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  1. MMLEsq

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    In my mind, there's a difference between speech and language. So, someone could be a great speech pathologist (focusing on the actual sound of spoken words) while still having a limited (or annoying) vocabulary. I'd take all of Cassie's "likes" over Hannah's vocal-fry-sounding voice.
  2. MMLEsq

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    This is why I avoid the "coming up this season on...," "coming up later this season..." and sometimes even "on the next episode..." type previews. People on the Survivor forum are so serious about it that there's actually a "Preview Rule" over there: There is NO preview talk in the [Survivor] episode threads. While not hard-core spoilers, previews contain information for the next episode that many of our posters avoid purposely. To then accidentally read about the preview in the episode thread ruins the experience for them. We have a separate thread for [Survivor] Previews and (non-spoiler) Speculation here. Please take all preview talk there. ETA: I just checked and The Amazing Race forum has the same rule.
  3. MMLEsq

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    It was hard to follow her point, but what I took away from it was that she wasn't going to have enough one-on-one time with him to be able to accept a proposal in a few weeks. Kind of the female equivalent of the bachelor who wasn't going to be ready to propose (Peter?) during Rachel's season.
  4. MMLEsq

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    I only watch the show -- not the live feeds or BBAD -- so, from what I've seen, Jonathan didn't even seem to want to work with Dina; he apparently just felt a need to protect her. He should have brought her into the alliance at the very beginning. But I can see why he wouldn't want her on the block. She was probably a guaranteed vote for him; if she's also on the block, he loses her vote. Didn't Anthony say something in the beginning about having to stay at least 12 days? (Presumably to beat his stint at the White House?) I think he didn't want to be the first HG voted on and started making noises about leaving, so they gave him a graceful way out. I think Kandi said it all at the beginning of the show when she said she has no poker face. When she's annoyed, she's going to look annoyed. (And, I think there are probably a lot of annoying things about being in the BB house.) She doesn't bother me on the RHOA, which is why we might have different opinions here. I think she's one of those people that's motivated by the paycheck and is not really interested in drama for drama's sake. Whereas, Tamar (who I don't know as well since I never watched her family's show, although I saw her on Dancing With the Stars) is the kind of person that likes a bit of drama and perhaps takes longer to process through her emotions. I think Kandi came in not really wanting to get into a big emotional scene with Tamar and Tamar came in needing a big emotional discussion to get past whatever beef she has with Kandi. I think Kandi thought they were done after one conversation and was then surprised when Tamar brought it up again. Tamar seems to have done a better job with socializing with Lolo and the wrestler (I know she has 3 names, but I can't think of a single one right now), although the wrestler revealing her top two deal with Lolo in front of Tamar definitely didn't help. I've said it before -- Ryan is not a mental giant. Didn't he admit on the first night that he had never watched the show? I'm not sure he even knows that -- as outgoing HOH -- he can't compete in the next HOH competition. Agree with you on Kandi being "completely chill," although she's probably not there to make friends either, so she might have underestimated the social aspects of the game. But, Tamar -- especially her screechy voice -- would drive me crazy if I had to be around her 24/7.
  5. MMLEsq

    S09.E12: Mudslinging In Mexico

    I assumed the ONLY reason for the visit was to get the office on TV --- marketing, pure and simple. Bringing the daughter in to see her father was just a pretext. Following the "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything," I will say that I like Gabriella and can stand Audriana. I'm not saying anything else about every other child on this franchise. Back in the day, I used to like Christine and Jillian, but I realized it wasn't so much liking them as feeling incredibly sorry for them having such a crazy mom. Bodybuilding or bikini competitions or whatever aren't my thing (at all), but I do admire Teresa's dedication to getting ready for it. Not only was it a lifestyle change (eating healthy, so much working out), but I do think she had to overcome some fears about getting up on stage and being judged. Generally I can't really stand her, but in this instance I have to commend her efforts and the example she set for her daughters regarding setting a goal and doing what must be done to achieve it.
  6. MMLEsq

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    My 14-year-old daughter was for some reason super annoyed that he was wearing a suit. She complained more than once about him not wearing "normal" clothes like everyone else. I don't know what this says about me, but I knew who all of the HGs were except the wrestler. Said 14-year-old daughter had never heard of most of them, so I kept having to pause the DVR to explain. The two explanations that took the longest were Kato (she had heard the name O.J. Simpson, but didn't know anything about the story....at all) and Joey (it took some convincing that "whoa" really was a thing). Right now.....and this is totally subject to change as the episodes air and people start to annoy me... here's where I stand: Rooting For: Jonathan, Lolo, Kandi, Joey Meh/Tolerating: Ricky, Tom, Kato, Natalie (does she go by all three names?), Ryan Can't Leave Soon Enough: the Mooch, Dina, Tamar I'm not sure why Jonathan immediately thought he would be at a disadvantage in a competition with Olympic athlete Ryan.... if it's any kind of competition that requires even a smidgen of intelligence then Jonathan's chances look pretty good. Ryan is no mental giant.
  7. Did they show scenes out of order because I could have sworn that Marlo said something like, "especially if you're pregnant..." before Porsha made her big announcement to the group. I was waiting for one of the HWs (who didn't already know the news) to remark on it. However, I will confess that I was seriously multitasking while watching, so I can't trust my memory on the episode 100% -- am I remembering wrong?
  8. MMLEsq

