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  1. While I always appreciate an elevated vocabulary, it just felt a bit forced. I really can't put my finger on why, but it just didn't feel authentic to me. It came across -- to me -- as if he was purposely choosing words that weren't coming naturally. I totally agree. Ben seems focused on how he presents himself and it doesn't seem authentic. I still like Brendan. He was the first guy that I thought she had a real connection with (however many episodes ago).
  2. Aw....Brendan's my favorite of the 4 guys left. Maybe that's why I don't feel like we've seen him "whining" over potentially having to propose and instead -- in my view -- he's just expressed some concerns over proposing to someone within weeks of having met them (flashbacks to Peter Kraus from Rachel's season), which I think is entirely reasonable. I'd venture to say that it's actually a sign that the person is taking the prospect of engagement and marriage seriously, even if it goes against the basic premise of the show. I certainly haven't seen anything that looks like he's hyping up drama for more air time, but YMMV.
  3. I think I've watched every season of J.S. and it was only last night's episode that I realized how short Ronnie is. This is probably "old news" to everyone else, but I Googled and he's only 5'6". He just looked so much shorter than all the other guys when they also stood in a line during the "Trouble Shot of Love" intro that it finally jumped out at me how short he is.
  4. It's October 10, 2021, per the linked article***. https://releasedate.me/the-righteous-gemstones/#:~:text=Gemstones Season 2-,The Righteous Gemstones Season 2 Release,Trailer%2C Cast%2C Spoilers and News&text=HBO Channel revealed data about,back on October 10%2C 2021. ***I couldn't find anything else that stated an Oct. 2021 date, so I'd take this source with a grain of salt. Although they do have a (supposed) schedule for the airing of episodes (2x01 on 10/10/21 through 2x09 on 12/5/21).
  5. Harvard Total Landscaping...?
  6. I will admit that I was only half paying attention, but did Caleb actually say that he was IN love with Justine, or did he just say that he loved her? I mean, I love my friends, my cousins, my dog, etc., but I'm not IN love with any of them (well, maybe my dog...just a smidge).
  7. I'm with you. I've even taken my daughters to the DWTS tour the last two years. I'd probably watch this season if it was Tom (w/ or w/o Erin) and this cast of characters, or if it was Tyra plus a cast of "stars" (heh) that I was somewhat interested in, but the combination of Tyra and this cast does nothing for me. I'd literally be watching only for the pros and that's not enough of a draw for me.
  8. Perhaps, but that's not what she said. If that was the case, you would think she would have said something about being forced to discuss certain personal matters, not being forced to film. And, if so, it kind of flies in the face of something Amelia said to Glamour in June 2019: after Amelia publicly disclosed her eating disorder on her IG page, "My mom, who had been flying at the time, called me in a panic when she switched on her phone to a flurry of texts asking if I was okay. Initially she wasn’t happy; I’d just opened up about such a big part of my life that our family was originally going to keep private." And, it certainly didn't seem like she was forced to talk about all her demands for an apartment in last night's episode. She was relishing every bit of that conversation. If the plan is to have Amelia not come off as spoiled and entitled when she appears on the show, the plan's not working.
  9. I read this too. If it's true, then apologies to Amelia for discounting her incredible acting skills -- if she was forced to film, there were a lot of scenes where it certainly doesn't seem that way. My personal opinion: the girls were encouraged to film, however they jumped on the opportunity to further their modeling, clothing line, whatever careers. I think they (and Lisa too) had visions of A&D being the next Gigi and Bella or the Kardashians.
  10. I love how Eric felt the need to clarify that the two married men out together were on a platonic date....would anyone have thought otherwise? 😂 On her first season she was introduced as Eric Ripert's (swoon.....) mentee -- that was enough for me.
  11. My favorite Far Side cartoon!
  12. Since I had my DVR record every CM episode from any season on any channel since November (and then I'd go in and delete the ones from Seasons 1-12, which are available on Netflix), I'm just glad I finally got it on my DVR as I have seen both ION and WE just skip from episode 4 to episode 6 while running the Season 14 episodes in order during the last 3-4 months and each of those channels has been through all 14 seasons at least 2-3 times. I know for everyone else the last episode of Season 15 was their series finale, but this is kind of my series finale being the only episode I had not previously seen.
  13. It's on tonight on ION!! I had reruns on last night and was multitasking, so barely paying attention, when I realized they were from one of the later seasons. The episode on was from Season 13 -- about 2/3 of the way through the season, so I looked at the schedule and ION's finishing up Season 13 today and then airing the beginning episodes of Season 14, including this one. 😀
  14. Or "Three's Company" -- was there ever an episode where the plot didn't revolve around some sort of misunderstanding?
  15. Yes, she lives alone -- although in theory Kody should be spending 1/4th of his time there (I doubt he actually spends 1/10th of his time there). I know this has been discussed in different SW-related threads, but I can't remember if there ever was a definitive answer as to how the money gets split between the wives. It seems to me....although I welcome correction if I'm wrong....that generally money is split evenly between the wives or, at the very least, the number of children any wife has doesn't seem to factor much into the calculations. So, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have had to cover food, clothes, wedding expenses (in the case of Janelle and Christine), living expenses, etc. for multiple children, while Meri has been an empty nester for years. Why she feels that she "needs" a huge rental house is mind-boggling. We've heard discussions ad nauseam on the show about how the quick sales of the homes in Vegas and the resulting incoming funds are critical, yet Meri doesn't seem to be willing to "take one for the team" and just live in an apartment. (Just did a quick Google search and, per apartments.com, there are currently 374 apartments for rent in Flagstaff.) If she's unwilling to make such a sacrifice, you would think that she might want to spend less on rent so that she could stash away some of the money that she's currently spending -- that way she'd have a nest egg if she ever decides to leave.
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