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S24.E12: After the Final Rose

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Peter’s mom’s sourpuss + Neil Lane in the audience with his briefcase + another hour to go.... I think we can all see where this is going.

Don't do it Madison.   If you had doubts before, now you’ve seen what the MIL thinks of you and Peter’s lack of spine.  Run far and run fast!   Save yourself.  

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Just now, neece26 said:

Peter is such a man child.  He continues to paw Hannah Ann while breaking up with her.   Hope Madi doesn't take this fool back!

I feel like they are going to majorly put her on the spot on live TV. I hope she is strong enough to tell them all to go to hell. She and Hannah Ann can go out and meet some guys after this nonsense is over. 

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Love her reaction.  I think shes more upset about the engagement thing than not beingbwith him

it seems a littlevstaged though

I want that door!!!!

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Just now, saber5055 said:

Did Mother just clap at the breakup/ring return? WTH!

She is going to disown her own precious baby boy if he dares to defy her and marry Madison. Actually, maybe then they'd have a shot. Absolute mother in law from hell. 

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He’s just not getting it! No one forced him to propose if he wasn’t ready.

If this somehow ends happily for him, I’ll be 😠 

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