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  1. Frankly, I think all of these MAFS couples lie about their finances, and that includes Jose and his whiteboard. Not that I blame them because I wouldn't want the public knowing about mine either, but if it's producer-driven the I'd lie, too.
  2. Frankie was lucky she got out of there alive because I thought she was going to get killed. She definitely deserves her share if they pull it off.
  3. I haven't watched in a few days, so I'm assuming Quinn and Carter have agreed to Eric's deal? BTW, they don't look hot to me, just horny.
  4. I don't know why yet but I think there's a reason the Commonwealth people are being served so many sweets, and it makes me wonder if the leaders and the soldiers are eating the stuff.
  5. Crashcourse


    And thank you for the privilege of your time! 😅
  6. I agree, let Florence grieve then give her a love interest. I swear, I think I've seen some chemistry in the past between Catherine and the Commissioner. 😊
  7. The easiest thing for them to do would be to introduce a new character to be Neville's love interest. Also a new love interest for Florence. But they won't do that.
  8. Granted, I don't even like Myrla but I am getting tired of Gil making fun of her. I don't recall her making fun of him about anything. If I knew him and he teased me like that at the cookout, my elderly aunt would put him in his place and snatch his plate from him, LOL. He seems nice enough but he really should stop it and just wait until Decision Day to ask for a divorce. Also, I've noticed that whenever the couples are gathered together he wants to appoint himself as the leader of the pack, alpha male--you name it. I would find that annoying if I were around him in a group setting
  9. DEA was yapping too much so I wasn't that surprised he got killed, but I thought it would have been crazy Pope who did it.
  10. I love the dog on top of the guy at the end of this commercial. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/Om4Q/dish-network-tv-you-can-depend-on
  11. I was getting dizzy with just a brief glimpse of the South Korean gamer's room with those lights. 😵
  12. Ok, I'll genuinely answer. I think pigtails are for children. Just my opinion, it doesn't have to be anyone else's.
  13. I wanted her to grow up and get rid of the pig tails. I know it might be hot and humid there but surely she could have had a more comfortable, adult hairstyle. And I got tired of them mentioning "Pippi" throughout the episode.
  14. I've missed a few episodes, so did Quinn and Carter agree to Eric's proposal?
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