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  1. A kindred spirit! I hate the taste of both coffee and beer. I don't eat 100% of seafood, but I love coconut. I'm not proud of being a picky eater -- I wish I ate everything like others here -- but, at this point in my life, it is what it is. I could drink coffee or beer if I had to, but I have a gag reflex just at the thought of eating seafood. Does anyone remember the Top Chef Masters episode where Zooey Deschanel was the guest judge? She was vegan (which meant no meat, fish, eggs or dairy) and also gluten intolerant (so, nothing wheat-based like pasta or bread) and also didn't eat
  2. And, the "How is it not the same thing?" and "It's the same thing!" that she mentioned multiple times. "Same thing" = analogy. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how "Teresa's out there on front street," when Teresa told multiple people at the party but did not tell Jackie. Jackie said something only to Teresa that seemed clear to many of us was meant to be an analogy. Even Gia didn't seem particularly perturbed when Teresa called her and Gia appeared to jump pretty quickly to the conclusion that Teresa owed Jackie an apology. Jackie's discussion with Margaret i
  3. But wouldn't CT still be in the same predicament that he's been in the whole game? No one wants to vote him into elimination, so there was no way for him to get a Gold Skull unless he wins the daily challenge. He has no guarantee (esp., if we're being honest, having Big T as a partner) that he'll win another daily challenge. He has no way of knowing whether this will be his only chance to go into elimination. ETA: Having re-read your post, I understand your point. If the house had voted in someone without a Gold Skull, then you're right, CT wouldn't have gone down. But with the Devin vs
  4. Exactly! Being tested means you didn't have COVID at the moment you were tested; you could have caught it on your way out of the testing site. It would have been better if Jackie had said, "I heard one of your daughters did coke..." rather than Gia specifically. Although Teresa still probably would have flown off the handle. Teresa was backed in a corner, trying to argue her way out of losing argument, and was just looking for any opening where she could go on the attack. Actually she wrote that Jackie's marriage was "in tact" -- either she doesn't know how to spell correct
  5. If someone was "conversating" AT me, I'd ignore them too. The majority of this family's financial problems were avoidable. With the money they're making from TLC, they shouldn't be having financial problems. Since none of them have real jobs, they should have been socking away this TLC money while they were getting it. If they planned things properly -- rather than making rash decisions, acting on them, and then being surprised that things don't always fall perfectly in place -- they could avoid situations where they're paying 5 mortgages and renting houses and renting trucks for weeks
  6. Unpopular opinion alert: Josh doesn't bother me that much. I watched his season of Big Brother and, since I hate Paul with the white-hot intensity of 1,000 burning suns, I was rooting for Josh to win over Paul and I guess that feeling has just carried over to The Challenge. Josh is not a mental giant (clearly), but I find others on the Challenge more annoying. Kyle's overly-white teeth annoy me more than anything Josh has done, for example, but that's just me. Lolo too -- she definitely annoys me. Nam is a saint.
  7. MMLEsq

    S25.E04: Week 4

    I'm not trying to be mean -- really, I'm not -- but there were times when the left side of Anna's face looked almost paralyzed. I was actually wondering if she might have had a stroke at some point or a medical issue. Either that or her face is REALLY not symmetrical at all. From what we were shown, Katie didn't out anyone by name to Matt. She simply gave him a heads' up about what was going on. In my view, Katie quickly realized that being bitter and catty isn't a good look. Sometimes I think the people on these shows get so caught up in the "drama" that they forget what
  8. Lolo appears very high maintenance. Plus, pitching that little fit just looked like she was trying to deflect blame (from her to him) for their poor performance. She's lucky that Nam seems quite tolerant. I have a horrible memory -- and it doesn't help that I've been running old episodes of The Challenge on Pluto TV in the background lately while I'm working. Is this where it stands now with the Golden Skulls? Men: Kyle, Fessy, Devin Women: Kam, Aneesa (Natalie's skull is back up for grabs)
  9. While I always appreciate an elevated vocabulary, it just felt a bit forced. I really can't put my finger on why, but it just didn't feel authentic to me. It came across -- to me -- as if he was purposely choosing words that weren't coming naturally. I totally agree. Ben seems focused on how he presents himself and it doesn't seem authentic. I still like Brendan. He was the first guy that I thought she had a real connection with (however many episodes ago).
  10. Aw....Brendan's my favorite of the 4 guys left. Maybe that's why I don't feel like we've seen him "whining" over potentially having to propose and instead -- in my view -- he's just expressed some concerns over proposing to someone within weeks of having met them (flashbacks to Peter Kraus from Rachel's season), which I think is entirely reasonable. I'd venture to say that it's actually a sign that the person is taking the prospect of engagement and marriage seriously, even if it goes against the basic premise of the show. I certainly haven't seen anything that looks like he's hyping up dr
  11. I think I've watched every season of J.S. and it was only last night's episode that I realized how short Ronnie is. This is probably "old news" to everyone else, but I Googled and he's only 5'6". He just looked so much shorter than all the other guys when they also stood in a line during the "Trouble Shot of Love" intro that it finally jumped out at me how short he is.
  12. It's October 10, 2021, per the linked article***. https://releasedate.me/the-righteous-gemstones/#:~:text=Gemstones Season 2-,The Righteous Gemstones Season 2 Release,Trailer%2C Cast%2C Spoilers and News&text=HBO Channel revealed data about,back on October 10%2C 2021. ***I couldn't find anything else that stated an Oct. 2021 date, so I'd take this source with a grain of salt. Although they do have a (supposed) schedule for the airing of episodes (2x01 on 10/10/21 through 2x09 on 12/5/21).
  13. Harvard Total Landscaping...?
  14. I will admit that I was only half paying attention, but did Caleb actually say that he was IN love with Justine, or did he just say that he loved her? I mean, I love my friends, my cousins, my dog, etc., but I'm not IN love with any of them (well, maybe my dog...just a smidge).
  15. I'm with you. I've even taken my daughters to the DWTS tour the last two years. I'd probably watch this season if it was Tom (w/ or w/o Erin) and this cast of characters, or if it was Tyra plus a cast of "stars" (heh) that I was somewhat interested in, but the combination of Tyra and this cast does nothing for me. I'd literally be watching only for the pros and that's not enough of a draw for me.
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