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  1. Not the only one. I thought it was to give Eddie custody, but I like this better. Katherine owns Delilah. Man, that's sweet revenge. Speechless at Delilah's outburst at Regina .. and Regina taking it. Is this a theme with Regina? I so hope the show writes in an arc where the friends all wise up and ostracize Delilah for being the needy, entitled princess she is. She can have her own spin-off where she lives on her own in LA (because Charlie would stay with Eddie, and Sophia and Danny go to Gary) and finds herself. And it would be canceled in 6 episodes because no one cares enough to watch it. Maggie's sweater was beautiful. (I don't get how it would dry off so quickly, though.) Side note - what does this show have against Indian food? In the first episode, Eddie was complaining about Katherine getting Indian takeout all the time, and sometime this season Maggie was also complaining about it. Rome is still my favorite. He's just so ride or die. I want the show to explore his psyche more, rather than the never ending drama with Maggie.
  2. Which is only ONE aspect of how horrorshow the Disney religion is. To clarify my point, Disney itself has quite a diverse set of Princesses (equal opportunity $!); it was Bruno's completely innocuous comment that there was A perfect princess (I.e. blonde, blue eyed) that caught my attention. But I do get your sentiment. It's a well-oiled engine.
  3. (small voice) I loved last night's show. Outside of James and Kel's dances, they used well-known, classic Disney songs, and it was fun seeing the celebrities spend time at Disneyland. I even didn't mind the constant commercials for the new Disney streaming service. I was *all in.* Small cringe when Bruno made the innocuous comment that Sailor looked like the perfect Disney princess. She is beautiful, of course, but I couldn't help but feel bad for all the little girls who don't look like Sailor hearing this and thinking they couldn't be perfect Disney princesses.
  4. I realize this is a small detail but this is the type of thing that drives me nuts about Delilah. Hopefully I'm not remembering incorrectly, but I noticed that when Andrew called, Delilah's phone showed just "Andrew", yet when Regina called, it was "Regina Howard." Does Delilah have more than one friend named Regina? Does Delilah just not know Andrew's last name (which would be really weird because he's their investor)? Is Delilah somehow so close to Andrew that no last name is required? Why?
  5. Ooh, which line? I missed it! I'm loving this show. There's a sweetness and sincerity about the way it explores the "otherness" that many of us have experienced (or continue to experience) in our lives. It feels like it's aiming to educate, not pander, and even when there are laughs, it's with us, not at us. I'm even liking Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who I hadn't realized is mixed himself. That scene with Santamonica at the end, doing her hair, was exactly what @truthaboutluv described - hilarious and poignant. (And who am I kidding, I'll watch Zach Morris on any show.) I hope the show continues to have support, as there are many stories to tell here.
  6. Does anyone else remember when Ally McBeal was at the peak of its popularity, Fox created a 30 minute comedy from parts of the main 60 minute drama? They need to do that here, except instead of a comedy, it should be a 30 minute show of scenes without Delilah. I have no idea where the writers are going with her arc, but at this point, to me, she's nothing but an annoying side player in everyone else's drama. That scene where Katherine recounted how she met Eddie and what he's meant to her was gut wrenching to watch. It gave so much more depth and context to their relationship. Eddie, all impulse and today's excitement, is the yang to Katherine's high-achiever, type A, planning-for-tomorrow yin. (And yes, I also thought she was asking what Delilah had that she didn't have.) More than ever, I want them together and am convinced they are meant to be.
  7. Asia, Heat of the Moment, and at least one other than I can't remember at the moment.
  8. Two weeks in a row I haven't really meant to watch it but ended up ... watching it because: As others have said, Cobie Smulders is carrying the show with her charisma. She adds layers and complexity to what could have been yet another tough woman with a heart of gold. Grey is my new tv crush. Is it just me? Jake Johnson is easy on the eyes as is, but as a character with a sketchy past yet still so loyal to Dex - sign me up. That car's cassette player. Asia's Heat of the Moment - are you kidding me?! They need to sell this mixtape as part of this show's marketing or at minimum get a playlist. When I'm less interested in the case of the week than the development of the characters, it's a good show. I just wish it wasn't on so late on Wednesdays.
  9. Totally brilliant seating arrangement. Rumer Willis, Demi from Bachelor in Paradise, and Demi Lovato. If this were $100,000 Pyramid, it would be great clues for "Things to do with Demi Moore." Overall I enjoyed the music, and so far no one really bugs me. Solid episode.
  10. I actually thought she was making a pointed reference to Hollywood Boulevard, as (IIRC) the question referred to being dressed up as a superhero there. She was so poised and mature, I figured she was referring to something I didn't know. Her answer about wanting a $10,000/week raise may have been more about privilege, though. 😀
  11. See, despite this, I could see it working if there was great, nuanced acting. That scene with the baby's first selfie could have been completely different if Delilah had a slightly evil smirk after learning about Katherine leaving. Instead we got a toned down version of the reaction Chandler had when Monica tried to seduce him with a serious head cold. Still, I hold out hope. A character named Delilah should have more layers.
  12. I really hope we learn on a later episode that Delilah has some dirt on every one of her friends, because there is no way people would be so forgiving and borderline worshipping in real life. (Sorry, Maggie, Delilah has been a *terrible* mother from the time you met her. Gary was a better parent in the past year.) Regina and Rome's child/no-child stalemate - reasonable, real-life story. Katherine's utter heartbreak and wanting to hide in a cave - completely relatable. Maggie's fear of a relapse - understandable (and subtly well-played) Finding out that you've been deceived into thinking that your friend was pregnant by her recently deceased husband rather than by your other friend with whom she had an affair (and is now unsurprisingly going through his own marital troubles) and NOT BATTING AN EYELASH is suspended reality. It has been (clearly) a long time since I've had such a dislike for a character. Writers, help us out here. Bring some sense into the Delilah character.
  13. Saw that too! With that girl who had never been kissed before. Loved seeing Chris Harrison cheer on Hannah. The 2 of them seemed to have good chemistry in the limited interactions we saw. He enjoyed her goofiness, and I think she probably needs a more mature, stabilizing presence than any of the guys (not named Tyler) could provide.
  14. I noticed during his proposal that he said something like, "Everything up until now has been about getting to this moment." I'm paraphrasing but the key point was that he never mentioned her. Cynical me is wondering if this was the last piece of his redemption arc. Women get fooled all the time into thinking they're the one who can change a guy. Don't fall in that trap, Katie.
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