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S24.E12: After the Final Rose

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You loved me so much.  I had been looking for a love like that.   Nothing about him loving her.   He wants mommy 2.0.   She looks after him and caters to his every whim and makes his mom happy.  

I’m loving HA’s backbone.  

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1 minute ago, Jayohgee said:

My theory is, HA wanted to bail before the final rose, but PTB couldn't let Peter be left with no one to propose to, so they talked her into going through the motions and promised she could break up with him later in the Most. Dramatic. Final. Episode. EVER.

Which is what was alleged happened with Jason, molly , and the other one who’s name i forgot !!

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13 minutes ago, JenE4 said:

Even Barbara clapped at Hannah giving him back the ring!!! Whaaaat?!?

Apparently she was lambasted all over the Internet after last night (which I heartedly endorse), so maybe she’s trying to win some love back (man, she’s a nightmare and I better stop drinking or she will be in my dreams/nightmares tonight)

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3 minutes ago, dizzyd said:

He’s just not getting it! No one forced him to propose if he wasn’t ready.

If this somehow ends happily for him, I’ll be 😠 

Actually someone did.... mommy dearest.  

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This is turning into the best season EVAH!!  Hannah Ann has a personality!  Snappy comebacks, coherent statements, self-determination!   

Question: how come when TB breaks up with their finances, the ladies wear baby blue?  Becca and now Hannah Ann.  

Shoutout to Robert Reed, I mean Mr Webber and his dyed mustache, and Barb for her coif to sit in the audience and see what the result of their helicopter parenting.

Also, is it weird that during the FaceTime, Barb called HA her"daughter."  That is weird, right?

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Oh I hope Kelly is pregnant and Peter IS the father. Kelly raises the child as a single parent and soaks the manchild for half his paycheck, since he lives with mommy and daddy and can afford it. Delicious!

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If madi is there, i hope she just watched all that and is all,”im out” and TPTB now have nothing and need to stretch, which considering its 8:15 and we still need Clare and her first men....?


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I've been saying all season that Hannah is just a girl and not mature enough for the role she was playing.  But dang, gotta give it to her.  She's actually more of a man that Peter is.  I hope Madi follows Hannah's lead and leaves Peter hanging.

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4 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

This is all so weird, I cant tell if this is all producers and acting, or if this is just the result of Peter being messy AF, or both?

I'm thinking the proposal and break up were scripted for Peter so he could continue with his contract with the show. HA might have gotten some talking points from TPTB, but she did a great job of burning this douchebag.

Auburn, Alabama? Oh, thank god, I thought CH was going to see Hannah B.

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This whole thing seems fake. “What happened after I left” “He got engaged.” *lowers head* *sad dramatic pause* fake fake fake. I think he just wanted Madi and they agreed to all this other nonsense for the drama and ratings. 

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No, Madison, no!   Save yourself while you can. 

Eta, I hope she was paying close attention to Hannah Anne and learned from her.  

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Harrison is secretly here to spill the tea to Madison? Madison is shaking her head no when Harrison asked her if she’s still in love with a Peter. I know it’s his TV show and all, but shouldn’t PETER be the one to choose to tell Madison how he feels?! What if Madi now goes running back and Peter’s all, uh, it was just an excuse to dump Hannah.

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1 minute ago, toomuchtv47 said:

Pete's mom isn't doing herself any favours with the looks she's giving during Madi's segment. 

She hates Maddie because she won't eff her eff-boy son. Simple. Remember how Mother applauded four-time-windmill Peter?

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