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  1. lol next season, on "The Bachelor's mom"
  2. Madison and Hannah Ann both looked gorgeous tonight. Madison's makeup was spot on, and HA's longer hair (and sass) made her look much older than she did during the season. This really was the most amazing finale ever. Did they intend to run 4 minutes over? I could have watched another hour of it. Was Kelley some kind of friend spy? IIRC Clare also had an extreme mom who spoke Spanish. Oh I would so love it if Barb turned out to be Clare's aunt. Peter's dad looks like pretty much like every male commercial airline pilot. I bet he can't wait to get back to work. Barb know
  3. I hate to say this, but this is awesome tv. I haven't been so deeply enthralled in an episode in ages.
  4. Did they spill the sparkling apple cider on themselves to get all the bugs flying around them?
  5. That season would be so amazing, if only to have Charles Barkley give commentary.
  6. This. She is just starting to recover from the fallout of an affair with her husband's best friend, was shocked to learn her teenage daughter was on birth control, and thinks now is a good time to hook up with a guy she just met at a bar? I can't tell if they're intentionally writing her to show poor judgement or if they think this is sane behavior. Is it safe to be living in a room with exposed insulation? Strange Derek picked up on the Regina/Wendy thing but didn't notice Eve's blatant comment about being in the bathroom for 20 minutes or even why Rome and Regina showed up at the
  7. Bahahahah - awesome. I'm hearing it in Elaine Benes' voice too. The show in 5 seconds: Rose ceremony, random pointless bickering, Victoria F fake sadness, Kelsey and Ashley I bond over crying (why do we still call her Ashley I when Ashley Onion has long departed Bachelor Nation), scarless Peter (who I believe only owns blue suits), Rachel (who looks fantastic), bloopers, and preview of Peter apologizing to a brunette.
  8. Loved Harrison going out of his way to find Bow and comfort her, casually handing her a Kleenex, giving her advice, and making fun of her dad just to keep things light. All the while he's trying (but not really) to sell the house. The character just gets a kick out of being obnoxious, and I love that they all see past it and ignore that part of him. The song towards the end of the show is probably my favorite part of every episode. It's always something amazing from the mid 80s that brings me back to my own 80s experience. "We Belong" was perfect. (And for some reason I didn't know Bryce
  9. That should have been a red flag right there. Not saying that every guy who gives up his jacket is Prince Charming, but he's supposed to be at his best in this point in the relationship. If he's not figuring it out now, he's never going to. (By contrast, Jared gave a shivering Kaitlyn his jacket during his goodbye conversation.) For the first time this season, I actually felt bad for her. If it was genuine, it gave insight into her thought process. Or maybe she just wanted attention. It was Caila, of the gorgeous hair. She seemed like a sweet girl, too.
  10. Wow, that was just awful. Before this episode, I gave Peter a pass because he was dorky but boyishly cute. He loves his mom. He's awkward around women. He likes roller coasters. Tonight, nope, nope, nope. Peter, if you are actually serious about someone (and it's clear how much he likes Madison), and you know how she feels about the Fantasy Suite, you shouldn't sleep with other people. It's not like feeling bad about not inviting your neighbors to your party or offering a piece of the office birthday cake to people nearby. It's not rude to not sleep with someone when you have strong
  11. Same. Jon understood Katherine in a way Eddie never could, so I do wonder if there was some kind of emotional infidelity, even if it was just a suspicion in Katherine's mind. Remember, she made it a point to return the drink set that she and Jon used to use at his office to Delilah. While I'm completely done with Eddie and Delilah, I want to hear more about the Jon and Katherine relationship.
  12. I just love the way they've written Harrison (and obviously how Gary Cole is playing him.) He says and does completely obnoxious things, but then when it counts, he knows what is important, like last week, when he sat Santamonica down and told her it wasn't cool to laugh at her brother in public. He dotes on the kids and Alicia. Every character on the show has a good heart (even DeeDee's greediness can be explained as a byproduct of her childhood), and it's just nice to watch a show where people aren't jerks. MPG continues to rock it, and his scenes with the kids are always great.
  13. Thank you for naming him. That dark hair. The Irish lilt. I did not mind him, Grey, and Hoffman all in one episode. Agree. It showed growth on Dex's part, as she's been known to show poor judgement in this arena in the past. And whoever is in charge of music continues to knock it out of the park with a string instrumental version of "I Melt With You."
  14. Loved it! The song they choose at the end of the episode is always awesome, but this one was especially poignant. Also enjoying Harrison and Santamonica's relationship. The two of them are the only ones who remotely get each other in their hippie, touchy feely family.
  15. So we're just going to pretend that commercial during the Oscars didn't happen, right? Cool.
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