes are in, and it's unanimous. For liking "Achy Breaky Heart," @Vixenstud and @Melina22, you both have been evicted from the Big Brother House Live Feed Thread.
  8. My God, those fools! They have no idea how difficult it is to smize properly. And they're just going to attempt it without proper training and supervision! It's madness!
  9. I think this is the first season where the suspicious activity in the shower is eating food rather than.... *ahem*
  10. I'd put up with it for a year or two for forty-thousand dollars.
  11. I want to him to get a penalty nom, because then they'll have to explain why on the broadcast show. Which means that they'll have to show footage of him sneaking food into the shower. Which will be really funny. And then they'll have to recap it in the following show with snarky announcer. I'm going to try and manifest this.
  12. *clears throat* And now, I would like to present my latest Haiku... Pole has a car seat Runs with a stick up his ass His clown shoes flopping
  13. Hey, Daniel. Talking about why Ronald can't come to the US is talking about adult things. Let's talk about kids' stuff instead. Like human trafficking.
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