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  1. That perfectly describes him, both physically and personality-wise.
  2. While I do think that Haley should stop tap dancing around the issue, I think she's afraid of being pilloried if she spoke the truth. She could say something vague like "I don't think we're a good match because we want different things in life." However, I believe no matter what she tells him or how gently she tried to let him down, he'd still be angry, vindictive (not holding the door for her) and butt hurt. This isn't his first trip down rejection road.
  3. The only thing that kept me interested in the LA episode was little Justin. He was adorable. The couple was ok but her eye-rolling was too much. I figured they'd pick the small house.
  4. Some people are saying Jake will be getting a lot of attention from women, and perhaps he will if that's your type (definitely not mine), but I also think Clara will get a lot of attention from men if she and Ryan break up (which I think they will within a year or so). She has a pleasant personality and she did look fabulous in that dress, like an old time movie star. Somebody just needs to tell her to tone down that lipstick and pick a different shade. I think there are a lot of guys out there who would gladly bring her donuts. 😋
  5. Oakville, you are a trouper. That's all I'm gonna say.
  6. Finally! I can watch this show again. I haven't bothered to watch lately because I didn't want to see those two together. I haven't dared to come here because I didn't want my eyes mutilated 🥺 by seeing pictures of them. I've been reading spoilers on other sites to see when it was safe to watch again. At least, I hope it's safe to watch again. Carter: Your goose is C.O.O.ked, and I love it! I can't wait until Eric finds out you've been screwing his wife. You dumbass. What will you do then? Get another job officiating weddings? I.don't.care. Zoe is a dumb stalker but at l
  7. I'm about ready for Maggie to be written off, too.
  8. You mean there are two parts to this shit? ☹️
  9. He got her the plastic ring because he knew if he got her a diamond one she would pawn that sucker when they get divorced.
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