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  1. Dictionary definition of "fair-weather friend": fair-weath·er friend /fe(ə)r ˈweT͟Hər frend/ noun a person who stops being a friend in times of difficulty. It's when someone's at their lowest that they discover who their real friends are.
  2. Sadly, in respect to a close family member who committed a crime, I've had to explain the concept of "You can hate the sin and still love the sinner," multiple times to others. The alternative, I suppose, is that people should be fair weather friends and turn their back on a friend who gets in trouble...?
  3. I'm hooked as well. I'll have to watch the beginning again because it seemed like when they first showed the locations of the apartments (which floor each of the three main characters lived on), it didn't match up with how they would get on and off the elevator. Wasn't Martin Short's character -- Oliver? -- shown living on the highest floor of all three, yet he got off the elevator before Charles and Mabel?
  4. Especially since there's no pre-nup.
  5. I think poor performance is a reason that seems fair and less personal, so it's harder to argue against it and its easier for the majority of the group to rally around it. However, if a vet team had DQ'd, the vets would have come up with a different reason to choose another team, of course.
  6. Didn't the geneticist say something about how she had narrowed it down to three related men (didn't she say three brothers?) -- I am inevitably always multitasking/only half paying attention when I watch the show, so I'm not 100% sure. If that's what she said, then the whole discussion was ridiculous because her mother would presumably know which brother she had sex with, unless her mother slept with more than one brother... in which event, as Anne Thrax noted above -- it's not a good look.
  7. Nope, not at all. I 100% agree. The only saving grace (for me -- I realize that this is an unpopular opinion) is that Riley didn't have tattoos. The Forums went down for me as well.
  8. I'm not sure what conduct you're alluding to that's been going on this season which is not acceptable. Alliances, going back on promises, etc. are part of the game and happen every season. I think people have referenced prior seasons because in their view (and mine), there were seasons in the past that truly were ugly -- houseguests were fired from their jobs, CBS has had to do post-eviction interviews with no audience because the evicted houseguests had behaved so badly, etc. There's been none of that this season. If the objection is that people of color have formed an alliance, I fai
  9. Sadly, I got a call two and a half years ago about one of my siblings who -- completely out of the blue -- had been arrested for a horrific crime. Our entire family was in shock and it's ruined my parents' lives (they're in the their 80s and don't know if they'll still be alive when this sibling is released -- the sentencing is in October.....I've heard my dad say on multiple occasions that he doesn't want to live anymore). I can tell you, 100%, that our entire family's response (other than my sibling's spouse, who walked away the day after the arrest after 25+ years of marriage with hardly
  10. "When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time." -- Maya Angelou. "When someone tells you who they are (f-boy) AND he shows you who he is (f-boy) AND everyone else tells you who he is (f-boy), go running as fast as you can in the other direction." -- MMLEsq
  11. I too gave up after 2-3 episodes, which is really saying something because I watch a lot of crap (the Bachelor franchise, Jersey Shore, Love Island, Real Housewives...). Zooey seemed stiff/uncomfortable, but Michael Bolton seemed like he didn't know what was happening most of the time. I felt bad for the celebrities, especially the ones where no one seemed to know who they were. I felt bad for the contestants putting them on the spot making them guess, even when they clearly had no idea. And, like others, I question whether any of this ever materialized into a single date. I'm dating
  12. There were three more -- 5 ladies came to the villa during the Casa Amour period: Genny (sp?), Leslie, Flo, Isabel (the one that was all about Korey***) and Kay. I couldn't remember names, so I had to Google. *** Didn't Korey complain in last night's episode that no one has come to the villa with their heart set on him? I'm pretty sure Isabel did, but he rejected her. Other things I learned, which were probably discussed when this season first started airing, but I missed somehow * Cinco's real name is Melvin * Will's job is "budtender"
  13. Amber seems to have two sets of standards: (1) LC should just get over everything with Mark because he's moved on and it was months ago that everything happened, so get over it LC; and (2) Amber herself is allowed to hold onto a grudge for years against Jessica. Whatever the previous history, Jessica looked like the bigger person and Amber looked ridiculous -- just take the high road, accept the gift with a smile and "thanks," and move on with your evening. Holding onto the grudge just makes Amber seem like she's still in middle school. And Barnett looked utterly ridiculous
  14. I think most parents agree that toddlers can be as manipulative as anyone else -- they use cuteness, pitch fits, whatever, to try to get their way. They can also have short attention spans and will be mad one minute, get distracted, and laughing the next. One minute James was saying "take me to Disney World!" -- the next minute he's saying, "maybe you left because you don't want to see me" and wandering off. I've got to believe they were letting Mike talk to his son somewhat regularly and this wasn't the first call. So, unless James was saying this on every call (and if he was saying it on
  15. Exactly! I was baffled by Sonja's logic that just because she doesn't drink at home (which, even that statement, she walked back) it means that she can't have a drinking problem. If you tend generally to drink too much when you do drink, and act crazy/inappropriate/whatever, you have a drinking problem! Maybe I'm living quite a sheltered life, but most people I know that have left their 20s behind no longer feel the need to drink to excess every time they're out....unless they have a drinking problem, that is. Now, I realize that Sonja probably doesn't drink to excess each and every time s
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