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    If I were Janelle, Christine and Robyn I would have said to Meri, "We'll scrape together the $40,000, but in order to protect the investment you probably should be there most/all of the time to act as the caretaker/manager/etc. We'll really miss you, but we understand that's the place you need to be." $40,000 to be rid of Meri except for a few "very special episodes" where she shows up for some major family event seems like a pretty cheap price to pay for peace and quiet on the homefront. Plus, then her empty house in Las Vegas could be used for the grandchildren. Problem solved! Ha ha! Good one. I also feel bad for Ysabel. If she had the surgery she might have time for after school activities, etc. It's a quality of life issue....it would cure not only her back, but also take away stress, free up time, etc. I think Meri was fine with everything when she was the #1 only-one-that's-actually-legal wife. I think everything changed for her when the divorce and legal marriage to Robyn happened. She doesn't have the personality to be just another-in-the-crowd sister wife.
  9. MMLEsq

    S37.E13: Finale

    Sincere apologies if this was discussed or explained elsewhere and I missed it, but.... can you explain this? I don't remember Natalie ever being on TAR and, since I don't trust my memory at all, I just looked up the casts of both of those seasons of TAR and Natalie wasn't on either. I followed it up with a more general search for Natalie's name (and Natalia's name to boot) in connection with TAR and nothing came up.
  10. MMLEsq

    S01.E06: Giving Thanks

    We're a couple of weeks behind with the shows (which we DVR'd), so we just watched this one last night. We all immediately thought that Stevie was lip-syncing. It looked like he screwed up (the lip-syncing) at the very beginning, plus it sounded exactly like the radio version. But, we could be wrong. I'm pulling for Sky or Miles to win. Ariana is a good dancer, but she can't not be front and center. She's always trying to be the center of attention even when Frankie is trying to talk to one of the other couples. I'm sure it's just excitement, but it's kind of annoying. I like Mandela (interesting that it's spelled like Nelson Mandela, but seems to be pronounced completely differently), although I don't see him winning this. I've been hoping that Mackenzie would leave since the very beginning since -- as noted by others above -- she's closer to being one of the kid pros. Akash was very poised at his elimination, but I did smile a bit when he referred to himself and the "other celebrities."
  11. MMLEsq

    Jersey Shore

    It was obvious the kidnapping was set up....the cameraperson was INSIDE Deena's townhouse when Vinny (who was in the front of the pack) rushed in.
  12. MMLEsq

    S09.E00: John David's Wedding

    I can't remember hearing Abbie speak before, so I was most struck by her voice. It wasn't a breathy, "keep sweet" kind of voice....it was refreshingly normal. It was interesting when John David said that he's now kind of a glitter guy, since Abbie's a glitter girl. Didn't seem at all like anything he would have said in the past -- if he had been asked the question a year ago, I feel confident that he would have rolled his eyes and either tersely said "no, I'm not a 'glitter guy'" or something sarcastic. I believe this is true love or at the very least he's truly infatuated. He seemed so happy. I agree with posters above that Jana seemed sad. Although I think that in a lot of episodes.
  13. MMLEsq

    NYPD Blue

    I do too! I watched it a bit when it was on during its initial run, but never religiously. I'm enjoying the reruns on H&I. If they start again with S1, I think we should do a "group rewatch" -- I seem to recall they did one on the Law & Order topic. I think it's been done with a bunch of other shows also*. We can talk about things we missed the first time, things that take on a different meaning or sense of importance now that we know what we know, minor characters played by actors that went on to become famous, etc. * I just did a quick search and confirmed that, yes, a bunch of other shows have Rewatch threads -- Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, Gilmore Girls, Sex And The City, just to name a few.
  14. MMLEsq

    S08.E02: Biscuit Week

    I was so surprised to see fortune cookies as the technical challenge. I made fortune cookies -- by myself -- in the sixth grade without much difficulty. I found the key is to not try to bake too many at once. Do two or maybe three at the same time -- any more and they'll harden before you get to fold them. "Fun" bit of personal trivia: When I left my job to go to law school, my co-workers took me out for a farewell lunch at a Chinese restaurant and the fortune I got in my fortune cookie that day said, "You would make a good lawyer." I carried that fortune around in my wallet for years. :-)
  15. MMLEsq

    S20.E35: Double Eviction #1

    I did too! (said "WHO???") However, the two teenagers I was watching with (14- and 16-year-olds) were astounded that I hadn't heard of the person (whatever her name was).