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  1. Her clenched jaw speaking drives me absolutely batty. I cannot even get past that enough to see if there's anything likable at all about her.
  2. As a court stenographer who often takes testimony through translation, I can assure you that Natalie would be a nightmare interpreter for me. She is not fluent enough in English to begin with and her accent is even worse She might do well enough as an interpreter for a company that employed a lot of Ukranians or a hospital emergency department, but that's about it. But she would need to live where there is a high concentration of her people to have any kind of real job in it. But her dreams of wanting to work in film or on TV.....NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Way too much competition among young p
  3. I read that they're going to film Michell's season over the summer because she didn't want to miss any more time from her teaching job.
  4. Good for Katie. It's not like they're actually leaving the property and going out in public. I remember an interview with Olivia (pretty sure) that she financed $40,000 for a wardrobe to be on the show. They apparently supply all of their own clothes. That is simply nuts. So I totally cry major foul when the guy comes in for their one suitcase when they get dumped on the dates. All those broads have, I would say, at least a dozen gowns with them. There's no way they're cramming that all into one suitcase. And that carnival would have been a much better group date. I guess
  5. Funny how Ben's scoop collars annoys me as well. I even said out loud last night, Ben, those collars just do not work for you.
  6. As I recall, she ditched Benoit at the Winter Games and he left. But then he made contact with her either -- I can't be absolutely positive if she made contact with him back home or they decided at the reunion to give it a go. But there was no engagement as part of Winter Games.
  7. She acts like a giddy 15-year-old schoolgirl. I hope he ditches her ass soon and she'll have wasted this opportunity for nothing and won't likely get another shot.
  8. Being a stenographer myself, we have a saying; Verbatim if you hate 'em.
  9. I think you're right. It seems to be the theme this season what with Libby and OnDraaaay on Moldova, Tania and Syringe in SA, Angela back in Nigeria. I can assure you if the kids weren't involved, we would be in SamWa this season as well. If he can't even handle shoes, I wouldn't care to accompany him anywhere where masks are currently required -- and I am total anti-mask -- but not exactly given much choice right now.
  10. So Tom got blocked on all avenues to contact Darcey so he has no other choice but to go see her in person. Did he ever actually consider calling her from a different phone number? Idiot.
  11. If this were July, it would be a different story. I'd plant my butt on a floating mat and float all day in a pool with cocktails. I'd rather enjoy that. But alas, it is March and 30ish degrees. At least there is outdoors endlessly walking the dog and no chance of that being taken away. But again, 30ish degrees.
  12. Sadly, except for work, I've discovered that my life has not changed a ton. I guess I'm antisocial. Who knew?
  13. I'm sure she's already spent her whole life's savings. She should have invested that money into some major therapy. Seriously, we know she has a mirror. How can she not see what we see? And that ridiculous swimsuit she's got on, that is simply not fit for public viewing. Hell, I'd be embarrassed to wear that in my back yard surrounded by an eight-foot privacy fence. And why does TLC think we want to still invest any time with her? Sure, certain train wrecks are fun fodder. But Darcy is just too sad and pathetic to even enjoy making fun of. Why the hell would somebody be jealous
  14. Even if Barb was correct in knowing that Peter and Madison would not make it, big deal. It's not like they were walking down the aisle imminently. I know it was all a big show and they probably don't even speak anymore. But if they simply wanted to explore a relationship, what's it to her? If it flops, it flops. People break up all the time. She certainly could haves shown a little bit of grace and decorum on freaking national TV. She may have single-handedly ruined any future relationship he might have had simply by her histrionics. One of his bring-home line dancing ditzes might feel
  15. Kelly seemed one of the most mature, sensible, above-all-the-ridiculousness-this-season-had-to-offer grown women of them all. WTH would she see in such a horndog namby-pamby momma's boy? He is not a catch by any stretch of the imagination. And throw in his family. That would make me a Gold Medalist Sprinter in running as fast as I could away from that man-child.
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