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  1. My understanding is she has her biological son and then two stepsons and a stepdaughter through Jan that she raised. We’ve seen Bret on the show, so there was never an issue there. I’ve seen pics on Instagram of him with Joe and Marge on Christmas, so he’s really unbothered, I guess lol. What I thought she was saying was her relationship with her other stepson (not Bret) had improved but her relationship with her stepdaughter had not. I think her bio son was living with her at one point and is planning to move back in with her, so I think they’re fine.
  2. I like all of the women on this cast but Jen can be the most annoying to me. I think in real life she is probably a legitimately kind, funny person. On the show, she thinks a little bit too much of herself. I had to get off Reddit. You’re not allowed to criticize her at all over there. It’s a cult.
  3. I’ll have to investigate but people were saying on Reddit that Stephanie is not an actual social worker (doesn’t have a license) but worked at a clinic that discouraged abortions, which was considered “social work”. Someone said she only has a psych degree. Someone also said Travis SCRUBBED his social media of its ignorance after the Westcott debacle. All I have to say to that is LOL. 😂😂😂
  4. I guess I don’t understand why there has to be an explanation or other reason for why this happened. Some people (many people, sadly and honestly) are just racist. Point blank period. The optics don’t look as good in 2021, so some people try to hide it, while others don’t. Tiffany could be a complete piece of shit (she’s not) but that would not change the fact that the Westcott’s are racist. Two things can be true at the same time. “You’re racist against me as a white person.”, “Anti-racism is racism” “‘white privilege’ is racism because it judges people by skin color”, “I’d rather eat dog foo
  5. Well she’s not dumb enough to outright say “yeah, I compared my Chinese co-star to the sex workers I saw in Thailand”. She didn’t decide to let her racist flag fly until Thursday of this week. Though, the reactions below make it clear both Tiffany and many viewers are not all wrong/confused as to Kam’s intentions that night. Even if you take away the WWHL appearance, the behavior of her, her husband and her brother-in-law over the last week (and likely their whole lives in private, let’s be real) paint a very clear picture of who/what they really are and it ain’t good.
  6. I watched it live and it was uncomfortable as hell. Andy and Cheyenne Jackson (other guest) looked like they wanted to run and hide after she said that. I think the actual clip is floating around Twitter. But here’s Tiffany’s tweet about it from yesterday or the day before:
  7. This is not unusual behavior for the Westcott’s. There was a tweet circulating even last week showing Court DMing someone about how the phrase “white privilege” is racist. They are ignorant and racist. They spent a full day coming after Tiffany. Kam compared Tiffany to Thai sex workers on WWHL. This is very on par. They’re just not doing a good job of hiding it anymore. And thank God because racists should be exposed.
  8. Kam came off horribly. Tiffany’s texts were snarky but nothing comes close to Kam comparing Tiffany to Thai sex workers on WWHL. So Kam, you may think Tiffany is rude but your behavior is abhorrent. What a mess.
  9. As much as I like Katie, I’m kind of annoyed that she got a pass when people are still mad at Kendal for not falling through the platform three weeks later... Also, as the poster above mentioned, Arissa tweeted out a long explanation. People were using her designated cooking supplies for cooking things she would allergic to 😬, among other things. I think she was just ready to go. Her outburst was hilarious though. Not surprisingly, Ace has a whole post supporting him up on his Instagram. Kind of cute. Monsters and snakes, y’all.
  10. Guys, I was dying at Arissa giving us Ace’s “you guys are monsters” energy when walking into the elimination 😂. Don’t these people realize someone has to go in? It doesn’t make the other players “snakes”.
  11. Coincidentally, I’m actually watching it right now! I don’t understand jemmye’s clearly personal issue with Kendal but I guess maybe we’ll see it later. Jisela was being so extra about it. Good for Darrell and Nehemiah for saying they understood why she acted the way she did, even though they didn’t agree with it. I still don’t think she did anything wrong but I guess they’ve gotta pick on someone lol.
  12. I didn’t understand why they were so hard on poor Kendal. It was obvious she was just afraid to fall through. It’s not like she refused to answer the questions and she got pretty far, I thought? I have been watching since like 2004 and I have no recollection of katie and Trishelle being close. I thought katie and tonya were close? Trishelle got married like 3 years ago, so clearly they were still in touch. Sounds like it was just a one-sided friendship. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Jisela is really just calling people out. First Ace, now Kendal. She can relax just a little bit lol. You can make go
  13. I’m rooting for everybody but Jemmye because she talked way too much. Shut up, Jemmye. I started watching the challenge on the season where Coral got taken out by a spider during a final (Inferno 1 maybe?) so I don’t recall Teck, Yes, or Laterrian. Teck was hilarious though. He can stay. 😂 I liked this. This was fun to watch. Can’t wait for more!
  14. That was a roller coaster of an episode. Marge and Jen both came out looking bad (and are still going at it on Twitter if anyone’s bored 😂). Marge goes too low and her comments make no sense because Jennifer seems to be in a loving, stable marriage. However, Jennifer needs to stop being so naive. Marge never said she slept with her boss for funnies. The way J brings that up and makes light of it as if Marge laid out an open invitation bugs me. Teresa’s nonapologies were hilarious and only came second to her taking pictures of Jackie and Evan on the boat 😂 I’m one of the few people wh
  15. I was not a D'Andra fan in previous seasons but I am LOVING her. Call it what it is, girl. A racist video. And loved her comment that her mentioning it is not worse than Brandi making it. Go off, girl! Brandi is a professional victim. I don't want to see someone forced to a mental health breakdown or bullied, but she needs to recognize that there DOES need to be some accountability. Brandi, please go find Teddi Mellencamp and become accountabilibuddies off of Bravo. Please and thanks!
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