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  1. Sadly, I think she'll agree to stay married to that asshole.
  2. I hope Virginia cuts back on the drinking.
  3. Any of Paige's girlfriends could do it.
  4. I want to beat that ass so bad.... SO bad....
  5. Chris was questioning Paige like she was going to be his brood mare. I wish my niece could have met him because she would have drop-kicked him in the nuts and left him on the floor during the first date. She don't take NO shit. lol
  6. Which one was discussing masturbation? Somehow I missed that. Edit: I should have known it was Chris. He really thinks he's hot. His daddy looks like a balloon.
  7. Keep drinking Haley. We'll get you through this!
  8. At least Henry was better-looking though, and seemed nice in spite of the awkwardness. Jacob just creeps me out.
  9. What's with this big nose crap? What does he want to do with her nose? 😨 Jacob is coming off as creepy.
  10. Which would be too bad because he's not much of a looker himself. Haley's not drop dead gorgeous, but I think she's nice-looking and seems nice. I agree about separate bathrooms, if possible! lol
  11. Paige looks nice and the dress fits her well. Since she's an accountant, Chris is probably scared that she might look into his books.
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