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  1. Agreed. I think the overarching issue has gotten lost because the approach by Leva and co. for addressing it went terribly wrong. The issue should be that Kathryn did/said horrible, racist things. I understand people say that they watch this show for entertainment, but the monkey emoji and other comments were real things that Kathryn did. There was no way that we could have a whole season without addressing this any more than we could go without addressing her time in a rehab facility or her custody battle or crazy Ashley. I don't give credit to Kathryn for not losing it on the other women because we would not have had to watch this at all if she had not acted the way that she did. I still maintain that I do not agree with how the others chose to approach her (beyond agreeing with them that Kathryn was wrong and agreeing with Venita as I mentioned above). But Leva's being annoying does not outweigh the fact that Kathryn did do something racist. I just think the other players have to realize they are either her friends or they're not and if they don't want to be her friend because she can't/won't change, move on. I know I don't associate with the ignorant, so I would understand completely if they chose not to lol.
  2. Lol. I don’t disagree that Michelle would come from a more compassionate place because that appears to be the person she is. However, she herself, has been compared to a monkey on numerous occasions, so I don’t think she’d be easy on Kathryn. That is a horrible/demeaning thing to do. I still think Leva’s message made sense but her execution and delivery were awful. But as I said yesterday, these people were either Kathryn’s friends or they aren’t. No need to keep harping on the same thing with someone who doesn’t get it and possibly doesn’t want to. However, Venita (the Black woman who appeared as a friend of scary Madison) made an important point. It is not the responsibility of Black people (or any other targeted race/group) to educate ignorant people. If people want to be better (and be a part of a more equitable, accepting society), they have to do the work and research for themselves to learn the history behind why certain things are offensive. But I’ll step off my soapbox. I’m getting too deep for this crap show 😂
  3. My understanding is that they were just very young when they married and had the son. I've seen him on her social media, so they seem to have an amiable relationship.
  4. Madison's outburst was quite nuts. I am rarely taken aback by these shows (especially in a world where we now have Jen Shah), but her anger was unwarranted and weird lol. I had to laugh a little when Shep said "I'm so sorry. I missed all of that." to poor Danni.
  5. That ending was just crazy. 🥴 a big yikes from me.
  6. I thought what Danni was saying to kathryn was perfect and it felt like maybe Kathryn could have received that. The Leva/Madison/Second Madison approach wasn’t going to work. Kathryn has a lot of growing up to do. Either you’re her friend or you’re not.
  7. I like what you said here. I don't agree with her method of going about the Kathryn issue, but I like Leva too. I don't like for one person to feel ganged up on, so I don't mind the guys caring about Kathryn, but she needs to take ownership for her behavior. It is not brand new information (thank you, Phoebe Buffay 😜) that Black people have been historically compared to monkeys. Also, she just has a history of being an asshole to people, regardless of race lol. Own up to that and grow up. I know some people don't follow the Bravolebs outside of their shows, but I tend to enjoy lurking on their social media from time to time and I really enjoy Leva (and Venita--she's the person everyone doesn't know the name of lol) on Instagram. I find them both very interesting. But to each their own, of course. 😊
  8. I took it as her saying Kam's unwillingness to try it was an insult because chicken feet is customary in China, but I could be wrong because that whole argument was annoying me. Idk about you guys but I'm ready for RHONJ to be back for some real entertainment 😂.
  9. I haven’t been to Scotland (but would love to, how fun!) or tasted the mentioned Scottish dishes but I definitely tried escargot. When in Paris, how can you not? It was an experience to say the least 😂 but I’m glad I did it.
  10. I admit that I like to be a good time girl and have fun with friends but I feel like being Kary’s friend would be exhausting. I’m unsure how the others put up with her. Maybe they’re afraid of her 😂. Kam needed to stop talking at that sit-down. That was a mess.
  11. I agree with this, also. It is ingrained in our (American) society. Leva isn't wrong. She's just going about addressing it in an ineffective manner. I don't really like any of the new additions, except Pringle. He seems nice and harmless. I don't mind Leva because I'm assuming she did other things besides talk about Kathryn and it's just not being shown. As I mentioned above, I think Bravo is planning to get rid of Kathryn and they are using all the Leva footage to show their "disapproval" (they don't really care but having someone who says racist things looks bad for their company) to justify getting rid of her without having to deal with the drama that came when they so publicly fired the Vanderpump Rules idiots.
  12. The thing that is interesting/odd to me is that Leva was likely supposed to come on the show as Cameran’s friend, as they have a long history together. However, I don’t see Cameran as being particularly socially/politically active herself. Neither is Madison, who Leva doesn’t seem to have a problem with. I agree with Leva 100% that what Kathryn did and said with the DMs was wrong. However, I find her arguments are inconsistent. Madison hasn’t really said much about the issue (I’ve only watched like three episodes this season so let me know if I missed something) and I doubt Cameran would have either if she was still on the show. But Leva only has a problem with the guys?
  13. You’re not alone, don’t worry. 😊 Also, I don’t know who watched WWHL on Tuesday but Kam was on and made a comment that was very inappropriate. She said in regards to Tiffany that she thought the women in the Thailand ping pong show (from last season’s trip) were bossy but Tiffany’s even more bossy than them. Um, effing yikes. Andy and Cheyenne Jackson looked like they wanted to run offscreen. It was not good 😬. edit: Adding this tweet I saw about it because I can’t find the actual clip and I like to bring the receipts.
  14. Leva isn’t wrong, per se, about Kathryn/privilege/racism/etc. But her execution and delivery is super annoying. Stop bugging people about it.
  15. I feel like they’re phasing Kathryn out anyway. Andy didn’t even have her on WWHL once this season and I felt like Madison was on a million times. Leva can save her breath because Kathryn won’t be on the show for much longer (if there even continues to be a show because it’s so bad).
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