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  1. I had never seen the actor who plays Carter before, but on B&B he's all beef and no substance. Is is some sort of running joke that he must take his shirt off?
  2. Crashcourse

    Tennis Thread

    I first saw him when he was 19 at what was then the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, now the Citi Open, in DC. Talk about feeling old! 😅
  3. Crashcourse

    Tennis Thread

    It's always a bummer when two people you like go up against each other. I'm really sorry Monfils lost, but I don't mind looking at Berrettini a little longer. Nadal had me biting my nails and I'm so glad he prevailed. I'm also happy for Madison Keys. Rafa vs. Matteo? Damn. 😒 Ok, I've gotta root for Rafa to get his 21st win. Sorry, Matteo, but you'll have other chances after Rafa retires.
  4. Paris is so mellow she looks like she's putting herself to sleep. She's got sleepy eyes.
  5. While I don't think Rachel meant to insult Jose, she could have quickly come back by saying something like "I'm glad I got matched with someone with personality and looks." Instead, she just left things hanging. Now maybe she said something like that later off camera, but at that moment Jose looked stunned and hurt.
  6. Can't believe these grown assed women are blaming Desna for the predicament they find themselves in. And I don't even like Desna. I hope they all wind up in prison. However, I fear none of the women will pay the price for their actions and this show will end with Desna hooking up with Roller again in Mexico, Polly on some yacht with a drink in her hand, and the others lounging on some island. And as far as the men, I wouldn't be surprised if Bryce killed himself and Uncle Daddy had a fatal heart attack. I could have sworn Desna was poisoning the DEA agent with those unappetizing-look
  7. I was distracted by that woman on the left's looonnng, fake ass eyelashes. Yeah, never change, Cowboy fans. Never change. 🤣
  8. These have been exciting nail biters but my most joyous, delicious moment of all was watching the Dallas fans crying in the stands. 😭 🤣
  9. Welp. So much for home field advantage, Titans, Packers, Bucs. Chiefs next. We'll see.
  10. I don't care who wins the Super Bowl now; hell, I don't even care if Brady and the Bucs win again. I'm just glad Rodgers is gone and now I can enjoy the rest of the games.
  11. Yes, Rachel said something about personality being more important than looks. I'll never forget the look on Jose's face when she said that. I know he acted like an ass going forward but at the moment I felt sorry for him. Also, she wasn't exactly a 10 herself.
  12. Crashcourse

    Tennis Thread

    So Monfils made it to the quarterfinals. Color me surprised and delighted. He plays Berrettini next and even though I like him, I'm rooting for La Monf.
  13. I also think the detectives glommed onto her calling her rapist a "gentleman," which was an odd choice of words to describe him; however, that shouldn't have affected their investigation of the case.
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