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  1. Me (whatever number we're on.) I once tried explaining to someone why that commercial was funny. You either get it or you don't. I know it couldn't have happened, but I sure wish someone would have said, "another round?" Somewhat surprised at how much of a runaway this was. (Given the matchup, I wouldn't have been shocked if it went 6 or even the full 7 games.) Curious if James (and Brad) did much worse than their respective runs or if Ken is just that much better than them. Was Brad imitating Sean Connery in calling out that Trebek category, a la SNL? If so, that. is. awesome. Alex Trebek is a treasure. His gentle reminders when one of the contestants is running out of time in a DD, his quips (something about where this game has gone in response to James' comment about Brad's score), and unflappable demeanor are way more difficult to master than he makes it look. (It was only the past few weeks watching Vanna on WoF that I realized how easy Pat Sajak made it look - and no disrespect to Vanna at all for stepping in with nearly no notice.)
  2. I fell asleep about 30 minutes before the end of the show. Did anything even slightly amusing happen? The only 2 things I remember from the first 90 minutes was Hannah B and the champagne spraying in Kelsey's face. (And as pointless as Hannah's appearance was, I could discern some kind of faux storyline. The rest was just a blur of women complaining.) They need to do something to this show to bring back the show. This level of drama probably happens multiple times a day in any high school or college.
  3. I also liked James' follow up to Ken's comment - something about also never winning against Brad. I don't remember the exact phrasing, but it was gracious and self-deprecating. I had only been a casual watcher until James' run last year. Now I DVR every episode. I'm loving the pace and skill - like watching athletes at the top of their sport competing against each other. It's a joy to watch, especially since the 3 of them seem to have genuine respect for one another. When you guys mention playing along at home, how do you keep track?
  4. This show continues to knock it out of the park. It captures that day so well yet so sweetly. Deedee and Harrison were gold. Paul trying to cheer up his kids. (MPG continues to get easier on the eyes for me in this role.) Rainbow not plugging in headphones to the boom box. "I saw a raccoon give birth." Time After Time. More than any other episode, I was back in the 80s for just 30 minutes. It was blissful. Did we ever find out what was on that mixtape?
  5. The whole thing with Hannah doesn't make sense. This was filmed during DWTS, and she was getting tons of national exposure and attention. Why go back to Peter? She could have easily had her cryfest on DWTS with Alan and have it work in her favor for voting. So, bear with me here. (Yes, thinking about this is my way of relaxing after work.) I've always thought the 4 times thing was handled strangely ostentatiously, from Hannah's brazen declaration at AFTR (or was it MTA) to his parents' cheering. And even after the bizarre sex storytelling, Peter made the slightly odd comment of "that's how I remember it, too." It's almost like she's his wingwoman, giving him street cred. I don't believe she wants him at all. Like a lot of women her age, she likes unattainable personality-challenged man-boys. Peter is perfectly easy on the eyes but way too normal. I wonder if this was simply all a ploy to bump up Peter's desirability and, of course, ratings.
  6. Wasn't Hannah on DWTS during this time? Wasn't she busy? Was Alan in the background in between scenes? It would be *awesome* if one of the dates was to see her dance. I do feel kind of bad for her, and it makes me wonder why the unprecedented storyline. She's a beautiful girl. Why waste her time here? At this point the girls all look alike. I liked the girl with the Corvette and attitude. Did she make it past the rose ceremony?
  7. I was worried he was going to say "Tali" and imply she had been kidnapped. "I'm all eardrums." Pictures of DiNozzo with Tali! I feel like it's not over with Phineas. He knows too much. What exactly is Jack's purpose on this show? Are they looking to spinoff Bishop with Odette? Overall a satisfying episode.
  8. Exactly. So yes, Dex is a mess, but Liz is a grown adult. The entire Liz character has bugged me from the start (possibly unfairly because the actress playing her also played a character that annoyed me on another show.) I keep hoping this is all part of a larger storyline where Grey is onto her but playing along to get to something in his past. He just doesn't seem to be the type who falls for someone easily, especially if he's still carrying a torch for Dex. Never have I empathized with Dex as much as those moments in the classroom when she realized she was dealing with a bunch of whiny entitled snowflakes and couldn't use her usual toolset of skills. Sue Lynn's advice was spot on. Make your bed. It makes a difference!
  9. Laughed out loud at the competition between the grandpas. Gary Cole is a treasure. It's sad that the grandma felt she could take over her daughter's house and force Christmas on her, though I get they had to do that to get this storyline. You can see perhaps why her daughters have reacted the way they have. That said, I can see Santamonica being all over the commercial version of Christmas. An extravagant, over the top holiday has her name written all over it. Johan is my favorite, though. There's something so winning and guileless about the character, and the way the actor portrayed his genuine joy at receiving the sneakers was perfect. I hope the character stays this way throughout the show, and the writers don't feel they need to change him dramatically. This has become one of my only appointment tv shows. It's sweet and comforting but also sharp and funny.
  10. Wondered that too, but loved the flash forwards. I don't watch Black-ish regularly so was curious about how everyone turned out. Have they ever showed her parents? ITA. I've been really enjoying MPG on this show. In every other show he's been on I've had a hard time not thinking of him as Zach Morris. Not here. I wonder if his authentic portrayal of a sweet dad is because he's able to relate to the child actors. I continue to love this show. The montage they have near the end of the show (this episode set to Modern English's I Melt With You) is just great.
  11. I was thinking this as well. Say what you will of her, she's somehow played her cards well enough to not only stay in the spotlight but to increase her exposure. It's impressive.
  12. Thank you for articulating what's bothered me for a while as an inconsistency in the storyline. We've never seen the unreasonable, domineering Katherine that was portrayed by Eddie and his throwaway comment about the same Indian takeout every night. So what drove him to the affair? Katherine really was a jerk but had a massive personality change upon finding out about the affair. Possible but not particularly interesting for a tv drama. Eddie is a womanizer. Possible also but the writers don't seem to be going down that route. Delilah seduced him. See, this would be interesting, but I can't for the life of me understand what anyone would see in her. Any of these would have been fine, but they haven't explored these backstories. We need more flashbacks. I can see why the current situation is compelling, but we don't have enough background to understand how they got here.
  13. If she was a plant, I'd love it if Grey knew and was playing her. Given his background, he should be a pretty savvy and cautious judge of character, and so the suddenness of him falling for a random stranger seems inconsistent without a deeper story. One-night stand? Sure. Professing sincerity of his affection after a few hookups? Questionable. Case of the week was just ok, but as usual, I was more invested in the interaction of the leads. Carol was awesome. I don't know the books, but it would be great if there was a group of semi-sketchy PIs who appear occasionally in Dex's universe.
  14. Wow. No words Really, no words. It does give insight into Delilah's psyche, though; anyone unwilling to enable her is a bad person. Makes you wonder about the validity of Delilah's claim of feeling unwanted by Jon (or whatever the reason was.)
  15. This episode felt out of place from the others this season. This show has done a great job with nuance and being subtly sweet, but this felt cliched. DeeDee's behavior was obnoxious. You can be true to yourself and still respectful to others.
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